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50 Times Sneaky Pets Occupied Their Owner's Spots In Beds (Interview With Other_secondary)
It’s adorable when your pets cuddle up beside you on the bed and the cuteness overload can make you forget all the problems in the world. However, some pets are a bit greedy and looove stealing their owners’ spots on the bed
50 Times Sneaky Pets Occupied Their Owner's Spots In Beds (Interview With Other_secondary)
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It’s adorable when your pets cuddle up beside you on the bed and the cuteness overload can make you forget all the problems in the world. However, some pets are a bit more greedy and just looove 'stealing' their owners’ spots on the bed, claiming them as their own.

Scroll down and check out Bored Panda’s collection of the most hilarious and adorable photos of bed-stealing cats and dogs whose owners couldn’t help but post pictures of them online. Remember to upvote your faves and let us know in the comments if your pet is a bed-stealing derp or floof, too! And be sure to scroll down for our interview with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

If you’ve ever wondered why doggos and cattos do this, there are a few possible reasons for that kind of behavior. Wag reports that some dogs can do this for negative reasons like disrespect and dominance while others steal your spot because they want to show you how much they love you and how loyal they are to you.

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers told Bored Panda that since dogs don't have a moral compass, it isn't possible for them to "steal" anything, much less their owners' spots. "Dogs will be dogs and they will do what dogs do. As a species that primarily ‘sees' the world through its nose, a spot on the sofa is probably very comforting because it smells of its owner."

A member of the APDT committee pointed out that if an owner doesn't want their dog on the bed or furniture, then they should teach the dog what they do want: "Which is usually for the dog to go to a mat or to his own bed."

The committee member also said there is no need for owners to be 'strict' with their dogs when they are being "kind, fair, and consistent in their training."

If your dog is growling at you or roughly nudging you to get you to move, then there might be a problem. But if your doggo takes your spot when you leave and then moves when you come back, it’s a sign of respect because they’re saving your spot.

Cats and dogs also feel closer to you when they’re in a spot that smells strongly of you.

However, your dog might not respect you as “the leader of the pack” if it constantly takes your favorite spot on the bed or the couch. Are they trying to challenge your authority? Could be.

Or they could be trying to get your attention and expressing their warm and fuzzy feelings for you. Animal emotions are complex and a lot depends on each particular case.

If you don’t want your pet 'stealing' your spot, they have to know that you’re in charge and that you wear the pants in the family.

You can start by teaching them basic commands like “move” (or “please, please, please, you goofball, get out of my bed, I have nowhere else to sleep”). In other words, setting limits is key. Obviously, this works far better with dogs than with cats. What’s more, if your pet has its own cozy place to relax, it won’t be as likely to steal yours.

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Monty Is Fiennes
When he was 6mnths we used to put him between us in bed to get a sleep-in on Sundays, he'd snuggle down and drift off snoring. We used to look at each other and say "We're not making a habit of this!" Now he's seven and we take every hot-dog-in-a-bun cuddle we can get while we still have time. And we still say "We're not making a habit of this!"
GirlFriday (featuring Pitbull)
I still cannot figure out how EXACTLY a 17 pound miniature schnauzer can take up 3/4 of a queen sized bed every single night. I am now used to sleep on the edge of the bed.
deanna woods
These pictures are so adorable. It's awesome to see how attached pets get to their owners.
Laugh Fan
The struggle for space in the bed is real... my dogs are winning.
Our dog scratches at the bedroom door when he needs to go outside for potty - on weekends when I'm trying to sleep in, he's learned that he can scratch the door to get me out of bed, then while I'm getting dressed, he'll take my warm spot in the bed.
Lyra Rey
I used to wake up with my head off the pillow and my dog curled up on my pillow. I don't know how he managed to move my head. Dude only weighed 15 pounds.
April Simnel
♪♫♪"You're sleeping on the couch tonight..."♪♫♪
Love these. I rarely ever have room in bed, but I don't care. I always try to give my dogs as much love and luxury as humanly possible in their short lives!
Christina Uhlir
'Until you have been loved by an animal, you will never truly understand unconditional love.'
Ms Phit
My dogs both love my side of the now they also know the command "scootch over!" They always figure out the exact minimum amount of scootch they have to do to give me space in my bed. Not one millimeter more. Yes they're spoiled... they deserve it!
Chris Watson
Not a fan of dogs in the bed, or any furnishings. So I'll just enjoy these photos belonging to others .
these pics were great
Pam Olson
My wish for Bored Panda - please don’t put statements at the end about the post being shortened. It is disappointing to realize I have missed out on some wonderful photographs. Why can’t the entire post remain?
My cat does this every single day the moment I leave for work and everyday when I get home there’s where I find her. At least she keeps it warm for me
My cat steals the seat and I pull up a chair next to him. I wonder who the Alpha is in my home
Freya the Wanderer
I used to have two cats - had to rehome one when I moved - but they loved to take over my bed. Unfortunately they liked to tinkle on it as well, so during the day I had to cover it with cardboard.
hahahaha hilarious!!!
Cuteness overload...
Mike Rodrick
Many of these look staged. Animals can't possibly cover themselves perfectly as some of these show. Obviously, the real ones are great.
Disgusting !!! That's the reason i don't like to visit pet owners home.
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