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Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As Being Plus-Size, Stirs Up A Heated Debate (Interview With Artist)
Artist Crystal Walter has attracted the internet's attention and caused a bit of controversy with her reimagined drawings of Disney characters as plus-size princesses.
Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As Being Plus-Size, Stirs Up A Heated Debate (Interview With Artist)
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Artist Crystal Walter, who goes by the name Neoqlassical Art online, has attracted the internet's attention and caused a bit of controversy in recent days with her reimagined drawings of Disney characters as plus-size princesses.

The artist spoke openly about her project and the various reactions to it with Bored Panda. She pointed out that while most people have reacted positively, others have accused her of ‘glorifying obesity' and promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Crystal explained that this was never her intention. Rather, she wanted to raise the issues of representation of ‘large bodies' and how we should all love ourselves.

“I've never told anyone to get more fat, or that being fat is more desirable than being thin. Simply that fat lives are equal, and just as worth living as any other. The way our culture is designed is to constantly provide the means of gaining fat, while simultaneously living in crippling fear of the result, and shaming people who do get heavier.” Scroll down for the rest of our interview with Crystal, have a look at her drawings, and leave a comment with your thoughts below.

The illustrator said that her Disney project is all about positive representation. The lack of it inspired her to reimagine princesses and provide role models for people with different-sized bodies.

“Growing up, I couldn't find any positive fat role models in the media. Historically, fat people have been demonized, or used for comedic effect, or to visibly show that a character is less intelligent than their slimmer, more cunning counterparts. This is hideously damaging to a developing child, and like many others, it led to me despising my own body. I could not physically relate to the characters I loved, like the Disney princesses I've re-drawn,” Crystal detailed her personal experience with the lack of role models growing up.

She shared how, as a teenager, she developed disordered eating habits, skipped meals, and overexercised to lose just a few pounds. However, in her particular case, the weight always came back, plus extra. Eventually, this led Crystal on the path of severe depression as a young adult. At that point, she was exercising and doing intermittent fasting, but felt horrible and was at one of the lowest points in her life.

“This was the biggest wakeup call on my journey to loving my body, realizing that weight and joy absolutely do not correlate. Weight and quality of life do not correlate,” Crystal shared her opinion. “Through my experience, I've found that whatever size you are when you're living your most joyful, fulfilling life, is the size you're meant to be at that time.”

The artist once again stressed that this doesn't mean that being thin is ‘bad' or ‘unrealistic.' Instead, she wanted to focus on the idea that all bodies are worth being respected and accepted, no matter how much space they take up or what they can or cannot do.

“It's true that the Disney characters I draw were unrealistic, to begin with, in that their waists were all smaller than their heads, but the reason I draw them fat is not to make them ‘realistic,' it's to see myself in them. To help other fat folks see themselves in them.”

The artist shared that she receives love from people who ‘finally' feel represented all the time. “They show these drawings to their kids who may be on the big side, and they love them as well.”

Crystal also shared her ideas on how to solve the ‘obesity epidemic' which doesn't involve shaming people. She says that the world needs a cultural shift.

“One that provides more nutritious options in places where there are none. One that encourages fun activity, and safe places to do those activities. One that's closer to nature and is based on kindness. One that encourages bigger people to get out and live life, not to lose weight, but just to thrive as they are.”

In Crystal's eyes, overweight people are “just people—not people in-waiting” and deserve not to be laughed at, or looked at “with fear, disgust, or pity.”
“Glorifying anything that is constantly shamed by the rest of the world is not the same as encouragement to be more of that thing. It's just recognition that the thing does not make you a bad person, or any less of a human being. I don't think that's too much to ask.”

The artist told Bored Panda all about her love of art. She said that she's wanted to be an artist ever since she was a kid.

“When I was a kid, I would usually answer, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?' with, ‘An artist.' And if not that, then a rock star. I went through a brief phase in 8th grade where I dressed in boys clothes and thought I could be a rapper, but didn't we all? But, through it all, being an artist of some sort was the goal, and what do you know, I made it!”

Crystal's advice for any and all artists out there, as well as for anyone who's trying to be successful in their own field, is to start with passion.

“Find a cause that hits home for you, and something that people need, and work for that. If your subject inspires you, that will give you the fuel to keep going when you're not yet receiving great feedback or monetary compensation. And never be afraid to ask for what you want, that's a powerful tool that gets shamed out of us early in life,” she said.

