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Family’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are So Crazy, They Got Shamed For It Online (Interview With Professional)
Holey moley, what a list of demands! The icing on the cake is that the parents also ask the babysitter to pay rent while also taking care of their children.
Family’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are So Crazy, They Got Shamed For It Online (Interview With Professional)
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Babysitters are people, too. The job that they do really matters. And babysitters deserve getting paid a fair wage for the services that they provide. As simple as these three things sound to most people who have common sense, they sound nearly heretical to some demanding parents.

There is a subclass of parents who demand the very best for their children, but they refuse to treat the people who take care of them as human beings. Case in point, a Redditor posted one family’s ad for a babysitter on the Choosing Beggars subreddit. Holey moley, what a list! It looks less like a job ad and more like the 1919 Treaty of Versailles (in this case, babysitters are the Germans). The icing on the cake is that the parents also ask the babysitter to pay rent while also taking care of their children. In other words, they don’t pay the babysitter, they just let them pay less rent. Wow.

This is far from the first time that we’ve written about how important it is to give babysitters adequate compensation. For example, you should give Bored Panda’s article about how a mother shamed a potential babysitter for ‘daring’ to ask for 15 dollars per hour a read. And here’s a post by a babysitter who revealed why she never accepts children who are asleep.

The things that caught my eye the most were that the parents demanded that you would have to buy and cook your own food, as well as having to work while being watched by smart security cameras. The only saving grace is that the cameras aren’t installed in stuffed toys like teddy bears, don’t you think? But these requirements are excessive and hardly worth abiding by for having to pay 60 dollars per week for living where you work.

Bored Panda interviewed Reddit user Nannyponyo, a professional babysitter who once got 700 dollars per week, including room and board, as well as compensation for using a car for their job. "I think the most unreasonable demands are absurd restrictions for no reason. I have worked with several special needs kids or kids with special circumstances (severe allergies, anxiety, etc), and some truly need healthy restrictions, but I’ve met with many families who expect a 45+ hour work week and the caregiver is not allowed to leave the home with the child."

"They’re destroying any chance for their child to grow and develop socially and often motor skills are delayed because they’re afraid to let their child out of the house to run and climb and play the way they should."

According to Nannyponyo, there are several reasons why some parents are very demanding but offer very little compensation to babysitters. "I think they believe that it’s their child that they are raising the way they want to (which I do agree with, to an extent) and all rules should be blindly followed. But some nannies (like myself) have been in the field for many years and can offer valuable insight and advice, which they are rarely willing to take because parenting is so personal."

"That’s the same reason I believe they often don’t want to offer adequate compensation: it’s personal. They’re (most likely, in my experience) paying you under the table, they’re trying to get a good deal, and they love their child. They don’t think that looking after their 'precious angel' is a job; it’s a treat. They would love to be home with their child all day, so I think they feel like it’s not a real job. It’s something you get to do, and they’re mad they have to pay someone to do it."

"They love their child, they’d do anything for their child," Nannyponyo said about parents. "There’s a connection there that someone else could never have, and they can’t imagine not having that connection, so they treat it like it’s not a job, it’s a privilege. The “you’re so lucky you get to stay home with my baby while I have to go to work” mindset, when in reality we leave our families to take care of yours; we don’t want to leave our families in the morning for work any more than you do, but it’s our job."

Of course, there are two (sometimes more) sides to each and every story. And while it’s fair that babysitters who provide quality services get adequately rewarded, there are some parents who believe that not all babysitters go the extra mile to warrant the high wage that they demand.

For instance, Holly Johnson writes on The Simple Dollar that what high school babysitters do shouldn’t be valued more than the minimum wage. In other words, babysitter Bob shouldn’t be making double the salary of Mick who works at the local silver mine. Especially because a babysitter’s job isn’t hazardous and is reasonably comfortable. Johnson explains that paying 15 dollars per hour (or more) would lead to babysitters having unrealistic expectations of what their services are worth and could create future problems for them in the job market.

