This Dad And Daughter Have Been Taking Yearly Pics At The Same Spot For 40 Years, And The Pics Show How Time Flies (Interview)
Hua Yunqing started taking photos with his daughter by a lake in Zhenjiang in 1980 and kept the tradition up for 40 years!
This Dad And Daughter Have Been Taking Yearly Pics At The Same Spot For 40 Years, And The Pics Show How Time Flies (Interview)
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When you’re raising your kids, it can be difficult to notice how much they’re changing just because they’re always around you. Then, before you know it—they’re teenagers then they’re graduating from high school, and leaving for college or to start their own families.

Kids really do grow up fast. So to keep some pleasant memories of his growing daughter Hua Hua, father Hua Yunqing came up with the idea to take an annual photo with her at the same place. He started taking the family photos by a lake in Zhenjiang, in China’s eastern Jiangsu province, in 1980, and kept the tradition up for 40 years!

Scroll down to have a look at how the dad, daughter, fashion styles, and the scenery changed year by year and let us know what you think of the photos in the comments, dear Pandas! Which pic is your favorite? We’d love to find out. And be sure to scroll down to the very bottom for Bored Panda's full chat about the importance of having family traditions with Lenore Skenazy, president of the nonprofit organization Let Grow that promotes childhood independence. "Traditions nourish families. They give a sense of who we are," Lenore said.

Yunqing was 27 when he took the first photo while his daughter was just a one-year-old. At first, he didn’t have any plans to make this into a tradition. But all of that changed when he actually saw the first photo and absolutely loved it.

“I didn't have any thought of doing the same thing again but when I got the photo back, I liked it so much that when we went back the next year I repeated it,” he explained.

“After that, it became sort of the family tradition and we did it every year with only one break in 1998 when my daughter did not join us for the family holiday and was abroad,” Yunqing pointed out that there was a small gap in the photos.

Things changed quite a lot over the years. His daughter grew up into a beautiful woman and started a family of her own and that meant that Yunqing became a grandpa. Hua Hua’s first daughter was born in 2008 while her second daughter came into this world in 2012.

“When I started, I never guessed that I'd still be doing this when I was in my 60s and my daughter is now no longer alone, she is a mother-of-two,” he said, adding that he was pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions to the family photos online, even though he didn’t expect to continue the tradition forever.

"It is wonderful to feel cherished by any family member. Being loved, trusted, and respected is the wind beneath any child’s wings. A tradition like this seems like it would be one of the bonds keeping the family together through the years," Lenore went into detail about family traditions.

"And if the family members were far-flung, the sort of 'obligation' to get together annually would keep the family from drifting too far apart. That’s why holidays are so important—they often bring families back together, knitting them together with shared memories," she highlighted the importance of traditions for maintaining bonds between family members over the years.

According to Lenore, traditions help families understand who they are. "We are the family that always sings this particular song, makes this particular food, gathers for this particular event, or even honors our elders—dead or alive—in this particular way. Just as religions have special holidays, activities, do’s and don’ts, so do families—and they serve a similar purpose: defining and binding a group by what they share."

She pointed out that traditions can be extremely varied. For example, they can give hope and something to look forward to, as well as solace. "I have experienced loss, but I still have something I belong to that belongs to me. Traditions can be ridiculous—I have a friend whose family always falls to the ground and 'dances' on their backs at any get-together. Traditions can harken back to roots, as I’m trying to do myself, by cooking the foods my aunts made, as did generations before them."

She continued: "They can be fun—a beach house every summer. They can be quirky—always cooking chicken in beer on Mother’s Day. And they can fall by the wayside and still be revived. Just because you skip a year, or two, or 10, doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something meaningful again.

The president of Let Grow stressed that creating a family tradition is easy enough: all it takes is doing something a couple of times in a row while noticing that you're doing it. "Your kids will love it—they’re hardwired for meaning and continuity. Creating traditions with them enriches their lives and yours."

