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Gigi Hadid Just Moved Into A Remodeled $5.8M Apartment She Designed Herself And People Are Making Fun Of Her Bizarre Design Choices (Interview)
Social media’s abuzz with talks about Gigi Hadid's multi-million-dollar apartment that she spent a whole year designing and decorating herself.
Gigi Hadid Just Moved Into A Remodeled $5.8M Apartment She Designed Herself And People Are Making Fun Of Her Bizarre Design Choices (Interview)
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25-year-old American fashion model Gigi Hadid recently gave a virtual tour of her newly renovated apartment in Manhattan’s NoHo neighborhood. She turned it into a stylish yet weird wonderland. On the one hand, it's full of chaotic energy, good vibes, and awesome features. On the other hand, some people think it's a bit bizarre.

Social media’s abuzz with talks about her multi-million-dollar apartment that she spent a whole year designing and decorating herself. The model’s apartment also caught the eye of comedian and podcaster Cait Raft who walked us through Hadid’s bizarre interior design choices that somehow seem to work. (Sometimes.) Read on for Bored Panda's interview about Hadid's renovation with Cait who also discusses other celebrity real estate and interior design choices on her gossip podcast “Hot and Rich.”

And have a look for yourselves at the photos that Hadid shared and let us know what you think, dear Pandas. Especially about the pasta-filled cabinets and the giant yellow pen. (Personally, I love all of the bold and bright colors but far from everyone agrees!)

"The thing that first caught my eye was the rainbow pasta cabinet doors. It haunts me. There’s something so completely wrong about it. It’s like a college dorm cafeteria from 2002. It’s such a boldly wrong design choice that I almost respect it. It’s like she had the option between black and white cabinets and she said, 'No, give me rainbow pasta.' Maybe she’s a genius," Cait told us about what stood out for her the most in Hadid's apartment.

In the celeb expert's opinion, the design choices that Hadid made indicate that she's a free spirit. "I’m sure there were a ton of people who tried to talk her out of the billiard ball countertop basket or the mismatched set of living room skis but Gigi held her own. I like it when a young woman isn’t afraid to go boldly in the direction of her dreams. Even if those dreams end up manifesting in the form of a bad college-dorm-with-an-unlimited-budget design aesthetic," Cait said.

But what would she change in Hadid's apartment if she could alter anything? Well, Cait had some ideas. "I would encourage Gigi to double down on her chosen aesthetic. I’d say, 'Go full TGIFridays with it.' Let’s nail some novelty license plates to the wall. Let’s taxidermy a fish and cover it in glitter. I think she can’t just go halfway and put one giant pen in a corner. Let’s get a whole giant pen basket. A giant ruler, a giant protractor. Her bathroom is too tame compared to the rest of the house, I’d add a cave or a waterfall in there. She has the money, she could make this a full-on theme park if she wanted to."

Social media users were divided about what to think of Hadid’s apartment. Some people really disliked her design choices and sense of style while others thought that the apartment looks great.

According to Elle and the New York Post, Hadid owns two units in her building that she allegedly plans to combine. She bought her first 2-bedroom apartment for 3.97 million dollars in 2015 and she bought the second 3-bedroom unit for 5.82 million dollars in December 2018.

The apartment that Hadid showcased on her Instagram account is most likely the second one. It’s fancy through and through: it also has a private terrace with a barbecue grill, a fire pit, and even an outdoor fridge.