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Meeting your quota of “someone redrew Disney princesses as _______”, posts, well done. Seriously. Stop with this shit.
Jackson Gohn
Not only have you already run this post more than two years ago. It's enough with the garbage. Here is your average BP post. "Genius, single, non binary, multiracial mom shuts down her autistic child's racist teacher by creating a different Disney princess every day for a month". Oh by the way, we forgot to mention that he's a straight white man. So, obviously you should already hate him. Maybe we should call it "unoriginal artist plagiarizes the work of others for the 500th time". Honestly, we've seen it enough times!
John Louis
NO! NO! NO! Again and Again we say That Boredpanda readers are not 8 year old girls. We do not need to see even one article on Disney Princesses!
Jessica Jeffery
I'm currently technically obese and it sucks. I got here by being depressed for years and eating fast food because it was too emotionally difficult for me to cook. I disagree strongly that obese people are normal. We're not, we're sick, we're depressed, and we're looked at as disgusting. The only thing that should change is that we are looked at as disgusting, instead we should be looked at as a sick person that needs to heal. I'm working on it, I lost 15lbs at the beginning of this year and was doing tae kwon do every day, then I got pregnant. I'm still eating very healthy during this pregnancy and only gained back 5 lbs, which from what I understand is a very tiny amount for someone who is 7 months pregnant. I used to be super athletic and small enough to fit in various theme park rides, etc. I want to be there again both for myself but also for my kid.
Virgil Blue
Obesity is not healthy. It is not a sustainable lifestyle. We should not normalise it.
Caleb Crotinger
To all the people arguing that being "anorexic" isn't a good image for children... What Disney princess looks anorexic? Seriously. They all look to be of NORMAL size. But I guess if you're obese, they would look anorexic to you.
Daniel Lewis
I predict there will be a cure for COVID-19 before there is a cure for Bored Panda’s obsession with Disney princesses.
Body positivy is good. Celebrating obesity, innocently masked as "plus size" is not.
Ben Smith
This is unbelievably stupid
Daniel Lewis
The Health Effects of Obesity:
For someone who says that they want to show people that "every" body type is beautiful, they only seem to portray one body type here...
Yaaay. Reimagine fairy tale characters however you want. I have nothing against that. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENOUGH WITH THESE FRIGGIN' PRINCESS POSTS. I could give less of a shit how people redrew them. EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN WITH A PEN AND PAPER HAS REDRAWN THEM and this stupid site has made an article on so many of them. What, is BP aiming for a Guinness World Record here?
Flash Henry
This would have been more interesting if every single princess in this article didn't have the exact same body shape..... There is more than one way to be "plus sized."
They are fantasy for a reason... those who demand realistic body demanded by society in game or CG movie are dumb.
I feel that bigger conversation should be about appropriation and fan arts. "Someone did something with an existing thing that somebody created" rarely brings anything new to a table other than another make-belief silo of closed feedback loop. There are exceptions, of course, but the most of them just don't add anything, so the merit of "art" like this should be a proper discussion.
Bored Panda Disney Daily
Minha Khan
I don't know why yall click on Disney posts even tho u only come to complain
I wash myself with a rag on a stick. *people clapping*
Mama Panda
To Neil Soane Hanson, obviously sir you didn't do enough research. Fat women tend to have big boobs. Big boobs are like a flotation device. I am fat with big boobs and I cannot sink for anything! So before you act like you know what you are talking about Mr. Hanson, shut your pie hole! BTW before all of you bullies get started, my weight gain is due to medical reasons and not overeating so keep your opinions to yourself!
There's plus sized, and then there's morbidly obese. There is a huge difference (no pun intended) and these are the latter.
Šimon Špaček
OK, some of them might been quite fat. Some real princesses were fat for sure and queens were often landwhales, but really? Some girl running all day in woods would be thick? Little whalemaid? Fat girl from small island where they do not even have word for fat? Thickerbell? How much weight can those fairy wings lift? Mulan is perfect for being fat, some girl from rural China who didn't have enough food to sleep with full stomach would be morbidely obese, of course. If you want fat model, pick real one. Queen Victoria. Empress Maria Teresia.
i gotta say so maybe obesity ain't healthy, but it isn't ugly or anything... Or maybe you just have a big frame or its in ur genes
