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Rescuers Take In An Abandoned Rabbit Clinging To Its Teddy Bear (Interview With Professional)
The bunny was dumped into a box with its favorite teddy bear and left on the side of a road in London. The good news is that both the bunny and its teddy have been rescued by the RSPCA.
Rescuers Take In An Abandoned Rabbit Clinging To Its Teddy Bear (Interview With Professional)
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There are some stories that grab you by the heartstrings and won’t let go. One of these is about a rabbit that was found abandoned in a box on the side of the road. And if that wasn’t sad enough, here’s the part that might make some of you shed a tear: the bunny was dumped with its favorite teddy bear which was almost the same color as the rabbit’s fur.

The good news is that both the bunny and its teddy have been rescued by the England & Wales chapter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (or RSPCA for short) that operates in the United Kingdom. Now, the rabbit named Nigel is waiting for a new forever home. And we’re sure that his teddy will come along with him. Bored Panda contacted the RSPCA, so scroll down for our interview with a representative of the Royal Society.

We’ve all heard of emotional support animals, but how many of us know about emotional support for animals? Nigel isn’t the only animal that needs a plushy to cuddle up to in order to feel safe. Previously, Bored Panda has written about a squirrel named Jill that was rescued from Hurricane Isaac and now can’t sleep without her teddy.

RSPCA representatives came to Turnham Road in Lewisham, in South East London, after a kind-hearted member of the public informed them about the abandoned fluffy animal and its toy. Luckily for everyone, Nigel is in good health, isn’t ill, and does not have any injuries. For those of you who are worried about the teddy bear as well, we can tell you that it’s perfectly fine as well.

Bored Panda spoke with Emily Stott of the RSPCA to hear more about Nigel the rabbit, his teddy bear, as well as the situation regarding abandoned animals in England and Wales.

According to Stott, in 2018, there have been 1.693 reports of abandoned rabbits across the entirety of England and Wales. So Nigel is far from the only bunny to be left by its owners.

The gray rabbit, which was left in a cardboard box with a gray teddy, is now being cared for at an animal boarding facility in Kent until a new owner is found.

Because the bunny is so attached to the stuffed bear, it's very likely that it was living with the toy at its previous home. The sweet friendship between rabbit and bear is so cute it’s melting our hearts.

Stott from the RSPCA told Bored Panda that they search for the owners who abandon their pets. "Our inspectors work hard to try and find out what has happened to animals which are rescued after they have been abandoned. We speak to any witnesses and view CCTV footage and regularly put out appeals for information in the media. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is an offense to abandon an animal as this could cause them unnecessary suffering."

"We rely on the public to be our eyes and ears and unfortunately, if there is no evidence available, we’re sometimes unable to get to the bottom of what has happened. We feel it’s important to highlight the stories of abandoned animals to raise awareness of the issue and make people think twice before dumping an animal."

A huge number of pets are abandoned each year in the UK: the RSPCA has rescued and collected more than 102,900 pets last year alone! According to the RSPCA, giving up animals should always be a last resort, not something to be done at the drop of a hat when owning a pet gets to be a bit inconvenient.

There are correct ways of giving up an unwanted pet so it can lead a healthy, happy life in another home. For example, you can contact the seller of the pet and check to see whether they could take it back. If that isn’t possible, then it’s important that you contact a charity or a rescue center which will help your pet find a new owner. After all, who would be heartless enough to leave a bunny in a box?

