People Aren’t Losing Their Sense Of Humor During The Coronapocalypse And Here’s 30 Pics To Prove It (New Pics)
In times of stress and trouble, humor and laughter go a long way to help us feel better and lift our spirits.
People Aren’t Losing Their Sense Of Humor During The Coronapocalypse And Here’s 30 Pics To Prove It (New Pics)
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In times of stress and trouble, humor and laughter go a long way to help us feel better and lift our spirits.

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world and we all feel like we’re in danger. Yes, the number of infected has surpassed 197k globally. But some people see the silver lining even in this situation and come up with lighthearted jokes about the coronavirus.

Bored Panda collected some of the very best coronavirus jokes to put a smile on your face and help you feel better in these dark times. Upvote your fave pics and when you’re done enjoying this list, check out part 1 of our collection right here. We also reached out to Mind, a UK mental health charity, so read on about their advice about staying mentally fit during coronavirus lockdowns.

We all know how beneficial laughter is to our bodies and states of mind. However, it’s not the only way to protect your mental health. Especially if you’re staying at home and distancing yourself socially.

Bored Panda reached out to Mind, a UK mental health charity, to learn more about staying mentally fit during the coronavirus lockdowns we’re seeing around the globe.

Stephen Buckley, the Head of Information at Mind, explained that media coverage may increase people’s concern about the coronavirus, therefore, you should think about “taking a break or limiting how much you read or watch is helpful to maintain your well-being during this time.”

Most of us are guilty of following every tiny update about the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s far from healthy. It leads to anxiety. It leads to low-key panic. It leaves us mentally and emotionally drained. Though it’s important to stay informed, try to limit the amount of time you spend reading the news, especially stories about the ‘Coronapocalypse.’ Also, try to stick to reputable news sources so you don’t get worried over misinformation.

Staying mentally fit also means reducing the amount of time you spend scrolling through social media. After all, nearly everyone’s writing and posting about the coronavirus at the moment. You deserve a break from all of that. The good news is that sites like Twitter offer you the ability to mute certain keywords, to follow or mute accounts that might be making you anxious. So use those tools to filter your social media feed and go for wholesome news stories.

According to Buckley, some people might find that staying at home alone might not be ideal. “So try to think of alternatives, for example staying with a friend or family member. You can also keep up to date with the current government health advice about whether you need to self-isolate.”

If you’re self-isolating, first of all, congratulations on making a smart decision. Well done. Unfortunately, quarantining yourself might be a bit, well, lonely. So keep connected to the people you care about by phoning, messaging, and emailing them regularly. We’re social animals, after all. Take away the social aspect and what are we left with?

Finally, remember the basics. Eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly. Read a good book, maybe practice meditating as well. If anything, this crisis is the perfect opportunity to reexamine your priorities (and maybe even start a new hobby!). Above all, remember to laugh and smile a lot. Having a good sense of humor is going to help immensely in the months to come.

“Our physical and mental health are linked, so make sure you are eating regularly and drinking enough water,” Buckley explained. “Think about getting food delivered or asking someone else to drop food off for you. Being at home might impact your routine which can affect your appetite and when you drink water. It can help to create a new routine to make sure you are looking after yourself.”

Buckley stressed the importance of staying active and keeping your mind stimulated. “Keep your brain occupied and challenged. Set aside time in your routine for this. Read books, magazines and articles. Listen to podcasts, watch films and do puzzles.”

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Krazy Kanuck
Talking with one of the members of the marina I work & live at.. He said that I have the best of both worlds, I get quarantined and get paid for it. I am about 10 miles from civilization. The only time I really leave here is to get groceries once a week.. and I have Agoraphobia (fear of crowds / people). I get anxiety when I am around crowds or large groups..
Roald Andresen
A wise young man (my oldest son Thomas) said to me the other day: "This is what we introverts like you and me, Dad, have been training for most of our life!"
I've been self-isolating for the past 7 years, just in case of a situation like this.
Leo Domitrix
Been downvoted whenever I repeat from briefings with the infectious disease specialist at work, so I'll stick to this: I had ordered goofy socks, new kitchen towels, and ant traps from Amazon. The box arrived two days late, with a note from someone saying they had stolen it hoping for Covid19 supplies. Finding none, they decided to let me have the box and its contents, and a brief apology in the note.
Some of these are pretty funny... some, not so much. But as an Asian with allergies...
Mindaugas, I have cancer. Of course your sense of humor does not consider people who must fight cancer :-(
Mei CF
Thanks for the laughs Bored Panda. Good start to my day.
Gwen Davis-Feldman
Talked with my white 78 yr old down-the-block-neighbor who thought is was a good time to ask me my racial heritage. I told him bi-racial, black and anglo (why does spell check keep changing anglo to angry?) but I was raised to identify as African American. He proceeds to tell me what he thinks about blacks with dred-locks (dumb assholes) and about his fears that the isolation will cause people in the cities to go crazy with break-ins and such before moving on to the Florida Keys and his place (unlikely in my estimation). I listened, surprisingly unoffended - I really did like - something about the guy. I asked him what he thought the color of the face of these break-in artists was? "black" he said. I told him he was far too fearful and quit watching Fox News. In an effort to redeem himself he pointed out that the thieves were Haitian not African-American - I guess he wanted me to share in his fears. Oh well. Some days six feet will not be enough.
Bob Lee
At everyone's insistence I keep my social distance. Precautions we are taking to keep our hands from shaking. And there should be no points awarding For toilet paper hoarding. But I will share my biggest fear- The stores run out of beer! -Bob Lee 3/16/20
Christina Uhlir
I wish I"d have time for all the Panda posts.
A Girl
I am bored
Ninja Kitty
All years that end in 20 starting from 1520 have had big diseases -,_-
Krazy Kanuck
This comment has been deleted.
Steven Cook
It amazes me people are still trying to be productive and go to work. Really underscores the inability of most people to think outside the box of capitalism. Folks need to just go home, ride the couch for a few weeks, netflix and chill. Stop trying to do things. Just be. We are human beings, not human doings
Faux-rona Virus. Enough said.
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