This Funny Cat Named Zelda Takes Over Twitter With Her Funny Posts (45 New Pics) (Interview)
Curious Zelda is a phenomenon on the internet. All because of the permanently surprised look on her face, as well as the witty tweets its owner posts on the internet.
This Funny Cat Named Zelda Takes Over Twitter With Her Funny Posts (45 New Pics) (Interview)
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We love cats, especially when they have an adorably goofy look on their face and make us laugh with their antics. Curious Zelda the cat is a phenomenon on the internet. All because of two things: the permanently surprised look on her face, as well as the amusing and witty tweets its owner posts on the internet, alongside photos and videos of the feline.

We’d love to brighten up your day and make you feel all warm and fuzzy for the week to come, so we’ve collected some of the very best Curious Zelda tweets. Scroll down, peruse (or rather purruse) the list of tweets, and upvote the ones you enjoyed.

If you know of anyone whose week needs improving, why not send them a link and let Zelda do the rest? And did you know that Curious Zelda has a book and an audiobook as well? Be sure to drop us a comment about what you think of the cat and have a look through Bored Panda’s previous list about the perpetually surprised-looking cat here.

Bored Panda reached out to Curious Zelda’s owner to talk about the cat, to learn what it’s everyday life is like, as well as to find out what the inspiration behind making Zelda's social media accounts was.

“Zelda’s amazing facial expressions and puzzling behavior. She is interested in everything, finding so much to do in such little space. I always wanted to do something creative (although I didn’t realize it would be cat poetry),” Zelda’s owner told us. Scroll down for the full meowtastic interview.

“The biggest challenge is getting clear photos of her — she moves around a lot! My camera roll is 99 percent Zelda and I’m happy about this,” her owner revealed the challenges behind taking such fun photos.

According to the owner, Zelda is either 8 or 9 years old because the animal shelter wasn’t sure of her age when she was rescued. “Zelda eats everything – she’s a scavenger and regularly steals stuff from the food bin. We rarely see bugs indoors because she eats them all, and she’s amazing at catching houseflies. 

She frequently stalks us around the house. She knows how to play hide and seek, and can also catch a ping pong ball.”

“I guess it’s her resting startled face! She’s very cute and innocent, which suits her existential humor,” Zelda’s owner explained why so many people are fans of the feline. “We enjoyed writing the first book together — I’ll gladly go ahead with a second if Zelda’s not too busy! Whatever happens, I’m really enjoying the experience, and spending a lot of time with my cat!”

Curious Zelda’s owner encouraged everyone to adopt cats to “make everyone's lives better.”

More than 151,200 cat-lovers follow Zelda’s adventures on Twitter, eagerly awaiting the next photo, limerick, or goofy quote. What’s more, over 26,200 Facebook users are fans of the cat as well, while nearly 65,000 Instagram users keep up to date with Zelda’s daily posts.

In her book, Zelda presents her unique worldview and shares her wisdom on how to live life. Among other things, she gives advice on dating, cooking, living with human beings, as well as traveling. We like to believe that Zelda typed up the book with her itty-bitty paws (all the while staring at the computer screen with its amusing look). But odds are that her owner may have helped her write the book.

According to The New York Times, cats are much more popular on the internet than dogs and more people will click on posts about cattos than those about doggos. Some of this may have to do with the fact that felines are “solitary, asocial hypercarnivores” who want only one thing and that is to eat meat.

The New York Times argues that because cats are solitary creatures, they are ‘self-contained’ and looking at them through a TV, computer, or phone screen is much the same as admiring one in the wild (i.e. your living room). Meanwhile, dogs are different: they are extremely social and mirror our emotions, which is why it’s much more satisfying playing with a doggo in real life than looking at photos or videos of one online.

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Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch
Very nice little bits of prose with each photo. Its what makes this work.
Human #1,232,867
I just watched 102 pictures of the same cat!
Gorgeous cat. But I doubt she finds many bugs in that all-white flat. Which must be constantly cleaned, so that her hair isn't everywhere. Well done.
Krazy Kanuck
sigh I love your cat Zelda. She reminds me a lot of the Feral cat that adopted me at my work.. I called her Sunset (after the marina we live at) * I was told the cat would never allow anyone to touch it ;) * I'm special
Zelda is so cute!!!
Kori K. Warriner
These tickle me!! They don't tickle my attention-seeking geriatric kitty-baby though!
Gonzalo Terán
Those whiskers...
Avital Pilpel
Dogs: they feed me, take care of me, and love me. They must be gods! Cats: they feed me, take care of me, and love me. I must be a god!
Awww! Look at the cute little fluff ball! ❤ Her eyes are beautiful! Lol I love that she always looks surprised.
Alusair Alustriel
Wait, those were 102 photos? :O I had a blast, big kudos for the little poems :D
Zelda is adorable!!! She looks a lot like my Freyja, especially when she has the crazy eyes. The posts' limericks are just the best.
Night Owl
These are fun and Zelda is beautiful. I wish my cat were a more active bug hunter
Those eyes though!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Zelda! What a cutie
Dori Semenov
I need me a Zelda.
Felicia Dale
This is incorrect: "...the fact that felines are “solitary, asocial hypercarnivores...” Domestic cats are not related to the felines here in the Americas, they are descended from African cats. American cats are solitary, except when breeding or raising kittens, but African cats are more like lions. They live in groups, often with two or more breeding mothers who help out with each others kittens, kittens from the last litters, and often several males. The hunting adults bring food back to the pride (or whatever its called for cats) to feed kittens but also to feed any adults who are having trouble hunting due to injury or age. That's why domestic cats bring us prey! We're part of their pride and they want to help us. :)
Kevin Wilcoxon
So funny. So true. Thank you so.
Halloween is supposed to be scary, this is one of the scariest things there is.
Karen Klinck
Last Zelda I knew was a 16 foot reticulated python with a penchant for escaping her enclosure. (Not mine, although I was babysitting.) The cats ignored her, except when one was in my lap. Then they'd use a paw to push her nose away from me. (They didn't smell like rodents, so the cats didn't interest her.)
Janelle Collard
I want a Zelda! Dear Zelda's people: you are soooo lucky.
Ruby Richards
Hysterical and I can totally relate, cause these are great!
I honestly laughed out loud at quite a few of the little poems. Very, very clever.
Marilyn Slater
Dear Zelda, you and your mum make a lovely, witty pair! Thank you.
this is some magically cat! he can literally shape shift into different people and foods XD
KT Trondsen
Haiku meets cat in the hat. What a cute kitty!
She reminds me a lot of Junior from The Black Cat Club. Same bugged out out eyes, same frazz
Aunt Messy
Her coat is marvelous - she's a tricolour, even though it's not obvious. When the light catches her fur, you can see red tabby stripes under the black fur - that's a really rare occurrence. ...///... One of mine is a female orange tabby (only one in 75 orange cats is female), and she has black fur at Siamese colour points. You can see black fur on her nose, ears, feet, and tail, and as she gets older, they're getting more pronounced. People can't believe it when they see it.
Zelda is a beautiful cat!
Daniel Lewis
Where are the funny ones?
102 photos that shows the owner needs to physically play with her. Pent up energy in most photos that really show. Most of the time it's lack of attention and physical activity that causes violent ambushes. My cat gets like that in the dead of winter if I don't play at least a few times a day
Sean Reynolds
This cat has found out what happened when it went to the vet and doesn't remember what happened there, only coming back home.
stupid cats
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