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18 Pics That Show How Differently Celebrities And Normal People Are Treated During The Coronavirus Outbreak (Interview With Expert)
The coronavirus pandemic continues to worry the entire world. All of us, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Unfortunately, not everyone is equal during the ‘Coronapocalypse.’
18 Pics That Show How Differently Celebrities And Normal People Are Treated During The Coronavirus Outbreak (Interview With Expert)
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The coronavirus pandemic continues to worry the entire world. All of us, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Unfortunately, not everyone is equal during the ‘Coronapocalypse.’

Money and fame have been shown to be very important in how people are treated. While some ordinary folks just like you and I have difficulties in getting tested for the coronavirus, celebrities are given priority status. They have no trouble whatsoever getting tested and receiving qualified medical attention. Scroll down to see just how stark the differences are.

Everyone should be able to get tested for the coronavirus, don't you agree?

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You probably realized by now what a difference having access to professional medical support makes. While those celebrities who contracted Covid-19 are upbeat in their social media posts, normal people are struggling.

However, there’s a positive side to all of this: some celebs are reaching out and giving back to their communities as well. For instance, Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love promised 100k dollars to the workers at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

While fashion designer and businesswoman Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra Versace Beck pledged 200k euros to Milan’s San Raffaele hospital.

“In times like this, it is important to be united and support however we can to help all those who are in the front lines, fighting every day to save hundreds of lives,” Donatella said.

David Savage, associate professor of behavioral and microeconomics at the University of Newcastle in Australia, explained to Bored Panda that poor people may suffer more from the crisis and it falls to governments to calm people down and reduce their anxiety about the future.

“It is only natural to fear a pandemic; as such, it is all but impossible to remove such fear, however, what is possible is to reduce or eliminate the possibility of panic. Continual reassurance from healthcare professionals and experts will go a long way to minimize this problem,” Dr. Savage said.

“Anxiety and fear are a natural part of all animals, most used in the wild to alert for danger or beware of risk. It is particularly maladaptive for modern society but it is still there. Telling a person not to be anxious is pointless and doesn’t work, it is a part of who we are. Governments and officials can help minimize the anxiety and fear through leadership and planning,” he pointed out.

According to Dr. Savage, a lot of people will have “secondary fears” that aren’t directly linked to the virus. “Poorer individuals will feel that they are unable to miss work as it may result in missed loan repayments or a loss of face.”

“Another fear is that the systems without good public health care and individuals without private health insurance may be forced to suffer without aid. Government[s] could go a long way to ensuring that these don't become additional concerns during a pandemic by guaranteeing support such as loans and healthcare.”

