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“To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What’s Coming”: Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through (Interview With Professional)
Twitter user Jason Yanowitz listed the stages that Italy went through during the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.
“To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What’s Coming”: Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through (Interview With Professional)
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Twitter user Jason Yanowitz listed the stages that Italy went through during the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country by referring to a Reddit thread by an Italian citizen. He urged people to realize that the situation is more serious than some believe and he suggested that what we see in Italy can soon become the norm in other countries over the world.

Yano’s post got over 228k likes and was retweeted more than 133.8k times, showing that it struck a chord with other Twitter users who are concerned about the pandemic. Commentators thought that Jason’s outline of the stage-by-stage process that took place in Italy was “eye-opening.”

Bored Panda spoke to Jason about his Twitter thread. He told us that he feels frustrated that the people in the US aren't taking the coronavirus situation seriously. That's what inspired him to create his Twitter thread: "Storytelling drives action, and this story hits hard." He also revealed that he has friends in Italy and that they are currently "terrified."

Jason told us that he feels pessimistic about the US' capability to stop the coronavirus. "Testing everyone is the only way to stop coronavirus. This means 300M+ tests per day, which requires a significant paradigm shift in how we're currently doing it."

While Italians are under quarantine and the illness keeps spreading, doctors and nurses are working overtime on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus. Bored Panda reached out to Doctors in Italy, a platform that helps people find English-speaking doctors in the country, to talk about how the country’s doctors are dealing with the crisis.

“Doctors and nurses are very mission-driven and this helps them stay focused in times of great stress,” a representative from Doctors in Italy told us.

“They have, for once, tremendous recognition from all the general population, who usually love to criticize. Now that they are under such pressure, everyone realizes how much we all depend on their care and work,” the representative revealed how Italians are thankful for the work that medical professionals are doing

“They can nurture their hope and sense of mission, by focusing on the daily wins, even if small, and face this emergency one day at a time—though many have lost count of which day it is,” Doctors in Italy said about how medical staff can help themselves keep going even when they’re exhausted and overworked.

However, can doctors and nurses tell Italians anything to reassure them and calm their worries? “When your own health is involved, or when worried about loved ones, very little reassurance can come from numbers. Percentages won't help reassure anyone about their own chances.”

“On the other hand, even little gestures of human compassion and care can make a great difference. Many are worried that hospitals will be overcrowded and they won't get enough attention, so letting them know that they are being considered helps a lot. Even simply saying that they care—and we know they do—goes a long way,” Doctors in Italy told us what medical professionals can do to help alleviate people’s worries.

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Mindblowing: Orla’s tweet that “I understand this is serious but by tweeting this out you are scaring people”.1. No, no I don’t think you understand how serious this really is. 2. Call me crazy, but I don’t think there is any other way to warn people except to give them information that is scary. That’s why it’s called a Warning.
I live in the North of Italy: HE. IS. RIGHT.
"Who let the dogs out" that was great. But in all seriousness, this is getting scary. In all my years on this planet (38) I have never seen anything like it. My family and I did NOT panic, did not run out and buy 75 packs of toilet paper and now that we are legit on our last roll can't get any. People need to get a friggin grip. I get being scared, I work in Law Enforcement which means I don't get to work from home. I don't get to "be quarantined" and if I do, that means most likely getting stuck in the prison I work at. But to panic is just putting others in danger. Even if we are quarantined, 200 rolls of toilet paper isn't going to help you. Thanks for taking it for everyone else too. NO one needs that much for a 30 day quarantine IF it comes to that. No one is using a roll a day. and if you are you have bigger problems. And wipes and diapers. There are poor babies that are gonna need that stuff. Im sad for this nation.
I live in Barcelona, Spain. We're quarantined. Madrid has about half of all coronavirus cases in Spain and what did the people do when the government announced they were shutting down all shops, gyms, etc.? They fled to the seaside: Valencia, Murcia... And of course they took the coronavirus with them. People are ignorant, selfish, and reckless. We all need to be responsible and stay in our freaking homes if we want to stop this.
I live in southern Italy, please do not underestimate the danger
Mystery Egg
We have 30 cases starting 12 days ago in my Country at the moment. All of them...100% of them, are people who travelled to Italy (mostly) and other affected EU countries AFTER our government told them not to. We have already closed schools and all bars/restaurants are closing tomorrow. 30 doesn't sound like much in comparison to Italy but we are a tiny Med island with one hospital and 500,000 residents on the island. I am FURIOUS with these people. Their arrogance and complacency has put all our health and our economy at risk.
Marcellus the Third
Comedy value is ISIS alledgedly advising its activists to avoid Europe now.
