35 Fox Pics That Show What Wonderful Creatures They Are (Interview)
They’re fluffy. They’re foxy. And we’re not entirely sure how to describe the sounds they make. Can you guess what they are? That’s right—foxes!
35 Fox Pics That Show What Wonderful Creatures They Are (Interview)
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They’re fluffy. They’re foxy. And we’re not entirely sure how to describe the sounds they make. Can you guess what they are? That’s right—foxes! We believe that these gorgeous animals don’t get enough of our attention. Sure, dogs and cats are amazing but there’s a certain nous ne savons quoi that foxes bring to the table.

We want to make your week awesome and to fill you up with positive vibes. That’s why our animal-loving Bored Panda team has collected this wholesome list of full of photos of foxes being all funny and cute. Scroll down, upvote your faves, and share which pics you liked the most in the comments. Oh, and be sure to let everyone know if you figured out what foxes actually do say (we’re still a bit lost even after Ylvis’ song!). If you still need some wholesome foxy goodness, check out other posts about baby foxes and artistic fox photos.

Bored Panda reached out to the team at Help Wildlife, a British charity-run advice website dedicated to helping the public know what to do when faced with a wild animal that may need help, to learn more about foxes. “Foxes are very smart, probably a similar level of 'smartness' to dogs. They're not, despite the common perception, especially cunning though. Like dogs, they're really playful and can often be seen playing with random objects much like a dog plays with toys,” founder Sarah told us. Scroll down for our full interview with her!

“If you spot a fox in the wild, the best thing is just to consider yourself blessed and admire them from a distance. It's never a good idea to try and pet or tame a wild animal,” Sarah from Help Wildlife warned us. “It's ok to put a little food out sometimes but it's best not to let them associate people with food or to feed them so much or so often that they become dependent on you.”

Sarah also spoke to us about the possibility of catching some icky disease when being around wildlife: “With any animal there will be a certain amount of crossover between diseases they can get and diseases humans can get. What really determines the level of risk is how much contact you have with them, since any disease needs close proximity to be transmitted really.”

She continued: “So as long as you treat foxes as the wild animals they are and leave them alone, there is virtually no risk of you catching anything from them.”

Let’s get to know foxes even better, shall we? For example, if you want to leave an impression on your friends, the next time you’re outside and you spot a group of foxes, you can tell ‘em, “Hey, that’s a skulk (or a leash) of foxes watching us right there.” +5 easy points to your favorite Hogwarts house, guaranteed.

Our foxy friends have whiskers on their faces, that’s no secret. But something that might just blow your mind is the fact they also have whiskers on their legs! Foxes use ‘em to navigate and find their way in tall grass.

There’s no doubt that foxes tails are beautiful but they’re not just for show. They’re multifunctional. Their tails help them keep their balance when they’re chasing down their dinner. What’s more, foxes use their tails to communicate with other cute foxes. Though we don’t know what they talk about for sure, we’d like to imagine that they compliment each others tails with their tails. And they wrap themselves up in their floofy tails to stay warm while sleeping. How cute is that? Very!

Foxes can climb trees and sometimes settle in their lower branches. They also have night vision like cats do. Furthermore, their hearing is excellent: red foxes have been reported to hear watches ticking from 40 yards (36.6 meters) away. That’s always useful for city-dwelling foxes to keep the time and to hear if any hoomans are getting close to them.

These animals have a varied diet that changes depending on their environment. However, red foxes are omnivores, as a rule. So they’ll gobble up everything that’s in their way, from roots and fruits to rodents, ribbety froggos, and even fish.

