Someone Collects Celebrity Doppelgangers And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones (Interview)
People aren’t as unique as they want to believe. Nearly all of us have been in a situation where we’re walking around town and we spot someone who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even us.
Someone Collects Celebrity Doppelgangers And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones (Interview)
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People aren’t as unique as they want to believe. Nearly all of us have been in a situation where we’re walking around town and we spot someone who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even us. It’s a very peculiar feeling to realize that we’re not alone. That there’s at least 1 person out there who is our copy. Our twin. Our doppelganger.

Do you know what’s awesome? Looking just like a celebrity. Plenty of other people think so, which is why they became part of the ‘Same de la Same’ Instagram community that is dedicated to sharing celebrity lookalike photos with the entire world. We’ve picked out some of the best pictures, so upvote the ones that left an impression, and share this post with your pals to see whether they notice the photos aren’t of real celebrities. And let us know in the comments what celebrity your friends think you look like (for example, some of my pals think I look a bit like Keanu Reeves).

Bored Panda interviewed ‘Same de la Same’s’ creator Freddy Slivinski to learn more about the community of celebrity lookalikes. Make sure to scroll down for our full in-depth interview with him.

31-year-old Freddy told Bored Panda that he was born in Uruguay, but moved to Israel when he was 14. He got married a month ago and works as a copywriter. “I love to think about cool and different ideas and to create new things. I wanted to create an Instagram page that everyone in the world would know about and to make it one of the biggest communities.”

“I thought a lot about different ideas for different pages and suddenly I remember a game that I used to play with my twin brother that we loved to play. The game was to look at people on the street, mall, beach, or elsewhere and find someone famous that looks like him. A strange game, but it was fun,” Freddy explained how the idea for ‘Same de la Same’ came to him.

“When I remembered this game, I decided to create a page, a community of ‘real people’ that look like celebrities, singers, actors, athletes, politicians, and other famous people. When I created the page, I discovered these people’s amazing and cool stories.”

Freddy continued to reveal what he learned about these celebrity lookalikes: “I discovered the amazing life of lookalikes. They live like stars, like rock stars: they act in commercials, sing on shows, go on TV programs, they make money just because of this. They are like famous celebrities, and only because they look like them. So I decided that I want everyone in the world to know about their amazing stories. I want to bring these amazing stories to the entire world.”

When asked by Bored Panda how many doppelgangers he thinks we all have on Planet Earth, Freddy replied that there’s ‘at least’ 1 person out there somewhere who is almost our carbon copy: “I'm sure that everyone has a doppelganger and that everyone can find some resemblance with a celebrity or a famous person.”

Ironically, Freddy and his friends don’t know what celebrity he resembles. But he hasn’t given up hope and knows they’ll find someone sooner or later: “When that happens, I hope they will find some handsome and cool celebrity.”

Freddy also loves the idea of events where people compete to see who looks, acts, and sounds most like a particular celebrity. “It sounds like so much fun!”

“I discovered that followers and people in general really like lookalikes because it entertains them. And of course, they love their stories because the truth is that everyone dreams of looking like celebrities and living like rock stars,” Freddy of ‘Same de la Same’ mused.

Furthermore, he had a message for all potential celebrity lookalikes: “Don’t be ashamed to send me a picture if you think that you, your family member, or friend look like a celebrity. Maybe you’ll discover that you really look like a celebrity and you will start living like a rock star as well. I just want to make a page that everyone knows in the world because of its special and exclusive content, not just for the likes. I love to tell stories. I try to tell interesting stories about special and different people.”

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Once, Charlie Chaplin entered a contest for best Charlie Chaplin lookalike and came in third!
Biljana Malesevic
Some are real doppelgangers, some barely look a like, some just have same hair. We probably all have some doppelgangers in the world it would be interesting to find them. Here is an idea for an app!
Carol Emory
It's like near the end, they just had the same outfit on...similarity ended there.
Roger Haywood
Some of these comments are too critical. They are look alikes, they are not going to look exactly like the celeb. Most of them could fool most poeople in a passing glance.
John L
Some were good, but then it got bad at the end...
Cindy Snow
You can find your look alike on " twinstrangers" but mine doesnt look much like me.
Jasmine Walker
It feels like the universe runs out of original faces and starts making copies. Haha!! I love it though-the more Shakira, the better.
Zoe's Mom
Some are really, really good but others just put on the same clothes, make-up and hairstyle.
Celebrity look-alike give them so much benefit, people probably think they were having sex with celeb but they probably dunno it was just a look-like lol
Ms E
Seriously, just taking a bunch of cosplay photos and compare them does not count. It should be real look-alikes.
Berdarien Brown
Witaf with some of those.
Jette Wang Wahnon
xesowapa you have really opened up my world ! I have got it all wrong.I told my sons to be decent human beings,study hard in order to get their degrees and be able to provide for themselves and all along I apparently I did them a disfavour.I should have drowned them at birth,adopted a daughter who would get knocked up at 17 and then make her fortune on-line as a single mum,and surely would provide for her elderly parents as and learn...but then again,maybe not..
Bunny Wood
So I look quite a bit like the New Zealand cricket player Scott Styris One day out walking I noticed the (ex) All Black captain Richie McCaw walking toward me. He nodded at me and said "scotty". I nodded back and said "Richie" and scampered off before he realised I was a faker!...
K Lane
When a 'doppelganger' has to change their hair, wear the clothes, loads of make up, wear sunglasses, grow a beard, or do a particular expression, it tells us something, namely, that they're not much of a lookalike! I could probably look like the Queen or Donald Trump if I really tried.
You ruin the idea of a "look-alike/doppleganger" when you give pics of people who are actually dressing up and putting makeup on like said person.
Somewhere in the world there must be so many people that look like each one of us in appearance. How is it possible? i don nkow, seriously though, interesting thought.. 11 pm good night.
Roald v2
We, as a species are not 100% unique individuals. There are variations, 100.000s of them, but with 8 billion individuals some are bound to be similar or (nearly) the same.
I've met two genuine celebrity doppelgangers in my life. One was a car part salesman in the south of England who looked just like a young Hugh Laurie and the other was a red haired flight attendant who was the spitting image of actress Geraldine Somerville.
Klaudiia Sherbatzky
People tell me my hole life I look like Avril Lavigne I think its funny :)
So, are these look-alikes or impersonators? Kinda confused here.
There are some celebrities here who hire their own doppelganger to do photo shoots and stand ins.. ?? While they do something else (most probably vacationing secretly)
So, my friend looks exactly like Millie Bobby Brown. No joke, go follow her if @bobbiberryhill. She has a private account, but she'll accept. Literally no joke. She was eleven for Halloween two years in a row.
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