Sparrow Flying Free
I think we should be worried. We should DEFINITELY be worried and this post proves that. But there's a fine line between being worried and being a straight-up asshole and hoarding supplies that could go to others in need. Here in Arkansas we have 3 cases and already the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and essential supplies are sold out. My heart goes out to y'all in heavily infected countries that are breaking under the fear of coronavirus. Stay safe <3
Peter Bear
I work for a large warehouse industry. You know the one. And I know, you need what you need and you can't get it in the stores. I respect that. But please remember; every time you order a package online, some person has to come in contact with that package. Multiple people, actually. They work in a warehouse, in close proximity to other people. This is a major, major potential distribution point for viruses as well as your online orders. So please, only order what you absolutely need, and let us stay safe too. Thank you.
KT Trondsen
I work in healthcare in Canada and we have had some very busy days with many sick people worried that they may have the corona virus coming to the hospitals. I hope with all the businesses etc closing for a few weeks we can really reduce the exposure
John Smith
Who the fuck isn't taking this seriously now? Certainly everyone around here in WA State is.... and that seems to be the same for all other states in the US.
Deborah Thornsbury
I've encountered so many people in the past week where I live in the USA who are still in stage one. So frustrating. I'm a registered nurse trying to warn them, to save all our lives, and I'm being attacked in public and online as a "fear monger". One day they will look back on this. Obviously, not all of them.
First Last
Bored Panda is my only access to social media. I'm a millennial and I refuse to sign up for FB, IG, Twitter and whatever else. I think I'm in the minority of people in my generation who hates most (not all) social media platforms. With that said, I don't/can't give my opinion the same way others can. This entire situation (hoarding and the "I will do what I want when I want without regards to others" attitude) has given us an opportunity to see that humanity is absolutely declining. If we are ever in a situation that requires complete altruism we are seriously doomed. We're losing the capacity to truly care about others. Retweeting a good deed done and tweeting about injustices pales in comparison to actually showing and TEACHING empathy, kindness and benevolence. I understand that in a lot of cases people do learn from postings, but how much of it is actually incorporated into their lives? Coming together shouldn't be relegated to natural disasters and war.
Marta Nowak
I live in Poland. Polish government decided to close schools and other public organisations just after detection of first cases. Citizens closed many own business for those two weeks and we're staying in our homes to make isolation more efficient. Streets are really empty, people take it seriously! There are no penalties or something but peoples just want to do everything to stop the virus. This is another fight for live in our history so I hope we will succeed once again! I hope we ALL will win this war!
Marion Gillingham
I think the world has two types of people #1 people who care about others #2 People who care for no one only themselves.
Cara Clark
I live in the us. They have shut down bars, restaurants and clubs. Scool is out for 30 days. However I am in a panic because im a single mom of 2 who had 2 part time serving jobs and now am jobless. No money coming in. I think we need to go on 24 hour lock down to get this under control so all of us UNITED STATE'S CITIZENS CAN GET BACK TO WORK AND LIVING LIFE AGAIN. Totally isnt fair that some are jobless, while others can still work and provide for their families and go out to places like nothing is wrong. Now that ive lost my jobs its not like anu one is hiring right now. How do i get diapers and wipes for my baby. How do i buy groceries ect. Im very nervous about the situation. Also Thankyou for sharing!
Mohammad Ammar
We're on stage 3 here in Pakistan. What's worrying is that they're only testing people with travel history, which means the actual number of cases is probably far greater
Sue Prewitt
GANYMEDE - A 20 year old who thinks they know anything. That was a horrible thing to say. I hope you get it.
This is a serious situation, but we need to be responsible here. "You Have No Idea What’s Coming" is intentionally dramatic and panic inducing. When people panic they make bad decisions. We need to focus on prevention and mitigation.
Peter Kelly
While I understand this reaction and the worry he feels, I think it the wrong way to react. Ultimately, there are two ways to behave and two ways to feel: Either you can just ignore everything, everyone, and common sense, by behaving like a selfish moron with all manner of consequences, or you can be reflective, understanding, and considerate, which can never be a bad thing irrespective of any situation. Then, as regards feeling, you can bemoan your lot, sit in a fit of depression, and feel like you're kissing your a$$ goodbye, or you can be phlegmatic, sensible, and measured, knowing that this will pass (even if you're not fortunate to be amongst the survivors). For me, I'll pick the latter of both, because the former is just a pointless exercise which can only make matters worse, or seem like it is.
Rob Chapman
Every region & country will be different. India, with a population of 1.3 billion...has 114 cases. And they had their first case weeks before the U.S. or Italy. Russia has 95 cases,and they share a border with China. Japan was one of the first countries outside China to be affected, and what happend in Italy hasn't happened there. And speaking of China, thev'e already passed the peak (that occured in early February), and are seeing fewer & fewer new cases.....In other words, it's mostly run it course in China in about 2 months (from the time the outbreak began to spread rapidly in early January). If the most populous country on Earth can get this under control in yhe span of a few months, so can the rest of the world. .