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Ken Ogden
What a beautiful story these pictures share. Thanks for sharing.
Victoria Goss
I didn't expect to cry but the picture of him holding his first grandchild caught me off guard. I love this so much, and time truly DOES fly
Harold Summer
One of the nicest, heart-warming and wholesome posts on Bored Panda. Thanks for sharing it!
That was lovely. I was worried one of them would be missing from the last picture, but happy to see everyone is safe and well. Really beautiful family.
Martha Meyer
really nice idea to do this every year! Looking at the later pictures with the grandkids, I wonder how she managed to have two children. They only loosened the one child policy in 2016, but I've also read that some provinces didn't enforce the rules very strictly.
Lærke Littlebird
Great reminder too that those akward teenage years do pass ??❤️
Aunt Messy
Wow, does she ever look like her Dad!
The changes of the daughter are amazing, she looks like a different person from year to year! So sweet. Love it
Raine Soo
This is a lovely family tradition. I hope that it continues with future generations.
1998 is missing ?
I love how she goes through so many hair styles. And thank god this series didn't end with just a photo of her without dad.
deanna woods
This is very sweet and heartwarming. It makes me think about my dad. He's still with us, but he's going through some health issues right now and they are kind of making him anxious and annoyed. This reminds us to cherish our loved ones because we don't know how long they will be around for us to make memories like this.
Sue Grigg
That's adorable.
Brilliant though - I wish I had thought of doing it!
Ah.... 1989.... when dad had his flirt with camp... I remember it well
Bridget Price
I love how we not only got to watch her grow but we also got to watch her children grow and it was so beautiful!
Mishte Tine
LOVE.Love. Love. Love.
why have they changed sides? ?
That is so beautiful. I love how his Granddaughters then join them ?
Marvin HoG
That is just a family full of beauty
Cristina S.
I love this so much! Especially seeing the grandkids showing up too.
Lyra Sis
I love the addition of her kids.
Jenny Rosbach
This was beautiful, and made me tear up. Very sweet idea.
Douglas Campbell
Pretty likable photo story.
This is great!
Vicky Zar
She has so much changed during the years
Wonderful. Brilliant idea, thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family.
Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming.
So beautiful. I loved the photos in the 90s, you saw her grow so much and her style change (her dad was style'n too). And then to have her children be pictured at the same age that the photos were started!!
This is wholesome.
Claudia Nelson
The photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing.
Irene Walton
Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful family
Alicia Dittmar
What a loving photo story. Thank you for sharing these beautiful life transitions. ?
This is just so cute! ❤️
Stacy S.
I love this story the pictures tell so much, this is priceless for the family.
Marnie Payne
I absolutely loved this!!!
What wonderful memories they will have with each picture!
These kind of posts are why I keep coming back to this site. Beautiful and heartwarming. Just what I needed after a bad day!
Deborah Elaine
I love these pictures of this family! Thank you for sharing.
P.girija Puchhakayala
That was so nice what a beautiful daughter and father!!!!. Lovely ones.
That's beautiful, I love it so much!! Thank you for sharing :)
Wonderful! Wish I had done something like this with my dad.
Jay Broderick
When I saw the picture with the granddaughter I went "ooooh!" then I saw the other one and yelled "there's two!!!" :) Love this photo series
Zoe's Mom
I was really hoping to see a wedding picture and I think Dad's clothes in the beginning were FABULOUS!! This was fun to view.
Parvathy Arun
So heartwarming! God bless!
Melissa Meaux
I love this so much! That dad has pizzazz ??
chi-wei shen
Maybe in 10 years or less the next generation will join.
What a loving tribute to their relationship and how it grew over the years.
Gen Helms
So sweet and beautiful! Made me cry. What a wonderful dad and Grampa! God bless! Thank you so much! <3<3<3<3
Kathryn Henry