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Felix Feline
I was a law enforcement officer for awhile in an area where meeting celebrities was not uncommon. If I pulled over a celebrity, I would write them the same as anybody else. After awhile, my sergeant stopped saying to me "Do you have any idea who you gave that ticket to?" because I always answered "I don't care".
This makes me sick to my stomach. Also, it's just plain stupid: it's not like famous people can't get infected if everybody else is. Testing people who need it is good for everybody.
Hope Floats
But isn't this the case with everything? Housing, justice.. Just think at a time when many are losing their lifes, it's a time not to flaunt your wealth and instead help those, who aren't in their comfortable position.
Helena Houzarová
The sad part is that it isn't wrong for those celebrities to get tested, even with mild symptoms. They are still infectious and need to be in quarantine. It's wrong that the rest of the people aren't being tested, too.
Australia is not much better at the moment. One friend of mine works at the international airport and has become unwell with COVID19 symptoms. She rang her Dr who emailed a Medical certificate and the paperwork she needs and told her to go straight to our city's COVID clinic. The turned her away at the door untested bc a) she hadn't actually BEEN on an international flight, and b) she couldn't identify who she may have caught it off. They then told her to go see her normal Dr bc "It's probably a cold"
Peta Hurley-Hill
These cases are from all around the world.Tom Hanks is here in Australia atm,that's that's why he got tested,he HAD to.Everyone coming into Australia(even if they are just returning home) HAS to self isolate for 14 days.Anyone who had been tested has to stay in isolation til they get their results.We were running short on test kits but got 970000 just yesterday.America seems to be testing far less people.
Tor Rolf Strøm
For the record. Kristofer Hivju is norwegian, and A LOT more people are getting tested here, as the population of Norway is 5+ million people.
I live in Spain. I'm working with the news in the background and right now they're talking about the Spanish soccer League. It seems that officials in the League offered the Covid-19 test to all the players from all teams. The director of the Spanish soccer federation just came on air and said that whoever came up with that idea is completely ignorant. "Can't you see how our hospitals are trying to cope? And you want to test all of us when we don't even have symptoms? That should be illegal." It seems most soccer teams are refusing the tests (unless they have someone with symptoms).
Shame on you BP for posting this class war. Heidi Klum didn't get any test neither because there were none, Tom Hanks was tested in Australia, not the US, like many other celebrities who are abroad. This is not about rich vs. poor you will find enough cases of rich people that don't get the tests and you also will find poor people that were testet. You will find poor people with mild symptoms and celebrities did already die on this because once in intensive care doctors can't treat rich any better than poor, there is no medicine against this it depends on the persons immune system.
I pray for everyone who is sick or not sick. Hoping this will end soon.
Wendy Tenty
Isn't there anyone thinking that given that: being a famous person involves a lot of travelling with busy and full scheduels meeting lots of people. This would mean they are the textbook superspreader. I personally don't object against testing them sooner than later. There is no value in testing if you already have symptoms and they are mild. You have to sit it out at home. It doesn't prevent anything anymore having a pandemic. You do not have a guaranty that you will know how sick you will be by testing for covid. It's not about rich against poor. Please stop making this worse than it already is! Stay safe!!
Sam T Godfrey
Testing should be made available to absolutely everyone, and Bernie should be President of the US. We all have our dreams. I may have the bug myself, I have a lot of the symptoms, but also have other conditions that could make me feel like this. I'm not bothering with testing, and they know me well at the local hospital just up the road so I'll lay low for now. What does concern me is all my other medical appointments are being canceled until further notice, including my liver transplant specialist. I hope nothing worse comes down the pike!
Damien McDallydally
Don't blame the celebrities (necessarily), blame the system. Honestly, if you were a celebrity and you thought you might have it, would you say no if someome offered you a test? Probably not. Sure, it's easy to say you'd tell them to give it to someone in more need, but since this is a disease where you could easily infect family and loved ones, it's probably more likely you'd take the test even if the likelyhood of you being infected was slim. The problem is the system surrounding the celebrities and the officials that give out tests just because of fame. If you're a celebrity, you have your agent, maybe a record company or movie studio etc, all with financial interest in keeping you alive and well. And these are interested parties with alot of influence and money. Add to that officials that will look the other way for temporary monetary gain and you've got a system that is deeply unfair.
