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Woman Shows How Sexist School Dress Codes Are On TikTok, Where She Acts As The Hero All Girls Need (Interview)
Super strict school dress codes that unfairly target girls are BS—that’s the message that 22-year-old actress Nicole Ciravolo sent her fans by posting a series of viral TikToks.
Woman Shows How Sexist School Dress Codes Are On TikTok, Where She Acts As The Hero All Girls Need (Interview)
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Super strict school dress codes that unfairly target girls are BS—that’s the message that 22-year-old actress and screenwriter Nicole Ciravolo sent her fans by posting a series of viral TikToks. Ciravolo called out the sexism present in schools where girls are sent to the principal’s office and chastised for ‘violating’ the rules by wearing tank tops and other ‘inappropriate’ clothes.

But what if things were different? What if there was somebody to stand up for you? Well, that’s exactly what Ciravolo showed in her videos as she took on the role of a school secretary: how people should use their common sense to react to dress code ‘violations.’ Scroll down and have a look for yourselves, dear Pandas. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below and read on for Bored Panda's interview with the actress.

"I was mostly inspired by the treatment I received as a high school student from faculty when it came to dress code," Ciravolo told us what pushed her to make the viral TikToks. "I often felt shamed by female faculty and sexualized by male faculty. I wanted to create a character that I wish I’d had in school because I never felt like anyone was in my corner—and that’s what Ms. Connie has become. I never in a million years would have expected it to blow up like it did, but I’m not surprised that many people relate to wishing there was someone in power on their side in school."

In the actress's opinion, school dress codes are enforced "for the benefit of faculty," not students. "They often have elements of racism and sexism disguised as 'professional' (i.e. sagging pants or no bra straps showing). In my own experience, skirt/shorts length or bra straps don’t distract other students but instead the teachers. It’s sickening to think back to being a 15-year-old minor and getting sent to the office by a man in his sixties because my shorts made him uncomfortable. Those types of people should not be teaching minors."

Ciravolo also told us a bit more about herself. "I’ve been in acting classes since I was in second grade. Though I loved the Disney channel like any other 8-year-old, it was really sneaking into my parents' room to watch SNL that drew me to it: I so desperately wanted to make people laugh for a living, and that hasn’t changed!"

People absolutely loved her videos and they were viewed tens of millions of times altogether. That’s how you know that the topic resonated with them and that a lot of people find the issue important and worth talking about.

Around 55 percent of US public high schools have dress codes and plenty of people believe that they’re outdated, that they reinforce gender stereotypes, and that they’re sexist against girls.

One of the most commonly known problems is that girls get called out for wearing ‘revealing’ clothes that ‘distract the boys in the class’ but a lot of people believe that there’s no place for such views in 2020. This can not only lead to girls being shamed in front of the entire classroom but it also means that some girls have to skip classes because they’re forced to explain what they did ‘wrong.’

“These rules aren't neutral: many target girls, and especially black girls, by regulating skirt length and headwraps. And the rules aren't applied equally, either. Students report that black girls, and especially curvier students, are disproportionately targeted,” a report by the National Women’s Law Center called out dress codes in schools.

Ciravolo is an actress who “accidentally stumbled into ASMR.” According to her IMDb page, she is known for her roles in the 2018 movie Melrose, as well as the 2001 film Love, Sex & Murder. She currently studies theatre at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and plans to graduate in 2021. We just hope that she’ll find the time to make great TikTok videos in between her studies in the meantime.

