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Adam Savage Makes A Statement About People Who Refuse To Wear A Mask, Shuts Down Idiots One By One (Interview With Author)
Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage can be, well, savage when it comes to protecting science and the things he believes in.
Adam Savage Makes A Statement About People Who Refuse To Wear A Mask, Shuts Down Idiots One By One (Interview With Author)
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Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage can be, well, savage when it comes to protecting science and the things he believes in. When he posted on Twitter that wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic shouldn’t be seen as weakness, some people started making a fuss and sharing their opinions that masks supposedly don’t protect you. Some even went as far as to say that Savage should brush up on his scientific knowledge.

Despite having a very busy schedule, Savage replied to some of these skeptics and conspiracy theory believers, telling them why they’re wrong and that he won’t miss them if they stop following him.

“To be honest I was considering writing out something more complex but then I remembered: I have no earthly idea why some people can’t see the simple humanity in wearing a mask. It makes me sad,” Savage told Bored Panda when we asked him why he believes so many people resist the idea of wearing masks. Scroll down for the full interview.

Savage also went into detail about why some people might fall prey to conspiracy theories. “Life is unending chaos. We are insignificant, we are born, briefly shine, and then we die. There’s plenty of suffering in between. Maybe, when they’re confronted with that chaos, for some people the idea of a coordinated plan is comforting, even if the plan is against them. At least someone is in charge,” he said.

“Real evil is way more banal, I imagine, than most people think it is. The true horror is preventable, incremental bureaucratic violence perpetrated on the weakest and most marginalized in society. Little people, each afraid for their jobs. Not some nefarious hidden genius with a big plan. I have no idea if I’m right but the odds are with me.”

Savage continued: “Trying to get hundreds or thousands of human beings to keep quiet forever about something huge in a perfectly coordinated fashion is about as realistic as making a skyscraper from jello. Humans are just too squishy and unpredictable.”

He added that the best way to fight coronavirus disinformation is to wear your face mask and not be a jerk: “If there was broken glass all over the floor would you refuse to wear shoes on principle?”

This isn’t the first time that Savage went full-on savage on social media when fighting scientific misinformation. In November 2019, he called out anti-vaxxers and said that they’re not only wrong but also leading to people dying earlier than they should. As you could’ve probably guessed, some of his fans were seething that he was pro-vaccine.

But let’s get back to the topic of masks. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, many politicians warned people not to wear masks because they were afraid that health professionals wouldn’t have enough supplies. Since then, however, lots of countries have changed their tune and urged citizens to wear masks to slow down the spread of the virus.

Chris Kenyon from The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp told BBC Future that the countries that ‘flattened the curve’ used masks in public. According to him, most of these countries are in Asia.

Ben Cowling, the head of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, told the BBC that “face masks could help to reduce transmission in the community particularly if used in public transport and crowded areas.” He and his colleagues recently found that wearing even a standard surgical face mask was enough to “considerably” reduce the amount of virus escaping in the breath and coughs of those who are infected.

According to one unpublished study by scientists at Arizona State University, if 80% of people wore even only moderately effective masks, it could reduce the number of deaths in New York by 17 to 45 percent over a two month period. According to the study, wearing masks that were just 20 percent effective could cut mortality by 24 to 65 percent in Washington and 2 to 9 percent in New York. That is if enough people wore them.

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I heard a neighbour complaining the other day that a woman was wearing a mask and had waited to allow him to walk down some stairs first, to allow for social distancing. He moaned that he was"happy to walk past her" and called her a "snooty bitch". So she wore a mask at her inconvenience for his protection then let him go first (again her inconvenience, his benefit) and somehow she's the bad guy? WTF is wrong with people? These are the same dickheads that bang on about blitz spirit, but ask them to put a bit of fabric over their face and they have a break down. Pathetic, idiotic wanksocks.
People have all the scientific evidence in front of them, yet they choose to ignore it. The only problem is their stupidity can be lethal for other people too.
