40 Pets Lovingly Staring Into Their Owners' Souls That Are Warming Everyone's Hearts
The looks that our pets give us can make our hearts melt—sometimes it seems like they’re looking straight into our souls.
40 Pets Lovingly Staring Into Their Owners' Souls That Are Warming Everyone's Hearts
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We all know that our pets love us. They snuggle up to us when we’re cold. They cheer us up when we’re feeling down. And the looks that they sometimes give us can make our hearts melt—sometimes it seems like they’re looking straight into our souls.

Get ready to ‘aww’ and smile a whole lot because Bored Panda has collected some of the cutest and cuddliest photos of pets admiring their hoomans. You can literally see how much love they have inside of them by looking into their eyes. Be sure to share this list with anyone who needs cheering up and remember to upvote your fave photos. We’d also love to hear about how much your pets admire you, dear Pandas!

A lot of people like to discuss whether cats or dogs love their owners more because felines have a reputation for being aloof and independent. The truth is, neither cattos nor doggos love their owners any less because of what type of animals they are. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview about bonding between cats and their owners with Dr. Kristyn Vitale from the Human-Animal Interaction Lab at Oregon State University.

"Our research has demonstrated that pet cats can form stable, affectional attachment bonds with their owners. The majority of cats have the capacity to use their owner as a source of comfort and security, especially when faced with stressful or unfamiliar situations. Our research has also shown that cats can be very social toward their owners, especially when their owner pays attention to them," Dr. Vitale from the OSU Human-Animal Interaction Lab explained to Bored Panda.

According to her, there's still a lot that we don't know about cat-human bonds. "Kittens aged 3-8 months and adult cats display secure bonds with their owners. However we don't yet know how long it usually takes for cats to forms bonds with their owners," she said.

"We do know that at least in kittens, these bonds do not easily change. When we followed up with kittens, 81% of them displayed the same attachment type as they had previously (either secure or insecure). If a kitten was secure the first testing session, they were likely to be secure upon follow-up. Although we don't know how long these bonds take to form, they seem to be relatively stable once established," Dr. Vitale added.

She stressed that the best way to maintain a secure bond with your pet is to be receptive to it. Especially during stressful situations. "In humans, we know that attachment bonds can be impacted by how the caretaker handles negative experiences. So if you know that a stressful event is going to occur, such as if you are moving or taking the cat to the veterinarian, it is particularly important to remain calm and provide positive attention to your cat. This can help the cat continue to see you as a source of comfort and security."

Bored Panda also previously spoke to Dr. Vitale about her study about how cats can form secure bonds with their owners a lot like dogs and even human children. Vitale and her colleagues found that 65 percent of kittens were securely bonded to their owners.

A secure bond means that when a kitten’s owner returns to them, the cat will pay attention to them and explore its surroundings. On the flip side, an insecure bond means that the kitten is stressed-out, avoids its owner, and shows that it’s anxious through its body language.

“There has been relatively little research into the cat-human bond, especially when we compare it to the number of research studies with dogs and humans,” Vitale said about her study. “So our motivation was to bring more knowledge to this field of study.”

She said that the “attachment bond” that cats display toward their owners is “very similar” to the bond that dogs share with their owners. “And even the bond human infants display toward their caretakers,” she added.

“All three species display the same distinct patterns of attachment behavior. The majority of individuals in all species are securely attached to their caregiver, meaning they use their caregiver as a source of comfort and security in an unfamiliar situation.”

