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Contractor Informs Client That He Broke His Arm And Can't Build The Unit On Time, The Client Goes Livid (Interview With Professional)
“I was a little shocked seeing his email as I could have arranged with other providers to get it done for him. All he would've had to do was just pay them at the end.”
Contractor Informs Client That He Broke His Arm And Can't Build The Unit On Time, The Client Goes Livid (Interview With Professional)
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When you’re working with clients (any clients), you know that far from everything will go smoothly. You anticipate that something will go slightly wrong, but that’s just a part of dealing with other human beings. But you at least expect your clients to treat you with basic human dignity.

But it turns out that some people lack any empathy for their fellow man and are more akin to cold, unfeeling robots. Engineer, workshop owner, and contractor Abs Delfuego, who goes by the Reddit user name Omegaweapon, posted the emails between him and a client who got angry that he broke his arm and wanted him to finish the job as agreed, no matter what.

“I was a little shocked seeing his email as I could have arranged with other providers to get it done for him. All he would've had to do was just pay them at the end,” Abs explained to Bored Panda what his first reaction was. Scroll down for the rest of the interview and check out our previous articles about Abs here and here. And be sure to check out Abs' subreddit and YouTube channel.

The client seemed unable to understand Abs’ calm and honest explanation that while he’s physically incapable of doing the work and his staff’s on vacation, he can outsource the project to some people that he trusts. Hats off to Abs who has the patience of a saint.

“I fractured the Ulna bone so it's in a brace for 4 weeks,” Abs revealed the extent of his injuries that he got while playing football. “This client didn't pay a deposit, it was a friendly verbal agreement, and he'd changed his mind and rescheduled on 3 other occasions at short notice.”

The entire job was a hassle from the very beginning (he called it a “pineapple”). Over the course of 2 months (not to mention 50 emails), the client changed several things and rescheduled the project a few times. Not only that, the contractor didn’t even take a deposit from the client! I believe the word ‘privileged’ perfectly describes the client’s behavior, but what do you think, dear Readers?

We were also interested to hear what advice Abs would give to contractors to avoid potentially-problematic clients. Here’s what he had to say: “I'd tell contractors to not be afraid of giving it back to an assh*le customer or being afraid of one-star reviews as people are drawn to reading them, it gives you a chance to respond accordingly so potential clients can see how you are.”

“I'm popular in the industry so it's easy for me to say no to a customer,” he added.

There are several types of potentially-problematic clients. One of them is the so-called know-it-all who thinks that what contractors do is incredibly easy and they could do everything themselves. If they had the time. And the tools. And they’re convinced they shouldn’t pay you as much as you’re asking.

Then there are the hagglers. They just love getting a good deal, no matter what. And they don’t care that it’s your livelihood they’re diminishing—they just want to save a couple of bucks. Now, you can recognize these clients by the fact that they expect you to do some of the work for free and keep pestering you about why you chose this material instead of that one (look! That one’s a cent cheaper, so it must be better!).

Apart from know-it-alls and hagglers, we also have folks who plain don’t know what it is they want and keep you guessing. There are also naggers who constantly want to make adjustments to your contract. And to top it all off are the classic dishonest clients who want you to break the law and demand that you ignore the need for certain permits. In those cases, it’s best to walk away before you get into deep, deep trouble, sink your business, and dirty your hands.