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This is just heartbreaking to see a sweet innocent bunny dumped on the side of the road. The poor little one deserves a home where it can be loved. This rabbit needs a large shed with a an outdoor run, not a crappy little hutch, enrichment, his teddy and a rabbit friend. I love rabbits - they have amazing personalities when they trust you. I hope both of these cuties find the right home
Poor baby. Rabbits is alot of work no matter the size they are. Sure the big ones you going to have to empty the litterbox 2-3 times a week(everyday during summers to avoid flylarva). They are going to need big running space, a islotated house if you cant keep them indoors etc. My two french lops have a big shed with a whole yard they can run around in. Alot of work but its worth it in the end when they trust you so much they flopp next to you to sleep.
This breaks my heart. If you get a pet you have to commit to that pet. If you find you can't take care of it then take the time to find someone who can, don't just throw it away.
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
This is truly heartbreaking, but I’m glad that some kindhearted soul found Nigel. I understand that there are some very sad and extenuating circumstances where people can no longer care for pets. However, I don’t understand how some people can just abandon an animal to chance without take the time to find a shelter, vet, or animal rescue to care for it/surrender it to. There is a lot of work, love, and responsibility that goes into owning an animal and it’s truly sad when people don’t do proper research before getting one. Animals aren’t something you can simply toss out when they get too old, less cute, or have behavioural problems.
Bonnie Clyde
Why can't people at LEAST take their unwanted pet to a shelter instead of just dumping them somewhere to potentially die? :(
John Louis
As the owner of two adorable white rabbits, I can only say that they are too cute to abuse or abandon.
Whhhhy?!?!?! I got my rabbit after his owner surrendered him at the pet store my husband worked at. I wanted him without ever meeting him. I love him even tho he is a jerk. I get why his previous owner didn't want him for his daughter anymore. He is a resource guarder & lunges at me when I enter his cage. I call his bluff & pet him, he honks at me & bucks his head. We have an understanding, I WILL pet him & he WILL NOT enjoy it(even if he really does). My point, you can take the bunny somewhere to surrender instead of dumping.
I don't get why someone loved him enough to get him a toy, but then abandoned.
This is so sad. I'll just pretend that someone put the box down and "accidentally forgot" to pick it up again. ? So glad the bunny is safe now.
Michelle Muirhead
why are we humans so cruel? This poor, poor soul deserves love. I am tearing up reading this.
Phantom Captain
This breaks my heart in every way possible. How can someone just drop an animal like that and have no care in the world? People are cruel. And this Bunny is adorable. I hope he finds a loving home that will give him the world.
Hiie Posti
i love rabbits! who would dump them? btw. does he have a instagram?
Kevin Donegan
It's always so heart breaking to see an animal abandoned. Given the ease of internet today and how someone could easily post an announcement seeking a new home for the pet, I don't understand why someone would toss the animal to the street. At the very least take it to the local Humane Society. Come on people, use an ounce of critical thought!
Ashley Kellers
it's obviously come from that council estate. This is why is should be a made a LEGAL requirement to have your pet chipped and details up to date and checked before being able to take it home. So unfair :(
Poor sweetie
Maybe someone left him for a reason. A public spot, his teddy, a box to keep him contained. This could have been a kid that was told to give it up and wanted him to be found...js...doesnt have to mean everyone's horrible
Tina Hugh
For all we know, by leaving the rabbit there an abused wife or child was protecting the rabbit the only way they could. Unfortunately, that is not an unheard-of scenario. Good people took this rabbit in and soon good people will adopt it and give it a wonderful life. Just like many readers here are doing for their own companion animals.
Spikey Bunny
My first rabbit was found at a golf course about 2 months after Easter, with a broken front leg. Clearly an Easter pet just cast away... Luckily the friend who found him had a Veterinarian for a grandfather. He cleaned him up and cast his leg before bringing him to his new home with me. He had a happy life with my family and became best friends with our black cat. It was the most beautiful relationship I've ever seen... Casper, our black cat washed Gimpy, the white rabbit with the cast and even cleaned his ears. Gimpy couldn't groom his ear himself because of the cast. They slept together curled up like a Ying Yang symbol. I have never seen anything like it since. They were the best of friends! So much love and respect!!!
How Terribly Unfortunate
aww this is so sweet, but also terribly sad. i hope that adorable little critter finds an amazing forever home
Wild child
Who ever dumped the poor fur baby is gonna get a fuggin knife to the throat!!!
Never ever an excuse to abandon a pet or vulnerable animal. Hope owners see this & feel like shit for being shamed.
Sue Long
Nigel’s story almost broke my heart! I’m so happy for the precious bun and his happy ending! My daughter rescued our first bunny, a red and white dutch dwarf we rescued from her biology teacher who was letting boys feed her meat as a science project! I named her Bonnie Wabbit! My sister brought us Thumper, a beautiful California golden. Her friends were selling Thumper’s babies for meat! ? She went through my open heart surgery with me! I adopted Clint (he made my day!) from the SPCA! He would sit with me when I quilted! He went through my divorce with me! My chinchilla Holland lop, George, I rescued from the State Fair. Floyd, he was such a pretty boy, was dumped in a friend’s yard. He was a gorgeous Siamese lop. They each had darling personalities, used litter boxes and slept in cages at night. I had the 5 buns over 20 years. I’ve had my orange tabby cat, Boo Boo Kitty, who adopted me 16 years ago right before a hurricane! I don’t know what I would do without my sweet creatures!
Stacey Grant
Bawling!!! ???
Linda Adams
Bunnies are one of the cutest babies ever. How could someone do this. Soon, people will come to realize that animals are more intelligent and have a range of emotions just like people
Robyn Bronson
And then you ask why I prefer Gods chosen over humanity!!
Louise Stange-Wahl