It was nice to see the growth of his daughter and then his granddaughters, too. Lovely to see how his family grew over the 40 year span. Thanks for sharing your beautiful lives together!
Faith Nicole
What a beautiful story ♡ I hope they continue doing this every year for as long as possible
1998 is missing from the article, though it shows in the album pic.
Steve Onyx
I. Effing. Teared. Up.
She is very lucky to have had her dad in her life for such long time
Caroline Driver
Didn't she shoot up between 91 and 92?
Marek Yanchurak
I don't know what happened in '98 but she got gorgeous by '99.
Bistra Ilin
Look at the shoes at 88,89
June Dominguez
I am surprised that none of you noticed the fact that some of the girls looked nothing lie the true daughter! Some of them had more round faces and heads than the daughter herself and for us that have had kids it’s also strange that a child can’t go from an older age back to a kid of much younger years then back to being older again! Study the pics as I did then you will see what I am talking about! Someone is talking nonsense when they say she was there every single year! NOT!!!
Janusz Kubala
And now its hard to say which one is daughter which one is granddaughter :D
Billy The Kid
from his daughter being at such a young age up to his youngest grandkid being about 6-7. Sitting here looking at this thinking why didn't i do that? still no matter how old you are it is never too late as long as i am still alive
Joseph Brzezinski
Did anyone notice between 2003 and 2004 dad got his teeth fixed...
It is sad that they can't get the 2020 pic to continue the chain. Hateful pandemic
You know you get to see the little girl grow up and become a mother...but you get to see her father growing older too.
After a while of focusing on his daughter growing older... I focused on him growing older. So aware of my mortality, watching people get older... depresses me. But these are lovely photos.
oh my ..i'm in tears. wish i had such a strong bond with my father..
Lisa Owen
This is absolutely beautiful !
Peter Tamul
1989! Love the style
Shelby McClain
I love this! My favorite is her at 12. Us girls have so much attitude at that age :)! This was just a beautiful post
Colin Mochrie At Its Finest
My husband pointed out the change in the background-nothing to a walkway to a bridge
I really feel that 1983 is the 2nd picture and they got out of order. She's so much shorter than the previous two photos. She doesn't reach his waist or his elbows. I don't think it's a trick of shirt length or angle.
Kenny Kulbiski
Really enjoyed this especially how they changed. I noticed she didn't look to happy in the 92 picture. Then it dawned on me. She turned 13. It's against the code to look happy at 13. Looks like she recovered nicely though.
I'm so glad I didn’t scroll to just a photo of her and her kids on their own
Awesome! But kinda disconcerning when the replacements showed up
Anise Kim
This was really cute!
Dad looks so proud!
Fact Perils
Did anyone else notice that until like 2007 the guy didn’t age? Like at all.
Dorota Chodorek
I like it so much! I had an idea like that but didn't realise. Congratulations!
Effseven Six
These picture are precious and priceless. Im so glad they have them to look back on
Aging backwards!!! Grandpa looks amazing.
Sasha Kuleshov
What happened to 1998?
San Talib
When I scroll the pictures... i really hope the last one will not only the daughter with her kids (without father) Thank God, her father still there in the last picture - healthy and smile
That was cute when the grandkids popped up
Nicholas Yu
Oh good. I got to the end. Happy to see he was still in the most current pic. I had an impending sense of dread and sadness that he wasn't. One of the hardest things for a person to experience is seeing their parents grow old and realizing time is finite.
Wow.....I knew without a doubt this was one of yours Jonas. Another absolutely beautiful story. Thanks always for a job well done??
What's in the background to the left of the photo in 1984?
Pseudo Puppy
to be so lucky.... <3 :D
Cherise Pereira
Where is his wife and mother of the daughter? Didn't see anything about him being a widow.
Cherise Pereira
Where is his wife? Didn't read anywhere that he is a widow.
Remember BLM wants to destroy the model of the nuclear family. So, they would hate this post.
Leo H
Funny no hubby? Or he wasnt allowed in the pics?
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