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chi-wei shen
I have a problem withe line “We Need To Talk About Gigi Hadid’s Interior Design Choices For Her $5.8 Million Manhattan Apartment”. It's her apartment and she should be able to do whatever she likes to do with her money without being shamed for it. Since she has posted photos of her apartment we can talk about it but there is no "need" to do so, no matter whether anyone likes it or not.
Bobert Robertson
Who cares how someone chooses to decorate their own place? If she likes it, good for her!
Biljana Malesevic
Her money, her home. She decides how to decorate it.
DKS 001
I wish I had the money for a big place of my own to decorate how I want to so people can bitch about what isn't their business.
I don't see why everyone is bashing on her for what she chose to put in her own home. None of us have the same taste so why does it matter. She posted photos because she is proud of her year long project being finished. I don't know who she is tbh and I don't like some things in her house but if it makes her happy being there then who are we to say if it's right or wrong.
I love the whole thing. The whole bland colors-minimalism-hanging lights look that everyone has currently is boring and bleak to my eyes. She's using color, creativeness and doing it her own way. Beautiful!
Lisa loves cats
I dont know why this is getting some hate, its her apartment and her property she chooses what to do with it, and personally i rather like it a lot
I'd say it's a 100% successful project if she was aiming for the thrift shop look. Anyway, it's her choice so we do not need to discuss her interior design choices for her own apartment.
Most of those things are kinda cool. Like the couch - it looks boho style maybe? Colorful and fun, so most of this is just not liking the style. I agree the pen is weird but if she likes it, who cares? Care about celebrities not paying taxes, not abt their choices is style
Ania A.
why not talk about the painting that says "all welcome here, you are safe"? we should focus on the positive things!
What's In Your Head?
All I can say is: Thank God it has some cheerful colours! I am so sick of all these gray/white/black interiors everywhere.
The displaced, born in the wrong decade hippie in me LOVES that couch. It kinda reminds me of my favorite skirt.
Dianna Siever
I love it. I'm happy to be a guest, Gigi.
Pastry Person
i love how it looks
Bouthaina Van buuren
I dnt see what's weird about this
Those sofas do look a bit cozy to me.
Blue of the yams (They/He)
It's unusual, but i dig it.
Sergio Bicerra Descalzi
Appart from some things in weird places (the billiard balls) I find her house really great.
Joel Blazquez Sargatal
I really liked the giant pen. Amazon...
Her home - her choice.Why are people so judgmental? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all!
Well, her money, her flat, her life. How in the flying fuck is anyone else's business what she did with HER FUCKING APARTMENT!!!!!
Elida Lechuga
It's very whimsical. I don't see anything wrong with it as I don't live there. She likes it and that's all that matters. Good for her on living how she fucking wants.
I kind of like it. It's different. Something you don't see often in Manhattan, especially in the Upper East Side. It's all "rich people silver color themed boxy designs or old rich people mansion design."
Matthew Smith
How can a property have 3 and a half bathrooms? what the fuck is that all about?
This just proves my thought; no matter how much money you have, you can't buy style.
Becky Jahnke
Bright, colorful, playful, imaginative, her own special "me" place! Love it!
Mary Smiley
I liked some of her design choices like the couch, the circular art above the bed, and the New Yorker bathroom. I would like to see the rest.
I think it's absolutely lovely. I love all the bright colors. Lots of personality and whimsy in that place. So much better than all the stark white, plain vanilla apartments in NYC.
Raine Soo
The first word that came to mind with regard to Gigi's apartment was 'eclectic'. It's not my cup of tea, but she's young and she probably wanted something fun.
To each their own but, yuck. I did the New Yorker wall as a pre teen.
Little Dino
I love that it's quirky instead of the morgue of the Kardashian-West's place. :)
I think it shows personality, some of it's not my personal taste but then what someone does with their home is up to them and no one else.
kate h
If that pasta is real, she's going to have a massive pantry moth problem very soon.
Definitely a conversation starter.
Steve Cruz
I like this decor a lot better than "cribs" that look like Rapper Du Jour is renting a house someone else decorated specifically for the rental market.
Sonya Jersey
I actually like it. It's colorful and fun. I'm tired of seeing only white, grey, beige homes.
Franciszka Pinkava
Money can't buy taste, that's for sure!