Katinka Min
Most shops in Germany are closed as of today. I really hope this helps prevent the situation we witness in Italy, because the loss in revenue is 1,15 billion a day. My income is gone, as is that of most of my freinds. I yelled at my Dad, today, who is 86, still want to go out shopping and deosn'T know what the fuss is about, that we are tanking the world economy for his generation. (Ok, and to prevent collapse of our medical system) Many old people seem to think as long as they have stocked up on food and looroll, they'll be fine. But this is not war, it's a virus! Stay at home!
Misty-Robert Waddell-Plank
Ive been a nurse for 20 years, ICU/cvicu 18 years. Im very concerned that US isn't prepared for COVID 19. There was a nursing shortage before this even occurred. The US doesn't have enough ventilators or nursing staff trained to care for these sick patients. So yes people stay at home!
Derrick Barychovac
Italy has socialized healthcare. There are unions, bureaucrats, and insane amounts of red tape that made it so Italy was unprepared to handle this otherwise innocuous situation. South Korea is recovering rapidly because their healthcare system exceeds Italy's by leaps and bounds. What's happening in Italy is what happens when governments run healthcare. The entire healthcare system gets overwhelmed because bureaucrats and unions prevent and stifle innovation. It fosters a lackadaisical atmosphere of seniority over diligence. You're correct insofar as people thought it could never be me, so much so that union healthcare dismissed the idea that such an "outbreak" could happen; and because of that dismissive attitude there weren't as much innovation and preparation. Unions put up barriers to entry. That's how seniority works. The innovators aren't recognized or allowed in, so they go some place else, and take their work ethic & ideas with them; leaving the poor to pick up the pieces.
Angel Stearns-Lozado
I'm in Owego NY USA. I'm grateful our 2 college students and 1 H.S. senior are home safe. My wife who is a hardworking LPN in a major hospital is at work every day without fail taking care of the sick patients who show up daily tells me this is a very serious condition. They themselves are screened before work for any type of illness to make sure it is safe for them to take care of others. Take a good long look people. Recognize, Realize, Remember we're in this country together. Keep each other safe. STAYING home isn't a bad thing. If you don't have to go out DON'T. When it's all over we'll all have lives to return to. If we take care of ourselves NOW we'll be here for other days to come. Don't hoard if you think about it, share what harm is there with buying just what you need and letting someone else get what they need. Despite what you want to believe deliveries of food, water and other supplies will be available at all stores for everyone. Let's all be able to care for our fams.
People who don't care because they are young and healthy aren't mature enough to live in a society. The majority of us have the luck to have never experimented a pandemy before. Now we just have to do some little sacrifices for our elderly and our society, I think following the rules and STAY AT HOME is the bare minimum we owe to our society. Sure It's possible to survive without going to restaurants and pubs. This time at home could be seen as a beautiful possibility to do activities postponed for the lack of times ( like reading books, cooking new recipes, decuttering, gardening....and sure playing board games with your family ). Also thanks to all the people who have to work. There is no need for panic and sure the supermarket will be supplied with all of the basic products, even in quarantine zones. And for all of the people who thinks that buying big amounts of products to sell after will make them rich, you'll not become rich but sure you'll win the Jerk prize. Congratulations!
Tory Knotts
I am honestly curious about how bad it is in North Korea. Knowing how quiet they are about things, it makes you wonder what the death toll is in their old,sick,and malnourished population, or are they unaffected. Come to think of it I haven't heard them rattling their saber lately,hmmm. Thinking about it,I think they might have even more cases,due to them being allies with China and getting stuff from them.
Justinas: this virus came from China to Germany, from Germany to Italy.
I live in Miami, FL. I woke up to see on the News that most of the beaches in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale are closed.
I completely understand everyone needs to take the proper precautions, so we can try to flatten the curve of people who get sick so hospitals can handle it and let it run its course. I just don't understand why none of this happened in the 2009 avian flu outbreak. That killed thousands in the US alone, and infected millions, so why wasn't it as big a deal as covid-19?
WHO let the dogs out! ???
Brad Sanders
Like most,I think the US had a 2 month dead zone where we did nothing. At least. Our asses will be bit. Testing still isnt really happening.
M Jovanovic
Most of USA and for sure my State of Illinois got way ahead of these stages already. From these tweets it sounds like shut down of bars and restaurants and schools didn't happen until it was too late. Here we have 155 cases and everything has come to a halt. So I wouldn't say USA is oblivious and just sitting around waiting for a disaster.
