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Here’s How Celebrities Dressed Up For Halloween (50 Pics) (Interview)
Halloween is the perfect time for celebrities to hide their real identities while at the same time having loads of fun and eating loads of candy.
Here’s How Celebrities Dressed Up For Halloween (50 Pics) (Interview)
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When you’re a celebrity, you can rarely get a moment’s peace. Whenever you walk out of your door, fans can’t help but want to talk to you and share how much they love your work. They want your autograph. They want your attention. They want you to know how much you’ve changed their lives.

After a while, the majority of fans all start sounding much the same and it’s no wonder that stars need a moment to relax and find their bearings again. Halloween is the perfect time for celebrities to hide their real identities while at the same time having loads of fun and eating loads of candy.

In order to give you some great ideas for costumes to wear, Bored Panda compiled this list of celebrities wearing Halloween costumes, so scroll down, upvote your faves, and drop us a line in the comments telling us what you think of them. We know that you love Halloween posts, so check out our last year’s list of celebrities whom we could barely recognize when they put on their costumes. In case you’re in need of a more serious Halloween pick-me-up, take a look at the posts here, here, and here. And be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the world’s foremost expert on Halloween, Lesley Bannatyne.

When celebrities dress up, Halloween approaches weirdness: these are people whom millions of their fans want to be like, but who choose to be someone else for the holiday. It just goes to show that everyone has someone they look up to, no matter how high and mighty they might appear from the sidelines.

Some people love Halloween; some hate it. But most people think of it as a holiday that isn’t very serious and don’t give it much thought. However, Halloween is a deep topic that has been studied by professional academics, the greatest among them being Bannatyne. Bored Panda spoke to her about the holiday’s popularity in the West, especially in the United States, and she gave three main reasons for it.

“Halloween’s popularity, especially among adults, began to surge in the 70s and has been growing ever since. Nostalgia is one reason. Kids who grew up in the golden age of trick-or-treating (50s, 60s — before the rumors of razor blades in apples and stranger danger) didn’t want to give it up, and threw Halloween parties where they could still get into costume and go out at night.”

Bannatyne continued: “Halloween’s edginess is another. Wonderfully outrageous parades erupted in gay communities in the late 60s and 70s (San Francisco’s Castro, Greenwich Village, etc.) that painted Halloween as a renegade holiday; it was both inclusive and extreme, a night where, whatever box you were in during the day, you could bust out at night. My gay friends tell me that Halloween is their Christmas — no gifts, no family, no travel, just a great costume.”

The Halloween expert went on to explain what the third reason for the holiday’s popularity in the US was. “A third reason is horror. Up until John Carpenter’s 1978 movie Halloween, the holiday had been eerie, spooky, and creepy, but not necessarily bloody or violent. Hollywood hadn’t figured out that Halloween and horror movies were a winning combination—1973’s The Exorcist, for example, was released at Christmas. But Halloween was set on Halloween, titled Halloween (rather than ‘The Babysitter Murders,’ its original title), and featured Halloween icons—jack-o’-lanterns, masks, etc.—and forever changed the image of Halloween in our imaginations. In the next two decades a flood of horror franchises became associated with Halloween, and Freddys, Jasons, and Michael Meyers masks appeared everywhere. What this did was turn fans of horror, of which there were many, into fans of Halloween, and the celebration grew even more popular.”

"American markets began to understand that Halloween could be shaped into a retail season to fit between Back-to-School and Christmas. Coors made it a beer holiday in 1986 by launching a highly successful campaign using Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as a spokesperson. Other manufacturers saw possibility for the same revenue streams as Christmas, and soon Halloween lights, cards, trees (they’re black, natch), and yard decorations were added to costume offerings," Bannatyne explained.

Bannatyne is regarded as the foremost authority on Halloween by some and is a true expert about the history of the holiday. She has written many books on the subject, which show that Halloween can be just as serious as it can be fun.

One of the many things that Bannatyne found out about the holiday is that the roots of Halloween first formed over 1,000 years ago in the British Isles. Eventually, after passing through various American ethnic groups, the holiday grew into what it is today. If you’re not a fan of the holiday, the next time you see someone dressed in a Halloween costume, don’t be quick to judge; think about the holiday as a living, breathing thing that changes with each generation into something new. And any 1,000-year history is bound to hide some interesting and horrifying-yet-fun insights.

