50 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (August Edition) (Interview)
It’s that blessed time of the month again when Bored Panda makes you smile with heartwarming photos of rescue pets.
50 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (August Edition) (Interview)
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It’s that blessed time of the month again when Bored Panda makes you smile with heartwarming photos of rescue pets, as they're being welcomed with open arms by their loving new owners leading them to their forever homes. We’ve collected some of the fluffiest and cutest pics of pets getting adopted and we hope they’ll keep you warm as August gives way to Fall.

Remember to upvote your fave animal photos and post your own rescue pet pics in the comment section! In case you need some extra wholesomeness and warmth today, we invite you to look through our previous animal rescue posts from July, June, May, April, March, February, and January. 2020 might be a difficult year, but it’s been great for pets in shelters, don’t you think?

Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the Arizona Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals about adopting pets and making them feel right at home.

Kelsey Dickerson, AHS’ Media Relations Specialist, told us that when welcoming a new pet into our homes, it’s essential to realize that each and every animal is different and will go at their own pace.

“Although we may be ready to welcome our pets with open arms and lots of cuddles, our pets may not be on that level yet so it is important to give them time and space to acclimate to their new surroundings, becoming comfortable in the home and have time to decompress and de-stress if needed,” she pointed out that we have to be very patient and understanding of our rescue pets.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help this process along. “Make sure your pet has a comfortable, safe, and quiet space they know they can go if they need time away or time to themselves. If there are young children in the house, it also is important to ensure that they understand the do’s and don’ts of interacting with pets (i.e. letting pets come up to you for pets/cuddles, don’t get too close to their face, don’t interfere with feeding times, etc.).”

Welcoming new pets into their new forever homes means taking care of their physical and mental needs, too. So have lots of fresh food, water, and proper shelter prepared in advance. Also try to have a safe space for your new pet, some toys, treats, and (most importantly)—plenty of love and care.

Kelsey from the Arizona Humane Society said that adoption doesn’t just add a furry friend to your family; it also supports your local animal shelters in their mission to save lives.

“When looking to adopt a pet, it is extremely important to do your research about not only the type of pet you’d like but also the care and needs of that particular pet. Many shelters and rescues are very open and transparent about a pet’s medical and behavioral background, so it is important to fully understand what a pet will need to ensure it has the best quality of life with your family. If you have questions about a pet’s history or the care it will need moving forward, do not be shy to ask the adoption’s counselors or employees helping you with the adoption process,” she explained.

Kelsey added that it’s vital to be realistic about what you can provide your future best buddy “in terms of resources, space, time, and any ongoing medical or behavioral care it may need.” So a husky puppy will need completely different care from a fully-grown cat. And a rabbit will have different needs from a guinea pig.

“At the end of the day, it is OK if you decide you are not ready to commit to adopting. There are many different ways you can still support your local rescues and shelters and help save the lives of pets that don’t directly involve adopting including volunteering, fostering, becoming a donor, and advocating for strong animal protection laws.”

Meanwhile, ASPCA Adoptions Promotions Manager Kelly DiCicco told Bored Panda that sometimes matches between shelter pets and new owners don’t work out and that’s ok.

“We encourage any pet owner looking to rehome an animal to first reach out to their local animal shelter, who can often provide assistance to enable the pet to stay in a safe and loving home,” DiCicco said.

“Even as they adapt their policies in response to COVID-19, animal welfare organizations are still following effective protocols to ensure pets match their adopters’ lifestyles and can stay with their owners, even when those owners return to a post-pandemic schedule.”

She revealed that the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City hasn’t seen an increase in owner surrenders or stray intakes when compared to the same time period a year ago, in 2019. The same seems to be true for the rest of the country.

“However, during any disaster situation, there’s always a risk that pet owners will not be able to provide adequate care for their pets, so it's important for people, shelters, and communities to prepare for any animal welfare consequences that may result from this crisis.”

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YAY!!! These awesome hoomins and their furbabies have started my day on a great note!
animals pets
I’m so glad all of these animals got the loving homes they deserve! Adopt don’t Shop.
Am all smiles now.
Carrie Laughs
Happy long lives to you all in your new homes!
Love this part of the month.
Gabrielle Daylano
These are so sweet❤️ I didn't adopt, but I got my first foster kitties yesterday! I know they wil get loving homes like these animals. They did adopt a piece of my heart ?
These absolutely warm my heart. Thank you to all who saved these amazing animals. Your a true (and much needed) hero.
Leo Domitrix
"This tiny doom" so describes my cat Black Dahlia, I just had to giggle!
Anne Reid
Less than two months ago, I adopted my first dog! A 5 year old mastiff who turned out to be 9 months old. Yikes! Life is chaos now but I love her so freaking much!
Oskar vanZandt
These adoption threads always bring a little sunshine into my life and a smile to my lips... thank you.
Stacey Mueller
Stressing out because I cannot upvote them all!
super awsome but where are the huskys!
Juliet Ware
Thank you all for adopting! Adopt don't shop xx
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