Seeing how the elite are treated vs average American is beyond disgusting, our health care has to change, the way it is now, money = equals health care, no money or not enough money = we're sorry. Most of us believe our love ones and ourselves are worth it too.
Viv Hart
What to me is disgusting, is that you don't have compulsory sick leave in the US! All other countries seem to have it, plus Workers Compensation if you get injured or ill due to your working conditions.
Brent Hollett
Just want to point out things like: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson - Australia. Idris Elba - UK. Kristofer Hivju - Norway. Most of the people who can't get tested? America...
Sean Harrison
Wait a second...hang on....Are you telling me that Rich and Famous people get treated differently than the rest of us? /s
Anna Ledwońska
In Poland - all government tested in one day, others wait for 4 days - if very sick and on OIOM, only 8000 test made in the whole country since patient zero :(
it's me again
This pisses me off. I couldn't even finish reading it >:(
Hannah Boning
They are all worried about this as well, but it doesn't mean they should get things and we shouldn't. We are all people and deserve to be treated the same way.
Frank Ragetti
Moral of the Story. Become a celebrity ;)
Diana Lucas
To be fair, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are in Aulstralia, where there are plenty of tests, thus why they were tested quickly. As for the celebrities in the US who are getting tests easily and quickly, well, it shows that rich people get stuff that regular people can't, even when lives depend on it. Or as Trump puts it when asked if it's right that asymtomatic wealthy people should be getting access to testing before ill regular people: No, I wouldn't say so, but perhaps that’s been the story of life," he said. "That does happen on occasion. I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly."
Curious Cat
America... if you bothered to listen to Obama and work on your health system, this would hardly be an issue. when its all over, will you change? of course not. land of the free and ignorant.
Gilda Farrell
Well, we are complicit in much of this. We put celebrities on pedestals, treat them like gods. We are the ones who are willing to pay them lots of money for being bigger, better, more important than us. Why do we do that to other people -- to ourselves? Maybe that's something to contemplate during this "down" time in our lives.
Jo Choto
If you have money, you can get whatever medical testing or care you want, anywhere in the world. This is no surprise to anyone, is it?
Psy_moon Light
Hey rich and famous how about you firm out and pay for the common folk to be tested
Mark Simpson
Even if we had a perfect system where there was no shortage of test kits, and everyone could get tested, the rich and famous would still get tested first.
how does this surprise anyone? the main desire of a celebrity is fame and notoriety. if there's this thing sweeping the world and on the news every day (you know they're jelly of the publicity), then you must have it or be linked to it in some way. what better way than to get it or at least announce that you've been tested for it? if they have means and money and power, they're going to have access or money that can get something that we plebeians will have to wait in line for weeks to get. and then our insurance probably won't cover it in some way. welcome to the real world. the unfair, unjust, crummy world that we are in. sucks. but you know that there are celebs or b-list (or d-list) celebs looking at idris' or tom hanks' feed saying or thinking stuff like "just look at them. they're going to get so many followers off this. i wish i had corona." don't envy that. that's just sad. be well. be safe.
Mad Mar
Went to walk in Sunday. Felt crappy since Wednesday. Did strep an flu tests. Negative. Dr DID do the covid test. Said 48 hrs for results. They didn't send test out til Monday. No news Tuesday when I called. No news Wednesday when I called. No news today except could get results today (Thursday) or Friday. I've missed most of Thursday from work. And out since Friday. Been in isolation w husband since tested Sunday just in case for him too. Not that it was hard to get tested if you come back negative with symptoms if the dr would rather not risk you contaminating the population. If they have the tests there. But a dr could send you to a testing area now for it. But the WAITING FOR RESULTS is bad.
This is horrid. Do they think that "Omg *insert celebritiy here* has the sniffles. It must be the corona virus. So and so has a 39 degree fever. They are just being dramatic. WTF!!!
Lana Ortiz
Stop celebrities with no or minor symptoms from taking valuable COVID 19 tests.
KT Trondsen
This is worldwide not JUST America. There are not enough tests so drs/nurses are having to pick who to test to not waste the few resources they have. It's not the hospitals fault, or the staff, it's the government you need to be angry with
Night Owl
I wish I could say I'm surprised, but ... yeah *sigh*
This is one seriously biased and cherry-picked article. There is nothing to suggest that the people being compared were even remotely in similar circumstances. The only example that stands up on its own is the entire Utah Jazz team being tested. You've also discounted the factor of having a lot better insurance, which celebrities will be able to access, but also almost anyone on a high wage. This pandemic really makes me despair of the human race.
