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Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Grim Reaper Animal Comics Is Back, And This Time It’s About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep (Interview With Artist)
Jenny drew a story about an owner’s emotional struggles as he brings his dog to the vet to be put to sleep and stays with him in his final moments. It’s bound to make any animal lover’s bottom lip tremble.
Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Grim Reaper Animal Comics Is Back, And This Time It’s About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep (Interview With Artist)
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We feel like we’ve been hit right in the feels and it’s getting hard to hold back the tears. German artist Jenny Hefczyc, who goes by the name Jenny-Jinya online, has released her newest bittersweet comic. This time, Jenny drew a story about an owner’s emotional struggles as he brings his dog to the vet to be put to sleep and stays with him in his final moments. It’s so powerful, it’s bound to make any animal lover’s bottom lip tremble.

Take a deep breath, scroll down, and let us know in the comments what the comic made you feel like and if you’ve ever had to go through what the protagonist went through. You can find Bored Panda’s posts about the incredibly talented Jenny’s latest comics here, here, as well as here.

"As someone who has loved animals all her life, I naturally had to let many go at some point. I also often take in sick and injured animals, not all of them make it. I always stayed with these animals until the end because it felt natural, like the right thing to do," Jenny told Bored Panda. "But then a heart-moving letter from a veterinarian went viral, who also asked not to leave pets alone in their final moments. This made me feel additionally confirmed and I wanted to draw about it even more."

Jenny said that this comic took her longer to draw than usual. "I saw my own dog in this comic and it was often incredibly difficult for me. I was rarely so relieved that a comic was finished. But I wanted this topic to be talked about more."

The artist also told us about how, if possible, we should give our pets one last great day before they're put to sleep. "Let it see its friends again, let it eat its favorite food. Let it know it is loved above all else. And then escort it to its last stop, make sure that the last voice it hears is yours."

The artist keeps reaching more and more people with her emotional cartoons. The number of Jenny’s Instagram followers have doubled over the last half a year from 174k in February to 344k in mid-August.

Earlier, the artist revealed to Bored Panda some details about her illustration process. According to Jenny, each comic takes a very different amount of time to draw. A lot depends on the amount of research the illustrator has to do—she takes every cartoon she draws very seriously.

“I need about a week for the drawing itself though,” she added.

Drawing has been an obsession of Jenny’s for as long as she can remember. She joked that her mother always said that she could draw before she could walk.

“I picked up a pencil when I was a kid and I never stopped scribbling. Yeah, I always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to tell stories and create worlds,” she told us all about her love of art.

However, that doesn’t mean that Jenny draws non-stop. She said that she has to take breaks and completely get away from art to recharge and avoid burnout.

“Many small artists are frustrated that they have not yet developed their own style or have not yet found their niche. But that’s okay. That’s something that cannot be rushed,” Jenny gave other artists some advice about finding their own unique styles. “It sounds weird, but let your artistry speak out. Finding your own style and niche is something that takes time to develop. There’s simply no shortcut.”

