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Someone Posed As Bigfoot In This $999,000 House Listing And The Photos Are Hilarious (Interview With Other_primary)
Why is Bigfoot looking to move away from California’s redwood forests? Where is it planning to go next? We have so many questions!
Someone Posed As Bigfoot In This $999,000 House Listing And The Photos Are Hilarious (Interview With Other_primary)
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When somebody tells us that they’ve seen Bigfoot, we’re likely to wave it off as something that never happened. However, Bigfoot’s been spotted in an unusual place—in the photos of a house listed for sale in Felton, California.

Why is Bigfoot looking to move away from California’s redwood forests? Where is it planning to go next? We have so many questions! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the photos, Bigfoot is baking cookies, doing yoga, chilling and reading books, video calling their friend, gardening, crafting something with power tools, and in one pic it’s even wearing a face mask.

This is either genius-level marketing or Bigfoot’s actually real and it’s been hiding under our noses this entire time. (If I were Bigfoot and I wanted to keep my existence secret, I’d post photos of myself online, too, because this way I’d know for sure that nobody would believe I’m real.) Bored Panda spoke with Daniel Oster, the listing agent for the property, about the photos of Bigfoot. Scroll down for the interview!

"During our initial photoshoot, the Bigfoot idea popped into my mind. The sellers immediately supported the idea, and we all hoped that it would bring a bit of levity to people on their home buying adventure," Oster told us.

"A lot of folks are under a lot of stress now, and we were hoping to lighten people's day and make them smile. At the same time, hoping to spread awareness of their home for sale. And that does indeed seem to be happening. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest in folks calling to schedule appointments to see the property. And, we are anticipating offers soon," the listing agent explained the effects the photos had.

"I’ve been one of the most productive agents in my area since starting my career after college in 2003. I’ve never done anything like this before in my listings. Typically, just focusing on really high-end photography and targeted marketing approaches. With a combination of the right property for Bigfoot and the right timing, this seems to be going viral. I don’t anticipate doing this approach again because it could be overused. But it’s been a great success so far, and I love getting to use a bit of humor to market the property."

The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms and is on the market for just shy of a million bucks—you can buy it for 999k dollars. So if you’re a fan of Bigfoot and recently won the lottery, this might be the dream home for you. The house was built in 1939 but you wouldn’t know it: it’s been renovated and modernized. It’s full of light, it has plenty of wood features, and the walls are painted white and with a soft grayish-brown pastel color.

The 1872-square-foot (nearly 174-square-meter) property is also surrounded by trees, so it’s great for nature lovers.

This isn’t the first time that Bigfoot’s been spotted trying to sell properties. Bigfoot also appeared in 2019’s listing of a house in Ravenna, Ohio. That particular house has already been sold.

Realtor Shauna Bailey was the listing agent and she had bought the Bigfoot costume for Halloween and intended to use it to get some attention for the property. The house owners were all up for using the costume to promote the listing.

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There is a realtor in my city that dresses up in a chicken costume for the pictures on Zillow listings. It's always funny running across one on that website
His house is just lovely.
Kevin Donegan
Who wouldn't want Bigfoot as a neighbor!
Kenny Kulbiski
Nice but the new owners will be vacuuming up fur for months.
That's a nice house, but I can't believe it costs $1M - especially if you have to share it with Bigfoot
Dorothy Parker
I've never seen a tour that includes the owner, but this answers the question as to why there are NO closets in the entire house. Note: all heating/air ducts need to be thoroughly cleaned. Completely clogged by hair.
This is honestly a brilliant way to sell a house!
Rebekah Van Diest
I’m from Felton, California! It’s my hometown. Let me say that is cheap for a house!
I love the house and the idea.
Love it! I hope you found suitable buyer. Does the house come complete with Bigfoot?
Donald Holder
Nice nice in a great looking area.
Irene Carlyle
i'd like to move in with BF--he's gentle, talented and physically fit.
Gaming Animalcrafter03
The Life of Bigfoot
Dion Anderson
This is genius
Amy Pontious
Great idea my favorite bigfoot picture is him or her making cookies that chef hat! Love it!
What's that smell? It's smells like burning hair. Weird. I thought he was making cookies in there.
Max L.
Can I have the house and keep him ? Id feel safer and warm. Any chances he can wear a ammopack belt and carry a crossbow ? Asking for a friend.
Absolutely lovely home! Can I keep the Bigfoot too?
Kristopher Staller
Needs a Loch Ness Monster in the bathtub picture...
Bettye McKee
This is a 10.
Kent Fishburn
You don't NEED an excuse not to wear a mask.
Kathleen Rose DesHotel
Awesome hook!!!
Dawn K
Cute. But when am I supposed to start laughing because you say it's hilarious?
Neena Lane
I don't get the facemask though. Hasn't Bigfoot always been the champion of social distancing?
Neena Lane
I don't get the face mask though. Hasn't Bigfoot always practiced the ultimate in social distancing?
Rob Bozzuto
Didn't know he was a chef lol
Gorgeous home! I'd even let Bigfoot stay with me.
Al Connor
This is a brilliant marketing idea. It'll get your listing seen by millions. I saw that house in ravenna,'s within driving distance.
Tiny Dancer
Brilliant! Bigfoot's a lot shorter than I thought he'd be.
G. Denise Perry
Love it.
regi stra
1 MILLION, for a wood house whit a damn little kitchen? with linoleum on the ground of one room and very cheap wood floor? just wow!!
Meyer Weinstock
I interviewed for a job in Felton last month. I didn't get the job, but the town is quaint and a mountain hamlet a mile or two from the seacoast in Santa Cruz. -Dr M (still looking for a job)
pei meow
These are hilarious
Noel Bovae
What an awesome idea! Great for the homeowner; the realtor; and the public.
Julie BT 120
it looks like the house in the movie Harry and the Hendersons, maybe thats the Big Foot theme?
Daniel Mason
Donna Reynolds
Bigfoot is quiet. Big plus as a neighbor.
Rebekah Van Diest
Felton, California is my hometown!
Oskar vanZandt
Lovely house and location... Bigfoot is one lucky elusive (normally) creature|!
Nikky Gorshen Moore
I picture Jason Mamoa doing something like this! LOL
That workshop or garage or whatever it is, is too damn clean.
Zoe's Mom
Cute but can't see much of the house.
A million dollars? Does it come with 50,000 acres? I'll give you 150k tops for it.
Aunt Messy
In California "surrounded by trees" is either mossy and wet, with rotting foundations or dry as a bone and guaranteed to burn down within six months. No thanks.
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