50 Pics That Sum Up The Hell On Earth That Is Taking Place In Australia
In 2020, it feels like we’ve reached a new level of tension. Nearly everyone’s talking about the possibility of World War Three breaking out. Meanwhile, Australia’s still on fire, with devastating consequences.
50 Pics That Sum Up The Hell On Earth That Is Taking Place In Australia
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In 2020, it feels like we’ve reached a new level of tension. Nearly everyone’s talking about the possibility of World War Three breaking out. Meanwhile, Australia’s still on fire, with devastating consequences.

To show you just how serious the situation is, Bored Panda collected a list of images that prove that things are absolutely terrifying in the Land Down Under. Scroll down and let us know in the comments which images of the Australian bushfires left their mark on you. And if you’re currently in Australia, dear Pandas, let us know what the situation is like and stay safe.

When you’re done with this post, have a read through Bored Panda’s other articles about the Australian fires. Including about a hero dog who finds koalas who survived the bushfires, how the Irwin family already helped 90,000 animals, as well as a historian’s explanation of what’s going on in the country right now.

The Australian bushfires devastated the country and its ecosystem, leaving around half-a-billion animals dead. Meanwhile, around 14 million acres (21,875 square miles) of land is scorched, and hundreds of thousands of Australians have been displaced. It’s a disaster of end-of-the-world proportions.

We’re often told that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure to be seen from space. However, the bushfires in Australia are so extensive that even satellites orbiting the Earth can spot the smoke and flames.

You can donate towards disaster relief and recovery efforts like the Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society, and the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund to make a change and to help Australians affected by the bushfires.

But what are the other effects that the calamity has had? Well, for one, Australians are becoming jaded with their government and showing their anger. 20-year-old Zoey Salucci McDermott refusing to take prime minister Scott Morrison’s hand perfectly encapsulates the country’s anger. “I’ll only shake your hand if you give more funding to the Rural Fire Service,” she said.

Meanwhile, the transport minister in New South Wales, Andrew Constance, told the media that "this is not a bush fire. It's an atomic bomb."

But there is a silver lining to the smoky clouds rising over the Land Down Under: the bushfires are bringing out the best in some Australians. People are showing what they’re worth by helping out their neighbors, rescuing animals, and doing what they can to stop the fires from spreading further.

In fact, the entire world’s reacting to the situation as best as it can. People from half-a-world away are donating what they can to help the people of Australia. While even celebrities are taking steps to secure funding for firefighters.

For instance, comedian Celeste Barber raised 24 million Australian dollarydoos (nearly 17 million US dollars) for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. The best female tennis player on Earth, Ashleigh Barty, promised to donate her Brisbane International prize money winnings worth 250,000 US dollars. The event starts Monday. US singer Pink and actress Nicole Kidman both pledged 500,000 dollars to Australian fire services.

Bored Panda spoke with Ben Jameson, an Australian living on the Gold Coast, an hour south of Brisbane, about the fires, as well as about the anger that the country's citizens are feeling at the government due to the entire situation.

"There’s a whole lot of division when it comes to whose to blame. Politically. My housemate lost two extended family members in the fires in Wytaliba. Where they lost 80% of the houses in that community. But that’s not the only community to experience such loss," Ben told us. "People are pretty angry, man. Angry at the leadership, because there is none. We have a prime minister who is so disconnected, he goes to the site of where there has been such devastating loss, to do what?! Well the members of the community are there. But does he want to talk to them? No! He literally walks away from anyone that has something to say, anything."

"People are pleading, crying, desperately wanting to know what. Is going to do, where the help is, where is the support, where is the funding for the firefighters, where is the funding and support for the volunteer firefighters... So many of these firefighters are volunteers."

He continued: "You would think in a country such as ours, where we have had bushfires become a part of our identity almost, that we would have invested properly and have adequate equipment and sufficiently trained firefighters and enough of them. But no, instead against all advice from weather services about drought and rainfall conditions, and advice from fire services about the severity of predicted bushfire seasons, the government chose to cut funding to fire services, up to 39 million dollars. But who cares now. The people have been able to muster near that sum themselves. It’s almost as if we don’t need a government. The people are more than capable, and the people know."

"Our government is so disconnected. And so heavily invested in coal and anti-climate change. Because that’s where the Liberal Party funding comes from: pro-coal, and anti-climate change business. It does not serve the Liberal Party well to divest from coal, and to talk about climate change."

