Arizona Humane Society Removes 2 Pounds Of Matted Fur From Fluffer The Cat, She Gets Adopted 2 Days Later (Interview)
Julie from the Arizona Humane Society rescued Fluffer the cat after she responded to a call and found the poor animal severely matted. At first, it wasn’t even clear what sort of animal poor Fluffer was!
Arizona Humane Society Removes 2 Pounds Of Matted Fur From Fluffer The Cat, She Gets Adopted 2 Days Later (Interview)
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Kindhearted people are out there rescuing neglected pets every single day. Julie from the Arizona Humane Society rescued Fluffer the cat last Friday after she responded to a call and found the poor animal severely matted. At first, it wasn’t even clear what sort of animal poor Fluffer was!

After a lot of effort, care, and attention from the AHS team, Fluffer became a stunning gray and white catto once again. You could even say that Fluffer turned into ‘Floofer!’ The gorgeous 4-year-old cat was back to looking meowtastic after her rescuers removed 2 pounds (nearly a kilogram) of matted fur from her body. That’s a quarter of what the cat weighs.

The story wasn’t over yet, though. Barely 2 days after being given a new shot at life, Fluffer was adopted and now lives with her new owners in her forever home. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview about Fluffer with Bretta Nelson who is the Public Relations Manager at the AHS.

Bretta told Bored Panda that the AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians received a call for help after Fluffer's owner passed away. According to Bretta, it took around an hour to remove Fluffer's matted fur.

"She is an absolute sweetheart, so much so that she required no sedation during her procedure which is extremely unusual when caring for cats who are likely in pain," Bretta said. She added that she's reached out to Fluffer's new owners and is waiting to hear back from them. However, one thing that she can tell us is that Fluffer's now living in Glendale.

"As a nonprofit organization that cares for the Valley’s sick, injured and abused homeless pets, our community, adopters, and donors are critical to the work that we do and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. For people interested in making a gift, they can do so here," Bretta said.

Meanwhile, Julie Bolchalk who responded to the emergency call last week said that she hasn't seen matting this bad. "I have seen some rather horrific cases in my time rescuing animals, but had never seen matting this bad—they were larger than her entire body. Yet, she was very sweet and got groomed without having to be sedated which is a miracle.”

According to the Arizona Humane Society, Fluffer didn’t mind her haircut one bit. For those of you pandas who are worried about the cat, don’t be: she’s doing well and she’s in perfect health. When the AHS shared Fluffer’s story on Instagram, they got nearly 1.2k likes in 2 days.

The AHS has a very simple but wholesome mission—to help vulnerable animals and to enrich both their lives and the lives of people. They also have a very strict policy of never euthanizing any pets to make space for new rescues.

The Arizona Humane Society also states that its various medical, rehabilitation, and spay/neuter initiatives saved 100k animal lives over the last 6 years. The organization also supports pet owners by connecting them with medical, behavior, and support experts and services to make sure that both the animals and the owners are living their best lives.

What’s more, the AHS partners up with law enforcement for animal cruelty investigations and advances legislation to protect pets from neglect and abuse.

There are plenty of Humane Societies in the US, so it’s easy to get mixed up and lump them all together. However, the AHS is a completely nonprofit organization and isn’t affiliated with any of the other American Humane Societies.