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Panda Pug
Honestly, the real issue are the boys who are distracted by a girl's shoulder.
If a school needs a dresscode "to protect the children", I always wonder what lurks in that school that the children need to be protected from.
Martha Meyer
Glad we never had a “dress code“ for school. That seems to be an American thing. We just wore whatever we liked and none of the teachers thought it was any of their business to tell us what to wear.
Danger Noodle
If you find a harmless tank top disturbing, then why the hell are you teaching?
deanna woods
My sister and I were early bloomers and were in bras already by the 4th grade, so it was hard to hide our curves. When were in high school the dress code was that shorts for girls had to come to the knee,which is almost an impossibility. Because of this my sister were pants all year long all throughout high school. I, on the other hand, did my best to find shorts that were long enough because I was not about to burn up in this Texas heat. In college, no one said anything about the way people dressed because we were seen as adults. I do believe that if what a person is wearing is distracting others then it's the distracted person's problem and the person wearing the outfit shouldn't be punished because someone is gawking at them.
Kat Riss
Can't relate, pretty much every school in Australia has a uniform and honestly, it solves so many issues
Patti Vance
i always thought it was interesting that it seemed the male teachers were the ones who sent girls out for inappropriate clothes when the boys seems oblivious to what they were wearing. seemed like they were the 'danger' that the girls needed to be protected from and not the boys.
I’m glad most schools implement uniforms now. It helps prevent this kind of thing and bullying. I was bullied for my clothing choices as a child and if we all had to wear the same thing that wouldn’t have happened.
chi-wei shen
Dress codes need to be clearly defined. Otherwise it would be the personal taste of teachers, which might be very sexist.
Where do I begin? My school prided itself on "not having a dress code" but in reality teachers unforced different ideas of one on whim. I remember clearly a scenario in PE where several teen boys stripped off their shirts during a XC unit (no one's having a problem with that) but during a 90 degree day when two girls wore their shirts around their necks and wore sports bras that basically covered their entire rib cage (they had picked a different activity than everyone else, one that no boys were involved in) a passing teacher from another gym class lost it at them.
Must Be Bored Again
I went to high school with dress code but as I was very large busted, I only wore very conservative clothing. But everyday I entered into my chemistry class, the teacher, (male), would sit at a table by the door and check off our attendance as we passed the desk. Except for when I passed the desk, he brought out a HUGE magnifying glass and would use it to stare at my chest. This happened every day. This was before students were aware we could report teachers for their conduct. Truly made me hate that class. Plus then the boys thought they could get away with inappropriate things.
This is why i'm for school uniforms.
Denise Taylor
I am a high school teacher. Things I have actually seen on actual children: Shirt so low cut I saw nipples reguarly; pants embroidered with an an image of a naked, bound woman with legs spread; t-shirts with racial slurs and foul language; pants so low I could see the booty crevasse. These are the same girls who are persuaded by boys to send pictures they later regret sending. They need to be protected from their own judgement, which is not yet mature. Many dress codes are overly restrictive but some guidance about appropriate dress is necessary. They are children and it is our job to teach them about how to dress in a way that displays their unique style without bowing to pressure to be overly sexualized before they are ready. Because you aren't paying attention if you don't think that pressure is everywhere.
Maddie Painter
I remember it was a 106 degree day in California. we had gym class that day. (We didn't have a gym in our school, so all of it was outside on the concrete). The girls were wearing tank tops- we were probably seven, none of us had bloomed yet. We all still wore "bras" to be cool, btw. That's a big part. There were boys who were LEGIT taking there shirts off and running around in their basketball shorts (AND NOTHING ELSE), while us girls had to wear "Appropriate length" shorts, and our tanks were "inappropriate". Honestly. All of us girls (there were eight) got dress coded. Why? Our shirts would "distract the boys". Which honestly, is not fair to boys. They aren't gonna faint at the sight of a shoulder or collar bone. They were too enveloped in a game of basketball to care anyways ? Our mothers had coffee dates. they discussed such and such and so and so, all of them at my house. When we they walked over to pick us up- we were dripping in sweat. (We had been forced to do basketball. )
Alice White
Ok. This just shocked me so much. I can't believe that can happen. I was black and I was curvy in high school but - and I can't believe I'm saying that - I was lucky to be in a country that could not do that. And although I have a lot of problems with the views of black people in France - where I come from - at least we were not racially objectified IN SCHOOL. I feel very sorry for the country that allows that and calls itself a united nation...
Electric Ed
So it is OK for boys to wear tanktops? Or what is the context here?
When are people 'in charge' going to realize drawing attention to the 'problem' has the opposite effect of their desired goal? You want boys and, let's be honest, male teachers to stop being 'distracted' by various parts of the female anatomy that may or may not be on display? Don't draw attention to them in the first place! And if a male teacher is too distracted by a curvy 15 year old in a tank top to teach effectively, then maybe he shouldn't be around children.