Dorothy Parker
Tedious. Consider many heavier people are also fit and proportionate. So tired of the same Disney inspired artwork. Derivative isn't really creation.
Ashley Nell
Look, people shouldn't care if your obese or skinny or whatever. People are still people. You don't know what people are going through EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Plus, these drawings are just 'what if's' ok?? People shouldn't fantasize about twig skinny girls or guys or whatever. They should expect nothing. If you guys don't like obese people or people just being themselves. Then get off this website or app or whatever. Let people be themselves. I am not sorry if I offended you, you people need to change!!
Bacony Cakes
Hey, BP, i think you need a new market. People are getting tired of Disney Princesses redrawn as X, Y, Z, and ɸ.
This is incredibly hard to debate about on just one side. Of course the artist is incredible, spreading body positivity, but I don’t see why it’s necessary to make Disney princesses fat, either. When I watched Disney princess movies, I didn’t think I was obese or slim. I treated them like the fantasies they were. But again, not everyone is born like Briar Rose was, and there are body types known as endomorphs out there. Overall, kudos to the artist for sharing their ideals, even if I don’t think it’s necessary! We all think differently.
The plus size thing is okay, but the Disney Princesses part is inexcusable.
Jeff Requier
this is as bad as the Wonderwoman being big and "frumpy". She doesnt have magical strength. Its actual physical.
Sarjana Lastname
This is about child's imagination. Child adopts character and think how it would be live life like in tale. Rare that child is that size and those children who are big do know that some one is teasing them, harassing. children has to be grow to think their own best not to be sick whole their lives. Adult can take this as joke or critique but children usually are regular size, fat comes in teen years or after. Things like social realism or ancient art where ideal body is shown is typically best art for simple people and children who see art straight forward, that art has no implications but probaganda.
Elise Trimmer
To the people who think mermaids must be skinny may I point out seals, manatees and whales? Pudge saves lives!
Noel Bovae
I'm sorry, but being extremely overweight is just as dangerous (if not moreso) than being extremely underweight. I've been underweight my entire life, and was always self-conscious about it. People would literally tell me 'you need to eat bacon grease!.' I never expected health & beauty standards to change just because *I* was 'different.' Why is it ok to glamorize and encourage people that are overweight, but if you took a stick-thin girl and stuck her on a magazine today, it'd be 'promoting an unhealthy lifestyle'? I'm not talking about slightly over or under weight either, I'm talking about those that are clearly obese, and stick thin people. Anything outside of the Healthy BMI range, shouldn't be promoted, accepted, or encouraged EVER. Period. We need to stop this nonsense. Wall-E is getting closer and closer to our reality.
Val Izhakevich
Dear Lord.... Bless the creators of original movies for having made them before this millennium. They'd stood no chance today.
Kimora Cameron
top 10 types of posts on bored panda: 1. wholesome posts 2. relatable memes 3. disney characters 4. disney characters 5. disney characters 6. SoCiAl MeDiA sTaRs GeT bUsTeD fOr PhOtOsHoPpInG 7. disney characters 8. disney characters 9. disney characters 10. disney characters
Tarryn Louise
everyone to their own.
Well Moana would be more plus in size as is customary in the Pacific islands
Truth Monster
OBESITY IS A DISEASE. I say this as an obese person myself. "Healthy at any size" is a lie and its getting people killed. It almost killed me last year and it might kill me this year (50% chance). My obesity-related disease was preventable. I don't have the answer to the obesity crisis, but I know normalizing a diseased state is probably not the best way to go.
I have no problem with any of these. They introduced Tiana so they can have a black princess, so why not an overweight one? "Because it normalizes being obese!" Have you SEEN America?
b l a n c
this comment thread is a mess. i can 100% agree these posts are super annoying, especially all the disney ones, but i'm surprised so many people agreed with some of the things people are saying. body shaming IS real, and disney a large franchise that gives unrealistic body expectations to young kids. so i think the idea of this post is good, and saying that 'oh it's the same thing of a multiracial non binary parent shutting down their racist autistic parent by drawing disney princesses' doesn't do anything. we see that a lot, but it's good representation, isn't it? would you rather more coronavirus memes? because i feel that rn especially we need more positivity. is still agree these posts are annoying, i still also think we need more representation of different problems like racism or homophobia, and i'm totally sick of the stupid disney illustrations, but i do think the main message is very important.
