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This Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans Using Her Own Unique Style
Artist Isabelle Staub is giving Disney animals that we know and love stylized makeovers, and they look gorgeous.
This Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans Using Her Own Unique Style
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Artist Isabelle Staub is giving Disney animals that we know and love stylized makeovers, and they look gorgeous. If you’ve ever wondered what these iconic characters would look like in human form, well, we’ve got a treat for you. Scroll down to enjoy some of Isabelle’s newest best work and be sure to let us know which artistic transformations were your faves and why. (We’re huge fans of Dory and Nala!)

The illustrator told Bored Panda that the Disney animal series wasn’t planned at all. “I was feeling pretty uninspired at the time and this idea came to me when I was scrolling through images on Pinterest. I thought to myself, ‘It might be cool if I did a human version of some of these Disney animals,’” she said.

Read on for the rest of our interview with Isabelle and when you’re done with this post, have a look through our previous article about her repainting characters in her own style right here.

“Once quarantine really hit, I had time to keep exploring this theme. Each piece varies on the time it takes but typically around 7 to 10 hours total. I would say the most difficult piece was Dory just because she was the first of the series and I was still fleshing out my ideas so there was a lot of back and forth on what I was going for,” Isabelle went into detail about her artistic process.

The cool thing is, she even filmed herself doing the drawings—you can check out the videos on her TikTok.

Isabelle told Bored Panda that Disney has been “extremely influential” on her art and that she loves revisiting her Disney animal series to spark inspiration. “I have been wanting to do some of the OG Disney characters like Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck! I think that would be a fun challenge for me... So that might be next!” she gave us a sneak peek into her future plans.

Bored Panda also talked to Isabelle about her as an artist. We wanted to find out if she always wanted to become one and if she had any awesome bits of advice for aspiring artists who look up to her.

“I have always wanted to be an artist! From as long as I can remember, I was drawing all the time,” she shared.

“One piece of advice I would give aspiring artists is to keep going and keep practicing. I have been working professionally as a freelance artist for 3 years now and I am still learning and improving my skills every day,” she suggested that artists keep an open mind and keep honing their skills day by day.

“The learning never stops!” she added.