Rabbits are so amazing, and most peeps don't realize how awesome they are. They are very tidy and use a litter box. They play with toys (and love the dogs!). They love to sit on your lap when you are watching the tellie. Karma will catch up with those who just dump our four-legged and feathered kindred spirits. I have always said that if I ever won the lotto, I would help all these helpless furbabies around the world, large and small. We do what we can on our little ranch, including protecting our wonderful deer family, who get he same premium hay as my horses. Check out the Youtube for some awesome rabbit videos! There is no excuse to just dump the precious little angels. There are always options!
Candice Ravel
People need to STOP getting animals on a whim. This happens daily and everywhere, especially around holidays. This bunny was lucky a kind person found him. Countless others aren't. I'm happy this little bunny is safe now and hope maybe his story will cause at least one person to think before adopting a pet or abandoning one.
What a lovely little creature! I certainly hope he and his friend find a loving happy home. If I were in the UK I'd take him in a heartbeat! Otherwise, I wonder if he'd mind a plane trip across the pond?
If I was in the UK I'd take him in a heartbeat! What a lovely little creature (both of them actually). I certainly hope they find a place for him and his friend. If not, I wonder if he would mind a plane trip across the pond?
Zelda Blue
I am sick to death of hearing stories of people just dumping their pets when they become an inconvenience to them. If for some reason you no longer can care for your pet, be decent and take it to a local shelter. If you can't even show that tiny bit of compassion for another living creature that gives unconditional love, well then I pray there is a special circle of hell waiting for you. Damn people burn my butt like a flame 3 ft high. Thank goodness there are people in the world who will take in these poor abandon pets. Some of us can't take in all these animals but we do what we can to help support those who can.
My head is exploding over what asshats some people are.
Emile Jumean
This seriously pisses me off. People who simply abandon pets because they get bored or can't deal with the responsibilities are just the worst. God help them when they get older, their children may follow the same example with their own parents....when they become a burden......
Wild child
One time I found I tiny little kitty stuck in some piles of wood with a snake wrapped around it, I luckily saved it in time!!
Glynis Lailann
All baby animals are cute. What a lot of people fail to get into their thick heads is that baby animals grow up and are a responsibility to look after. We are entering the holiday season now. I wonder how many animals will be abandoned when the holiday season is over. Think before you adopt an animal.
Lou Herout
How sweet!!!! It makes me wish I was in the UK
Natasha Forchione
This story reminds me of the one time I went to visit my mom at the cemetery and saw that someone had left a rabbit inside an opened cage. The cemetery is very big, has hills, a lot of trees and vegetation. I think they though it would go hopping outside to freedom, but they were WRONG. It was dead inside the cage, im pretty sure the rabbit was terrified since there are a lot of coyotes, bobcats and deer in that area. What these people did was kill an innocent animal and in a cemetery out of all places. What made me furious is that left to someone else to clean up their dirty deed. I hope they saw what they did, dam assh%#@s!
Daniel Lewis
In the first photo you can see a person hands holding the rabbit and the bear together. The rest of the photos just show the rabbit walking past the bear and not doing anything with it. Sorry, I'm calling bullshit on this story.
Take a moment to also be thankful for the good people who just went and invented the RSPCA. If you can support your local with a few dollars / few hours. ( trying to therapyify my own depression here )
I have to wonder just what happened here? I mean, if 'Nigel' is friendly, healthy, and has a stuffed animal that nearly matches his fur colour that he's so attached to... It feels like he came from a loving home. Did one abusive family member decide that they no longer wanted the pet in the family, and abandoned it despite the wishes of others? Did the owner die, and other family members couldn't be bothered bringing the rabbit into a rescue center? I'm so confused.
Greta Toločkaitė
Bunnies are precious and worth nothing but the best, hopefully, sweet fluffer will be just fine <3 Our late bunny was similarly dumped out of a car with no box and no teddy, he was in poor health, already 6+ years, needed several serious surgeries and constant care, yet we were able to give him three more years of lucky retirement with a sweet young and careful bunny lady by his side, so that, and, if possible, even better, i wish for Nigel, and send him loads of love
sharron lynn parsons
One very sad story, except it was rescued, I have not had a rabbit, but kittens and dogs, my pets are forever pampered, no way could I just drop one somewhere, there is no reason to drop a pet, one can ask around or bring it to a shelter, Please People !!!
Liz Berry
This is so sad, I wish that he was here in the states so I could adopt. I’m sorry that whoever can no longer afford to keep him but I’m sure there are better places to drop this little guy off.
Desiree L
I will have him if he needs a home I already have a lope eared one similar to him that I have had for five years and who is very happy and healthy
Phoebe Bean
Who does this cruel thing to a lovely rabbit and bear friend??? Just don't call people animals. Animals are way much better!!
harolyn scott
What kind of a heartless dirtbag would do this to a fragile bunny rabbit? They should be shot at dawn
Donna Reynolds
Bunny and Teddy. Gray Buddies Furever.
Hiie Posti
does he have a instagram?
Angela DiYanni
Ahhh aw man I want this bunny. Gotta figure out how to get him hereeee
Linzi Gibbons
Some times it’s not the owners fault they might feel they had no choice but they put him somewhere they hoped he be found it’s hard to rehome some animals and they may of had no choice I.e have to move out of a property and most private rental properties don’t allow pets that’s a lot of the reason for a lot of animals having to go into shelters these days ?
i hate animal abuse!!! last week i saw a duck chained to a wall and food out of reach. it only drank out of this small muddy puddle, but the poor thing barely ate. :( i didn't have my phone on me so i never had the chance to call 911. raise awareness to poor animals!!!
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