I just left a discussion with some Americans that were convinced that their civil right to freedom meant that they had a legal right to participate in spreading a lethal virus and waging biological warfare against fellow Americans. One of them told me that even with a death rate of 0,1% it would kill around 300,000 people tops. The US has over 300 million people so that loss would be marginal.
Megan Navonod
I have coronavirus, despite my best efforts I caught it at work. Before my symptoms manifested I observed social distancing and wore a mask in public, before I realised I was unwell or potentially contagious. The amount of people not wearing masks and not respecting the 2 metres distancing but pushing past me and standing only a short distance behind me in a queue still haunt me, one or two made snide comments when I moved away from them for being 'paranoid'. These people hopefully have not been infected because the measure I took to protect them but will happily be in contact with their children and loved ones not knowing they were standing less than 2 meters away from the virus that's killed hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of months
i mean remember when Trump seemed to think wearing eclipse glasses makes him look weird so he chose to stare at the actual sun instead with his bare eyes. ... That.
There's a certain percentage of the population here in America that are so afraid of socialism that they see even the tiniest thing as an infringement on 'their rights.' They don't seem to realize that they enjoy the comforts and conveniences of living in a society. Societies cannot exist without a certain amount of socialism. Do you enjoy driving on that nicely paved road? Thank socialism. Do (did) your kids attend tuition free, public school? Yep. Socialism. And the most obvious: are you expecting to receive a social security check when you retire? You geussed it! Socialism! It's not evil. It's how we cooperatively care for each other in a civilized society. You are a citizen. Not an island. Wear the damn mask!
Peter Bear
It's not about masks. Not really. It's good old American anti-authority protests. There's a certain, disturbingly large subset of Americans who will literally do the exact opposite of whatever they're told by 'authority', because... freedom? Never mind that 'freedom' and 'anarchy' aren't the same thing. Never mind that these are often the first people to threaten other people's rights when they're the ones being inconvenienced. Never mind that these people are the ones putting lives at risk, and that's literally where freedoms end. The moment YOUR FREEDOM impinges on the RIGHTS OF OTHERS, you lose it. That's why you go to jail for committing a crime. You have the right to risk your own life if you so choose. You do not have the right to put others at risk. Simple as that.
Anne Easterling
I love my freedoms, so I bristle when someone forces me to do something. However! Wearing a mask is kindness personified. It says that I care about you enough to go through a little inconvenience myself. All this hoopla just shows that there's a good portion of the population that just isn't very kind.
Zelda Blue
I have people in my own family that won't wear a mask. One said it was a hassle because her glasses fogged up and another said "a piece of cloth is not going to keep me from getting sick". I told both that if they get the virus and die that I would miss them but I wouldn't feel bad because it would be God's way of weeding out the stupid. I also forbid them from any contact with me. People are just stupid, if wearing a mask can help prevent you from getting sick or prevent you from spreading an illness why wouldn't you do it?
DKS 001
Over the years I have grown out of my naivete that people have some good in them. Over the past 4 years (Thanks Trump), I find I have been so wrong. I never realized just how stubbornly STUPID and evil people are. Now I have a new deeper level of disappointment in humanity that I doubt I will ever be able to shake off. The longer I live in America, the more I am convinced I was born in the wrong country. But I can't afford to go somewhere where sane people live.
M Adams
I wear a mask. I have endured many looks and stares, as well as mumbled comments. I recently had pneumonia. How you feel about that mask now? Cough, cough!
Bill Taylor
"And you finally get an unfollow" Adam Savage response "Don't let the door hit you in the a%* on the way out. HAHAHAHA!!!
Jennifer Richelieu
Monkeys see , Monkey do. Imagine all the lives the Trump administration could have saved by just wearing a damn mask for one day. Same goes for the Quebec politicians and people. People look up to their leaders. This really shows how important it is for them to set a proper moral example and lead.