Sandy Alphonso
I appreciate this information. I know people here in the US who have symptoms, but are being told there are no tests available. Businesses are still requiring employees to work. In the town I live in, there are no business closures. People are still eating out too. It’s scary!
I shouldn't say this in such a manner but this absurd is because of people ignorance and stupidity. My country has 17 cases so far and all of those are from abroad and still, there are 43k people with no sign of infection kept under surveillance (only suspected contact with 3rd person having confirmed illness and most possibly, like 99perc, not infected). It's different in the USA because of stupid government but at least the europian people - get a grip and act like you care. Asia is already kinda over it and the rest of the world will be. (I am not aware of the situation in continents other than Europe, America and Asia so no specific comments)
Steve Rodriguez
Yanowitz is self described crypto-currency guy who benefits from chaos, and he is certainly not a doctor. Italy has a large population of migrant workers from Wuhan - shocker....his general statement that it will get worse in US is probably true, just like it is getting worse everywhere. He just blamed our leadership while admitting Italy went through the exact 6 stages listed which included denial for most of that 2 week period. The socialized medical system of Italy was the greater problem, as socialized medicine cannot provide enough care and always leads to rationing. While US will see worse days, the availability of at-home over the counter meds, more transparent government (not enough, but moreso), a radicalized media proclaiming the apocalypse, sizable population of people driven by conspiracy and fear which will lead to more self-quarantine, not less; and a culture of "doing it yourself" which will drive at home care - all will keep our response much better than others
There were serious pandemics (without vaccines) in 1957 and 1969 and the world got through it. Look up the "asian flu 1957"-- 2 million+ died. It was scary. But people were less panicked than this. People are more panicked now than the WORLD WARS we had. People are more irrational now than when there were real rationing and restrictions on goods. People in Wuhan were calmer than this at the height of outbreak. Yes, that's right-- the place the virus originated from, the place with the MOST cases, and MOST deaths had more decorum than we do right now, and we have way way less cases. Sure, take precautions. Sure, self-isolate if you are at-risk. But panicking doesn't solve anything. Buying 1000 rolls of toilet paper etc is actively making things worse. Every hour people queue up is another cluster of potential virus outbreak-- its actively increasing risk to panic. This is just like 1957 except we are much safer now, much more technology, so why are people losing their shit so bad?
Barry Parker
Couple of important things though. One, it was found that Italians were particularly genetically susceptible to the virus. Two, places like South Korea properly tested and isolated patients avoiding 99% of the things you listed. Proper response can turn this from an apocalyptic nightmare to a mild irritation.
Ryan McKillip
Average age of Italy deaths are 81 years old. THAT IS WHY THE DEATH RATE IS SO HIGH. Flattening the curve is needed, but you need to look at factual data. The part of Italy with the most deaths has the highest average age in europe. Limit touching people, wash your damn hands and just follow the 2 to 4 week limited socializing.
Norman Cristina
Thank you for sharing this - and pat-on-the-back to the Maltese government for learning from neighbouring countries' experiences and implementing them in Malta!! :) No thank your to anyone who in any way undermines or tries to downplay the greatness of following the scouts' motto and for building our country over 7 years of recent legislature to be prepared for an emergency - thank god (and thank men-and-women-of-good-will) we are. Blessings and Good Vibrations to all. May good-health be restored to all by the grace of god and the work of man.
Jo Choto
As of today we are now looking at a complete lockdown. My mother will not be able to leave the house for 12 weeks, except for her critical medical treatment. No more trips, traveling, visiting or having guests over. No more going out unless absolutely necessary. We will cooperate with all these directives in the hope of slowing the spread of coronavirus and protecting as many people as possible.
Laura Zaini
you must be scared, or you'll end up like those idiots who keep going around like nothing is happening
Laura Zaini
I live in the area of the first case here in italy, it is all true
Delphine Fray
Well, if we're being honest for 2 seconds, it is the authorities and government who should have closed transportation of people and goods from and to China (and other confirmed infected countries) as soon as they found about the spread of the epidemy there. But the economy is way more important than your life. Truth be told, they don't give a damn about your pathetic existence, but now it got out of control. So now, it's not about damage control, it's about taking drastic measures because we are governed by irresponsible assholes. Like they never learn their lessons from the previous major epidemic outbreaks all around the world. I'm no specialist, but it's common sense.
Sill Marien
whats "cont'd"?
Lindy Mac
Orla, tweeted ( above) this info was scaring people...damn right... it seems people have to be "scared straight" to get the message that this pandemic is no joke. Thanks to Yano for taking the time to share his experience and thanks to Bored Panda for posting this so people get the message from someone who is living in a country that got hit hard, instead of just from TV.
joe rey
Tnxs for sharing. Lets not b safe,try not to go outside if not necessay n if u do take all precaution measures even u arrive back home. Lets have faith in our God n pray to him that one mornin when he wakes us up we will b free from this crisis.God bless b safe
Netana Branham
Trump and his cronies are trying to keep everything running by sacrificing the elderly and weak in order to keep the economy going. We are looking at a real crisis here in the states
The person who is wishing for America to fail needs to be arrested for treason and stripped of their citizenship. Let them trade places with someone in an ACTUAL bad country. It's sickening to know people like that live among us.