So, dear Pandas, what do you think of Fluffer’s incredible transformation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Martha Meyer
Poor cat! I've heard those mats are really painful for them.
Arizona. Just think about how HOT she must have been!
Fluffer is an awkward name.... That's a rather specific job in the adult movie industry.
Aunt Messy
That is an EXTREMELY laid back cat.
John L
Don't all cats shed? Perhaps we need a complete story about how Fluffer got into this condition.
Brandy Grote
VERY good work! Shaving a cat is very challenging, their skin is very thin and delicate. If nicked, it can TEAR! She's a pretty cat, and deserves a nice new home for her queenly self!
Oskar vanZandt
I wish people would pluck up the courage to ask for help before their pet gets into a situation like this... glad she found a new home.
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
What a handsome kitty underneath all of that matted fur. I'm glad that Fluffer found his forever home. Thank you to the Humane Society for rescuing him.
Best makeover ever! Thank god for those who set free the poor thing trapped in there. The princess in every fairytale plot. Minus the fairytale Prince Charming and simple kiss crap but filled with hard working fairy godmothers.
Linda HS
It's a shame that the cat got to this point. This is easy treatable and preventable, however, if it's a stray cat this is a different story. Thank you for everything you do and thank you that you rescued this sweet soul and gave him a second chance to life. Bless all of you! ?
Chris DiFonso
How in the bloody heck did that happen?
Awww, looks like a quarantine haircut. Better than the matted fur.
Steve Cruz
Matted, knotted fur can be painful for cats. It can inhibit movement like jumping and stretching -- even walking. If someone can't brush their cat(s), attach dollar store paddle brushes (instead of bristles, it has plastic sticks with ball ends) to the legs of tables or the frame of a doorway. Cats will brush themselves the way they do in the wild when rubbing against tree bark or thorny branches.
Years ago I moved into a new townhouse. There was a beautiful fluffy cat hanging around and his stomach was covered in matted fur, just like Fluffer. The tail and head too but his back was ok. I had some sedatives for my dog (long drive to move) and called the vet about the correct dose for a cat, I sedated this cat, kinda wrapped him in a towel, got my boyfriends clippers and went to town. The cat looked amazing and was much happier after. Turns out it was the new neighbours cat but and his excuse was ‘My girlfriend has been away, she grooms the cat’. Turds!
Candice Ravel
She's beautiful and I'm so happy that she's already found a forever home.
Tabitha L
Awww. I can't imagine how long this poor cat has been living like this. Thank you to the Humane Society for all you do!!
Anna Salerno
Bless Fluffer's heart and the hearts of all the people who helped restore this awesome lady to a bearable life! There is a special place in Heaven for those .who rescue and care for pets. Good luck Fluffer and may you have a long happy life with your new humans!
Such lovely kitty, thank goodness for the excellent team at the HS!
Michelle Line
2 pounds? Wow! Fur is so light. That takes a serious amount of fur to make 2 lbs.
I like the transformation, what a beautiful cat!
Anna Salerno
Kudos to all who worked to restore this lovely lady to a normal life. Matting is very painful to pets so her sweetness is remarkable during all of the grooming. Kudos to you all and may Fluffers have a long and happy, healthy life with her new humans!
Lisa Chambers
You were patient and pleasant Fluffer as they got all that old fur off of you. Good job. Enjoy your new life, you deserve nothing but love and treats!
Aimee Simmons
when my lovely old lady Maine Coone began having difficulties grooming is when I started regularly shaving her down and giving her a Lion Cut. Cutest damn thing ever.
Riley James
If I seen that cat I would have snatched it up real quick.
Karen Peterson
Hello: Few years ago you posted a kitten pouch that enabled shelter workers to socialize feral kittens by walking around with them in the pouch on you. "Bjorn pouch?" I'd like the pattern, or to buy the pouch so my new rescue group, Garfield's Rescue, Inc. could make for our use. My contact information Please help!
Azure Adams
Glad she found a home. I live in AZ, if she was still available I'd adopted her immediately
Dorothy Cloud
I've had cats. Not once did one get matted like this. We didn't comb their fur or anything. I know my Schnauzer would mat without care, but a cat!
Xavier Portillo
Im sure they had to X-ray the sweetheart to identify how much fur had accumulated. Dogs can't get MRIs but cat scan.
She is so beautiful!! Glad she is better now.
Gale Vester
This Ragdoll isn't so raggedy anymore! (I have one, so I recognise their look!)
Kelley Clough Mountain
The poor cat!
Chyppa Homer
Ok, that's nice, but the real question remains : Did they build at least one other cat out of all that fur ?
She looked properly pissed
hiiiii :D
This comment has been deleted.
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