Conspiracy Theorists Say 2011 Captain America Predicted Coronavirus, So This Movie Critic Does Some Digging (Interview)
Some people thought that the 2011 movie Captain America: The First Avenger predicted the coronavirus pandemic. However, film critic William Mullally dug deep and figured out what’s really going on.
Conspiracy Theorists Say 2011 Captain America Predicted Coronavirus, So This Movie Critic Does Some Digging (Interview)
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There are dozens and dozens of coronavirus conspiracy theories floating around on the internet. From theories like 5G causing the illness and speculations that coronavirus vaccines would have Illuminati microchips in them to theories about how some movies supposedly predicted the virus before it spread.

Case in point, some people thought that the 2011 movie Captain America: The First Avenger predicted the coronavirus pandemic. However, film critic William Mullally dug deep and figured out what’s really going on in the scene from the movie. Scroll down and have a look at how much effort William put into debunking the conspiracy theory and what unexpected conclusion he came to. (Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.)

Bored Panda reached out to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and went into detail about coronavirus conspiracies and how to cut through misinformation. Read on for our full in-depth interview with the CDC.

William’s Twitter thread was very popular and got over 71.5k likes, as well as nearly 30k retweets at the time of writing. Unfortunately, conspiracy theories like the Captain America coronavirus one still circulate widely around the net.

“Public health emergencies are always concerning, particularly when a new virus like COVID-19 is emerging. Although we continue to learn more about this novel coronavirus each day, we don’t have all the answers yet, which can contribute to rumors and misinformation,” the CDC told Bored Panda about why conspiracies abound.

“In addition, technology today can help accelerate the speed and depth at which misinformation spreads—and that, in turn, can promote harmful behaviors that increase personal and public health risks.”

According to the CDC, it works to dispel misinformation related to the coronavirus by sharing science-based and data-driven information wherever it can: from print and online platforms to traditional and social media, and partner outreach.

“We have developed and published nearly 1,500 documents providing information and guidance for government agencies, businesses, and the public, and provided more than 3,200 social media posts related to COVID-19,” the CDC revealed to Bored Panda. “CDC staff have fielded more than 21,000 inquiries from doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff and health departments, as well as more than 240,000 inquiries through CDC-INFO, which provides live agents by phone and email to help direct people to credible information. As we learn more about COVID-19, we update our recommendations and resources so that people have the most up-to-date information.”

The CDC stressed that it’s important to follow trusted sources and know where to turn for reliable information about the coronavirus, as there is still a lot of fear and concern about COVID-19.

“Follow the recommendations of your state and local public health departments and emergency management offices. Look for social media posts from verified accounts before sharing information with your friends and followers. We all have a role to play in combating misinformation and protecting our loved ones from this unprecedented pandemic.”

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Electric Ed
That feeling when you finally can PROVE that a nutjob is a nutjob...
Dippin Dot
My former mother in law thinks the coronavirus is a ploy by the liberals to prevent her from seeing her grandchildren. Yes, pyscho... the entire world is in on a ploy, including those who have died, to get you - nobody else. Just you.
Roadkill The Brave
The Pastafarians might have seen it coming.
Phunny Philosopher
Spaghetti! Hilarious! Definitely an unexpected twist.
Freya the Wanderer
Conspiracy theory bugnuts will cling to their bullcrud no matter what facts and evidence you put in front of them. Cognitive dissonance blinds them to truth and reason.
Marcellus the Third
It's not the usual "No sh*t, Sherlock", but what is it? "Bullsh*t, Sherlock"? "Utter sh*t, Sherlock"?
We all knew Captain America could do it!
Aragorn II Elessar
Good job figuring it out, but the sane among us already knew that Captain America didn’t predict the coronavirus. The not so sane in the BP community will use this as evidence that the coronavirus was planned. This won’t do anything to change anyone’s mind.
deanna woods
I don't understand how anyone can have conspiracy theories about an illness that has killed thousands. These people need to shut up and keep their crap theories to themselves.
Zulma Ruiz
also in the movie of keanu reeve The Day the Earth Stood Still, In an empty time square, near the end of the world, the corona bottle appears, and across the street there is a giant poster of an Asian person eating soup.
Mmmmm.... Spaghetti is always an answer.
WhatsUpKittyCat? (I wuv dogs too)
Divergent is one o my favourite books.... Recommended for people like me who are obsessed with the Hunger Games, have a mocking jay pin, have already bought the brand new prequel and read the 517 page book within 3 days, and have read the hunger games sixty-one times. :)
Michael Capriola Jr.
Here's a conspiracy theory off the top of my head: If the Masonic cabal is behind it, never forget that a Masonic "cabal" founded the United States of America (ie- many Founding Fathers were Free Masons) . Also, most of them were "Deists," that is, the y reject revelation as a source of religious knowledge and asserts that reason and observation of the natural world are sufficient to establish the existence of a Supreme Being . In other words, the Masonic "cabal" set out to create a non-Christian nation. Therefore the USA is evil. Hmmm, ummmmmm.... D'OH!
The scariest part of all of this is the people who believe this crap.
Jim Price
The corona-virus was spawned by disposable plastic cutlery, plate and straw manufacturers against the rise of re-usable and permanent eating utensils used in sit down restaurants.
A lot of people wanted certain things to stop and something to change, and the world actually stopped, planted or wished, the point is it stopped. Debating what to do next should be a priority over why it happened. If we want to live in a better place, we all need to do better, and as a team. Human rase.
As woody Allen used to say: the good thing when you are intelligent is that you can always play the fool. The opposite being impossible. Same thing applies also by replacing idiots with conspirationists.
OMG! But the ad says "Buone Peste" which is Italian for "Good Plague"!
Colin Mochrie At Its Finest
I could have told you it was fireworks. That was my first thought from the first image.
Karl Popper would say that's the difference between science and conspiracy theories: conspiracy has no falsification criteria. No matter how many points you find to show their theory is false, conspirationists will always find a way to explain those points and keep their theory.
dragons grish
TL;DR its a pasta ad
I expect that many of the same people who are currently denying that there is a COVID pandemic also believe that it was predicted in that movie.
Stannous Flouride
I'm setting up a betting pool on how long before the Tangerine Turd quotes this in a Tweet. $1 buy in, pick numbers for month and date, winner take all. /s
Well considering spaghetti (and other kinds of pasta) was high on the list of things hoarders bought over here, this is actually not making a point against the theory ;)
I recognized a firework from the first image ...
Susanna Vesna
Lame! ?
Jessica Cole
I KNEW it. Spaghetti, duh.
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