Tim Lambert
The government and all political parties should stop fighting against each other and trying to win votes and just work together to save lives! Starts with President Trump (who I voted for). Get everyone involved. Republicans, Democrats, Independents and so on. Work together and quit being against each other. Its not about any political party its about saving our citizens and our country. ALL POLITICIANS NEED TO GROW UP!
Jennifer L. Heiss
In the USA alone 60K people on average die yearly of the plain old Flu...of those 60K over 40K got the vaccine..and nothing is ever said about it. Anyone who can't see this is a NWO/UN Agenda 21 trail (or real?) run is a fool of the highest level. This virus has a patent ..just like HIV, AIDS, Ebola, Swine Flu, etc etc...which means it is MAN MADE...and yet no one is going after the mad scientists who make these things? We are in more danger of mass stupidity than this flu... and it is very prevalent amongst those born since the 1990's.... thanks to Comm(unist) core dumbing down ..we went from being the smartest most educated country in the world to lower than some 3rd world communist regimes. Every 5 to 10 years they come up with some other FAKE crisis since the 70's and take more and more rights from the people... and anyone who still believes the BS that the media spreads a mushroom who likes being in the dark and fed copious amounts of bullfeces...
I'm in Japan,living in stress really long time,but not this extreme.(Did not expect this happens so fast and intense,compared to Japan)I worry about friends worldwide,at the same time,I'm really tired.Today,Japanese new case included people who traveled America and Spain.Japan will quarantine people travelled affected area.I'm glad to know that,or this will be endless.
Ky Kincaid
Well, there you have the RAW facts of just exactly how hard this will hit. With the present lack of leadership, I hope this nation fails and falls flat on it's face. Then, we'll stand a better chance of actually caring about others , than just this stupid messed up nation.
Zach Porter
Wartime triage in stage 4 but they didn't close the bars until stage 6? In Kentucky we're in stage 1 or 2 of the outbreak but already in stage 6 of reaction. Everything non-essential is closed, our gyms, theaters, bars. 90% of people are working from home and those that aren't are vital to our infrastructure. Good to know our country is ran so much more poorly than yours.
Norma-Jean Gibson
Thank you for taking the time to make us MORE AWARE . . . I think the US is beginning to get it! Because of people like you who care!
Lauren Highfill
Lots of us know/knew whats coming...we knew the first time we heard there was a CoV virus in China with a spread rate 10x that of the flu and an incurable pneumonia/COVID-19. We are called preppers. We are most commonly mocked by others for our so called "out of this world ideas". Many don't realize that lots of 'preppers' have seen war or disaster. We understand the fragility of the systems we live in. We know the government and public health systems are a farce in selling the fact that they have it "under control' some from emotional intelligence and others from their very own experiences. For those who don't know...they are about to learn. I'm glad its with COVID and not something with a 90% fatality rate like Ebola. Maybe, just maybe, people will start to realize the government and public health agencies can't save them from everything. They need to learn to care for themselves and their neighbors in times of crisis and be prepared for anything!
Just Barbora
I know it's serious. In my country (Slovakia) I am proud of people wearing face masks, gloves and they stay at home. Spreading hoax and breaking the quarantine (those who come from other countries and have quarantine and those who wonder around) get fine 1670€ or more. And arrested.
Viv Hart
What I find horrifying is those who bought all the toilet rolls, selling them at a profit in the car parks!
Gethy Cat
I think the 20 yo American (@SirenGanymede) who is salivating at the thought of his/her country's collapse needs to be one of the first to be put in a pine box. Everyone else. Stay inside. Stay safe.
Amy M. Deakins
The girl who tweeted that she has been waiting for 20 years for the US to fall, well in my opinion alone, she should move some place else. That is a ridiculous statement and you show your age when you say that. Because, during this time, if one of us fails, then we all fail. Precautions are important and smart in any viral situation. In this case, it calls for strict adherence to policies put in place by your government.
Jennie Daigle
It's really up to the people to do what needs to be done. Stay out of the public crowd, wash your dam hands, not just one or twice a day, wash after handling or touching anything public. If your can't find hand sanitizer, put 7or 8 drops of hydrogen peroxide in your regular hand soap! Use common sense & pay attention!!! But don't panic. This will pass like all the other viruses.
Justin Phillips
This is really really insightful... but... why don't people just use facebook instead of having to post 20 tweets to get a thought out?