Kat Martindale
Since I work in a retirement/nursing home, I have to wear one every work day. I don't come in direct contact with most of the residents as a cook/server but that doesn't matter. We've worn mask during bad flu seasons to be safe. I wear a mask whenever I go out into public to help protect everyone else as well as my family. I've worn them long enough that they no longer bother me. It like wearing a seat belt. It use to be a bother but now it's habit. Click it or ticket and now Mask it or casket.
Roadkill The Brave
I think one thing that a lot of people don't realize is how isolated and disconnected a lot of people in the U.S. are. I mean, I know 'US this US that, idiots, yada yada', but I'm talking about on a daily basis for everyone, no matter politics, religious beliefs, etc. They're looking at numbers and not quantifying it with real people. That is the kind of disconnect I'm talking about. Until it personally effects them they're going to believe what ever they want. Until it affects their personal lives they're going to do whatever they want and no one can convince them otherwise. Trust me I've had this 'debate' with several people about masks already, in a lot of different places. Same with Social Distancing. My mask is like siren call to the ones who think they know better. Not that I go out often, but still, I've had this 'talk' at work with people.
I don't get the fuss. I lived in Japan 20 years ago and most public transit workers and cab drivers wore masks.
Cough with a mask on....less yuck thrown....sneeze with a mask on...less yuck stuff. Even if it is only 40% of yuck stopped, that is better than 0%.
Masks and a vaccine has been rolled into the anti-vaccination and freedom 'movement' - I wish you could just let these people do what they want, but their actions have a direct impact on those they physically interact with. I heard a man talking on his phone as he walked by my house saying Bill Gates' foundation had invented a vaccine for polio that paralyzed 500 million Indians - and that the news won't report *that*
Esca Sav
My dad doesn't really take the whole "stay clean" idea into play, he doesn't understand why I yell at him to wash his hands after touching the mail, he thinks I'm taking it "too seriously." He decided to go to a deli store last week (with a mask, I'm glad he is not at least that narrow-minded) and noticed the workers wearing their masks wrong. He pointed them out and they actually argued back. He came home disgusted and reevaluated whether or not he even wanted to eat the food he bought from there. Mind you, he has gastric cancer. We found out it spread to his liver. We let him out of the house because he has been locked in since February. But this just made him terrified because he thought the government/community was handling it decently. If he caught Covid-19 right now, he stands no chance. But of course, wearing a mask is too much of a problem. People need their "freedom" in good old U.S.of f*cking A**holes. Newsflash, your actions affect other people. F*ck this type of freedom.
Animal lover❤
Adam is a savage. A smart one. WEAR A MASK!
Those refusing to wear masks because it's some violation of their rights seem to forget the rights of anyone else in this world. My rights are violated when a person who insists on his right to bear arms shoots a whole bunch of people because his exercising his right to having a bad day. And those who think that the rights the demand are don't include the following any rule handed down that doesn't fit into their understanding or interpretation of anything from the Bible to the constitution to the bill of rights or any F'ing amendment. No one is denying anyone the right to be an idiot and die. They just don't get a free pass to deny my right not to by their selfish, infantile attitude.
Andrew Wheeler
Maybe we should just carry a gun and when we see someone not wearing a mask, shoot them in the leg. I mean you DO have a self defense motive.
Mad Mar
Think of masks as condoms an this virus is a space herpe. No one wants the herp. And no one knows who has it either. So wear a mask in case you have it and don't know it. An wear a mask in case you come in contact with someone that does an they don't know it. Safe breathing.
Ian Milne
And the amount of times that I’ve seen people pull down their masks with their bare hands to talk to people and then just pull it back up after boggles the mind.