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I have a couple of foxes that hang around my yard. I love them to bits! But you must remember they are wild animals, not pets. Do not feed them under any circumstances! They can get used to that so very quickly. Don't leave shoes etc out side. Foxes are thieves and never miss a chance to walk away with something. I found out about that the hard way. If left to their own devices, Foxes will insure that your not bothered by rats or other pesky vermin. And they are so damn handsome they just look good on any property.
I occasionally see foxes in my backyard, and it is always for a few seconds. They are very good at hiding and don’t want to be seen. One night around 2 am, I hear a noise outside and I look out the window to see a mother fox and two kits playing. It was so beautiful, and the most adorable thing.
Moo Moo Futch
I've a mama fox who comes by regularly and chills outside under the kitchen window. She brings her cubs to meet us each year. Check my insta for pictures and videos @tiffers1981 . Her cubs from last year have grown and gone now but she has some new babies now.
They are adorable. But I am seriously traumatized by something I saw a few months back. Group of hunting dogs with a guy in UK. They were hunting foxes, and caught one. They tore him. I can't tell how traumatized I am. Why are people so cruel? A poor little creature, what pain..
Kairen Rider-Matchez
They are all just adorable!!
Oskar vanZandt
I upvoted only those pics that were obviously of 'wild' or 'urban' foxes... Like others who have expressed their opinion, I am also against domesticating foxes. I have no qualms about leaving food out for them to scavenge, especially in the harshness of winter but I do not think people should in any other way interact with them(except in rescue situations), as gorgeous and lovely as they are!
Matthew Smith
I love foxes, I get a few around my way in the UK, cheeky little buggers. :)
So many "pet" fox pics, that's just sad. How permissive are the laws in those countries to allow such a thing? Selfish humans
Hannah Dunn
So cute
Albert Ambrosia
Had to do a double take this evening. On my lawn tractor seat in my garage was a Mother fox and her kits were sleep on the tractor deck. She looked up like what...The outside garage cats were all nice to her and the kits and allowed her to eat 1st The cats do this also for the possums in my garage. They all leave soon once their kits are able to travel. But they will be back in the Winter....
Tallulah Benton
I live in a place called Fox Creek and we see foxes all the time! So precious!
Make sure you leave water out at this time of year. It's hot out. All the animals passing through your yard, from birds, to foxes to bees will appreciate it. I usually leave out a big pan, and a couple of smaller ones for the littles.
sharron lynn parsons
A wonderful post, great shots to enjoy, most people love to see wildlife, especially in the wild, or even in the back yard !!!
Maddie Painter
Last spring, I was at my sister's fencing tournament and there were seven lil kits! I was dying because they were rolling around and being annoyingly cute but we couldn't touch them or give them treats (our cupcakes) Mama ran off when she saw us and then the babies played for a little bit and then laid under a shed (They must have been living there for a while) to escape the pouring rain. They were so cute!
Mary Tonningsen
I really need to move out of the 'burbs and to a place where foxes come to visit!
Jon Stuart
Foxes are a beautiful part of nature. Accidentally ran over the most pretty vixen years ago, terminal damage, was very upset. But and I mean But, Fan of fox hunting as the hunt only gets the old cantankerous bitches and dogs (like those fucked up old people who should be put down, thank you Covid 19)
Christine Brown
Loved the pics of foxes in natural habitats; the Miyagi Fox Village NOT! Especially after reading more about the place that is “supposed” to be a sanctuary.
Lisa Pockat Bork
I love foxes. They are not only beautiful creatures but they help keep the rodent population under control.
Elene Rodetis-Ashe
I know that Russia has been working on domesticating for breeding foxes for years. Still a few snags, I believe.
Uma Maheswar Nakka
Amy Pontious
Absolutely adorable pictures!
John Muir
thank warms your heart
Aurora Graham-Hayes
some look fake
Jackie Burke
We had foxes in NC...but in Tx. and Ok. the coyotes have killed them all off!
Jeff Diamond
Foxes are some of my favorite animals. I knew we have them in my area, but I've never been able to see one. I only wish I could domesticate a family of them... But I'll leave them to nature.
Joe S
Foxes are sweet until you've owned hens. They literally annihilate everything they come across. Yeah it's nature but it's not great waking up finding your hens strewn all over the lawn, they tend to kill one for food then the rest for sport.
Joe Joe
Thats a foxy morning that made me smile
I now desire a pet fox
Their pelts are gorgeous.
Chris Watson
They are all "cute". But they are wild animals and can carry rabies. Their bite is painful.
jknbt jknbt
what a great post! will somebody figure out how to breed up foxes that are cat box/litter box trained and will make good indoor pets? They make pretty cool outdoor pets if there are no big dogs around. And the cats are jealous of the competition! (foxes poop where they please, including on your kitchen counter when they jump up to see what you are doing when making your breakfast! yuck!)
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