Jennifer Ness
Many of these celebrities were tested in counties other than the US where there is no shortage of testing.
Sheila Crosby
To be fair, some of the celebs weren't in the USA. I think tests are much more available in Norway and New Zealand.
I really hope that at least some doctors and nurses are stepping up for the poor.
Mary Dodge
Why should an Actor r who reads lines for a liveongi deserve special treatment.Thay need to be in the drenches with the rest of us.
Philip WIlliams
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Susan Van Cott
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are in AUSTRALIA, where there are PLENTY of tests to go around. They were tested because they were ill, on Australian soil, and they actually have tests for everyone who needs one. PLUS, they GOT the virus, and Hanks is high risk because of his diabetes. Aren't you glad they tested them instead of letting the get on a plane back to LA?
Celtic Pirate Queen
I just love the people who "came in contact" with someone with Covid 19, but are showing no symptoms and are bitching about not being tested. You would be wasting a test from someone who actually needs it, you entitled little shit. I came into contact with someone who is stupid, but since I have no symptoms ...
Its the Titanic all over again. Too many people think that money and/or status makes an individual a better human or "special".
Rachel Rollins
Good thing folks can finally see that health Care always is based on income. Just imagine if you were continuously in need of healthcare services, but don't have access to because of no money.
Most of these 'normal people' DO have the flu though, so with a scarcity of tests, it makes more sense to test for flu first, which only takes 15 minutes for the results. THEN, if it's negative and you have COVID-19 symptoms, test for that. But the advice to assume you have it isn't bad - there's no treatment or cure, so if you have symptoms, stay home, rest, drink fluids and isolate yourself. They can't do anything more at the hospital & you being there just spreads it more and takes up resources away from truly sick people. If you literally can't breath, call 911. I've had both - first the flu, got tested, influenza a, Tamiflu and waited 7 days. I felt like death - high fever, burning lungs, dry cough, horrible body aches. Then, when it didn't go away, I was given a number to call, they screened me over the phone, then sent me to a private location with a number to call when I got there. I stayed in the car & they came out, did the test. 5 days later, results positive.
Frank Ragetti
Become a celebrity
Jennifer Brown
The reason regular americans can't get tested is because the imbecile of a leader in the white house decided that the tests manufactured by the WHO weren't good enough so he wanted new ones! So there aren't any!!
Dee Leggett
A lot of the tested celebs were in other countries. So is your beef with the US, or internationally?
Suzanne Harris
Yep, welcome to the US where the only one of my family members who have been tested is 84 in hospice and tested positive. They won't test any of the rest of us. They aren't even treating him. They're just giving him f*cking morphine and watching him die.
Kimberley McMillan
Tom Hanks and his wife were in Australia when they asked to be tested. JFC. Different countries have different standards. We all know the USA is a dumpster fire.
Flavia Slag
These actors are only heroes in the movies and could care less about their followers...the real heroes are the doctors, nurses, EMT, police, firemen... Thanks and God bless you.
Rafael Sepulveda
Isn’t this the result of people voting for the wrong person to lead them? Capitalism is showing his true face... in my country, Denmark, we can only get tested if we show2 or more syndrome due the lack of testing material and not because some people have more money than other
Karolina Hofman
Stop instigating people against celebrities. Instigate EVERYONE against the broken system.
Melinda Maw
Guess you need a SAG card.
Muriel Gillespie
This is the very reason I am so proud of the NHS. No matter who you are you will get your treatment. If course we have problems with the service, but the people who work there are there because they care. Salaries even for surgeons don't reach the vast sums 'celebrities ' earn for spending most of their playing pretend. In times of crisis what do they contribute?? Wake up world!! Prize the people w go really contribute like emergency services, of which I was proud to be one for over thirty years. Rubbish pay but came out proud!!
Eduardo Del Cerro
Now I am HAPPY to pay taxes to have a national health service where everybody can be treated. Spain rules!
Thomas Martin
Lol it's not like everyone didn't already know that the rich and famous have better access to everything. It's the American way!
Kim Lorton
This is a huge money bias. Have money have test, no money no test.
Cynthia Souza
It is frustrating to learn that other countries don't have enough testing kits. I thought it was just trump's incompetence that led the U.S. to not have enough kits. As a planet, we were not ready for this.
Aren't the (famous) people getting tested, mostly because they are not in the us?
Ruth Tait
What difference does getting tested make? A positive or negative result won't change the treatment or outcome.
Lisa T