*sigh*, The Yellow Teletubby
Ok, ffs, now is probably one of the only circumstances where we have to "give away" our freedom. These pig-skinned footlicking melons pretty damn obviously don't know what ACTUAL freedom is like. Their version of freedom is VERY twisted; freedom is being able to go where you please, and not randomly getting picked off the street to become a slave. It is the ability to buy a car without having to wait 10 years. It is being able to say what you want, and if you have a problem with something, and what you want done about that problem. It is having the right to choose whatever religion you like, and not be arrested or killed for it, and it is the right to be who you want to be. To work where you want to work. The people yelling and screaming for "freedom" right now, who don't believe in social distancing, self isolation, staying at home for literally 2 months, and not wearing a mask are actually not yelling for freedom of the people. They are yelling and yearning for the freedom of the
CR Harvey
I like the masks. I can stick my tongue out at idiots or rude people:-)
Nicky OldfieldDesciple
My friend's son once asked her why did he have to wear a mask and she just said because ALL superheroes do. Except we cover our mouths and noses instead of our eyes. He happily wears his mask now.
If I an asthmatic who cant wear a mask for longer than 10 minutes without having an asthma attack am wearing a mask than so can you.
Herb Coleman
For those refusing to wear a mask, the next time they need an operation the doctors and nurses should refuse to wear a mask reminding them that for centuries doctors never wore masks. Hypocrites never wore a mask, etc.
Alex O
Lara Mig
The people who think that women should cover up in order to not get raped also appear to think that they don't need to cover up in order to not infect others? The mind boggles.
Carol Emory
Love Adam!! When he says, undeniably, put a mask better do it. This is a man that, when he gets curious or challenged, he researches EVERYTHING! He will test it, study it, try to break it and do it over and over again to make sure he gets the same results. And occasionally he likes to blow stuff up. But I guarantee, if he stands behind a statement, he's got loads of research, experiments and experts to back him up!
Mona Khadra
Maybe if we started wearing masks long long ago we'd have a lot less virus's, diseases, flus, colds. Etc.
THIS. I am so frustrated that NZ government won't recommend wearing masks to people- made me lose faith in the experts and advisors working for the government. So many Kiwis are convinced that masks do nothing just because NZ has low coronavirus numbers and deaths. The ironic thing is that all the way back in Feb when NZ didn't even have a case, all the pharmacies were sold out on masks, which means Kiwis hoarded them early on, but are just choosing not to wear them...
deanna woods
I really don't understand why being asked to help protect others is a violation of your rights. A true violation of your rights is being told to drink out of a separate water fountain or being told to go to the backdoor of a restaurant or being told to go to the back of a bus because you are in the wrong seat. That's a violation of your rights. People don't want to talk about that kind of thing though. It is really not that hard, if you want to protect others then wear a mask, if not then don't.
Not all Americans are ignorant idiots. A lot of us find these boobs incredibly irritating as well. They don't want to wear masks? Then more of these foolish people will pass away from the virus. Call it evolution in action. I am not normally this cynical, but these times drive me to it.
Brooke Weber
Sometimes I hate being American.
Octavia Hansen
People are stupid until it happens to them or someone they love. Perhaps it's the video games, cable TV and DVD that fosters the illusion death is temporary and somehow you get a restart or a rewind, continuing this life or a new one. Dead is dead. But you can't convince a stupid person they are stupid. Mr. Savage's answers are a lot more civil than I would have been . . .
I actually just started following Adam on Twitter because of this enlightening reasoning. So thank you!
Brandy Grote
One person argued that they couldn't wear a mask because it prevented them from breathing through their nose. Well, wear the mask and breathe through your mouth! Duh!
I laugh at the people who sneer at "snowflakes". Because what is better evidence of snowflakiness than throwing a tantrum because you can no longer browse aimlessly at the mall on the weekend?
I think a few people need something for that Savage burn! How people like that manage to not only survive but also procreate is beyond me..I say let 'em go without masks if they want, just don't be spreading that idiocy around! I've already given dirty looks to some people for not keeping their distance when they're supposed morons can't friggin read or something? Stay away ya nasty! Rules are there to keep others safe for goodness sake >_<
Shinomi Chan
Great guy not gonna love. Already loved him but my god this is on a whole new level. Absolute genius
grace koncsicsv
my county is still in Red and the cases are rising...why? because people think masks are optional. no, no they are not optional and i don't care if you like it. its not a matter of what you like or don't like, no one said you had to like it...but you MUST do it regaurdless.
