26 Celebrities That Have Visible Scars And The Stories Behind Them
Even though there are a lot of things that separate us from celebrities, we all have one thing in common—scars.
26 Celebrities That Have Visible Scars And The Stories Behind Them
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Every scar has a story. You might have a scar on your knee from when you fell off your bike as a kid. Or a cool scar on your face from a sword duel when you fought off Cardinal Richelieu’s men alongside Athos, Porthos, and Aramis (or was that just a dream?). And even though there are a lot of things that separate us from celebrities, we all have one thing in common—scars.

Stars aren’t immune to getting scars. The stories behind them can be fascinating and give us a closer look into who celebs are as people and what their pasts were like. Imgur user Cheesemenolike collected some celeb facial scar stories and shared them on the internet. We've added some other stories about how celebs got their scars—and not just facial ones, either. Scroll down, upvote the stories that left an impression on you and let us know in the comments what you thought of them.

Cheesemenolike's post got more than 119k views and over 4.8k upvotes in less than 15 hours since posting. According to the Imgurian, they love being on Imgur but sensed that people are getting very tired from all the political and coronavirus-related posts. "People go to Imgur for interesting or funny things. So I decided to post something I personally would like to read," the Imgurian told Bored Panda. Scroll down for the rest of our interview with Cheesemenolike and have a read, dear Pandas.

"It wasn't too difficult to research. I have an interest for trivia about these things so some stories I already knew," Cheesemenolike told us how he collected the info about celebs.

For Cheesemenolike personally, the most interesting story was that of Joaquin Phoenix. "He has stated numerous times that his mother felt a sharp pain when being pregnant with him and that his scar is merely a birth mark. But I heard in the discussion underneath the post he stated something else in the recent year, that it is in fact a cleft lip/palate," they said.

"I think he is a great actor and I love his complex back ground story. His family took on the last name Phoenix to represent their rise from the ashes after a difficult time."

The Imgurian also shared with Bored Panda their own scar stories. "After I broke my right arm and was in a cast for six weeks, I burned my right hand with boiling water. It healed very well though, and the scar looks like freckles. I had to write with my left hand for months on end," they revealed what happened when they were 10 years old.

"Maybe there will be a next segment soon," Cheesemenolike said about their future plans for Imgur posts. "It's not something I wanna put a lot of time in, just a couple of posts every month or so about various objects if I can find the time."

Scars are a natural part of life because it’s your body’s way to heal and repair wounds. Unfortunately, human beings aren’t like some animals that can regenerate without scarring.

When we get cut or burned, the first thing that happens is that we bleed. The blood then forms a clot and later on—a scab. This is our bodies’ way of stopping yucky infections from getting into our blood. While the top part of the scab is hard, the bottom part becomes host to cells that scientists call fibroblasts. It’s their job to replace the scab with scar tissue to close the wound as quickly as possible. Think of it this way: if there’s a hole in your roof and it’s raining, you’d want to plug the hole ASAP, no matter how ugly it might look.

Even though scars are made from collagen just like our ‘normal’ skin, the two feel and look different. That has everything to do with how collagen is ‘woven’ in the two tissues: normal skin has a random cross-weave collagen structure while scars have collagen that’s aligned parallel, according to mathematicians John C. Dallon and Jonathan A. Sherratt.

Meanwhile, new studies like the one conducted by the German Research Center for Environmental Health indicate that there might be something more to how our bodies produce scars. Researchers have found indications that scars might actually originate from “reservoirs of matrix jelly” and these new findings could completely change what we know about scarring and anti-scarring therapies.

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Tor Rolf Strøm
Things I've now learned: Celebs are unlucky at bars. The person who wrote these captions should never write anything meant for reading.
Ilir Ajdini
Some of them have really horrible histories! It hurts just thinking how they got their scars!
Jef Bateman
I have a friend who sometimes asks me why I don't get my scars fixed, but I love having scars. They are my adventures written on my body.
Scars are just tattoes with better stories
Jo Choto
Most of these scars are not even noticeable.
While I never sat around comparing scars as Richard Dreyfus and pals did in Jaws, I see each scar collected as medals earned during my life. The Badges of Courage, Medal of Honor, Purple Hearts, Ribbons of Ridiculousness, trail markers along my path I set out on at birth. Life begins at one terminal and another when it ends. The path we travel between the two is unique to any other. Similarities exist, but none are identical.
panda to nobody
Moral of the story: don't drive vehicles and don't go to bars.
Demi Zwaan
I have a 10cm/4inch scar on my forearm that looks like I tried to slit my wrist. It’s a scratch from one of our late cats, a Maine Coon.
I have 3 scars on my face sustained on 3 different occasions when I was a kid. I have a scar on my left thigh that I got after I fell off a table while I was dancing on it when I was 20. I also have a scar on my right knee caused by friction burn, while I was riding a bike and scraped by a wall when I was 32. I also have fractured bones, broken teeth and other scars mostly by ridiculous accidents because I'm clumsy af :(
Robert Jarvis
Having more than one or two scars myself, I can tell others that scars are not disfigurements, they're bookmarks in the story of your life.
Tiffany Marie
Lots of people have scars. Life can be rough.. Proof we are survivors! ?
So occasionally a cunt comes round a fucks you up, but more often people are just idiots and fuck themselves up
Becca Gizmo the Squirrel
Some of these stories are sad and terrifying!
Dog Lover
No mention of Mariska Hargitay? She has a scar on her eyebrow that she sustained in a car accident that killed her mother, actress Jayne Mansfield.
David Muench
You can probably use the names of some of these Bored Panda writers as your wifi password.
Every scar tells a story. It's human nature to be curious about them.
kate h
sTaRs hAvE sCaRs jUsT liKe uS!
The most noticeable scar I have is on my elbow. I got it from sort of falling off my bike. I've had people ask if it is a birthmark, but I've also had a few try to rub it off thinking it was dirt...It's always fun to tell how I got it, and watch people's reaction.
deanna woods
I have a scar on my right arm where the spring of a screen door flew open and caught me. I also have a scar on my left shoulder from hitting my shoulder into the locker above me. I have a third scar on my right ankle from a surgery. I like having scars because they are like little illustrations of your life.
Alice Laughs
I didn't know I would enjoy reading about celebrity scars so much. The internet is so weird.
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