What’s more, the compensation that babysitters get should depend on where they live and people working in two different parts of the United States can’t ask for the same wage, according to Johnson: New York is an expensive city to live in, so naturally, babysitters there would make more than someone living in rural Kansas.

However, parents need to act decently if they want the services of professional babysitters. Demanding that babysitters pay for their own food and not mentioning whether the costs of fuel for driving around would be covered doesn’t sound fair. Not to mention having security cameras in your home, as well as charging your babysitter for rent. But changing these things would make the family’s ad much more friendly, don’t you think?

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Radek Suski
Wait, I thought they're paying 60 bucks a week and still found it outrageous
Biljana Malesevic
This is a joke, right? Or some experiment to see how people will react to extremely ridiculous job ad? Right? Right?
Jo Choto
To begin with I thought they were offering $60 a week and I was mulling it over as a bit harsh. Then I saw they weren't offering food. Then I realized they were charging $60. Then I realized they're never going to get a nanny~!
Nicole Matthews
Jan 2020 to Mar 2020 is 3 months. Why did they say 8 months? Am I reading this wrong? Also.... no, I do not pay my boss but it's adorable that they think it would work that way.
people looking for a Slave right?
Amy Revens
Dear bored panda. I am a career nanny. Please allow me to share some standard practices. Thank you for bringing attention to domestic workers rights. California recently passed the domestic workers bill of rights. The position described is a live in nanny job. Many nannies, have college degrees, teaching and psychology backgrounds, and may even be a newborn care Specialist or behavioral therapist. This is why there is a distinction between a “babysitter” who may be a student with little to know child care experience or related education and comes by to be present with the kids for a few hours and make sure everyone stays alive. A nanny is an educated and experienced care giver who’s role is everything related to child care. Cameras are common and expected. They protect everyone, including the nanny. Is is standard to pay a nanny a hourly rate above minimum wage for all hours worked. If a nanny is required to live in, they can not be charged rent.
So basically, they're looking for their own personal slave. Is it 1776 again? :D
Aurelia Grey
I've known people like this. They go to an advertised and well known steak house and then demand a full vegan menu. Once denied, they make a loud scene and name drop, threaten to sue and then slam the restaurant door when they leave.
John Louis
Is this real? Could anyone really be so callous? Did the poster of this article really check out the authenticity? Does anyone know these people in any other capacity?
Lola DM
what I find outrageous is not the fact of only getting a "discount" on the rent (when I was studying in Paris, I often came across ads that would offer rooms for 400 euros pm in exchange for two afternoons watching after the kids. what is more outrageous though is the ridiculous schedule. I regularly had exams at 8am. And in any case I'd never sell my sleep hours for all the gold on earth. if you want night shifts, get a professional nanny and be ready to pay an eye.
I was talking to a co-worker who told me that her daycare for her two kids was $1,700 a month. I was floored because my mortgage was $780. It was at that moment I realized I could not afford to have children. I was thinking of making a very similar offer, but to my mother-in-law. When childcare cost more than your house it is time to beg someone to live with you. Can't say I blame them for trying but let's be clear on who is doing who a favor in this situation.
There is one saying in trade that goes it's not the one who asks the price that's stupid, it's the one that pays it. Enough said.
Raine Soo
What this entitled couple wants is modern slavery. Shame on them.
Karen Dyer
Basically, said parents do not want to get up to their job as a parent. lazy parents, poor child.
Callie Ge
I applied for a live in nanny position when I was studying, (Australia) She had 3 kids, I was expected to work 7 am to 5.30 pm 5 days and occasional Saturdays. Job description was that I would do the morning school prep & put the kids on the bus (no driving required) Then spend all day doing housework, laundry, cleaning , some errands while caring for a toddler 2 1\2 days (at preschool other 2 1/2 days). Breakfast & dinner provided, lunch if I only had a simple sandwich. Pay, I was supposed to claim unemployment benefits $110 p/w she would pay me $90 per week $100 if I worked Saturday. I was not allowed visitors or boyfriend except Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. And the kicker, I was 19 years old, and was expected to sleep in the bottom bunk & share a room with her 15 yr old daughter. Iiii don’t think so.