Ellen Cora
This was an excellent wakeup call... those who don't deal with the possible (and probable) reality are in denial... delusional.
People who sacrifice freedom for security, deserve neither. This stuff is a masked airborne contaminant / 5g wave energy attack. It has nothing to do with people... And if it does, you still have a 99% chance of survival. Famine and war, due to being sheltered and not able to continue commerce, will definitely have a much higher death toll. People need to understand it is a set up.
Antonio Barrera
I swear this generation are such wussy.. You’re worried about scaring someone,? How about killing someone ??‍♂️ This world is in serious trouble.
Frank Angelillo
It scared the hell out of me.
Alaina G
So it’s going to get as bad as Italy? How did he know that
Robert Painters
Step 1 #Isolateyourself ,use mask,gloves if you think is crowded, desinfect at home ,don't touch eyes ,mouth, nose ,etc, Step #2 raise your immune system! Toilet paper ain't gonna save you! But your immune system will ! Take vitamins supplement! Probiotics, and natural boosters like ,garlic ,oranges, curcumin etc. Step 3 Isolate yourself if you're contagied ,wear a mask , don't go out, get help etc.
Yep, people were partying yesterday for patty’s day here. Clubs open, people stumbling drunk, fights, usual stupid sh- here... Went to burn and some guy came up all wanting me to share. I’m like brah, no. You stupid?!?! Not with this virus ?.. He actually got mad with me I wouldn’t share. People be just stupid..
Mike Skripek
Why is this guy just calling out America? “For how it’s run”? This isn’t the only country that it’s spreading in....
Teresa Pankey Dewey
Could someone please buy GANYMEDE a one way ticket out of here... what kind of person would say something like that? I get that she is only 20 but calling your county stupid, wanting it to collapse and saying it needs to be humbled... what kind of person says that?
Total Homes
How were all his tweets at every stage on March 14th.
Al Robertson
just a question...are dogs carriers ? thanks for putting this out lots of people think it will just go away
Lawrence O'Day
I think it's also important to note just because people aren't panicked about this doesn't mean they aren't concerned or taking precautions. People going to the beach with thousands of other people? Yeah that's not helping to prove my case, but also keep in mind for every story like that there's millions of people who you aren't hearing about. There's over 20 million people in Florida. A few thousand went to the beach. Yeah that's a lot, but that's also 20+ million people who didn't go to the beach, they had more sense then that. It seems to me we're being judged very heavily on those who are responding badly and not taking into consideration how much they are in the minority.
Lawrence O'Day
There is one glaring problem with this entire discussion. We aren't in Italy. Every country is going to react differently as every country is going to be hit by this differently. Speaking as someone who lives in the nowhereville USA in a town with 20,000 people, I certainly wouldn't expect us to have the same reaction as Italy. Italy suffers from fairly heavy pollution, Oklahoma does not. Italy has a very dense population Oklahoma does not. A lot of their cities are built along mountainsides or the ruins of older cities with limited access to emergency services and a difficult travel to get to better hospitals. Oklahoma is very flat and has quite a lot of hospitals that are easy to get to. The average age of Italian citizens is over 10 years greater then the US. Italians greet each other by kissing teach other on the cheek. These are all huge factors in determining the likelihood of the virus spreading, and how we should react to it.
John Jones
It’s a wild read and it’s safe to assume things will continue to get worse here, but with China being the only comparable country to the size of the US it would truly be impossible to quarantine everyone in this country. Large cities, possibly, but otherwise it would be impossible without martial law. Which would then launch a revolution.
Kelly Bruce
Wow posted this on fb and they legitly took it down
Ken Mack
This is the result of 5G as atmospheric electrification absorbes oxygen at 60mhz. This is why we have seen people drop dead. Cities all over the UK have recently been installing 5G weaponised street lamps all over the place. For those who believe this to be conspiracy, do your research! 5G is a weapon used by the military to scatter crowds, it can literally make you feel like your on fire! 5G MM waves are highly toxic and dangerous to the human body.
shaji ks
take the words of Jason seriously or the world will pay heavily.
Himanshu Raj
The sooner any government can impose complete lockdown with no movement of people whatsoever is the sooner they can hope to stop it right there.
Dorothy Parker
This comment has been deleted.
Natalie Archer
I shared this on Facebook and they’ve taken it down saying it violates community standards - anyone know why??
Silvia Evia
My country has 3.5 million people. We started with 4 cases on Thursday 12th, 5 days later we have 50. Classes everywhere have been suspended, but only tomorrow will shopping centers close. People are idiots, they only understand the gravity of a situation when it hits them in the head. Luckily my company has sent everybody home office but a few technicians. The consequences for the economy, small businesses and people with low or no means will be much worse than the death toll. Take care.