Rasmus Thomson
This is why Adam is a hero of mine.
I hate that I can't edit my thoughts when my finger suspended midair drops and lets my unfinished crap go. At times it's meant to save my overthinking ass and at other times it causes others to lock me back up in the attic with all your crazy aunts. I. Just hope that there are other soul searching folks that reach the point of seeing their part in whatever took place in their lives. Some of the shut we go through is not our fault. But some of it is. And it's up to us to try harder to hear others and not be so wrapped up in only hearing ourselves. The ones who refuse to believe anyone has anything they want to bother with are on their own. I won't waste my time or theirs. This COVID19 doesn't discriminate nor can you tell who's next. And weekend warriors of believers are a dime a dozen. Time to get real.
Words cannot describe how much I appreciate Adam Savage. Spot on, as usual.
Kerri Russ
Thank you, Adam. We desperately need voices of reason to NOT give up right now. We are so overpowered by idiots right now. I'm high-risk so I'm self-isolating, 8 weeks now, working from home. Neither I nor my work-from-home hubby are going back to our regular lives until Fauci and other MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS say it's safe. Politicians and Republicans do not make my medical decisions for me. I prefer science.
That thing about physics, how object in motion stays in motion? That goes for stupids. I just don't understand how many of them are out there.
Daria B
The argument with the antibodies. It's not like, once you've cured you can't get it again, though... If this were true, we'd already have a vaccine, I believe... I might be wrong, though...
Julie Hanford
Like Adam Savage said, this is not a do it if you want to! This is a group effort! It would be like during the Blitz in London in WWII if one person said "I'm not going to use blackout curtains" the whole city would be bombed! I don't want to wear a mask, but I am going to for the good of the USA & the whole world.
Kuzma Volkov
So let me ask this of our fake Republicans, (you are fake because you don't care about protecting your country.) Is a person who has HIV, refuses to tell partners and tries to spread it every chance they get; a good person? They are just "expressing their constitutional rights and freedoms." Guess what the people who have done that have gone to jail. It's illegal.
Franklin Johnson
When I was a child the attitude of America was "We can do anything!" it is now one of total disdain for anything that is for greater good. The extreme focus on the self has rotten all drive from our country and it shows. To wear a paper mask when I go out is a very small price for me to pay to keep your and your family healthy.
cat nip nip nip
AzKhaleesi,Willyum Wickerson,and ggirl225888 are total idiots 5 days ago 6,000 people died from Covid-19 in total 315,000 people died and Trump acts like it is fine but NO people are dying and idiots say it is a flu no it is not the flu kills 100,000 people every year the corona has 315,000 in 6 months no one can have a counter argument about that and thoose numbers are from hospitals we don't know the home deaths yet we to stay home were a mask and listen to people with a brain unlike you trump voters we need Bernie (sadly we got Biden but he is way better than Trump) wake up people we need to act NOW!!!
cat nip nip nip
to sum up what electric @Amish said is that he didn't care about killing other people he would get herd immunity for himself and kill a few others on the way. This is just like the keystone protest they shot rubber bullets at unarmed native Americans asking for clean water but a white person just marched around my capital building with a gun complaining like a toddler that he didn't want to where a mask
Rasmus Thomson
This is why Adam is a hero of mine. Savage industries going strong ?
Max L.
Great job.
Octavia Hansen
People are stupid until it happens to them or someone they love. Perhaps it's the video games, cable TV and DVD that fosters the illusion that death is temporary and somehow you get a restart, continuing this life or a new one. Dead is dead. But you can't convince a stupid person they are stupid. Mr. Savage's answers are more civil than I would have been . . .