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Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
I think the term “celebrity” is being used very generously for many of these people ?
Yellow Submarine Sandwich
How about the best costumes by poor people with no money or press secretaries?
I don't know who half of these people are.
As an older man in UK I don't get why the fancy dress? But mostly I don't get who most of these people are, let alone who they are dressed up as! Anyway, back to bobbing apples by the light of my jack'o'lantern.
Carrie de Luka
As a Brit I don't understand why people dress up as anything or anyone - it's halloween. In the UK the costumes tend to be to spooky, halloween related things and not just fancy dress that could be worn anywhen. I have no doubt I'll be downvoted to oblivion for daring to share my opinion.
Kevin Buri
Who are all these people? I knew only about 5% of these so called celebs. I think I'm getting old....
I think some just used Halloween as a way to wear their kink outside of the playroom.
Catherine Monelle
Why so many people as Billy Eilish?
Idunno what passes for celebrities these days. I only knew a handful of them ...and I'm fine with that.
Martha Meyer
I have no clue who most of these people are.
i wonder if i've woken up in some other universe where these people are 'celebrities'? I've only heard about half of them and half of those have done what to earn the status of 'celebrity'?
I am not sure who most of these people are.
Is it just me or are other people looking at the names and going who?
Krazy Kanuck
I dressed up as an OLD FAT GUY
Mary Popps
Who are all those people ? ?
Anna Lourie
I just don't understand the need to dress as another celebrity aka person. creative costumes instead of spooky ones - ok, if you have to... a movie/book character instead of a creative (non spooky) one - if there's a need to? BUT why the hell do you dress as a different celebrity? and why on halloween? ._.
just wish that kylie wasnt in the mix ?
I think its cool to see their costumes. But at the same time they can afford the best costumes and professional make up. So I prefer to see the costumes non celebrities go in and see the crafty things they come up with.
This year Halloween went as Chuck Norris
Tim Fischer
Most of them didn´get the concept of Halloween.....
Henrik Lukas
What we can learn from this is that celebrities have as dull imaginations as the rest of us - if they're not even *more* dull, since lot of these people seem like they are used to it being enough to just be pretty, no personality needed. ' I'd rather see what people without ulimited funds can cook up using knack, talent and a inspiration.
Tor Rolf Strøm
The fact that several of these dumbasses dressed as Billie Eilish makes me want to drink bleach or some shit. Just tragic.
I'm just here for the wonky titles XD
Regardless Of Age, If I Would've Dressed Like These Women, I'd Have A Scary Conversation With Daddy Afterwards.
Call me Artemis Fowl
Some of these are cool, but overall, I’m disgusted with all women going with the ‘ooh, look, so-and-so is showing off all the things that stable people don’t want her to show off’ theme this year. Each year it gets worse. What’s it gonna be next year, all the ladies going naked?!
I don't know 3/4 of these people are, but the costumes are amazing!
I was a little sad to see so many of the women looking so trashy.
Signe Manat Hansen
Y'all are salty as fuck
Why isn't Jensen Ackles on this list? His costumes are the best every year!
its more like pick a character and make it as sexy as possible. who cares if its accurate, as long as everyone can see my legs, titts, and stomach.
Roald v2
Except for a few - a shitshow
Dianna Siever
New title: Rich people show off
Sean Harrison
You know you're getting old when you have no idea who the hell half of these people are.
Jaffa Cake
With some of them I don't which is worse, the fact they're considered a celebrity (lord knows what they're "celebrated" for, unless mediocrity is "in vogue") or the terrible half arsed costumes.
Jaffa Cake
If you were to punch Timberlake and floor him would it be a mic drop?
Carol Lido
I hate halloween and now I know why.
Giraffes Inc.
I either don't know who most of these people are or really can't think of anything they have accomplished in life.
Joe Blowe
Is it wrong that I do not view many of these people as "celebrities" or that I do not know who most of them are?
Just Me
Still on Halloween?
Just Me
Still on Halloween. I am so desperate that I went back to Buzzfeed.
Miklós Nagy
I dressed as the guy who don't give a f about halloween. Everyone recognised it.
Love the tissue under the sleeve
Catherine Cramer
So out of the 50 "celebrities" I knew maybe half? I know I'm old but I still know names, and a lot of these I had no idea. I also had no idea on some of the characters they were dressed up AS. Too many boob jobs and lip injections, some of the ones I did know I wouldn't have recognized, Kim K looked like a mannequin, I thought maybe THAT was the costume. And please stop with the "sexy (fill in the blank)" costumes. It's so overly done!
Nobody in Harley Quinn, this is a sad halloween
Ian Bodey
We could all do that if we had their money.......
So Ariana Grande didn't bother dressing up?
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