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Dad Finds His 14-Year-Old's Comics Funny So He Decides To Post Them Online, And People Are Praising His Humor (Interview With Artist)
The talented teen’s comics are charming, funny, and they’ve already won over a large chunk of Instagram and Reddit.
Dad Finds His 14-Year-Old's Comics Funny So He Decides To Post Them Online, And People Are Praising His Humor (Interview With Artist)
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14-year-old Jake has been drawing a new comic on the whiteboard on his bedroom door every single night. The talented teen’s comics are charming, funny, and they’ve already won over a large chunk of Instagram and Reddit.

“Drawing is both a talent and a hobby of mine so comics are always fun to do,” Jake told Bored Panda about what keeps him drawing every day. “The main motivation, however, is the fact that over 10,000 people love my comics. I always try to have something ready when it’s time to post a comic, and I take my time to make sure they’re excellent.”

Scroll down, upvote your fave Jake’s Door Comics and read on for our full interview with both the creative and disciplined young artist and his supportive father David. And keep an eye (or two) out for Jake’s first book which should come out by Summer’s end.

Jake told us all about the origins of his viral comics. Like lots of great things, it started out with something done entirely for fun.

“I always liked drawing little comics, but I haven’t really done anything with them until 6 months ago when the social media page started,” Jake said. “It all started when I watched a movie about a spelling bee that inspired me to make a ‘word of the day’ for my family to see. So I got a tiny whiteboard my dad had, put a hook on my door, stapled some twine onto the back of the whiteboard, and hung the twine on the hook. I wrote a word of the day for a while, but finding an interesting word every day got harder and harder until I gave up and l left the whiteboard blank.”

However, the teen soon found other uses for the whiteboard. “I occasionally doodled on it and made comics sometimes (out of boredom), some of which my dad loved. My dad took pictures of them, and once we got around 50, my dad asked for permission to put them on an Instagram page. I was reluctant at first, but I gave my dad the green light to put the comics up. The page got 10,000 followers in two days, and I drew comics on the whiteboard more frequently. And that’s how it all began!”

The 14-year-old also revealed what it’s like to draw his comics behind the scenes and let us in on his secret to coming up with great daily content.

“It usually takes around five minutes, sometimes longer because of my hand erasing the comic while I draw (markers are not the most effective drawing tool). My dad usually gives me critique on the comics so that can take longer, too.”

However, coming up with new ideas is much tougher than drawing them “Ideas are more complicated. My main source of comic ideas is my overactive imagination. I’ll have an idea for a comic, think, ‘Hey that’s actually a good idea,’ and write it down on a sticky note for future use.”

He continued: “If that fails me, a good idea generator is ‘What if…’ For example, what if...

  • divided 0/0 on an experimental calculator?
  • ...your fridge was, literally, running?
  • ...a man hated puns so much he would kill over it?
  • played a sport with a ball filled with enough helium to make it fly?
  • ...there was way too much caffeine in someone’s coffee?
  • ...people noticed that whatever they say comes up in a speech bubble above their heads?”

Jake said it’s a great method for generating comic ideas, especially when he’s running low on them.

Meanwhile, Jake’s dad, David, says that his son has impressed everyone with his art, insight, observation, and humor.

“Every night, he would draw something funny on his whiteboard, and I recognized how awesome they were. But the drawings would simply get erased and drawn over so I felt I needed to preserve them somehow. The easiest way was to just take a snapshot with my phone, and decide what to do with it later,” David said.

“Eventually, the comics got funnier and funnier, and I decided I needed to post them online—if nothing more than to preserve them. I thought one day he would look back and see how creative he was at age 14.”

Jake was reluctant for his dad to upload his drawings onto Instagram at first but gave in. “Things kind of took off from there,” dad David said.

He explained that the main goal of this whole project was to unleash his son’s creativity. “Throughout this whole adventure, the goal was only to let Jake be creative as he wanted to be, and if it made people smile—then that was a bonus. The fact that over 20,000 people now have followed him on Instagram and Reddit is pretty mind-blowing, but as his dad, it doesn’t surprise me. He’s quite an amazing kid.”

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So imaginative.
Makes me feel even worse about the fact that college killed my comic drawing. I’ve been trying to recapture the spirit but it’s just not happening. If it has no hope of making me money, I’m just too conditioned to not bother. Thanks, murrika.
Blue of the yams (They/He)
You rock, kiddo! With talent like that, you have a bright future ahead of you!
Grumble O'Pug
So great!!!
Novi Nemeth
For being 14,this kid has incredible talent. I hope he continues, and the world doesn't ruin his sense of humor. I can't wait to see more. Keep going kiddo! This is definitely what we need in these times.
the child
These are so cool. The sense of humour is really good
Amazing talent. This kid's going places!
Robin DJW
This young man is brilliant.
Tom Hardeveld
that kid has a wonderful sense of humor, I loved these
Loved them all !!!! ✌️???
Jake, you are so creative and imaginative and very talented. These are amazing.
Mike Rodrick
The kid would have been a perfect cartoonist for MAD magazine.
Rare Wubbox
This kid has worked hard.
Marilyn Bojanowski
Hey bro, tell this kid he's awesome and we love him! I hope he can one day make this a career, 'cause he's so good at it! :)
Nathan Jones
Most of these were reproductions of other work, only about 25% were originals. The kid is plagiarizing.
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