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Tomasz Jackowski
My dog is always checking on me when I spend too much time at the computer.
And here is my photo from years ago :)
Say again that cats are cold and aloof who don't actually love their humans. I dare you.
Be the person your per thinks you are...
That's it. This wonderful post has convinced me I need a dogo. A rescue dogo. Or maybe foster one? Tomorrow I will take care of this.
deanna woods
There is nothing more special in this world than the unconditional love of a pet.
This gave me smiles that I desperately needed :)
Carlos Costa
Me, Friska and Zéca (Black and Wight) Coffee moment :)
chi-wei shen
I wished my wife would look at me like these pets.
Dorothy Parker
These are some of the sweetest photos yet. So much love exchanged here. I'm all teared up.
All of these are so adorable!
Craig Sartor
Me and my pupper.
Sandy Murphey
Here's my kitty, Mitzy the Beautiful looking at me with love. What do you think?
Ioana Sandu
....and then there's my cat
So many cute pets, I really hope we can adopt one oneday. But seeing all the pictures in the cars with people just holding their pets make me anxious, I really hope they were not taken while driving and that the pets were properly secured for drives!
Lisa Hart
What L?ve looks like!!
This makes me want to go home from work to be with my dog... Few more hours to go..
*everybody liked that*
Picture Queen
In August we had to say goodbye to our baby boy Pugsly. He was 12 yrs old and sick but he adored my husband & would always look at him like this
Hannah Dunn
Aww they r so cute
Flavia Slag
Couldn't finish...I miss my dog so much.
Jennifer Hardacre
Too many of those photos showed people driving or sitting in the front passenger seat with the dog or cat on their lap. Very dangerous! If there were only a mild collision, the airbag, deploying at 300 mph, would crush the little crittur to death. You know you wouldn't carry a baby on your lap - why put your little furry friend in harm's way like that?!
Rescued her 9 months ago. She was so terrified of everything that she'd scream when a person walked in the room. This is now my normal view while working at home.
Who said cats are so mean, or don't give a fuck about you. Clearly these pics have prove you all wrong, so adorable!!
Rã. R. Field
My kitty is a Bengal blend with Maincoone and she is just five months old, and she is so heavy all ready. She has a very unique kitty/dog attitude. I am a Assistant for many a feline, have had two extreme breeds my life( between them 43 years and their stats record barely ten.) So I am hoping my great training will help this kitty more as she is a New breed yet to be watched as she grows..gosh no-one knows what size she is going to get however Say Not to do something,( usually to protect ‘her’) and that’s what she luvs. So I am making different places hidden around my house so I can tell her No don’t go there, and know where to find her. I have never had a kitty that can run up walls so fast, and she ain’t light. She uses the clothes hanger/dryer as a jungle gym, at least I have film of that and it’s seriously to more to come...A 5 month old the size of a grown house cat, beautiful markings and her face is very cute; her eyes a Manuka honey, this makes her look wild!
Gipsy Kings fan
My Mom once said that the bond between humans and animals is proof of God's love.
Yeah, you heard
These are adorable. Let us all love each other the way a pet loves it's owner. No concern over uneven skin tone, pimples, missing teeth, bad hair or imperfect body shape. Animals just love us.
Jo Choto
I love animals so much, but I can't have any living with me, so BP feeds my need.
Dorothy Cloud
They are all so sweet and loving!
Diana Parker
Their love is real, and unconditional. Age, weight, hue, socio-economic status notwithstanding.
Catherine Brady
These were all so wonderful and I have now had my "adorable fix" until the next Bored Panda. What great therapy in hard times.
Alexis D.
this is the kind of quality content the interwebz was made for!
Nancy Massi
Loved this. We don't deserve them but we need them in our lives.
Julie Wagoner
I think there's total cuteness overload here! My heart is happy!!
Nasty Ku
dogs are the best
Pseudo Puppy
Am I the only one imagining their (the animal's) voices while looking at these? :D
Omgoodness, these photos just melt my heart and make me want to squeal with excitement.. I love them all! I read somewhere that doggos look at us like their puppies.. so they love us, take care of us and comfort us as if we were. I believe it because my babies are always there to cheer me up and take care of me on a good or bad day. They are my life!
Missy Moo Moo
I love my dog so much... much more than she loves me. She's a British Bulldog and food is her true love. She never looks at me like these pictures, but it's ok! I provide her food so by default she loves me as much hahaha!
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