Artist Pokes Fun At Literature Classics In 30 Cartoons (Interview)
After a hard day at work or school, instead of snuggling up with a doggo, a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and a good novel, we usually end up being couch potatoes in front of the TV or computer screen.
Artist Pokes Fun At Literature Classics In 30 Cartoons (Interview)
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Plenty of us love to read. Or say that we do. But finding the time to do so is, more often than not, much more difficult than we’d like. After a hard day at work or school, instead of snuggling up with a doggo, a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and a good novel, we usually end up being couch potatoes in front of the TV or computer screen.

Well, not to worry, because artist John Atkinson of ‘Wrong Hands’ has you covered. The illustrator created a series of cartoons that will help any lover of the written word catch up on the literature they missed out on. Whether it’s the classics or popular modern hits.

“I’ve always loved to draw even as a young child,” Atkinson told Bored Panda in an in-depth interview. “I studied Fine Art at University and after spectacularly failing as a famous artist, took up graphic design. The cartooning is a more recent endeavor.”

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“Cartooning is a great way to extract the silliness bottled up in my head,” the artist said during the interview. “Humor is subjective so it’s always interesting to read other people’s reactions to my work. I get a wide range of comments from “This is hilarious” to “You think you’re so clever, you’re not!” to “I don’t get it.”

Atkinson joked: “The last one is always my favorite. I usually like to respond “I don’t get it either.”

Bored Panda asked the illustrator to go into detail about what inspired him to draw cartoons about books. Here’s what he revealed: “I came across a survey a few years back that revealed about 60 percent of people pretend to have read books they haven’t and around 40 percent rely on movies and TV to feign knowledge of classic novels.”

He continued: “I thought it might be a funny idea to help everyone out and provide “tweet-sized” synopses of these classic books suitable for dinner parties or when you’re cornered at a function. They’re not intended to replace reading the actual book and I’m quick to tell students not to use them as book reports unless they want a solid D- or an F.”

Atkinson explained that he’s still posting new cartoons to his blog two times per week. What’s more, he told Bored Panda about his upcoming plans. Next year, he hopes to have a follow-up book to his current one (“Abridged Classics: Brief summaries of books you were supposed to read but probably didn’t”). “The follow-up will most likely cover movies and television and is tentatively titled “Abridged Cinema.”

The artist had some good advice for cartoonists and artists: “Don’t take yourself too seriously and if you’re in it for the money—get out now!"

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Finally something that's not about how someone looks, cats or crazy brides! They are all really funny. Love it!
I really enjoyed these!
Avital Pilpel
I'm a literature buff and I laughed or giggled at almost all of them. My favorites are the "writer's block" (pun of the century) and keeping the "bankrupcy".slot from "wheel of fortune" in the Dickens Misfortune wheel,
This was really fun! Thanks Jonas! Thanks John!
Olf Thunder
Wonderful, don‘t read it if you plan to be a writer.
Super Hero Fan Girl
Nerd me is in love
I could read these forever. They're fantastic.
Brilliant!! I did not want this to end! I laughed until I cried and then shared it with everyone I know
Carole Reid
These are delightful. As a bibliophile, I love these interpretations.
Yasemin Öztuna Bereket
Great compilation!! thanks a lot, had a great morning :)
Tex Bentley
Great! Keep it up.
Tex Bentley
Brightened my day and night.
Louise Teasdale
Keepers all...
Ted Heeley
A solid chunk of work! Very clever, and well-drawn!
Sadie Jayne
This guy is "well read" ...impressive!!!
Meyer Weinstock
I'm a Librarian. I'm using these at the reference desk. hahahahahahahaha
Viv Hart
BP this was one of your best! Made you use your brain!
Best BP post ever!
Azure Adams
This was awesome
Sue Anderson
Great fun -- loved them!
Dariia Dziuba
So funny and I have to confess some of the books shown here I’ve never read before. So, it was a great introduction to them for me. Don’t have to read them anymore :)
Master Markus
Well, the art's pretty bland and as far as the jokes go... he's no Kate Beaton, that's all I'm saying.
Fantastic Creation. Even if we read and understand only 10 per cent of this we can call ourselves to be proud elitists.
Tabby Cat
I think the ones that are "author spoilers" are normal because they would have their style of writing, whether it's nice or not.
Katinka Min
Brilliant. Someone put their literature degree to excellent use!
Love this ! So hilarious ????
Dorothy Parker
Delightfully odd and pretty much right on the money. New admirer.
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