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Martha Meyer
Why are all of them so uber sexualised.
Almost all of them has the same super plumped lips!
kate h
NAF. Every one of them looks like a cartoon soft porn star :(
Daniel Lewis
This Artist Turns Disney Characters Into Slutty Adolescents
Truth Monster
While it appears the artist has talent, they sorely lack in originality and/or daring in this collection. Remaking Disney characters is the safest possible subject they could have chosen, unless they chose the earlier Disney characters, like "Song of the South".
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
It must be a slow day in the newsroom as the Disney Princesses are back in full. Why can 't someone shake it up a bit and draw the Avengers or the Muppets as 18th century French Royalty?
Mewton’s Third Paw
Oh look, more giant eyes, tiny upturned noses, painfully swollen lips, and greasy skin. Gen Z is on one.
Anna Repp
Nope, nope, NOPE! Duckface on all females, really? And I'm especially mad about Dori - she deserves much better!
Tim Fischer
Okay Bored Panda, gave u so many chances. It is getting ridiculous. Your site used to be so good. If I see one more thing as transformed disney princesses or something like that I turn my back. Promised.
Michał Jastrzębski
Dory looks like she's suffering from acute hypoxia. Humans and violet skin tone do not mix, really :V
Tenay Douglas
I honestly don't see what everyone's so upset over. If you take the time to REALLY look at the characters they actually look pretty different, from the body types to their hair styles and make up presence on overall, also the characters are different animals with different personality types and etc so yea maybe dory wasn't overly accurate but you could see the glazed and slight absent minded look she had plus she added the characters most prominent features not to be sexual but to more openly show who each character is based off their original color pattern
I like these. I don’t get why others don’t. It must take a lot of time and effort to make these drawings. Pls don’t be rude about it, this is art. Art is meant to be different, and interesting. It is for you to think What was the artist thinking, what was their inspiration? Most of the people commenting are being extremely rude and not taking this into account. So STOP. It’s not making you a better person in any way. How would you like it if I did the same to your art. If you actually take time you see they ARE different to each other. Maybe some are not amazing, but it is normal to have some better work and some worse work.
Brittania Kelli
It’s not Disney animal characters as humans, it’s Disney animal characters as Bratz dolls.
Now i'm bored indeed...
Why do they all have to look like Instagram models? Why can’t some look like me? With freckles, short hair, not huge lips, no makeup, a normal and not overly sexualized face
Daniel Lewis
This comment has been deleted.
They all look the same...
Andrea Careless
Doesn't work for me.
Wow they look different ???
Bobby Sammons
Funny, I don't see any of the naysayers posting any of their works. You would think by their comments that they could do soooo much better.
Nala was my favorite. Though all the face shapes look pretty similar, I wish the artist had explored more with textures, angles and eyes
Haha clever BP, you wrapped this in a 'Disney animals in human form' paper, while this is secretly a 'Disney Princesses article'. You cheecky cheat :p
Craig Aitken
Thank goodness, it's been 2 days since we had a Disney Princess reimagined article.
Mike Shake
Fish gape fish gape fish gape they all look like fish
ispeak catanese
I am so sick of Disney shit.
"disney" *dreamworks fish* Yep, everything is alright here.
Alyssa Fry
Well,she gets bonus points for trying
John Baker
Enough with the Disney crap.
Onion rings like to make your breath smelly
The lips are all so huge! And Mary from the aristocats one has me mad
Alusair Alustriel
Yay, yet another Disney remaster.
Stephanie Keith
I agree with the comments. Especially Ariel and her lips. She had nicely thin lined lips. Probably the only Disney character that did not have full or huge lips. I liked that about her seeing how I have what many call flat lips. Lol!
Marilyn Bojanowski
Frick all this bad feedback. Everyone has their own style, and I for one think it's VERY well done. Ignore all the haters and keep up the good work! :)
Cat Nip Gal
My favorite is Nala
Willow Anderson
Despite all the negative reviews, I think she has a very pretty art style and I would love for her to expand her creativity so I could see more of her.
Chyppa Homer
Wasn't Lola already modeled to resemble Angelina Jolie ?
Luca Giordano
Is this a injectables advert. Terrible examples of how we can introduce unrealistic and unhealthy bodygoals into (young) peoples life.
elia 84631
i've seen this too many times before
Gerry Higgins
Very talented artist and all, but how many times will BoredPanda post this. This specific one or many, many others like it.. "Artist draws Disney/Cartoon characters as ...." It Has Been Done To Death. New content so I'm not an even more bored panda please.
Selam Dagnachew
They are all cool. really appreciated... i haven't seen like this before so continue
It’s literally her art style, I think it’s really pretty! It takes forever to find and get good at your own art style so the fact she is able to do something like turning cartoon fish into her idea of a human is astonishing to me. Just because she adds big lips and long hair doesn’t mean she’s drawing porn or sexualizing cartoon characters.
Daniel Lewis
This Artist Turns Disney Characters Into Porn Stars
"This artist turns Disney..." should be the name of this website.
Roald Andresen
I agree with the comment from Sandy Potempa-Ormsby (above).
Charlotte The Crazy Cat Lady
people who are downvoting these nice comments about her Great style are f*cking a**holes
Please DON’T give Disney any ideas for more horrible “live action” movies from their animated ones.
Isabella R.W.
This comment section is downvote central. Also btw, if you think it's over-sexualized I'm pretty sure it's just you seeing it that way. I'm pretty sure it's just the artist's style of drawing. People see things differently than each other, if you see this talented artwork as over-sexualized it just show you're offended over almost everything, Karen. (Or ken)
Csaba Hegedűs
Yeah, Jasmine is my favorite Disney animal too. But jokes aside, I'd sometime really wanna see male characters re-drawn maybe? Why is this weird fixation only towards princesses? Wo so wanna bring inclusivity into other franchises, pretending there never was there before (like Star Wars that totally didn't get inclusive with the introduction of Rey, Jedi Princess), but at the same time I feel only princesses define certain Disney titles.
Cupcake Cloud
'How about some diversity', there's a fish, a dog, a lion and a cat, how much more diversity do you want you mentally challenged hambrain
Party Poison
wtf?? unique? they are all the same, all super sexualized, look nothing like they should, seriously look like a weird cartoon pron star, man I could rant for days. nice drawings, just weird way to use your talent (sorry if this offends anyone, I'm just saying what I think)
the lady in the lady and the tramp looks like mila kunis
Camila Fernández Palomino
is amasinw
Yaz Cam
I guess people have forgotten that artist have their own unique style, hence the reason the art they create is similar to one another...
Peter Bear
Great art, lots of skill, but really only one style to the eyes/lips. Mostly, that looks really good. Roxanne is the exception; it looks the least like the original character of all the side-by-sides. I like it, just a little constructive criticism and my personal opinion about the eyes/lips thing. Still a heck of a lot better than anything I can do, for sure!
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