ur mums senpai
i fucking love it and i love her everyone needs to mind their own business and get a life smh
Wim Cossement
Rich people can't buy taste...
Lisa Chambers
I have been in furniture showrooms that resemble this. It makes me want to run. Too much all at once. It is her space though so whatev.
Marigen Beltran
Maybe I'm crazy but I love what she did with her place. The colors especially.
Well, in the fairly unlikely event that she asks me over, I think I'd be very very polite.
i love it, it's so refreshing to see someone who appreciates color and texture and weirdness, i'm so sick of all these places on hgtv and elsewhere that are all neutral colors and boring contemporary furniture
The Upset Kitten
"Welcome All Ages, All Colours, Sizes, Cultures, Genders, Beliefs, Religion, Type, People... Safe here" A 6 foot, 60 year old purple, male pedophile (AKA Young People Eater) suddenly runs into Gigi's home, from a country where their culture & religion believes children are marriage material at 9 years old...and her daughter happens to be the right person and type. He safe there? Seriously...hate those stupid "All are welcome here" posters -_- cuz it's the bullshit mask we pretend to buy into and wear, but once an actual situation arises that puts those sayings in your ass you disagree with it in an instant.
Gabby D
This is very similar to when I decorated my house in Animal Crossing
Roberto Durante
I like her style, it's the illustration of a creative and original mind and spirit
Anna Salerno
UGH to the whole disaster! ?
I Love the colours. Happy and cheerful place.
I really like her apartment. I love how out of the norm it is. I've always liked out of the box kind of stuff and mismatched things. I absolutely love the couch!
chef ette
also love the multi colored, textured, patterned sectional in the living room.
chef ette
I think her new place is amazing. Love the bathroom with with the New Yorker cover wallpaper!!
Ana Luna
Me encanta, mucha personalidad, ecléctico. Fuera de lo común, de la masa de ovejas que usan todo lo que les dicen que hay que usar. La felicito. Genial !! (adémás Gigi debe estar super procupada por lo que piensen los demás !!! por supuesto esto es sarcasmo)
Tanya Kysel'ova
it's no problem what she did with the design of her house. It's a problem she is obviously planning to share it with someone innocent else
Money can't buy style.
First of all, IT'S HER HOUSE. If she wakes up in the morning happy at what she sees so what do we care? She paid for it, we didn't. I actually like the colorful design.
Ramona Rhein
This isn’t bizarre, this is incredibly creative! Okay, the giant pen was a little weird, but kudos to her individualism and willingness to be different.
Eglė Bukauskaitė
at least it's not the boring moderns style - when whole place is embodyment of 50 shades of grey. She like colours- let her have it!
Dorothy Parker
She has paid a fortune to decorate it like kids without money. It's fake. You hang an old cart part you found in a field, not one that was curated for you. It's also frenetic. There's no place to rest your eye.
Christopher Lee
Well, this merely demonstrates that money can buy neither taste nor class.
Aimee Simmons
Let's just address the article writers asinine reference to the skis in the upright holder thing. the ONE ski is just that. It's a one ski for two feet to fit on to ski with one fucking ski... The others are a beautiful set of skies that it looks like she has had for a long time and have sentimental value as well as cultural value. I recommend that the writer of the article check her own bullshit before she/he/them/they/it posts an article to make fun of someone who had earned the right to have a home designed however the hell they want. I beg your pardon for the impolite vernacular, but I have had enough of the elitist bullshit, and anyone trying to bully someone who EARNED THEIR INCOME AND HAS A RIGHT TO SPEND IT HOW THEY WANT!!!!
There are several individual elements I really like. And a number that flew right past me. But as long as she enjoys it, because it is HERS.
Anna Repp
It is not bad at all - quirky in a good way and also very livable, unlike many celebrity homes I've seen. (Trump's apartment anyone?) I can actually see myself living there and enjoying the space.
This "interior design" looks exactly like what a 12 year old would want. But, hey, considering the way people dress today and go out in public [when they are allowed to do so] it fits the dynamic.
clive apps
The carpet choice on the stairs could lead to someone with poor vision or depth perception to take a fall, especially with painting at the bottom messing up depth perception. It looks like the carpet designs from casinos that are designed to hypnotize you so you waste more money on the stupidity there. The kitchen doors with the pasta are interesting. The bowl of billiard balls is odd, but no more useless than a bowl of wax or plastic fruit.