Ian Milne
To be fair the World Health Organisation are still stating that you should only wear a mask if you have symptoms or are around vulnerable people. They’ve also stated that people wearing masks could be lulled into a false sense of security and not take the usual necessary precautions. It’s unfair to label anyone who wears (or does not wear a mask) without understanding their logic first. Additionally, healthcare professionals are trained in using PPE and have to be assessed doing so. They also frequently change it. Social distancing and good hygiene are still proving more effective for the general public. That being said, I have no issue whatsoever with anyone who wants to take whatever precautions they feel is right for them and their circumstances.
Hannah Marshall
However, in the UK, it isn't mandatory, especially in Wales, so until it becomes mandatory, I've not been wearing a mask. Because, unless I shop, once or twice a month, I don't go out. And the masks literally only work for 20 minutes anyway...
Jo Choto
I live in an affluent village in the U.K. I would say 90 percent of people here are NOT wearing masks. It really surprises me. And the pharmacist assistant wears a mask but under her nose. I despair of people.
Paul Martin
The biggest issue arguing with people that believe in conspiracy theories is that you are dealing with naked bare stupidity. How can you argue with someone that is stupid? They ARE stupid, they do not know they are blunt ignorants. They CANNOT reason. Is like if you try to explain math to a sea urchin. It might be fun to watch, but utterly useless.
CR Harvey
Your right to be stupid ends where my right to stay healthy begins. Wear a mask!
Barbara Berg
I wear my mask because I don't want it and I don't want to carry it and get others sick, my mom is one of those who won't get off lightly from it and I have to live with her currently. But I still say let the people still have their choice if they want to wear one or not, if you want to wear good you're a great person if the other person refuses they'll carry the consequences. but if that still not good for you the law-abiding citizen then so be it and my words to you will be if you wash and sanitize as you should you will still have less a chance to get it. In short so what, what it's my choice to do what I choose the same to you.
Laura Osborne
I only go out once a fortnight for food shopping for up to 10 people and wore I mask the first time out, had a major asthma attack - worst one in over 15 years - now too worried to wear one again because I felt it restricted my.breathing too much. Now go out late at night to shop, I do wear gloves and keep hand.sanitizer, tissues and anti bacterial wipes. And don't go near anyone else, that is the best I can do.
Bud Waters
MSM has already stirred the anger in most people with their incessantly contradictory reports. It has become an impossible task to make people understand.
mark wotton
I got into a discussion with someone who was very much against Self Isolation and wearing masks. It wasn't so much that they were against the practices but more so against BEING TOLD to Self Isolate and wear a mask. They felt it was an attack on their "Rights and Freedoms" as an American. Ugh!!
When did being an American mean being a selfish a$$hole? Sure, we're proud of our independent spirit and our (supposed) unwillingness to not take crap from anyone, but that doesn't give you the right to endanger the lives and livelihoods of your friends, family and neighbors. If this Coronovirus is just some sort of conspiracy to keep 45* from being re-elected, why is the whole world suffering from it? If it's going to be gone on November 3rd is that just the US or the whole world? I'm completely embarrassed by the reaction of our "leaders" to this deadly invasion.
Jim Price
The Devil's most outstanding accomplishment is convincing mankind that he doesn't actually exist. His second is anti-vaxers... and now he's playing with masks, it seems.
Ytterbium Yttrium
Thanks Adam!
Tori Duffek Flores
some people are just stupid and don't care about other people in this pandemic
Lisa Chambers
That moment when you think you are on top of the world, the apex intellect and then manage to show your whole ass to everyone on twitter for the actual jerk you really are. The best thing about this pandemic, if there could be one, is the unmasking of the celebrities who really just are not worth the electricity it takes to light their make up mirrors. Shalloooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Funny thing, social distancing works so very well. I rarely need a mask so it isnt a big deal. But I do watch television and am becoming truly selective on what and who I watch. The air is cleaner outside, and my airwaves are far less filled with fake bs. The law of unintended consequences.