Ben said that it's "punishable to protest about the climate" and claims that he lives in a 'V for Vendetta' film. I mean why is it that it is now punishable to protest about the climate? It’s now illegal. How dystopian is this reality? I thought this was the future. But we can’t even talk about climate change. We are well in the grip of a changing climate and the consequences now are irreversible. We are well and truly [effed]. This that your seeing on the news now. This is now going to be the norm. Our bushfires in El Niño years are going to look like this."

"And don’t get me wrong. This won’t be every year. Sure we get bushfires. But there are a lot of serious global changes happening and lots of meteorological drivers. El Niño means we have such low rainfall at the moment. Drought conditions in so many towns lots of towns have run out of water. Cattle are dying, crops are dying. Sure, when La Niña years come around in their 4-ish year cycle we will experience more rain. But again, the severity of that rain will also be increased, our floods are going to get worse, our cyclones are going to get worse."

Ben continued: "We’re a big country so we experience a lot of extreme weather from north, south, east, and west. But there have been flames 80m tall, the wind just blows it and blows it and it’s just unstoppable. The heat from these fires extends so far that firefighters cannot get close enough to put water anywhere near the flame.... it is out of control. They can’t be controlled. You’ve probably gathered that even I’m pretty angry about it."

According to Ben, he feels embarrassed by the Australian government and thinks that its "a joke." "Make no mistake, they do not speak for the majority of the Australian people. At least the people that I know. My friends and family have shown so much support and strength and resilience. Coming together, donating money where possible, helping each other out, going to communities to help clean up. Like, just regular people. Not emergency services or defense force. Just normal people."

"There’s a number floating around that’s you guys have probably seen. A university in Sydney estimates that near 500 million animals have been killed by the fires since September. Half a billion. Half an [effing] billion. What the [eff]? Like so many of our animals, wombats, koalas, crocs, platypus, etc. are endangered or threatened species. I don’t think people, (especially, people in government) understand the scale of that number. I’m not sure if our country's ecosystem and biosphere will recover from this, I really don’t."

Ben says that he lives on the Gold Coast and he's been lucky that there haven't been fires there. "But we have had smoke, a lot of it, blown hundreds of kilometers from big fires and to have smoke near the Gold Coast, for weeks and weeks is scary. It just doesn’t happen. And now it’s become common."

"As far as what’s being done to stop the fires, well, these firefighters and volunteer firefighters are battling a literal Hell. A relentless unstoppable Hell. A heat that’s so intense yet they are still so far away from flames."

Ben's housemate raised close to 60,000 Australian dollars for her community that burn down earlier in December. "Just through a Go Fund Me. Pretty impressive. Her name is Cerene Lowe."

"That fire was part of a larger group of fires up near the northern rivers of New South Wales (close to the Gold Coast where I am). Those fires are mostly under control now. But yeah, since that massive heat wave came through that broke all the temperature records at the end of last year it sparked fires further down south near the NSW/Victoria border, like even our Alpine region is on fire. Obviously no snow at the moment, but still. The country is just so dry at the moment. And like it has rained in places, but sporadically. It rained here last on Christmas Day. But it’s not raining where it needs it, especially further inland where it is just so so dry."

You can donate towards disaster relief and recovery efforts like the Red CrossSt Vincent de Paul Society, and the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund to make a change and to help Australians affected by the bushfires.