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This is how clients end up on the black list. A franchisee for a hotel chain tried using the lawyer to go through the contract line by line. Contractors didn't get paid and his two hotels shut down after a year since he couldn't get things fixed
This contractor is my hero and that client is a damn fool.
A perfect example of how the Customer is NOT always right.
Blue Shadow
Most customers are perfectly fine, but some (like this one) can be a real pain. It's nice to see someone stand up to them, while still being polite and professional.
Leo Domitrix
COntractor says "I broke my arm, here's guys who can finish the job on time and with quality" soooo.... Customer says "EFF YOU!" And that's why some people can not find a "decent" contractor. Word gets around. Fast.
devi L.
Client is a jerk. Sounds like an ex of mine
Craig Lee
Contractor here, and I can confirm that people act like this often. This is pretty common nowadays, everyone thinks they're the most important person in the world.
“Second favorite arm” ? I think my mind is permanently stuck in the gutter. ??‍♀️
Hermione Granger
Why are so many people on the client's side? They must be just as selfish. Yall are saying that the contractor is not allowed to enjoy his own life by simply played football, and that it is his fault his arm is broken. You don't know that! Also, a so called professional would not even go as far to make sure that their customer is satisfied. He literally called in other companies agreeing to work for the same payment! What more do you expect from him? To do it himself? Frankly, with a broken arm, I doubt he could do it well. So what are you saying? That he should un-break it?
Bill Welch
I would have"hired"my outsource friends to finish the job so I could say that it was done by my employees, then just"lay them off" after they were paid. Trying to explain ANYTHING to an entitled a-hole is as easy as trying to I bring a bell. I would never work for that client again.
Hermione Granger
How dare he not consult his cliet that he would be expecting to break his arm! What is wrong with him? What terrible service! Lol are people actually like that???? That is just sad. Well, feel better soon!
Zelda Blue
I can't believe that you didn't use your time machine to go back in time before you broke your arm and finish her project! You sloth! How dare you break your arm and inconvenience her. Honestly some peoples kids.
I had a boss rattling off his daily list of demands and while he was still telling me what he'd like me to focus on, he asked me if I was done yet. I told no because I was still sitting in front of him and it had only been two minutes. He said he thought I was good at my job. I quit immediately.
Random Panda
This is so bizarre. The contractor had a solution ready and the client blows him off, then acts like he is getting screwed over. WTH? Was the client just looking for a discount? I can't find any other explanation for such irrational behaviour.
Renee Gauthier
Good riddance. Sounds like a nightmare.
Becca Gizmo the Squirrel
My second favorite arm. Best part of story.
it's me again
Geez Ab- just tell them in advance that you're going to break your arm next time. Problem solved! ? What a maroon. What an imbezzle
The client has a low IQ. You can't fix stupid.
Carol Emory
And if the client sues, he doesn't have an arm...excuse me..a leg to stand on....
Cindy Snow
Perfect example of a narcisist, everything is about ME, how dare you need up my plans by getting sick or dying. Screw you, dude
Danielle Renee
so....wasn't finding two competent contractors he trusted outsourcing? some people just want to argue
Melanie Celliers
Some people just want an excuse to be angry. This client is one of them. He was still being accommodated, but it wasn't enough.
Glynis Lailann
There are customers out there that just don't get it.
Bee Diaz
Geez, what a lifesized moron. The man did not plan to break his arm, and he covered the work with someone else. This client is a total jackass, I wonder how he gets through life. The contractor was very patient. I would just cancel the job and tell him to go jump in a dry lake.
Drive Bee
We used to have a contracting business. Most of our clients were extremely kind and thoughtful when my husband got cancer but we had one like this. I used to tell my husband we should write a book about all our customers someday. There's lots of books about choosing a contractor but no one ever talks about the customers (except us contractors!)
well, if it took that long to prepare the project, i could see how the client could be upset to start from the beginning with another contractor. but i assume the contractor could and would inform those other two companies, so with just a bit of reasonable discussion there wouldn't be any problem
Starbelly Eleven
Wait, his real name is Abs Delfuego?
Paul Aasajärv
I've been in this position myself - from both sides ... There is force majeure in life, football is definitely not one of them! The client is, of course, annoying and arrogant, but for me such a contractor is no longer credible.
An Opinion
Inconsiderate tradie. I bet you he was just too hung over to finish it.
Rob Lucchetti
I agree with the client. It's hard enough to find someone that going to do the core t work, doing research and finally putting your trust in someone to do a job. This contractor is irresponsible - he knowingly takes chances with his health while - surprise! His whole company is on vacation. Who send their whole company on vacation at once! Someone like this cannot appreciate how vulnerable a homeowner is and how much trust is put into the relationship and doesn't deserve the business.
Rodg Chr
NO employer would accept "a broken arm playing football on the weekend" as a valid excuse for not working. That's firedsville! This clown needs to sub-contract the work to these other contractors at his own expense. Honour the contact you sign! You would expect the same of the client!
Guido Pisano
"Outsource" aka call another company to do my job but pay them less of the initial amount... Instead of letting them grab all the amount... LOL
The contractor is being unprofessional. You have a problem not the client. you need to hire someone to do the job you are supposed to do. you probably vote down me anyway because most readers, follow the post direction. But it's actually the RULE. you need to finish the project If you signed a contract. Will you accept the client paying you late because he has a problem? no. --------- edit: The contractor wants the client to sign a new contract. but instead he should hire poeple to do his job and supervise it to be done on time.
Sorry but no. I am definitely on the Client's side here. Also, the Contractor is being unprofessional, immature and sour for no reason. This "I love you" and putting hearts is so so toxic and pathetic...
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