Sue Baker
I shared this story and Facebook and it was removed as not meeting community standards. This story is important and needs to be told. Too many people are not taking this situation seriously enough. It is better to err on the side of caution than to regret not taking the proper steps to prepare yourself for what you were warned about.
Lisa Chambers
The United States is a humble place you freaking 20 year old moron. You apparently haven't been anywhere else and sit within the confines of your neighborhood thinking you are so much better and smarter than the rest but the worst of the worst is that you are openly cheering for people to die. And that makes you the most sucking ass person to have ever been born in the USA. Disgusting. May that you wish upon all others fall straight on you.
Denise Porter
I put this on Facebook and it was flagged as Spam and removed...
Even those who know that this affects elderly disproportionately should know that the 3rd case here in Minnesota was a 30yo person who had NO underlying health issues we know of, yet ended up in critical condition. Still alive apparently, but as far as I know, still in critical condition a week (or more) later.
Sardonic Scribe
If you honestly believe what COMMUNIST China is telling the world about having it under control... yikes.
Eric Wojciechowski
Shared this post on Facebook and it censored as SPAM.
Pamela Scott
I shared this on Facebook! Guess they have issues with it. Said it goes against there policies. Yet I have a friend that shared a video of a toddle a d a kitten pretty much attacking each other while the idiot with a camera laughed. Not sure if the kitten lived the way the little boy was stomping and the kid was getting bit and scratched up. Maybe if people could hear what they are going through they would start conforming to guidelines and not exposing each other to this so they can hord toilet paper!
Simon Scott
I shared this page on FB but a few hours later it was removed as flagged as spam. Another friend had the same removal. What’s FB up to?
Simon Scott
I shared this webpage on facebook today, many friends interacted with that post, and just now fb informed me it was being removed as it was spam, and another friend experienced the same removal. What’s facebook up to?
Željko Babić
FYI, Facebook blocked this content, when I used it with no ill intent as a part of the comment to my cousin. Btw. I have <200 FB friends.
Nathan Zahorchak
Facebook has blocked this article's url as being against their TOS as spam/fake news
Nathan Zahorchak
Facebook has blocked this article as being against their TOS as spam/fake news
Blackman Sombrero
I think if anybody willingly breaks quarantine.....shoot them on sight.
Blackman Sombrero
I honestly think that if anyone intentionally breaks quarantine, we should begin shooting them on sight.
Olivia Masterson
ganymede, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!
cont'd: Stage 7: I have a Corona as weel, now I'm really really scared. Stage 8: I survied Corona, but my parents and grandparents, and some friends weren't that lucky. I'm mad about idiots who went home, and I blame them for death of my friends. and relatives. Stage 9: After years I finally found a peace in mind. I'm not mad anyone just enjoying daily life. Thanks to Coronavirus I found that there is no quarantie that we will live full and happy life so I start appreciate evey moment in my life, friends and family. The end.
Jr. Godin
To all of you who complain about this being scary, WAKE UP! If you're nor scared by now you are in another planet.
Christine M Quigley
We need to duct tape certain peoples' mouths and keep them from speading misinformation. This COVID19 virus doesn't care if you're American or not, if you're Democrat or Republican, black or white, and or if you have borders. Unfortunately, lots of people will need to die before we take this seriously. It's the American way.
I think somenoe there didn't get the real point. The point is the spreading rate, that can leads to healthcare collapse. In Italy 6/7 % of infected needs long ICU hospitalization, approximately 40% need standard hospitalization. I don't know any country able to treat simoultaneously almost half of its population. In EU, Germany is the best equipped with appprox 30000 ICU bed, but they're 80 millions, so ICU bed are less the 0,05 % of them. If we don't stop the contagion, in a very short time we can't treat lots of people, even if not infected, that needs ICU ( as example strokes, car accident, hearth attack, serious injuries).
Gary Crittenden
God's way of getting even taly for the current pope and the mafia!
i think the place where i live it's at stage 3. But there's only 1 person dead. ( so far )
Janelle Collard
This needs to be on every Internet platform: FB, Insta-whatever, Tik-Tok, ALL of them!!! And TV, radio + newspapers - for us older people. :)
Sheila Roach
Thank you for your warning.I fear its going to be all too true for many countries if not the whole world.Love and peace dear friends and pray for everyone on the planet x
Bendy Kokensparger
Thank you!
Nah, all Fake News. Caused by the Democratic Party. Yah, right, well, F U Trump, I said sarcastically
Sai Krishna Katakam
@boredpanda , please do not put ads on these kinds of articles, I shared this with my family and they had to see an embarrassing ad on their mobile.
James Crimpton
I've sent this to everyone I know. Please do the same. The more people who take it seriously sooner, the better chances we all have.