Aimee Simmons
I guess it depends on which scientists and doctors you listen to. I believe that vaccination to introduce the dead virus into your system is important to reduce the likelihood of dying from the virus, however, I also believe that we are all going to get it eventually. It's here. It isn't going to just disappear. We will build up our resistance to it over time. Some doctors say that improper use of the masks and gloves is not helping, but making people more careless which results in the virus spreading as if there was no protective gear in place. It honestly isn't the gear, it's the people, and unfortunately, people are hard to control unless you make slaves of them and stand over them with the threat of pain. That isn't what we want for our world, so we do our best. As for people with no social skills, who are hurting inside and reject everyone else due to their own emotional scars, give them their space, and try not to take them personally when they lash out at you. Be Well.
Christian Hilton
It's a pandemic of an incurable virus, maybe not Ebola Zaire, but it's earning its level 4 biosafety lab status until there's a vaccine - nobody should panic, but viruses mutate, constantly. Imagine that, it explodes like a water heater everywhere every time someone coughs, '>R'>likely if it begins to survive for longer as viable agent on more surfaces and literally performs exactly as shown when aerosolized where 2m distancing has proven woefully inadequate and only a mask prevents its spread. There's was a Hyde Park protest, people demanding their freedom - begs the question, if a contact tracing app was already rolled out and that gathering was very ill-advised, how many would have turned up? Y'know, like being told what to do by a completely impartial machine that is programmed to issue the same advice as the official line taken by the government based on the collated data, medical & scientific knowledge, but isn't politicians that people don't like...
Elizabeth Wilkins
I LOVE Adam, but I'd like to hear his thoughts on wearing masks being required of children playing outdoor sports such as softball and baseball.
There are people on both sides of the spectrum refusing to wear a mask. This is not a left vs right, red vs blue issue. this is a humanity issue.
We need shows like Myth Busters back. We should be talking about valid scientific method. Stop getting your information for your cousin or neighbor or favorite celebrity.
Leo Domitrix
For those who like to spout "Constitutional rights"? The "right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness" is not in the US COnstitution. It's in the Declaration of INdependence ... And the right is to the PURSUIT of happiness. Not happiness as in "whatever you want regardless of others". Throwing that out there a bit late, but seriously, no, you don't have a "right" to "happiness" by avoiding a petty inconvenience (masks). US Citizen, no party alignment, Covid 19 hospital volunteer, and still masked!
I can't wear a mask as I struggle to breath through the material (weakened lungs due to heart failure) so I stay at home as much as possible. Do you know what it is like to see a beautiful sunny day and not be able to go out and take a short walk because the mask is just as bad on your respiratory system as the disease?
Jewels Vern
Why do some people keep thinking they can spread truth by acting like jerks and insulting people?
Lemon Garnished Potato
my boy. Adam. You are literally my childhood and I love your work, and this astonishes me. Even after the show is finished you're still busting myths left and right! You go, Adam Savage!
Merlyn Emrys
I knew I loved him for good reasons.
Nicky OldfieldDesciple
I love this guy and always have. He made science cool. And his comments here are awesome. Savage by name, savage by nature. Brilliant. : )
panda to nobody
I wish all those people would go drink the bleach.
Vanta Black
I reject your fallacy, and substitute my own logical reasons with evidence proving you're wrong.
This imposed quarantine has really given me the time, not the instantaneous ability to understand, but the time I needed to take a long hard honest look into what I needed to face my need to keep going from the
But that same mythbuster episode shot down the 6 ft social distancing rule..a sneeze they proved can go like 30 ft.. yet we just accept 6 ft because we are told this by an expert yeah science can be distorted and misused
jamat G
This comment has been deleted.
Tovah Roche
It's a bit ironic that the study about the effectiveness of wearing mask was conducted at ASU because very few Phoenix valley residents actually wear masks. Of course that excludes essential, medical, and now beauty workers while they're on the clock.
Guy Gadbous
After all, Alan is never wrong.....
Ian Milne
I work with the general public. A significant percentage are not wearing their masks correctly - for example, only covering their mouth or having a loose fitting mask. People staying at home, social distancing and frequently washing their hands effectively are safer than those that do not follow those guidelines and simply wear a mask and gloves.