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Evelína Zlá
I sobbed through the whole comic... it touched the heart as always. Thank you.
Darn comic, now I am bawling my face off at work!!
Anna Kalita
I wasn't there when my cat died. He wasn't put to sleep; he was being fed and hydrated at vet's and was supposed to be examined by a more specialized vet after weekend - but he didn't make it. I couldn't be with him back then. I wish I was.
Im bawling again. All of Jenny's comics make me do that
This one killed me. The dog brought his little fish for his owner!
Roald Andresen
I don't even want to read this post, and skipped straight to the comments. Having to put down a dog is the hardest, most sad, most hurting thing I have ever done. That is the one thing I hate about having a dog. Hopefully, it is 10 years till next time.
Corey Smith
Why did I read this? These get me every time. Especially since I had to put my girl down last week. She was only 5. Our vet came to our house, so she was comfortable in familiar surroundings. I'm surprised I can type this with watery eyes.
I think everyone who had to go this way is crying now... Including me ?
At the vet office where I work, there is a strict "no clients in the building" and "everyone must wear a facemask at all times" rule because of what's going on in the world. The only exceptions are for cases like this. Not even a pandemic should stop you from being with them when it's their time. We also light (electric) candles around the office out of respect, and to let people know to be quiet.
Debi Blackshaw
That re-broke my heart. Last year I stroked my cat Solstice while she was put to sleep because she had an un-treatable tumour. The following month my other cat, Chox suffered diabetes complications and also had to be put to sleep. It was the worst months of my life. This comic perfectly portrays what it was like, knowing and waiting for the end. I still miss them everyday.
And I'm crying
The ONLY thing you do just for your pup is to "give them release." This is not about you, it is about them and they will tell you when it is time and when they do PLEASE take them or have the vet come to the house, hold them, kiss them and then TELL THEM IT IS OK FOR THEM TO GO. Then, if you have other pups, take the one who is gone, home so that the others can see that their brother/sister has gone. Otherwise they will look and look for them, they can mourn but they will not be confused and afraid. Remember this is the ONLY thing you do JUST for them. And it is so hard. I have 20 urns on my mantle, and they can "see" outside, and I can see them and my heart hurts so bad, but I know that they are free, playing, healthy and they are ALL together.
Rainbow Panda
If it's an option for you, see if you can do home euthanasia. It's not inexpensive, but well worth it, your pet will be in a very comfortable place.
Salma Hernández
No, I can't finish it. My dog and I experienced this. Is horrible because he was sick and sometimes I feel guilty because I didnt do anything to save his life.
Popcorn Colonel
that got me. I am in tears, when I was little I did not want to see my favorite doggo buried. I regret that to this day.
Raine Soo
I have the biggest lump in my throat at work...God, this is rough. If anyone is interested, Gotye recorded a song called 'Bronte'. It is about a family who loses their beloved dog. It is a beautiful song, but it is a big tearjerker. Sigh...
Alessandro Morgan
I was soooooo close to not crying
I had to have one of my sweet little lovebirds put to sleep a few years ago. Something had made her very sick and so the vet asked if I wanted to keep treating her and most likely have her in constant pain and stress, or put her to sleep so that she wouldn't suffer any longer and only get worse. So I chose to have her put to sleep..but it was the hardest decision I had to make, and just looking at her as I held her and saw that look in her eyes it took me a good ten minutes or more to decide. I asked the vet if I could be there but she recommended that it might be too hard for me, and so I didn't. I regret not going with my poor baby bird and wish so many times that I did. I have another birdy now but I still miss my girl.At least they offered to cremate her for me which I really appreciated.
Katinka Min
It mystifies me how people do not want to be with thier dogs till the very last breath. In my country a lot of vets come to your home to euthanize your dog. That is what I will do when it is time. I just hope,, I have the courage to let her go before she starts to suffer really badly and not wait until she has lost all will to live.
My beloved elderly grumpy cat is terrified of the cat carrier and the vet. When the time comes, I am hoping to use a home-visiting vet to put her to sleep. Less emotional trauma on her even though it will assuredly cost more.
Colin L