Lol! I wonder what people replied to this.
Yep the ole..make someonelse raise your kid routine
Caroline Hegarty
Selfish I hope no one will be daft enough to take up this job which I consider abusive and no dignity to potential baby sitters
Ionescu Popa
Jerks, stop making children! The only good thing coming from this is you fuel the furnaces of hell.
Jezz, who are these people?? Good thing my son and daughter in law have me, Grandma, for the past 5 years. Sitting 3 boys and then checking on their dog every day once the kids were in school, all for nothing but love!! lots of love. I feel for those who need to find a stranger and pay so much of their income towards daycare. How does anyone get ahead??
deanna woods
These people sound so utterly ridiculous. There is no way they are going to get someone to agree to this.
Christina Sersif
So in other words, they want a slave.
Jette Wang Wahnon
Central Park West and private jet in lieu of car? I`ll get back to you....How times has changed! My nanny was paid what she asked for,treated like family,sent on paid vacation and stayed with us for 14 years.My grown up children still speak of her with affection.Nannies are the most important person in a busy household and should be cherished.
Michelle Line
Ah, they lost me back when they said the dates of "...5 Jan 2020 to 5 March 2020. We will consider a shorter appointment, but it is our preference to have the same person cover the next 8 months." Last I checked, 5 Jan to 5 March is 2 months. If they cannot do simple math, then I'd be concerned about being paid the correct amount. Oh, wait. That's right.... they want the babysitter to pay them. What planet are these doofus's from?
Rotina Sem Roteiro
It is very common to see such ads here in Brazil and it bothers me a lot. Many, many years ago there were families who brought girls from small towns, rural areas, and gave them this kind of service in exchange for accommodation and "opportunity in the big city." Many people still consider this correct, and unfortunately there are people in need who accept these proposals. This has also come in other areas. There are hostels that offer free stay in exchange for services while you are in town, food on your own.
Steve Cruz
The entire ad left me with one impression: THEIR SON IS A BOTHER FOR THEM... but would be less of a burden if they could make some cash off of him.
Denise Lewis
i would never watch anyone else's child and on top of it have to pay them to do so people are insane they are not giving you anything you have to pay insurance and gas to drive there child around and then they won't even give you a sandwich you have to pay for your own food plus pay them 60 dollars a week for rent and you can't have any social life and you are watched like a criminal and people in prison have it better they get food a place to stay medical and visitors and clothing and you get to be watched by camera just like at there house and you might end up with a job in jail that would give you some funds wtf is wrong with people
lorrie rothstein
this job ad is bizarre. what do these parents do for a living? why cant they be up at 2am for their child? why a 6 month arrangement? how can a college student go to school with these crazy hours? why is a 6 year olf up at 2am? so many red flags
Carol Emory
If they had just said "Free room and board in exchange for watching our child" that might have been enough. But to ask a college student to pay for living there, tell them they are buying their own food while preparing breakfast for their precious child and that they have to get up at the unholy hour of 2am in order to get the child off for school..really. Sounds like parents that haven't managed to arrange their time properly or thought through having kids before diving into the commitment. Hope they don't hold their breath waiting for applicants.
Natasha Forchione
I have a feeling someone might take them up on their offer. Sad.
Where do I sign up!?!
Stephen Simmons
Hey electricity AND hot water are included...see they are not complete monsters..lololol
Callie Ge
Maybe if they were offering $300 a week on to of free accommodations & all meals provided. Btw it’s illegal to put those sort of restrictions on who a live in employee can or can’t spend their time with, you aren’t allowed to tell them they can’t have a bf/ gf visit when they are off duty.
Robyn Rob
Since when does a kid get up at 2am? Unless there’s medical problems, and if so, requires a nurse. This is a nightmare job. I had a room mate and could come and go as I pleases in college. No way.
I swear I thought I was going to read a request for a threesome as I kept reading ahead. Sad thing is, someone might need the job desperately and take the job.