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I’m Foxxy and I know it ?
It’s absolutely awful. Just breaks my heart all the devastation these fires have caused. I really wish we get some good rain soon, we really really need it. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in helping ie firefighters, volunteers, emergency services, vets, donors etc. My heart goes to the families that have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods etc. Please stay safe.
Carol Emory
But warming has nothing to do with it. Can we take all the politicians and diplomats that still think global warming doesn't exist and put them on an island off the coast of Australia.. preferably in the path of all the smoke...
ju Hel
Firefighters are real-world-heroes.
Our skies have turned grey from the fires ~250km away, it's hard to see anything in Melbourne city, and the air quality is absolutely horrible. Cheers to everyone's who's supporting us as well as the firefighters and other volunteers for working countless unpaid hours to fight these fires and having to be away from their families. Definitely wasn't a good way to end 2019/start 2020
If you are moved by this, then grapple with the fact that this is going to happen again. Possibly as early as next fire season - which starts at the end of THIS YEAR. Unless we get climate change under control, this is Australia's new normal. Tell your representatives, whatever country you live in, that you want action on climate change. And move to remove your support from climate denying companies, in particular the Murdoch press. From a CSIRO Report focusing on links between climate change and fire, 2009: "Climate change may affect fire regimes across the Australian landscape through changes to temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Modeled climate projections show that much of southern Australia may become warmer and drier. This modeling suggests that, by 2020, extreme fire danger days in south-eastern Australia may occur 5 to 65 per cent more often than at present."
Daniëlle Raats
This makes me so said, not sure how to help all the way here from the Netherlands. Besides taking care off recycling, eating less meat etc. to make sure global warming is getting reduced.
damn, at the beginning of all this i made comment about "firehawk" raptors, but now it feels insensitive. the vast scope of fires is devastating and since majority of aussies lives in life 5 cities affect huge amount of people and wildlife. those firefighters are real heroes!
What have we done..
Australia, my heart goes out to you! No words can describe your loss. I'm speechless...
CrunChewy McSandybutt
I feel absolutely helpless with this.
Faeyaz Fateh
Salute to the hero's saving the lives. The government should accept climate change is the route cause for it. The link below tells us everything about climate change.
As an Aussie I found this whole piece exactly the right tone in that it was informative and horrifying, but like a silver lining the bravery, selflessness, stoicism and commitment to community of those featured shone through. It made me proud of my country but, seeing it all together like this, terrified for our future. You also hit the right tone politically; I found myself thinking "Yes! Thank God for more people telling the world about our politicians and what's going on here," how so many of us do not support the climate change denial of our govt, our media is shockingly biased, the people lied to misled and brainwashed. Excellent commentary also.
Amber Cook
I'm 8 thousand miles away from this, and as I sit here on a pretty sunny day here in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA I can only pray that these end soon and for all of the people who have lost their home, the animals that have perished and try and send all of my love and light to ALL in Australia.
Lori Weishorn
I couldn't finish looking at these pics (for now) too many tears ~ I hope these fires STOP now ~ this beautiful country ~ God Bless the people, Firefighters, animals Etc. My heart feels for you all !
Mama Panda
As someone who is currently living in Northern California, I can relate to the raw emotions felt when dealing with something such as wild fires. It is a truly scary thing that I don't wish on anyone (well except for my psycho ex bf but that is a whole other story). My heart goes out to everyone and especially all of the firefighters battling this never ending tragedy. I will be making items to help with the preservation of the animals as well as working on sending clothing to those in need. If anyone has any information as to where things could be mailed to, I would greatly appreciate it. Please stay strong and stay safe <3
John Louis
ATTENTION! Is there a charity that we donate too?
Carole Scureman
I am so upset about what is happening to Australia and the people and animals living there. I think other countries should help including my country (USA). I know there are some of our firemen who have already gone to Australia. Unfortunately, we have a Leader of our country trying to start World War III. Your firefighters are brave heroes!
Stop voting for parties that don't put climate as the #1 issue! Our planet before profits!!
This breaks my heart. It's one thing to read in the news about a number of acres. It's entirely different seeing the photos. Thank you to everyone bringing this story to us, but please remember that safety is the most important thing. Don't put yourself in danger for a photo. Keep safe, everybody.
I can't. :-(
As an Aussie myself, I just want to thank every single person who has helped - firefighters, regular people, people from overseas. While everyone is blaming everyone else about why the fires started and all that, I think we should really just take a moment to thank everyone who has risked their lives and sacrificed everything to help those who are suffering in the devastation, because without them, a lot of us wouldn't be here to blame anyone in the first place. ?
Barbara Vandewalle