We've had to do this twice in the last 3 years, and it is so hard... we get someone to come to our home so we didn't have to stress our kitties out more than their illnesses were already doing. And all I can say is "grief is the price we pay for love." Our pets are here for us every day, and we are the center of their lives. For them, I will go through anything.
Mishte Tine
I can’t even look at these photos. My puppy - a senior lab mix rescue - needed to be “put down” - keeping him alive would extend his life for a few hours, would cause him insurmountable pain and would cost $1,600. The family surrounded him. We brought his blanket. We were sobbing. When the drugs went in, something happened. His eye went to mine, “Mommy, no!” He knew. He knew, he knew. We were all the floor, trying to soothe him. He had us.
Chrissie M.
I cried when I read this comic, because it touched some nerves. I held my dog in my arms when he was put to sleep. It has been 15 years since he died, but it still hurts sometimes, also because he was and very likely will be the only dog I'll ever have.
John and Brandy Keippala
I'm actually sobbing. I've held so many fur babies as we said goodbye. It's so very painful for all. Thanks for the comic. Sometimes we need a good cry and to remember how much we loved those who have gone.
Eva the Ravenclaw Bookworm??
This is touching and depressing at the same time... *hugs doggo and boy*
Brandy Grote
My snek is 22 years old. I know that day is creeping closer, and I am truly dreading it! I've had him longer than my husband. I know my friends who also love him will mourn with me, but it will be so hard to walk past his spot every day...
Mike Congdon
?? So sad, I can relate to this, had to do it twice, first time was a rescued gsd, gave her 5 yrs of love and fun broke my heart when I had to say goodbye swore I'd never get another,, but saw this pupper,, an oddball he was,, runt of the litter,, he became my best mate,, sadly he went as well,,, again I died a little inside say bye to my buddy,, ?,, again I wasn't gonna put myself through the pain,, so I thought I've now got a crazy gsd/collie cross,, he was being let go cos the ppl had just had a baby and he was only 10 months old at the time,, had him nearly 3 yrs and he drives me crazy but I love him to bits,, I will never forget my first 2,,they will always live on in my heart,, make the most of the time you have with your puppers ppl,, they give you so much love ?
Estellaleigh Franenberg
Champion was our golden when the kids were growing up. We used to say, "Go find Dad." and he would run barking around the house looking for my husband. My husband died young. Champion's time came a few years later. He was non-responsive, in pain, he'd lost his grin, his ever-wagging tail drooped, I couldn't delay any longer. As he lay on the table I told him what a good boy he was and how much he was loved. Right at the end I said, "Go find Dad!" and his tail beat the table, thump-thump, thump-thump. And he was gone.
Denise Anderson
Reading that while hugging my late dog’s teddy ?
I cried so hard my babies had to get put down. One because of lung cancer and the other because of multiple health complications
Benny Lava
Now do one where one of our parents dies, or even better... a child!
Nymphadora Tonks
Why did I watch this on my period
Nope. Not reading this one. Agree with the sentiment.
Ben Rossiter
I'm not crying. You're crying.
Victoria Morris
How can a beautiful illustration make me cry so much truly wonderful work x
Peter Bear
I thank the Reaper every day that this decision was taken out of my hands. My ol' girl Oreo lived to be 18, and by the end, she wasn't doing well. I was agonizing over the decision to put her to sleep... but the problem was solved when she passed away on her own terms. Thanks, Death; you gave me a great gift when you spared me that choice.
Steve Barnett
When my cat Billie was put down it fucking destroyed me. He had cancer, there were many lumps. 10 years and I still feel like I let him down, but his sister also developed cancer and we went through a years’ worth of treatment, but still she died. I didn't want Billie to go through the same. He was such just a gentle cat. Fucking miss him.
Note to self: do not read these at work. You captured the love perfectly, thank you.
Lia Joseph
Omg who's cutting the damn onions?? ? Cried so hard..reminded me of when my hubby and I had to put our baby Susie Sunflower to sleep
b l a n c
if i had to do this to my dog - i couldn't
Shannon Matthews
Several years ago, I had to have my winter white hamster (Wynter) put down as she had tumors and was definitely suffering. Because she was a hamster, I was not allowed back to where they needed to take her to be put down. She clung to my chest as I cried. When I tried to gently pull her from my chest, she fought even harder to hold on. I once again held her close as I told her that I loved her and that it would be ok and that I would see her again some day. At that moment, she let go. I still miss her so much.