2am start... dont think it takes 6 hours to get a kid ready ??
debrina blackmoon
Alison Burgoyne
Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it doesn't actually sound that bad to me. I'm interpreting it to mean that they need an adult present while the child is sleeping (no need for sitter to be awake), then to be available to get the child up and off to school. The sitter would then have the rest of the day free, other than for the two holiday weeks. No mention of average rents in the area, but it could average out to be a fair deal.
P Webb
Wait, I get to pay you $240 a month to raise your kid? & clean up after your meals, that I don't even get to partake in because food isn't included? When do I have time to work at this 2nd job that I have to get to pay for my food & rent while I'm attending college, studying & raising your children?
Mark P
And there is still thousands if not millions around the world that would love this job. Just for a better life
Stephen Simmons
Hey electricity AND hot water are included, see they are not complete monsters...lolololol
Jovy Jergens
Are these parents for real? Do they steal from people in wheelchairs? Even the most desperate would not answer a scam offer like this!
Rotina Sem Roteiro
It is very common to see such ads here in Brazil and it bothers me a lot. Many, many years ago there were families who brought girls from small towns, rural areas, and gave them this kind of service in exchange for accommodation and "opportunity in the big city." Many people today find this correct and, unfortunately, there are people in need who accept these proposals. This has also come in other areas. There are hostels that offer free stay in exchange for services while you are in town, food on your own.
Bee Diaz
Those people are insane. I hope no one is dumb enough or desperate enough to take this, this is not a job, you have to pay them to be their house slave, are they for real?
I wonder if anyone will ever take them up on this incredible (for them) deal? I am certain the person who does take them up on this offer might just vanish with the child some night
Starbelly Eleven
What's with the 2 a.m. start time? Does Junior get up at 2? Are you expected to prepare a 7 course breakfast? Or do you just need 4 solid hours to gird your loins in order to deal with this family?
Heidi Matsumoto
Seems like they're talking to themselves since no one in their right mind would do such.
Dorothy Parker
Could these parents put their child to bed as soon as they get home? Then he's up at 2:00am to run wild and calm down before school? It all sounds bizarre.
Nathalie Hidalgo
WHY did these wackos BREED???
Normal Lexgroh
Hope they get cancer and that little 6 grows up without those two dipshits
Id row
It takes quite a bit of nerve to even post that. What the hell were they thinking?
Kira Leseman
They want a android. Those don't exist yet. Imagine the kinds of demands people will have and how they will act when we have androids walking around and doing everything for no pay.
Well, that's a very nice apartment. Nice kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. I'd do it, I'm good with kids. Free living for babysitting a six-year-old, well, if he's not devil incarnate... I can deal with devil incarnate if necessary... Then I realise... I HAVE TO PAY THEM. They can have my outstrechted middle finger. The sad thing is that some over-qualified but poor as dirt person will eventually answer this add just to get a place to sleep. ARGH! GTFO!
Samhhain Cat
Post the stupid ad if you want, but don't be shocked when people laugh in your face. Who in the fuck thought anyone would go for this????
Iva Kazalova
Who are these sick fucks, can i go beat them up cause they never should have had kids to begin with with this disgusting attitude? NO ONE SHOULD RAISE YOUR DAMN KID BUT YOURSELF AND IF YOU LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT YOU PAY A DECENT WAGE TO WHOEVER IS DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU YOU STINGY PIECES OF SHIT. PARTICULARLY IF YOU STILL CHARGE THEM AND DON’T FEED THEM! Why the fuck are Americans so entitled? This article is sickening and what’s worse is you wanna build a wall for the poor people who will succumb to this stupid shit. Dumb fucks
Seriously, there are "shaming groups"? Good lord, how low have we come?
François Bouzigues
Well, i have seen this kind of deals, like, care for older tenants against a very low rent. Depending on the price of the housing in the area, it could be pretty decent. It is not a full time job at all, it is about waking up at nights if the kids wakes up (which he is not likely to do every night at 6) and get him ready in the morning. This is not my definition of raising your child. The request of the family, (no loud music etc...) is pretty common for au pair.
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