Sarah Ann
I remember in middle school the AC broke during some of the hottest days that school year. Girls were getting heat stroke and passing out. Eventually our principal announced that until the AC was fixed the dress code wasn't in effect. Nothing blew up. No boys were suddenly 'out of control'. Legit nothing was different.
John Montgomery
I never understood the "it's distracting" excuse. How is distraction not the fault of the one being distracted? Then again, the same excuse or the "I don't want to see that" for public breast feeding when the civilised response would be to just not look. It's the mentality that is the the biggest problem in society.
I remember in kindergarten they wouldn't let me wear a dress because I was a "boy" I'm non-binary btw.
Chutney Hawkes
At my school it was the other way round. The boys found it unfair the girls didn't have to wear ties. So ultimately the girls ended up having to wear ties.
Let people just come in their bras and pants when it is hot outside.
Suzi Gauthier
Shoot - they had some lady with a ruler at the front door of the company I USED to work for to measure lengths. I didn't wear shorter skirts or dresses back then, but that was way over the top.
Joel Blazquez Sargatal
In my school boys could wear pretty much whatever they wanted, within reason (no wife beaters or anything like that) girls had to wear a uniform. For gym class we all had the same track suit
Blue of the yams (They/He)
At my Elementary school, my female friends got in trouble for a cold shoulder, another for spaghetti straps UNDER HER COAT, and another for leggings. Boys also could get dress coded for wearing a tank top.
Margaret Mayhugh
I was a sophomore in high school when 9/11 happened. I lived south of Tampa, so it was HOT. I ate lunch outside that day, and we were all in shock, and terrified b/c there's an Air Force base near there. I had a tank top and a sweater; I had taken the sweater off outside, and had it on but was still buttoning it as I walked into the building after eating. My teacher saw me, booked it over and physically grabbed my arm so I couldn't keep buttoning, and gave me a dress code violation so I'd get detention. That turned into a two week suspension when I started telling her EXACTLY what I thought of her priorities in light of events that day... LOUDLY... with the best language I'd learned from my parents who are both navy vets lol. Unreal though. I've had to go to bat for my daughter already and she's only 10. We need to get rid of dress codes.
Grumble O'Pug
I LOVE her!!!!
Ray Heap
And this is why school uniforms work.
That was wonderful!
Lyone Fein
First Thing: No student should ever be "called out" in front of other students in a humiliating manner. Second thing: dress codes for male and female students should be identical. Third thing: Compassionate and Reasonable exceptions should always be made in unusual circumstances like extreme weather or poverty, etc. Fourth thing: If a teacher or principal is going to complain about student attire, then they should keep a supply of clean replacement garments on hand so that students can be provided with alternative clothing that fits.
Ben Raines
Well, I Tried
Instead of teaching young women to be ashamed of their non sexual body parts and to cover them, why aren't we teaching young boys not to sexualise them? The issue here isn't with the 6 year old girl who raised her arm and her belly button was showing for half a second, it's with the teachers who genuinely believe boys will be aroused by that sexy belly button.
Florence Hastings
Dress code? Haha, those teachers should visit denmark! They would run screaming back to their midevel rock. ?
Catherine Spencer-Mills
My high school in the 60s had a pretty strict dress code. Girls had to wear dresses below the knee. Boys had to tuck in their shirts and wear a belt. No t-shirts, white or colored. In Yuma, in over 100F weather and no air conditioning and often the only fan was one the teacher brought. Fast forward to college. University of AZ in Tucson also had a dress code. I carefully packed for the requirements. Laughed as I packed up all my hated dresses and sent them home. Shortened the skirts I liked to wear to just barely legal. People - men and women - wore bathing suits to class with a loose open top to cover. No one said a word. Dress code? Hah!
I believe there is a point. Most schools have A/C and girls really do want to distract boys to what they're wearing. You don't see boys wearing less clothing on hot days in school. Girls shouldn't be wearing tight jeans low tops or anything revealing. They should have self respect in an institution that's for learning. Society is to much into this is a free country and not realizing things. This is the real world and not an idealistic world.
Steve Cruz
My favorite "dress code equality" challenge was when a male adminstrator was so distracted by girls wearing shorts, he banned shorts for all students; so boys wore skirts (legal length, of course) the next day. They really liked the extra air flow.
Courtney Christelle
Boys need to learn that the world is going to be full of things more distracting than a girl's elbows and knees. Get over it.
Anuva Guy
I call nonsense. Boys cannot turn up in skirts, and couldn't walk around in strappy tops either. If a lad came in with a bulge-hugging pair of lycras or half his arse hanging out he'd also be sent home. Not everything is sexism. The patriarchy isn't the reason your life sucks.
Animal lover❤
This is so cool, I want her as my school secretary for sure. And it is really a problem, if only you have a problem with it that is no reason to be so drastic about things. I hope this does something.
It is like these schools assume that children never see humans outside of the school. Can you imagine how distracted these poor young boys must be when they go to the store; unable to decide on what flavor of doritos they want because the woman next to them has her shoulders exposed for the entire world to see. I hope they never have the misfortune to go to the beach because they would surely drown, unable to preform a breaststroke given the number of breasts.