I'm having up to here with Disney figures on B.P . Please stop!! Just stop.
Linda HS
I think some of them look better like this!
I think they look beautiful no matter what, it shows little girls or boys to love there body. It doesn’t matter what others say! #noshame
Mónica Elisabeth Sacco
Being (very) overweight is a health issue everywhere. Skinny models aren't the solution to it. Being (very) skinny is a health issue everywhere too. Realistic drawings, models, showrunners, etc, should be the rule and not the exception.
Monkeywrench Productions
just gonna glorify being fat, huh? ok then
Mandy Delaforce (PC Girl)
They look more like they are pregnant, than fat. LOL
Genes are not destiny
Cheyenne Price
I very much liked this article. She’s not glorifying obesity. Also, not all obese people are depressed and sick. My mother and sister are both obese and it runs in the family! For those who say obese people are sick and depressed, don’t assume they all are! I fully support this article! <—Skinny little white girl.
But, but, but, I've been told for years that "big is beautiful" and BBW are lovely and now it appears it's NOT! I'm soooooo confused! Please tell me what you want!!!!
Catherine Spencer-Mills
About the comment about the mermaid. I have been on diets since I was 6 years old. And I swim and float but do not sink. It is difficult to swim underwater because I keep floating to the top. On the other hand, one of my sons is a large man and he sinks. Can barely tread water. Listen up - it is the density of your muscles that causes you to sink or float. So a chubby mermaid could float. PS Dieting and exercise do not always work. Looking at my relatives should tell you that.
Marvin HoG
I like the dude that thinks fat ariel would sink like a stone. That's not how it works at all. I would literally have to chain concrete blocks to my feet like in the old timey movies in order to sink.
Nyree Huh
Can we do it for athletic bodies next? I have been flat chested and not curvy at all all my life and get teased for looking like a teenage boy when i am a grown ass woman. I often get told by other women (cos men don't seem to care) i need to have implants to finally look like a woman. We have celebrating curves, can we celebrate the complete lack of curves next?
Truth Monster
an obese mermaid changes things
My name is the same as the artist's (Crystal)... also i think the mulan one looks like the people on chinese paintings...
Nevits Yibble
I don't think Tinkerbell could get off the ground
To neil Hanson in the comments: fat is lighter than water, so being overweight would just increase her buoyancy.
Thomas brennan
Wow this ticks all the Bored Panda mediocrity criteria...Disney redrawing..check...bluring the line between body postivie and normalizing obesity...check...provocative clickbaity headline...check ...strawman argument (fat lives aren't equal??)...check check check. Sigh be better BP, there is so much good art out there which marries skill with powerful messages that could do with being celebrated
Chloe Drury
yeesh, someone's mad plus sized women are getting recognition in the film industry
Ana Bajić
Rapunzel would probably be fat, she is sitting all day. :D
This "artist" needs to find her own style instead of this plagiarism bullshit! Hate it!
Reimagined Disney can go fuck itself up its reimagined fat Disney ass!! Stop! Enough! No body wants to see this....ever!
Dorothy Parker
Leo Domitrix
She makes princesses fat, but keeps princes as athletic eye candy? I smell hypocrisy
Cartoons shouldn't support obesity
If Mulan weighed 300 pounds, she wouldn’t be able to swing her arms, let alone a sword
Mulan looks Japanese, not Chinese.
Gerry Higgins
Shouldn't Ariel have whale fins ?
Jay Loren
Awe yes, of course we have the "obesity is in the genetics" comment......OBESITY IS NOT OK AND IT CAN BE PREVENTED
Jay Loren
COVID is killing the obese...OBESITY IS NOT OK!
How exactly could a fat Tinkerbell fly?
It may be easier to ask this here. I have a 1.8 test world running with mods, but unlike previous releases, you can’t load 1.8.9 mods into the world because of the version check. You also don’t seem to be able to create 1 .8.9 world and use 1.8 mods. If that is true, I’m looking for information that Bibliocraft will have a release for 1.8.1. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for the updates.
Looks like Cinderella turned back into a pumpkin after midnight
This would totally change the little mermaid plot. Instead of asking for legs, she’d request liposuction so Japanese whaling vessels don’t accidentally harpoon her
This is what they look like 3 months after they marry the princes
Tyler Duffy
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