This is so sad ,made me cry. I would stay with my fur baby to the end .
Carmen Elena
Dont cry. Dont cry. D-dont cry. D-do...c-c... ???
Sheila Landry
Thank you for this article. It was on my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday at a time when I was making this decision regarding my 16 yr old tabby, Richard. He has been fighting pancreatitis for four years and while his life was for the most part excellent, his recent flare-ups were getting harder to recover from. He passed away last night in my arms with the help of my amazing vet, knowing he was loved and will be loved forever. He was the best cat ever.
Sheila Landry
Thank you for posting this. It came up on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. We have been battling pancreatitis with my 16-year-old orange tabby Richard for over four years now. Most days his quality of life has been excellent. But when it flared up, he would not do well. Twice in the past four years, I said goodbye to him only to see him recover. This time was different. The medications were taking their tolls and causing other issues. That, along with age. I was struggling with the "when" yesterday morning when I saw this article. He took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon and I knew it was time. He gave me the signals and made it clear that it was time for him to go. We had made a pact four years ago that we loved each other so much, we wouldn't allow suffering if there were no chance of a good recovery. The time was here. We took him last night to our amazing vet (after hours) and he died in my arms, very peacefully, while I was softly singing his favorite song to him.
Our family dog Snoopy was such a good girl. She died naturally with us all around her in my brothers bedroom. She just simply rested her head on my brothers lap and went so peacefully. Always remember that evening. Miss her dearly.
Misha Writer
This one hit a little too close to home. I have lost three dogs. The first was alone in the kennel, he died unexpectedly and the fact he was alone is what hurts me the most. I was with the other two, one was 15 and lived the good life. My vet closed the office for us, and everyone in there was crying but she was old and sick and it was time The other, I adopted from the shelter at about 6 years old. She had been horribly abused, she never learned how to dog. She did learn she was safe, and she knew she was loved, but she didn't know how to dog. She was taken far too soon, but I gave her four years of the good life before Lymphoma took her from me. There was no way I was going to let either of them go alone. They were and are still my babies.
Oh my the tears! Our 14 year old dog had to be pts 5 weeks ago. Our vets aren't allowing anyone inside at the moment due to covid, but they brought her outside on to the grass with a drip attached so that we could be with her and they could still maintain social distancing. I'm relieved it was 3.30 in the morning so there was no one else around. It was beautiful and peaceful, and she didn't have to be alone (though she always loved the vets and all the attention and treats she'd get!). She'd been there nearly half my life (I'm 30), and life without her is awful.
Roke Saavedra
damn, it got me
Lazy Suzy
We started this year with a pack of 4 Labs, in the last 6 months we had to put down 3 of them due to old age and disease, so this really pulled on lots of raw emotion for me. The comic really captures all of the emotions; the build up, being torn as to whether you are making the right decision, the pain. Thank you so much for sharing and love to anyone of has recently lost one of their furry family members. xxx
Anise Kim
This was really touching and so, so sad. I wasn’t there when our dog died and sometimes I really regret that, but we just couldn’t bear to put her down.
The other comics never made me cry, but this one has be bawling my eyes out. I have my dog next to me right now and knowing that one day I may have to do this is torture
Mia Cardenas
We have family, friends...your dog only has you. His entire life revolves around your every move. Be there, always. Tears
My senior good girl came inside right after I read this. It made me love her more ?
I read it twice. Although I’m not a crier, and I didn’t cry, it was so much rougher the second time around.
Vicki Kloske
Because of Covid, the vet was only going to let one of us go in for my dog's final moments. I told them "the heck with that!" So we all sat out in the grass behind the veterinary office and to it there. Was over 2 months ago and it still hurts.
Laura Emmer
Danke. It was beautiful. I so wish my pets would understand afterwards (Like yours did) why we put them to sleep and how we hated to do it.
Dan Mccready
