31 Dogs That Look Almost Unrecognizable After Seeing These Groomers (Interview)
South Korean dog groomers Shu and Tree give dogs amazing makeovers and turn scruffy canines into stylish and happy pooches.
31 Dogs That Look Almost Unrecognizable After Seeing These Groomers (Interview)
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Dogs need a lot of love, care, and pampering right now, especially because they’ve been cooped up in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic for so long. South Korean dog groomers Shu and Tree give dogs amazing makeovers and turn scruffy canines into stylish and happy pooches.

We’ve collected some of the best before and after pics of dogs beautified at Shu and Tree’s grooming business, so scroll down, and upvote your faves. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got a dog and if you’ve brought it in for a trim at your local groomer’s place recently. And if any of you Pandas are in South Korea, let us know if you’ve ever visited Shu and Tree’s salon!

Shu and Tree are very popular on the internet. Their videos on their YouTube channel have more than 249.6 million collective views and they’ve got more than 47.4k followers on Instagram. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview with Shu and Tree!

The founder of Shu and Tree told us that they love animals and have raised their puppy since they were a young adult. "It was fun giving my puppy bath and hair cut and made me naturally want to be a dog groomer," they told us.

According to the founder, starting the Shu and Tree YouTube page wasn't anything special: "I just wanted to save some records of the dogs with their new haircut. I started making videos and uploading them on YouTube to keep the files. The videos became popular for dog lovers and we made better videos with comments and requests from subscribers."

The business usually grooms about 7 to 8 puppies each day or "about 150 puppies on average a month." The founder told Bored Panda that even though the coronavirus pandemic has had some impact on the business, it hasn't much affected the reservations for dog grooming visits. "People feel assured since our shop is located in the suburb area."

Shu and Tree added that they'll keep trying to reduce the stress that dogs feel during haircuts and to help them feel comfortable and cared after. "We hope that all puppies are happy with their owners."

People watch Shu and Tree’s dog grooming videos by the millions and it’s easy to see why—they’re an instant mood-booster. The soundtrack’s fun and watching the step-by-step process as the groomers work their makeover magic on doggos is strangely relaxing.

The videos are perfect if you need a break from work or studying and help you lose yourself in the wholesomeness.

A lot of people are wowed by the massive transformations the dogs go through and point out that the pets end up looking almost unrecognizable.

Shu and Tree have a simple work philosophy and they advocate three things: style, uniqueness, and comfort. What’s more, they regularly post heartwarming content about pets on their social media accounts, so it’s not all just about dog grooming. They’ve got some photos and videos of cats, too, for all of you kitten lovers out there!

The business also sells some incredibly adorable dog clothes on their website.

