40 Times Cat Owners Got Fascinated By Their 'Teefies'
No matter how seriously cattos want to be taken, sometimes, they’ll end up looking completely derpy when they show their teeth.
40 Times Cat Owners Got Fascinated By Their 'Teefies'
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They bite. They gnaw. They chomp. Even though cats have long been domesticated, they’ve still got some of their ancestor’s ferocity left—just look at their canines! But no matter how seriously cattos want to be taken, sometimes, they’ll end up looking completely derpy when they show their teeth. One of the best places for awesome cat teeth pics is the Teefies subreddit (not to be confused with the Toofers one which is for dogs). Go check ‘em out.

We’ve collected this list of funny and adorable pics of cats showing off their teeth to brighten up your day. Enjoy the pics, share ‘em with any cat lovers that you know, and don’t forget to upvote your fave photos. We’d also love it if you shared any hilarious pictures of your own pets’ teeth in the comments, dear Pandas. Oh, and check out Bored Panda's posts about Loki the ‘vampire’ cat and Monkey, the cat with Dracula teeth, for some more toothy cuteness when you’re done with this list.

Bored Panda reached out to veterinarian, writer, and pet advocate Dr. Ernie Ward to learn more about cats' teeth and how to keep them healthy. "About 80 percent of adult cats have serious problems with their teeth, especially a condition called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease looks like stained or 'dirty teeth,' but underneath that discoloration lies gum infection. This infection can spread harmful bacteria throughout the body, damaging heart valves, kidneys, liver, and causing intense pain. In fact, many cases of 'finicky eating' is a cat's way of telling their pet parents it hurts to eat," Dr. Ward told us. Scroll down for the rest of our interview with him and with one of the moderators at r/Teefies.

"Cats need their 30 adult teeth brushed and cleaned regularly. If you don't feel comfortable brushing your cat's teeth with their super-cool tiny kitty toothbrushes, you'll need to have your cat's teeth cleaned once a year by your vet," Dr. Ward told us just how important it is to brush cattos' teeth. And who can resist using tiny kitty toothbrushes?

"If your cat's tooth becomes broken, infected, or is causing severe pain, tooth extraction may be required. The procedure is identical to a human having a 'tooth pulled.' Your kitty will be sedated, the gums numbed, and the tooth extracted. Often a special suture will be used to sew up the hole and antibiotics and pain medication prescribed. Most cats feel much better after a damaged tooth is removed and can eat and drink within hours," the vet told us what it's like when cats have to get their teeth pulled.

Redditor Stuffed02, one of the moderators on the Teefies subreddit told us that they came across the community several years ago when they were looking for cute cat pictures. They then realized that their kitty's behavior of showing off her teeth when sleeping wasn't weird or rare.

"Our sub is really fortunate to have a ton of users who care about the content and as a result we get very few rule breakers. I suggest that people take quality pictures and share a little about their cat in the title," the mod told us what redditors should do if they want to be an active part of the community.

"Cats are very clean, but that shouldn't mean teeth are the same. If your vet suggests it, get a cat toothpaste to give to your cat every few days for the best oral hygiene," the moderator added.

You’d expect that these meowsome and purrfect predators would have a lot of teeth based on the way how high and mighty they’re acting. But that’s far from the truth.

Adult cats have only 30 teeth while kittens have 26 baby teeth. Let’s compare that to doggos and us hoomans, shall we? Dogs have 42 teeth when they’re all grown up good boys and girls and they have 28 baby teeth. Meanwhile, people have 20 baby teeth and 32 teeth by the time that we’re adults.

The very first baby cat teeth to erupt are the incisors and the canines, so kittens can and do look like teeny vampires for a bit. The first baby teeth start growing when the kitty-cats are around 5 to 6 weeks old and their permanent teeth start to show up when they’re 11 to 16 weeks old, starting with the incisors. 

Then, when the cats are 12 to 20 weeks old, their adult canines make an appearance. While premolars erupt when the felines are 16 to 20 weeks old. Finally, the molars (the hard-to-see ones that are way in the back of the mouth) emerge when the cats are around 20 to 24 weeks.

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Gum History
23 Gorgeous black cats on this post. They say that black cats are not popular and are not easy to home. I suggest that this post shows differently. I have 3 amazing black cats who are full of personality just like those portrayed here.
Kiss Army
Here is our latest addition... laughing because she showed up at the back door and conned us into adopting her.
Is this what the internet has come to? Adorable kitties showing off their nashers ?
Kenny Kulbiski
FYI , "teefies"is not the proper name. Cats prefer the correct term which is "Fangs of Death and Doom" . Jeez, a little respect please.
Nikole Landelius
We need a post of guinea pig teeth/lips. They are so cute! And I can contribute pics of my insanely cute fur ball!
Evil Little Thing
I think the little teeth mostly just hold the drool in.
kieran higgins
there are loads of great pictures there
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Моя Кисюндра! ☺♥
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Mikko yawning (looks like he's laughing)
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My Beazel.
Jo Choto
Why are cats so adorable?
Amy Kohlert
I rescued Axl and Lily. Burmese beauties. She was the runt and failing to survive. Long story short, I saved them, he saved her and they saved me.
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Katana sleeping and snoring real loud.
More reasons why I want a cat. Sadly I can’t have a cat because I’m allergic
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So cute pictures!
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I'm so glad I found this site. People with ideas and imagination. Thank you.
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I can't even... this is just adorable!
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Yes, they are adorably derpy. Saber-toothed derps.
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Sharon Lowe
Here’s my little Lady Buttons Teacup chittering away at the birds outside, on the feeder, in the window.
Mar Mis
One of my three babies. The other two died during quarentine two weeks apart from each other. We are strugling to smile again.
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