Alisha Davies
When my daughter gets sent home for this garbage I laugh .
Timoteo Mancilla
Who ever said dress code is for distracting boys ? like first of all the boys are distracted by girls with whatever they wear. Second girls are distracted by boys too yet boy don't wear tanks even thou is 90 degrees so it's equality
Lynda Momalo
I went to high school in the 1970s and I wore short skirts/dresses and short shorts and tank tops -- which were all in fashion. And SOMEHOW BOYS MANAGED TO PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS and even graduate. Amazing. In fact, these dress codes are punative. In the 1950s, girls dresses had to be a certain length but those codes relaxed later on. They came back in when women started protesting against being sexually harassed. In response, schools and workplaces cooked up punative dress codes so girls/women wouldn't be able to wear anything that could be considered "too sexy" ipso facto, they believed, sexual harassment would stop. (Because it's always a woman's fault if she is sexually harassed because she brought it upon herself by being too sexy.) Now, who in the world decided that shoulders (and clavicles!) were sexy, I have no idea -- ESPECIALLY on prepubescent girls at whom NOBODY should be looking with sexual interest, no matter what they're wearing.
Nico Di Angelo
I like the video idea. There should be more people like the secretary! But why all the hateful and mean comments????????? This is a real issue. Please learn how to handle things the right way instead of saying hateful comments.
Helen Haley
I'd say go uniforms, but then you have a bunch of people who can't afford for their children to wear two sets of clothes every day, three if you don't count pajamas. There are a lot of kids who don't even have pajamas. Kids should be allowed to wear whatever is comfortable, legal, and safe. Exceptions for anything sexist, racist, etc.
?WhErE iS mY pOpCoRn?
Boys\Men Were girls shoulders ever distracting in school?! I didn’t think so.
Lydia Coy
I go to a secist secondary school and untill last year girls weren't allowed to wear trousers. The only reason that changed is because me snd my friends protested and we protested HARD
This is why we have school uniforms here in Australia...
Adam Francis
I think there are few people that use wisdom in any of this.
kat lia
I grow up wearing school uniform from elementary to college. They are strict with length of the skirt. It should be below the knee. Everyone just followed it.
I say a school dress code should just be "no showing private areas" I say this because I went to a middle school and high school without a dress code and the things that girls and guys would wear you feel like you should cover your eyes. Getting in trouble for a tank top however, that's just ridiculous!
Courtney Christelle
I once had a teacher tell me that my t-shirt collar had to be up to my neck. I was in the 3rd grade and was literally only showing my collar bones.
I had a chem teacher in h.s. that only passed girls in short skirts that say in the front row...the football coach ended up with a girl in my class.
Isabella R.W.
Yes, finally
Gipsy Kings fan
Good for her! I was in 7th grade in 1970 - 71. Girls were allowed to wear the very short miniskirts that were in style at the time, but not "hot pants" (very short shorts, the same length as miniskirts, that had recently become fashionable). This makes NO sense, because miniskirts are MORE revealing than hot pants. About a dozen girls planned to wear hot pants on the last day of school before summer vacation. They figured that they would not get sent home to change, because it was the last day of school. Wrong! The Vice Principal sent them home anyway. >:-(
dresscode in America is a joke.
Vicky Zar
We don't have dresscodes.
Eirik Johnsbråten
This is pretty close to the definition of a "you" problem.
As a woman, I would have been glad to have uniforms, because it's not just about inappropriate dressing that was disturbing, but also it would somewhat make richer kids avoid displaying through their clothes their parents' wealth, which would make others feel poor. a school is not a runway, you are there to learn, and btw, REALITY CHECK, workplaces also have dress codes for us grownups. So I am happy for this Karen that is so upset at 22, but I totally disagree with her.
Chutney Hawkes
And whilst she's at it she's sharing all her information with China.
Michael J.
“Feminism used to be about equal rights. Now it’s just an outlet for bitter women to attack conservatives, Donald Trump and other women who disagree with their selective brand of feminism.” – Tomi Lahren (female)
Bone Daddy
First of all, this chick is hardly an actress, so throwing that up there bored panda doesn't help her cause. She has 2 movies, and they both suck. Secondly, who the fuck is she talking about, Is this life experience, does the school have a dress code or did a specific teacher call out someone? This is how rumors spread and people get in trouble for absolutely nothing. Stop posting rumor mill shit like this to try and get your ratings up. Had to throw actress up there. That's like saying anyone who shoots a gun is a marksman. Come on bored panda.
John Smith
Feel free to dress like whores. Sincerely - All The Boys
Miklós Nagy
White person pretending to be oppressed minority. Nothing new here.
Melissa Wong
Here we go again. Just another "white saviour" wanting on the sjw bandwagon
Leo H
Girls literally have more options when it comes to clothes..which includes clothing that displays their bodies like the cut out shoulder tops,belly shirts, open toed shoes/ flipflopsetc. Boys clothes are more restrictive..shorts that go past the knees, t shirts that completely cover the torso, enclosed footware.. So who really is the victim here
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