How much of this destruction is because of the arsonists? They should be made to help the clean up 12 hours a day. Every day until the clean up is complete, no days off, no vacation time.
Mary Stiles
I wan to comment, but I have no idea what to say. I'm speechless, and I cannot even begin to imagine what the firefighters and every/any body else there is going through. My heart goes out to everyone.
It's such a bad situation. Stupid government: cutting the firemen staff the past year, not allowing back burning (and protesting climate change) - and there seems something weird about the fires. They burn a lot hotter than usual (and that's coming from firemen that have been fighting bush fires for years) - so something seems off.. (plus.. the starting of the fires exactly where the new train tracks are to be built? iffy) - I stand with Australia (and I donated to the animal hospitals) - but y'all need to kick the government out.
Kathy Baylis
Sadly, this is going to become more common unless our leaders stop paying lip service to doing something about climate change and get up off their asses to actually do it. It’s not getting better, it’s getting so much worse. ? An? Entire ?Country ?Is ?On ?Fire ?Dammit. The time for talking about it passed long ago. Climate Change Deniers, go right ahead and ask the entire population of Australia, as well as the Amazon and California a o get others, whether climate change is REAL. Unless you’ve fried all your brain cells, it has to have dawned on you that we’re on the cusp of crisis mode—-RIGHT NOW.
If you are Australian ? this might be the time to find out how donating blood is quick and simple ( some of us are not allowed to because of our own health) There are heaps of marsupials you have prob'ly never heard of ( like me )
We need money, clothing, food, people on the ground to help, we also need rain, like a months worth of solid rain, even a flood would be welcomed to be honest.
Katinka Min
One the one hand, this breaks my heart. On the other, Australia relies heavily on coal and does not intend to change that. Few countries are as badly hurt by global warming as Australia, yet, the premier still claims these fieres are normal. So I admit, I cry fro the animals, but my pity for the grown-up humans is limited.
Rajia Papri
It is a natural disaster that has killed many animals. that has made me so sad. Visit
Tiny Dynamine
This is so devastating. It makes me wonder whether this is going to be the end of Australia as an inhabited country. If it's not only halfway done, it could be the most apocalyptic event since the big meteor.
Sky Loveridge
This is so sad... Robert Irwin struggled to hold back tears while talking about the fires and how they’ve effected the koala population. I bet this is really hard for everyone in Australia. My best friend was getting ready to move to Australia but when he heard of the fires he decided to stay in America. I give my condolences to everyone fighting the fires and to those how have lost they’re homes and possibly know anyone who has died to these fires.
Marcin uścinowicz
Abinico Arts
I went thru 2 fire evacuations when living in the Santa Cruz mountains (California) - during the second one it was raining ash as we drove away. But this disaster in Australia is just beyond belief. Sending prayers.
nala simba
I'm truly at a loss for words. This is so sad. This is hell on earth. My heartfelt sympathies to Australia and Australians and of course all life that has perished.
Rita DS
And STILL there are so many people who claim global warming is a HOAX. Look at these pics bunch of morons, does this look like a hoax to you? My heart goes out to the Australian people, please be safe! To the firefighters: you guys are heroes, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!!!! What is the rest of the world waiting for to send airplanes filled with water to Australia, help them, DO SOMETHING!
If it helps anyone, I've seen a beautiful painting someone did of Steve Irwin taking care of all the animals who didn't make it. I thought it was a beautiful sentiment. I wish I could go help them... even if I could go sit on the beach and cook food for people and tell them jokes to make them smile for a second. The UN really needs to club together and do SOMEthing!!
Kim Charles
I've been unable to have my windows open for about 4 months now... the smoke is continuous there is a real feeling of helplessness with everyone and a real feeling of fear
kasa alex
I was camping on the South Coast NSW when the fires started exploding down there on NYE. It was hairy but I got back to Canberra safely through all the smoke and fires burning. Everyday I'm crying at the continued devastation. Over a billion animals perished, some of our native animals might go extinct after this - their habitants and food sources will take a long time to replenish. We won't get proper rain for months yet!
Lauren Baker
Oh my god!!!! I am a minor across the world and am broke but you guys are fucking heroes! I want to cry. Global warming is taking over...the Republicans need to wake the fuck up. My heart goes out to all of you there! Stay safe. ♥️ Stay strong you guys are so brave
The Random Merp
This is absolutely heartbreaking. I cannot donate money as of now, but will definitely try to help as much as I can. I can't even imagine being in the shoes of these poor people. I personally have asthma, which gets set off by smoke, so I know that I wouldn't have lasted long at all. Praying for everyone there, for the countless lives lost as well as the countless heroes.
Lane Tokarski
I just can't imagine what these people are going through. The loss of life for the animals is unfathomable. If you look at pictures it's as if these animals know these people are there to help them, they are wild animals and encompassing the help that is giving them water, carrying them out of the fires, and cooling them down. The pictures that moved me the most are 2,5,6,7, 10,12, 14, 20 and 43. Seeing all these people on the beach is beyond comprehension. They are told to go into the water, but think about it. Australia is know for sharks in it's waters. So you stay and be burned or go in the water and perhaps be attacked by a shark. Prayers are continuious for these people, all the animal, the firefighters, all those who are trying to save the animals and the land. Please God bless this island with rain to put these fires out.