But we have “drive-thru” testing tents set up now for anyone to use
Carol Emory
This is how pandemics get out of control. People who are sick can't get tested, people who aren't sick..but famous..get tested and come up negative. I've noticed that several celebrities are getting immediately tested in other countries. Why are those countries fully stocked on test kits and the USA is not? Get your act together USA.
This is the litmus test for America. Who should your celebrities be? Someone that's paid millions for strutting around like a peacock on film, or spends their day making sure children get fed and folks are looked after? Remember this.
That’s fine let all the normal people die and leave the rich people who know how to do nothing but sing and entertain run the world. They can be the police and firemen. They can be the nurses and doctors. They can be the teachers or food workers. The world would end in a year.
Just saying
OK, so what is the point of getting the test in the US - is it something to do with insurance, or, won't they admit you to hospital and give treatment, or what? If you are sick but not sick enough for hospital you stay at home, if you are sick enough for hospital you go to hospital. The tests are only relevant for a) reporting on spread and b) medical workers who need to know what they're sickening with so they don't pass it on to patients. Some of these posters are in hospital already - why does it matter so much if they are tested? The ones at home should stay home, and even if it's 'just' flu or a cold, they should still avoid the elderly and immuno compromised.
ulku tuna
Why is it so hard to get tested? Is this universal or only in US? Is it expensive or arent there enogh test kits?
John Louis
I hope people realize that the entire history of the world has been a conflict between those with money and power and those without. Medical treatment is just one in a long ,long list of how the rich are treated differently.
Survival of the richest...
Why are people so effing obsessed with being tested for Corona? If you've got the symptoms it's likely you have caught it, so you need to get in quarantine. When it get's to the point where it gets life threatening you call the doctor, explain the situation and you go to hospital. Knowing that you've got Corona isn't going to help you one bit. There's still no cure or vaccine. All the hospitals can do is put you on oxygen and hope you'll make it.
Jennifer Colling
This post is horrible. The only thing it does is wind people up to think that even though they have no symptoms but test positive for the virus, they are going to die. These celebrities are idiots. They are overwhelming the health system and they think they are doing good by 'spreading the word'. The worst thing someone can do in this situation is overreact like the rich-and-famous (and uneducated). Stay safe.
Demi Zwaan
You give them your attention, you give them your labor, you give them your money, you give them fame and now you are upset that all that can be used as privilege? WHAT DID YOU THINK BEING RICH MEANT? Is it wrong? Yes. But it's the world you wanted. Capitalism 101.
John L
I blame Trump for the divide in testing. Back during the H1N1 crisis, we had a million test kits out there at this same time. We have currently only tested about 60k of Americans. He has publicly admitted he didn't want testing done to not "inflate the numbers" and refused the WHO offer of 500000 test kits, last month. The rich will always have "more" access, but it's supposed to be the gov't who takes care of Americans. He is the plague on top of this plague. While I don't like that the rich and influencial in America are getting tested when ordinary Americans can't, that is just the normal state of have vs have not. When lives are at stake, the buck stops with POTUS who said "I take no responsibility." for the state of our current crisis.
Marcellus the Third
Well if you expect 1% of healthy young-to-middle-aged people to get severe symptoms, which seems reasonable, then you need 100 positive celebrities before one gets problems. And in the opposite direction, with thousands of dying and severely sick, you aren't listing (and people aren't writing) hundreds of thousands of "I have a mild cold" tweets by regulars. So yeah your sample is biased... in the US it's mostly expensive-vs-superexpensive insurance whether you get tested or not.
devi L.
F*****g celebrities. Let's not support them
People going after celebrities and rich people like they owe them something make me sick! They are human beings just like us and a lot of them worked their arses off to get where they are today. They can get sick and die just like the rest of us.
Fuck you bullshit panda and all these "I am so famous" fuckers, I take a diarrheical dump on all of them.
christopher kay
Famous people are more important. There are millions of non famous people but only a few famous one. We have look after them first like Narwhals or Rhinos .
Yok Moi
Tedros, lead of W.H.O should be charged for crimes against humanity. The piece of shit is so corrupt and filled with CCP money blowing out of his ass. Remember a month ago when he urged countries NOT to close down borders to China? Remember when he said travel was still safe, that airlines should still be operating? Remember when he said there is still a window of opportunity? Take him to prison and force feed him bats.
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