Colin Bayler
This comment has been deleted.
Just because he may be right, doesn't make this annoying blowhard any less insufferable
SciFi Vortex
Hey Adam! Here's a new myth for you to bust. "Wearing a basic surgical mask that sucks in air from the sides (Like the ones you are advocating) will stop you from being infected by airborne viruses". (Hint, they don't. You need an N95 mask that painfully seals around your face and is exhausting to breathe though after 30 minutes) ... Idiot.
Claudio Sciancalepore
Veo a adam savage en su canal de youtube diariamente .siempre termina sus episodios con un mensaje reconfortante . Pidiendo que usen barbijos que sean buenos con los que los rodean y se cuiden y asi cuidaran a los demas . Es un gran tipo . En argentina el distanciamiento social y el uso de barbijo mantiene la curva chata . No se tiene otra forma de luchar con esto hasta que tengamos mas herramientas . No sean cabezas huecas . Saludos
Why is not wearing even a problem? Like people shouldn't be NOT wearing a mask
Gloria Beacon
Prepare for a depression. Prepare for food lines, food shortages and civil unrest. Most of you will not find another job because the small businesses have been shut down while target, Walmart, Home Depot have been allowed to stay open. Most of these small businesses will close forever. Most of the govt money went to the larger companies like mcdonalds, Publix etc. and all the future suffering ahead because we cant be trusted to be adults and wash our hands. So stay home, hide while your countrymen lose their businesses and your children’s futures are being destroyed. By all means do what the tv media tells you to because they are your friend, like how stupid are people today?
Leo Domitrix
I do believe herd immunity is our best bet ... IF IT IS POSSIBLE. Two months ago, we had no reason to think it might not be, based on the general trend of evidence. Now we know we're facing a whole other situation. Thus, opnion and advice change based on improved evidence and information. And herd immunity is helped along tremendously by vaccines we don't have yet. Just letting everyone get sick... Some of us thought it was possible, plausible. Then came more data, and here we are.
purple pill pete
Not saying I disagree with Adam, but do you guys still remember the days when we were still allowed to meet whoever we wanted, wherever and whenever we wanted without owing anybody an explenation for it. And offcourse wearing on our faces whatever we wanted. It was a basic right we took for granted in the free countries and we've all given it up voluntarily. It was for a good cause offcourse but there is still no end in sight with regards to when we're completely going back to normal and I for one are getting worried. I'm not some conspiracy nut. I don't believe it was 5G that caused it or that it was made in a lab. But I am bothered by celebreties like Adam Savage patronizing us to fall in line and do as we're told instead of asking when we can get our basic human rights back and if in the end it was actually all worth it.
Colin Bayler
U.S. health officials say Americans shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent coronavirus — here are 3 other reasons not to wear them.
Anthony Licari
Hey Teampennybadger I know plenty of people on the left that don't wear masks. So stop being a tree hugging ahole.
Russian Otaku
This makes me never want to wear a mask... Also mainly cause coughing dramatically in a long line to get ahead just ain't the same with a mask on
What is a great depression? You will eat your dog, your cat, your hamster and you will be grateful to God for the first food in your stomach in over a week. That is a depression boys and girls. Hope you understand what you are asking for. Stay safe in your homes behind your masks because the real boogey man, the one the media won't tell you about is coming around the corner and it will make the death toll from this virus seem like nothing. Hope you are all ready for it. I am, I have training, I am armed, I am a prepper and I am ready. I will also go into this thing with a strong immunity system whereas when you leave your homes you will be sick for the same amount of time you were in isolation. That is how the immune system works, use it or lose it. So you have some tough times ahead of you buttercups, some really tough times ahead so get some fat on your bones during this hibernation period, you are going to need it.
Maper Sam
well, I think this idiot shouldn't be insulting people on social media. he should just pick his lack of empathy and politness and shove it up his ass. I would love for this prick to actually get covid and get down his high horse. talk about a gigantic asshole.
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