This is so scary. I wish more people would do something
Renee Schreader
This is just heartbreaking
Jessi Zultanky
To everyone in the midst of this crisis, know my heart is with you. To all the firefighters and rescue workers- thank you for your long hours and strength in helping others. To all who have lost homes or loved ones- I'm sorry for your loss and am sending my love and condolences. To all the people and animals lost- Rest In Peace sweet souls, you have left this world much too soon and for much too unfortunate a cause. I am trying to put myself in everyone's shoes and even the small amount of understanding I have is great enough to cause me emotional pain, but I know I cannot feel the full burden of this crisis and my hearts is with all who are forced to cope with this tragedy.
Samantha C
country bullshit aside, this is OUR WORLD. everyone should be helping to put these fires out.
Mark Ramsay
That is insane, but this wouldn't have happened if the climate change, extinction rebellion nutjobs had not gotten involved. Bush fires in Australia are natural occurrences and have been under its own control for millenia. It needs to happen to clear space for new plants and make the soils fetile. Now these whackos have prevented them, every year its more kindling and higher risk to everyone until that happens. And again nothing to do with climate change as Australia's temperature and rainfalls have been pretty consistent over the many years. I mean it is these people who don't understand how nature operates and thinks we are all going to die in the 60's(which we didn't), the 80's(we didn't again), the 90's(oops we lived) and 2020(so far we are all good). Seriously don't listen to them. Sure clean up the plastic but for fuck sake don't mess with nature.
Phoebe Bean
To the Bored Pandas in Australia: Stay safe!!! I´m praying for you!
Bettye McKee
This feature is so intense that I forgot to upvote any of the photos. Praying for relief to this ravaged land, like maybe a monsoon. The arsonists should be dropped into the flames.
Is the world ending?
Louis DeJesus
sadness in my hart for you're sufferings , hope for a better tomorrow.
Melody Reid
A really bad part about these fires is that a number of these fires were started by arsonists. Major prayers to all is Australia. The fires are just awful! All the best to all of you!
Marika Aeon
My heart is broken. If I only could go there and help those poor animals, peoples or brave firefighters. I don't have words to describe my feelings. Why other countries don't send more resources peoples to help :( I am also sorry that Australia have so dumb PM to still think that this have nothing to do with climate change! I will pray for you all.
Irene Walton
It's so hard to look at these photos, omg my heart goes out to the firefighters, families and animals.
Ian Bodey
Words just aren’t enough, so I decide to donate some monies to their coarse...Please Donate what you can...Thanks...
Di Campbell
This is what happens when the global warming deniers with vested interests in the coal and oil industries stop funding properly the very services that are needed to deal with this type of disaster. It's not just Australian politicians, but Trump, the Chinese and that dictator in Brazil. We need to have a global plan - and quickly - we are running out of time to do anything that has real impact.
Jim Ellington
Throw another sheila on the barbie, mate.
people need to know that many of the vol firefighters are now unemployed, and the govt will NOT qualify them for benefits as they are unable to apply for x amount of jobs each week. the heroes literally fighting to save their nation aren't getting paid but they ARE getting shafted by the govt.
Jennifer Mauch
I'm sitting here in the pacific northwest looking at these photos while it's getting drenched outside with so much rain that there is flooding. Why? I pray for rain over Australia and I pray that the people will stand up for themselves against their worthless government. I think that your government owes you a lot after letting this happen.
bless all the firefighters & all those who are helping any and all combat the terrors of this hell on earth ~ how dare we deny any attempts to change the course of this deadly, terrifying, horrific global climate change we have so definitely & obviously exacerbated if not outright caused!!! this is on us, humans, & it is on us to do our best to change the course of this destruction!!!
God bless all of you being affected by these fires. Truly heartbreaking
John C
While I absolutely do think climate change is real, I'm not sure it's 100% to blame here. Since we humans started colonizing, we've been preventing fires and putting them out as soon as they start. This has prevented nature from doing what it's done since the beginning of earth - cleansing the landscape with wildfires, clearing out undergrowth, one small patch at a time. Now, whole swaths of our landscapes are ripe, overdue to burn. Doesn't take away any of the tragedy, just exposes our own ignorance as a species.
Leigh Drew
This is both devastating and beautiful! Just devastatingly beautiful!
Rose the Cook
As devasting as this is, I have lost a home and business myself years ago, everyone is missing the point that it does not have to get this bad. The right action before fire season could minimise the death and destruction regardless of climate change. Also, many outside Australia may not be aware that every year some of the fires are found to have been deliberately lit.
Krystian Świątek
Revelation 8:5-7 King James Version (KJV) 5 And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake. 6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. 7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.
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