Tony Reynolds
For the people making fun of her apartment, let's see yours. Her apartment is creative and fun and probably a whole lot better than whatever Pottery Barn / Wayfair crap you have in your home.
Melissa Wong
The only thing I like is the bathroom. Everything else is horrid. But its her taste and her home so good for her. However she did post pics of her home for all to see so she shouldnt complain if she gets comments from people who dont share her tastes.
Aahzmandus Pervect
The apartment's OK.
Elizabeth Molloy
You can't buy good taste, and this proves it.
Guglielmo Marconi
I like it.
Theron Roberts
i just love how she thought about what she wanted, what she thought was cool, and just didn't care about the so called standards about a house/apartment
I LOVE all the pretty colors ????❤️?❤️???❤️♥️??❤️??
Sippy Cup &&&&&
This apartment is absolutely amazing. Let's not forget she put blood, sweat and tears into this on her own
Can confirm: couch is comfy AF.
Mindy Keys
Interested in the art at the bottom of the staircase. Any guesses on the Artist? Lovely.
Melissa Peck
I like it. Maybe what is out of place for some has a meaning or memory for her. I love the vibrant colors. The current trend of bland white gray black is getting old quick. Her space has personality.
I don’t give a fuck how she wants to decorate so long as it’s not supporting awful industries. What bothers me is that there are $5.8 million apartments. The extreme gentrification of urban places is disgusting. Check out the documentary called “Class Divide” some time, among others. There’s no good reason why “supply & demand” gets like this. It’s utterly fucking insanely antisocial.
I dont hate it- i like the couches!
Astrid Nineor
Love the bathroom, it seems to be the same size as my entire flat :p :D
I don't know who this person is, but I *love* their sense of style. Perfect placement on daring splashes of colour and plenty of just fun ideas.
Jake B
I liked it. Not my tastes but I'd def love to be friends and hand here. The couch is great and the colors are bright and cheery. They also work together. The pasta looks fun and I get the feeling she is fun and non judgmental. So what's not to like besides the author of the article?
F. H.
Honestly, it's better than most rich people homes you see in the media. This looks a bit like a European furniture catalogue, but at least it doesn't scream nouveau-riche in every corner. I will never get why people use old stuff that doesn't qualify as antique for decoration, but there are worse things you can do to a room.
elia 84631
Yes, i love her personal style more than cookie cutter designs.
Chusni Chetanwa
useless good for nothing hadids and kardashians
Chusni Chetanwa
why do we pay so much attention to these hood for nothing people? take off the layers kf makeup silicone botox, fillers and plastic surgeries and they will look even worse than the average person like me. not even worth looking once. useless hadid's and kardashian's
The rest of the furniture looks cheap, I only like the Moroccan sofa.
The couch is awesome, it's a "Mah Jong" couch from the french design brand "roche bobois" designed by Hans (not the BP one) Hopfer; It's really great but also absolutely not affordable for us^^
Not that she needs or cares about my opinion...I could NOT live with the couch or the kitchen cabinets. Also, I have almost as much square footage as she does and I paid 2% of what she did. Thus proving the theory that there is really no reason to live in New York City.
Leo H
Note how the safe sign doesn't mention income levels..poor people arent welcomed in a 1 percenter house
Mishte Tine
I love the pool balls I have a few antique ones myself. Plus croquet ball. I brought one to my mom when she was hospitalized telling her she had to give it back when she got out. She was not well, I hoped seeing that silly ball would help. She made it out but refused to give the ball back. I used croquet mallets as decoration above my windows - awesome. I’d get sick of so much color noise in this home. As an artist, maybe, that much busy-ness on the walls and stairs in particular gives me a headache just thinking about living with it for even an hour or two. That said, I love the skis and billiard balls.
Money doesn’t buy taste... have this theory that a lot of wealthy people don’t actually know what looks good. They just see something with a ridiculously expensive price tag and think “that’s expensive, so it must be good”.
It's like a Sims house, designed badly.
Curry on...
See, if I was a visitor, I'd spend most of my time just looking at everything. I think the style is very creative. I like the colors, patterns and textures, maybe because my own place is so traditionally blah.
Aunt Messy
The pickup tail gate is kind of cool....but all she's done is spend a fortune on stuff...that has no meaning to her.
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