31 Solutions People Came Up With To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus
There is a shortage of masks and not everyone can afford quality medical equipment. And far from everyone can stay at home 24/7 until this crisis blows over. Some people in China are turning to creative and weird ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
31 Solutions People Came Up With To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus
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The coronavirus is spreading further and further every day, prompting the World Health Organization to declare a global emergency. There are now around 10,000 cases of people infected with the virus in China, at least 213 have died due to the illness, and the sickness has now spread to 19 countries around the globe.

So it’s natural that people want to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, there is a shortage of masks and not everyone can afford quality medical equipment. And far from everyone can stay at home 24/7 until this crisis blows over. Some people in China are turning to creative and weird ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Bored Panda collected some of the most peculiar ways people are trying to keep the virus at bay, and it shows how ingenious some people can be. Scroll down and upvote your favorite pics. And when you’re done looking through this list, have a look through our articles about a dog that stopped its owner from flying to Wuhan by destroying her passport, as well as our post about the realities of medical staff working in Wuhan.

From grapefruit and cabbage masks to plastic bottles and even bras, some people in China are using whatever they can get their hands on to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. While most of these creative solutions won’t be as effective as proper medical equipment, any protection might be better than none. Probably. Just remember that a grapefruit is not a valid alternative to a professional mask.

Bored Panda talked to a member of flight staff from a major Middle-Eastern airline based in Dubai, who wanted to remain anonymous, about the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus. According to her, a family of 4 that traveled to Dubai from Wuhan has been quarantined until they are healthy.

She also told Bored Panda that the airline that she works for hasn't stopped its flights to China. Which has her concerned for her own health. That's why she's come up with her own protocol about how to protect herself from the virus.

"After every flight, I immediately wash my clothes and take a shower as soon as I get back home," she said. "While I'm on a flight, I wear a medical mask and I only eat the food that I prepared myself."

She also revealed that it's highly likely that she'll be on at least several flights to China in February. In her opinion, not all countries in the world are equally vulnerable to the virus and calls Dubai one of the "gateways" that is at risk.

The flight attendant revealed to Bored Panda that a large number of people are now flying with masks on and are disinfecting their hands when they can. According to her, people have been advised to touch their faces less and avoid large crowds.

The vast majority of cases of people with the coronavirus abroad are those who’d been to Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease. However, the BBC writes that in 8 cases (in Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and the US), people were infected by those who’d traveled to China. Today, the first cases of the virus reaching the UK have also been documented.

Countries are reacting by closing borders, canceling flights, and quarantining people returning from Wuhan. While companies like Starbucks, Google, Tesla, and IKEA closed some of their shops and partially suspended their operations. However, the WHO is sure that China can control the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

China locked down the province of Hubei (with 60 million people) from where the virus spread. What’s more, China’s advising its citizens abroad to stop non-essential travel back home.

Meanwhile, the UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand are conducting voluntary evacuations from Hubei province. These people will be quarantined to see if they show any symptoms. That’s because it takes 1-14 days for symptoms to show and the illness can be transmitted even before then.