Jaded Queen
U do realize this is happening coz the Earth is fighting back .the stupids not taking precautions will die , problem is they will take the innocents too. Well at least the general IQ will rise
Demi Zwaan
What countries, apart from the USA, are not doing anything? I see countries closing borders, closing school, bars, forbidding events with a lot of people, etc. We're not all stupid, Italy.
Steve Mcnally Wish people like this ran our governments rather than the fuckwits that do. This lecture was 5 years ago
Maria Jurkovičová
Well, now Czech Republic is under quarantine too. From what I have heard (it might be not true though), some Italian people just came here, and there was definitely one sick American. It is still important not to panic, not to buy 100 rolls of toilet paper and 50 kg of rice... just take everything with a grain of salt. I just admit the situation is depressing and I feel sorry for small shops and cafes that must be closed. I hope they are not going to bankruptcy later.
Well, shit.....
Suzanne Ennis
The Italian government did a horrible job, starting with a year ago, defying its European and American allies, officially getting in bed with Red China and allowing 100,000 Chinese nationals to settle in the North and continue to travel back and forth to China. So this was the original horrible move and the reason why the numbers in Italy(and Iran, which made the same rotten deal with China) will always be worse than those in other countries. The second horrible mistake was to not quarantine the Chinese children whose families had traveled back to the communist country for the Chinese New Year, when everyone returns to their hometown, like Wuhan. The Chinese virus was already known to be deadly, but the Italian government is too infected with the cultural Marxism of political correctness to act rationally and protect its own citizens. Thank God for our President Trump, who had the good sense to limit travel from China as soon as possible, and saved American lives.
Gethy Cat
I think the 20 yo who wants America to collapse needs to be the first one in a pine box... Everyone else... stay home and stay safe.
Random Stranger
This literally opened my mind I'm one of the idiot who think it won't happen in my country however there may be many cases already which are left to discover because of lack of resources other reason ...God bless the wroldd?
Carol Emory
Several big differences. USA closed their borders and limited people from the hot areas of infection. USA also has the ability to commandeer empty buildings and facilities for more patients. USA has loads more resources than Italy. And while we still have idiots running amok trying to celebrate St. Patty's day, the majority of people are staying home over fear of what's to come. People of the younger generation and, otherwise, healthy individuals that contract the illness are being made to stay home in quarantine with their entire families and aren't being released until they clear two Covid-19 tests. As of right now, the max any state has reached is just under 1,000 patients. Washington States high mortality is due to the fact that a patient went undiagnosed in a Nursing Home infecting other people. Now we have Trump promising several million masks for medical staff, millions of test kits and new approaches in trying to rapidly test people. We'll be okay.
Max Herman
This is totally fabricated story. This guy is frustrated Americans are not taking this seriously? When did he have time to worry about America in all of this.?
George Paschal
For those that keep bashing America, if you don’t like it here, get the hell out. We are just fine. All this tweet is is bashing the USA, because we would never be thrown in jail for going out. We would never need a “certificate “ to be out in public. We are free people. Period. It’s natural selection at its finest.
Chris Carter
It’s funny you think Italy has handled it well. It’s definitely not what I’m seeing or hearing about. You think the US will not make it due to it’s platform? So far we are doing a hell of a lot better right now then most countries so I don’t understand your take on that? As far for idiots you mention, yea, they are going to still go out and act like it’s not serious but doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. Your talking about millions of people to follow rules! Good luck with that in any country.. Honestly, you’ve mentioned things we been seeing for the last 2 months and have taken counter measures because of it so I really don’t know why your acting like the US has no structure and everyone is the, “idiot” here.
James Macri
The rest of the world has and has had just as long as Italy. China much longer and they are fine. How damn stupid of this fear mongering piece of shit "article"
Oh fuck off mate, scare-mongering bullshit at it's finest, countries will have different reasons for cases of it, Italians for example kiss when they say hello, we don't.
Yaz Cam
Why is there an assumption that all areas of other countries are not taking this seriously? Not everywhere is Italy and not everywhere can respond exactly the same. To assume the states in the US do not have any kind of disaster preparedness is ridiculous. Obviously this is a new virus, but there is a foundation that is utilized. Just because you don’t see it broadcasted on your television does not mean there isn’t anything happening or that people aren’t taking it seriously. You probably would never see that broadcasted in addition to the many people who have actually recovered from COVID-19.
good points. could be summarized. people hate reading long texts
Italy has a population of 60 million people. Around 25k are infected. This makes 0.0004% of the population. Around 2k death. 0.000033%. And Italy is the "worst hit" country. And they talk as if all of them will die. Even from the infection 80+ year old people only 14% died. So shut your fucking Corona-Hype. If your death toll would be 10% then we can talk about danger. Just wash your hands. Life clean one time in your life.
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