........i've been on this journey 4 times already and there'll be more of these trails to walk down before i traverse my is truly the most beautiful gift we give to our animal companions as their own path passes over the rainbow bridge...........
Kimberley McMillan
I should not have read this in public...
Esca Sav
I don't remember scheduling tears today
We had to put down our GSD about two years ago. We still have her favorite toy, a squeaky rubber bone, just laying around the house. Every now and then, somebody squeaks it in her honor. Her collar also still hangs on the banister.
Animal lover❤
Jenny, whyyyy? Your post always make me sob
Fred and George Weasley
god damn it. i think someones been hiding onions in my room
BiColi Erasmus
Our maltese was 18, when we decided that it was time. Her name was Spokie (Little Ghost), named for her distinct ghostly howl but for the last month she didn't howl, she barely moved and because she was blind and deaf she got lost in the house. As the vet gave her the injection, she lifted her head and began to howl one last time but she never finished it. She passed mid-howl and it broke my heart in pieces.
Aldwin Thomas
Stayed with my boxer girl Juno with her head in my lap. Comforting her and thanking her for her friendship and her unconditional love. She went calm and in peace.
Aldwin Thomas
When I went on the last trip to the vet with my boxer girl Juno, I stayed with her and sat on the floor with her head in m
Mary Bank
Both of my cats purred while they were put to sleep as I held them (both sick at different times in my life). I am DREADING my current kitty boy and my puppy boy (who are best friends). I think it's so hard and so painful for us because our time with them is so short, but they have their WHOLE LIFE with us. Be there in the end, let the last thing they see be the human they spent loving the entire time (if you are able too!). You are the world for your pet and make the time they are with you special every day.
Leo Domitrix
I've been there for them all, and my heart breaks each time, but I will not leave. My choice is ending their life. They're in pain, they're ill, the'yre dying slowly and in dreadful .... Well, it's my chocie to shorten their suffering in body, so it's my duty to be with them, to sing to them, to hold their paw, to look them in the eyes as they go. I cried hard this comic, dammit...
John Laurens/Gay Turtle
Oh my god I'm on Zoom and I just started sobbing in the middle of adv. algebra class. Thanks BP
Anna Repp
I'm crying now! My mom, dad and I stayed with our dog till the end and I still held her after the vet listened to her heart and quietly said "She's gone now..." Chloe was paralyzed, her organs were failing, there was no other way... We let her eat all her favourite foods at the hospital and let her eat as much cheese as she wanted... It's been 5 years, but I still cry.
Sharon Cooper
Of course this made me cry. I've had to put pets to sleep and it's so hard and heartbreaking even when you know they're suffering. I've had them die at home from cancer just before I was going to make the call, the last had leukemia (not feline, but actual leukemia) that wasn't diagnosed until the day before he died, which had gone into his bones, also not diagnosed until then , despite the specialist who'd examined him 2 months earlier). You just never get over losing them.
Ron Strachan
Ronny My lab had a bad bad stroke i took her to my friend A VET and told him what happened . He looked a t me and said Ron my Dad just had a stroke and I didnt put him down. I was just hoping t o releave her misery. BUT I took her home my wife and sat on the floor and fed her because her head had turned almost uoside down . I walked her every morning her regular route that we ran or walked together. She got much better and was with us to the age of 17 peoples years. before I had to go through it again. I was greatful for my Vet FRIEND. But he embarrassed me so that I never got another DOG amen.
Grace Note
I love the view out of the windscreen going foggy through his tears. My screen is currently foggy because I'm crying. I love these but they get me crying every single time!
Caroline Overill
I had to take my poor cat who had a horrible illness and had really had enough. I put my hand on his head so he couldn't see the injection.
Raven Wolfwillow
From the first panel my eyes where watering. It reminded me of the time I had to put my German shepherd, Cynder down, who was 14 and so much in pain. I stayed with her the whole time. She wimpered a bit. I know she didn't want to to leave. I miss her Sooo much. The last panel broke me. Thank you for showing how hard it is for us fur parents to let our fur babies go.
Amy Broderick
This reminds me of when I put my C80 down. He got his injection and took his last breaths draped across my shoulder - his favorite spot.