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I don't blame them for trying to protect themselves by whatever means possible. This virus is hitting the lower income population the hardest and they're using what they have. I can only pray this gets under control as soon as possible.
Rose the Cook
While most of these seem funny it is no joke being in China now. In the outer areas of Beijing busses are no longer running and taxi drivers are wearing what look like spacesuits.Housing compound gates are locked allowing no cars in or out. You can leave on foot to go to the supermarket but must be able to prove you are a resident to be allowed back in. People with luggage or otherwise obviously returning from a trip are being refused entry to their homes. These precautions are being taken by the Body Corporate of each complex.
If this is real then this is really sad. The government should be providing every citizen with a free mask
Lou Lopez
Although many of these are obviously intended to be silly, there's something depressing almost in the desperation. It makes me think of all the weird "remedies" people resorted to during the black plague. Lucky for the victims, we have much better health care these days...even if we are still tying fruit to our faces.
Ed Souza
Pretty fucking sad if you ask me. Imagine how terrified the entire country must be.
Dorothy Parker
Not amusing. These people are very frightened. If we were smart we would be too.
Obviously people are scared and rightly so. Many of these will help stop people coughing on you. And stop you touching your nose / mouth just after touching a ? contaminated bench etc. Gloves would also be more useful.
Robert O
P3 mask or higher to protect yourself against the Corona Virus, but even that does not protect those moist eyes of everyone. Surgical masks don't work to protect against an aerosolised virus.They are used by medical staff protect patients's wounds from doctor spray. P2 masks will filter out industrial dust but not the aerosolised virus. Pollen masks don't work etc etc. annd there is so much misinformation out there about risk, a lot of alarmist anecdotal stories. Go to the page of your local Centre for Disease Control and inform yourself if you are concerned. Reputable sites
Melissa D
What they don't tell you is that the people who die are elders, young children and those with weak immune systems. But out of 10000 only 200 and something died. (Still sad don't get me wrong) but that isn't many. And like I said above. Though stop going to China at this time and if you are in China you shouldn't be able to travel (even if you a tourist) at this time because there is a chance they could have it
Jacey Lynn
I feel like North Dakota maybe should wear masks too. Two people got it already! Keep fighting! We can live! And we can beat this virus
Naomi Wayker
This is so heartbreaking like they have lives and now they gotta fit into there schedule live without chatching a virus
laura gilman
I think it's time China change its animal rights and food handling laws
I think this is just so very sad. How frightening to be right there where the virus is spreading like wildfire. Clearly people are desperate. Although I did notice that a large number of the folks in these photos aren't wearing gloves -- so you'll risk suffocation to protect yourself, but won't wear gloves?
Melissa D
Have they stopped people from returning if they are in China?
Flavia Slag
Who came up with the bright idea of using produce to protect you from a virus?
Radiance Daimond
Very interesting, well u can look about Copper (Cu+) and Silver (Ag+) in wikipedia be more scentific protection!
SciFi Vortex
At least the masks will make it harder for Mainland Chinese to spit everywhere.
Carol Roeder
These are really scary. I mean putting big plastic bags around your kids is just dangerous. I mean really, they are coming really close to suffocating themselves with some of these contraptions! Why would the government let them do this stuff unless they want to decrease the surface population?
Vernice Aure
Many comments mention that even if a cobbled together mask may not give good protection, it would keep someone calmer. That is a BIG point. When calm, your breath and heart rates are lower (less inhalation), you are more alert to your surroundings, and it's easier to make safe decisions.
Dakota Dawson
how do they breath through the bottle and what happens if they're were out side and it rained theyd'd drown
It is still wintery cold so these bottle masks might be fine and also keep the head warm. Imagine it is summer heat. No one will survive them.
Victoria Swift
Hmmm....I think I'm going to go stock up on masks
Daniel Puscas
I think most of the "solutions" shown are plain stupid. They do not offer any protection and open up to new hazards.
Chris DiFonso
Gives me some ideas for Halloween costumes...
Joe Blowe
The biggest problem with the corona virus is that regular surgical masks and even N95 masks will do nothing to stop the virus. Regular surgical masks stop only the larger particles in the air, N95 masks are capable of stopping smaller sized particles, however, the coronavirus particles are small enough to pass right through even the N95 masks. If you are able to find a mask that is rated higher than the N95 masks, the problem of your eyes being exposed is still present. The coronavirus can get into your system by landing on your eyes (a mucous membrane) and get absorbed. The people with the bottles on their head or completely surrounded by plastic are actually the safest of the ones pictured here.
People are so jealous of All the emo high school kids who had like the cloth masks to look cool That’s me
I am not a happy camper. Really no pyramid heads?
I wonder how many people are buying and wearing masks, but won't get the flu shot? How many people does the flu kill each year? Yea the flu shot isn't guaranteed to protect against the active strain, but wearing a mask is also a crap-shoot
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