Comments (101)
Mim Dim
Is it just me or they look better and cuter before the cuts?
Think I prefer most of the 'before' pictures.. dogs looking like dogs.
Demi Zwaan
Oh man, they all look ridiculous after! They’re dogs, not stuffed animals!
Bridgette Helms
It looks like the groomer is kind of a one trick pony. They are all groomed the same and I would be so mad if my dog came home looking like that.
Karin Gibson
Some of these cuts are cute but some are so weirdly odd. I would want to keep my dog home until they had grown out a bit.
Not a fan
Ivana Junas
They strive for "uniqueness", but all of their cuts are typical "show poodle". Every one of them.
Oh no how can a groomer cut spitzes hair? I thought that they were professionnals. And how it is possible to get dogs and don't even know basic things about their health and wellbeing? They need their fur to keep cool in summer, and warm in winter, it's basically their double glazing windows. Too sad even my dog is confused, facepawlming!
Roald Andresen
In a kinda sad way, this explains why miniature dogs often are referred to as toy sized.
These groomers: "We turn your dog into a high maintenance fashion accessory. You know...for the 'gram."
Oskar vanZandt
If I had a dog companion, I would only have the hair around her (because I would adopt a female) eyes trimmed if necessary. Bathing and brushing the fur only as required. I'm not fond of treating an animal like topiary!
Marina Nunzi
They all look like stuffed toys after the grooming.. I prefer them before!
Brittany Rogers
The scariest part is that people actually paid for their dogs to look like this.....
Nicky OldfieldDesciple
UGH!!! X( . These are terrible. The before pictures are so much better. This is why I would NEVER bring my dog to a groomers. I would rather use the money and treat him to a new toy or another nice treat, Or give it to an animal charity.
David Jeu
This is disturbing..
Here is another one from Korea that done a very good job 개스타일 Get style TV PET
Jasmina Pavlovic
Photoshop fails??? Every pic looks alike. Let dogs be dogs, not plush toys ... ???
Patrick Shore
cruel, please dont the have real children
Im gonna kill my hooman.....
I'm guessing that ONE of the reason you got a dog of that particular breed is because you like the way it looks. Then leave it alone with the "teddybear" groom. Your dog is just fine the way his/her own hair grows. He might need a trim, but not this completely odd looking groom . To each their own I guess
Tor Rolf Strøm
Jesus christ, let the dogs look like dogs! Most of them look downright stupid after. What is with people's obsession with making stuff look unnatural?
Murphy Dyess
Why all these weird grooms with the big round heads? Makes the dogs look like bowling pins.
Dogs are the best but this is kind of creepy
A good groomer could do more than just round cuts.
OMG this comments in this post are hilarious! I was in tears. Some of you people need to go into comedy!
Viv Hart
These groomers have only one style, Round heads, and their fluffiness is gone. All that was needed, was a bath and tidying up, poor pups!
Yeah, you heard
This is dog grooming taken to another level. Sure, brush and clip your dog to prevent matting, but they aren't toys. This level of grooming is for the owners benefit, not the dogs.
Alexandria joy Kelly-Kane
Melanie Firsten
I only have my dog groomed so he stays healthy and comfortable. I don't like it when dogs are groomed/dyed as their owners please
Draco Malfoy
You guys gotta understand it’s like an art form. Some of them desperately needed that haircut.
Anna Salerno
OMGosh these are adorable. Made me smile!
Bettye McKee
News flash, dogs do not mind being cute. If you choose to not groom your dogs, that's your choice, but the dogs like to look and feel better.
Samir Sultan
Befour is way better
Dorothy Cloud
Looks like the same groomer for most of them. Not much personality to the cuts.
I didn't like any of the after pictures. They are dogs not stuffed animals!
Akash GG
She'd better be a taxidermist - if I were one of these poor dogs, I'd start insulting her right away!
Ahhh so cuteeee!!!
Maggie Smith
The dogs needs to be combed EVERY day in the after pictures. And possibly a few more times throughout the day. Most of the dogs look better before their grooming. The comb out in the before pictures would take just a few minutes compared to half hour for the after.
Dawnah L
They all look like badly photoshop edits.
Dorothy Parker
They're made to look cloyingly cute.
If you want something that looks like a stuffed toy, get a stuffed toy. These are just horrible.
I'm outraged how this so call professional groomer ruins dogs with the most disgusting haircut. All the dogs no matter the race had the same haircut.
Please have this groomer shut down for the love of dogs.
The thing about the before pictures is that the fur is continually growing. It needs to be maintained, washed, brushed, and cut regularly to stop the fur from matting. This then becomes very painful to the dog. Grooming happens generally every 6-8 weeks. The look floofy for a couple of days days before looking a bit less groomed. I agree, let dogs be dogs, but they still need to be groomed.
Laura Roberts
Dogs still look like dogs with a puppy cut. How about we don’t say mean things about how a dog looks. Many grooming styles have a purpose.
Dorothy Cloud
Must have used the same groomer, they basically all look the same. Some are just cuter than others.
autism genius
they all look like teddy beers afteer
Jane Moore
Sadly I would not use this groomer - whoever it is, thinks that all dogs heads should look like bubble heads - no they look different and one or 2 look bettesr but a number just look like cartoons of dogs
nala simba
Before are mostly better. After, well, that's debatable. But, both are great.
Repulsive. Just repulsive.
What those people are doing to dogs is repulsive. They're DOGS - they're not babies, they're not toys. There is also an unhealthy dollop of anthropomorphism. The kind of people who find this attractive are the same people who like to dress up dogs and cats and public decency prevents me from saying what I think about them! Phew. Now I feel better.
Apparently people don't want dogs, but rounded-corners plushies
Gilda Farrell
They all look the same after the groomer gets through with them.
Maria Halper
I really enjoy these cuts (I should probably say styles). The dogs in the US look like they all have the same exact haircuts. They're basically just shaved down. That's why I groom my own dogs. Not fancy like these, but definitely not generic.
Those groomers are highly skilled at one cut\groom method. It may be their local aesthetic, but it removes so much of the personality and character of the breed's individuality!
I just don't care for the ultra sculptured look.
Steve Cruz
What I love most about freshly groomed puppers is that they KNOW they're lookin' fine!
Grace Note
Not one of those dogs looks better after the grooming.
Ellie Gillespie
Kid totally got what he deserved
Grumble O'Pug
These poor dogs are props for shallow idiots.
Kim Lorton
Their dog personalities are now all cut away! Ew.
When did creepy fakeness become a fad?????
This is just like women getting makeovers: the uncanny valley is the consequence. Also the after photos are blurrier. Why?? These are terrible things to do to dogs.
Matthew Smith
These are dogs not toys.
Russell Ellwardt
They turn real dogs into kitschy stuffed toys. I would never take my pet to that saloon.
Sunny Bibeau Bellisle
Holy cow, it's just a haircut, she's not reshaping the dog, calm down... Go watch her videos, the dogs LOVE her, they LOVE the treatment, she's awesome.
Paige Jordan
Most of these are breed standard cuts that are for shows. I prefer the natural looks, but all these puppers are so cute I'd cuddle them either way.
Anne Lundsmark
They all look like baloon animals in the after
Thank you fellow panda's for not disappointing me. I think these are not good cuts for the puppers. Good bois and girls, but the grooming is off...
Brittany Rogers
The scariest part is that people actually paid for their dogs to look like this
Roadkill The Brave
Most of these look photo-shopped, but not in the 'this is fake work' sense, just that they've been touched up a bit, not all but most of them. I understand a lot of people do that these days, making it look professional for websites and to show off their work, but the photo-shopping is taking away from the after cuts in a bad way. This is a great groomer, especially with the cuts they're doing, but dang it if the photo-shop is making it look a little unnatural to the eye.
C. Crocker
It's just different that's all. This style of grooming was originally popularized in Japan. There are now international competitions based on this particular style. What makes it unique and technically difficult is that it is entirely scissored - no razors involved. The groomers at Shu and Tree are known for their kindness and care with dogs, especially frightened and abandoned ones.
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