This comic hit me in the gut within 2 panels I was ugly crying. Honoring the gift each pet gives us is important. I cannot imagine life without a furry friend. Its nearly a decade since my first cat needed my help to pass in peace when she was nearly 16 years old. For 18 months we kept her kidneys functioning well with subcutaneous fluids. But the dang kidneys failed hard and fast. The veterinary team wept with me, gave me a pawprint and all the time I needed with her before leaving with an empty kennel. Nearly 2 years later my remaining cat was diagnosed with a lung tumor and again worked to buy whatever quality time possible. A too-quick 7 months passed with palliative care until her quality of life slipped below true quality for her. Again the vet team wept and they made that decision. I mourned for each and when the time was right I was found by a new to me cat and I helped rehome a cat who has made life better for the two of us.
Hey, whoever’s cutting onions stop? Thank you :,)
Jane Dorothy Warner
I was crying by the second frame. Don't know why I did that to myself. At my age, I have outlived several cats and birds and I always say i won't have another, but I do. Love them to the end, then mourn them. Just hope there really is a 'rainbow bridge' where we can meet again
Angie Chan
I went through this with my old corgi. I imagine his soul watching the whole thing...then the comic aftermath. The vet had come to my house, so I said that I would carry his body to their car. I ended up bonking his poor head into two door frames, the vet tech tried to put a sheet on his head, but it refused to stay, then I got out the front door to some kid who was biking in the street. That poor kid stopped and probably didn't know what to make of this literal funeral procession of crying people and a clearly dead dog. I can see the reaper and my dog..."I am sure she will look back on this with a small smile for the sheer 'Weekend at Bernie's' silliness of it."
Abigail Rose
Welp, thank god my contacts are no longer dry and itchy. I was doing so well until the dog said he brought his fishy for his owner. In other news, my right eye tears up a lot more than my left. Who knew?
The beautiful flower (bfdi)
darn, this is really sad for me because my dog that i had ever since i was very little passed away a while ago. it always makes me sad when i hear that people have to goodbye to their pets too soon.
Debbie Archimedes
It's so hard to lose a beloved pet! My first baby left with a ruptured spleen. On her own. My two cats were put down one with kidney failure one riddled with cancer. And my last puppet had a huge tumor and very bad hips. I miss them all so very much. Yet we are looking for another dog to adopt.
Judi Michelle
Omg I can't even with this I'm crying so hard and giving my pup some extra cuddles right now
im so grateful to have been able to hold my cat of 14 years when they put her down, having to put her down was very unexpected (the medicine the vet prescribed to her ended up poisoning her..) & being heartbroken feels like an understatement but being able to hold her and talk to her in her last moments was something i will always be thankful for, the vet took her after she passed & they carefully put her in a box to take with us & my mom & i were scared to open it but when we did we saw she was curled up & looked so at peace & not in pain anymore, i know it might sound silly but it was almost like she was smiling, it was such a relief to see that & know she wasn't suffering anymore. gOd its 8:30am & i am bawling for breakfast, wasn't expecting that lmao. love your pets, do right by them, i hope they all live long happy & healthy lives ?
Aw man, I'm in tears!
Suzi Marsden
Unfortunately I've never felt the love of an animal, but I tell you after reading your comic, I felt that love, couldn't stop crying. Keep up the art
Noez ??
This reminds me of the movie A Dog's Purpose ? I cried like a baby through the whole movie ?
teeshy hedding
This is my worst nightmare, my puppy is still young but I already dread that day
Linda Matheny
I am crying thinking about all of the dogs I have had through my lifetime. Having to have them put down is unbelievably painful!!!
Roald Andresen
We call it being humane to put down a pet who is suffering, and it is humane. The paradox is that humans have to suffer to the bitter end without being given a humane release.
aaaand im crying at my work. ugh shouldnt have read this here
Not interested just majorly fuckin depressing. The exact reason I never wanted a dog. I can't handle saying goodbye I won't accept it
I did not need this at all ;_;
Fuck these comics. I'm crying in work again.
Tori Duffek Flores
it made me fuckn' cry ??
Disappointing. I refuse to read this post. There is enough sadness in the world without making people re-live an awful moment of having to put their fur baby's down?
Leroy Fong
And then, I can have him for dinner later! :) Win-Win, the dog is put out of it's pain, and I get a good dinner, after the dinner, I will bury his bones in the backyard.
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