Hairstylist Shows What A Hair Transformation Can Do With 32 Before And After Pics
Jurgita said that her job is about more than just creating new haircuts: it’s about renewing clients’ confidence in themselves, giving them honest advice, and reminding women that they have to love themselves.
Hairstylist Shows What A Hair Transformation Can Do With 32 Before And After Pics
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Changing your hairstyle can do wonders for your self-esteem. Lithuanian hairstylist and founder of SelfStation, Jurgita Malakauskaitė, told Bored Panda that she has always had an innate sense for beauty and aesthetics and has known since her school days that she would become a hairdresser. She told us that her job is about more than just creating new haircuts: it’s about renewing clients’ confidence in themselves, giving them honest advice, and reminding women that they have to love themselves. “You simply make people happy,” that’s how Jurgita summed up what she does.

We’ve collected some before and after photos of the transformations that Jurgita gave her clients for you to look at, dear Pandas. Scroll down, upvote your fave transformations, and let us know which ones were your favorite and why in the comments below.

Jurgita told Bored Panda that she became a hairdresser at the age of 16. Since she was living in the small town of Mažeikiai, her parents opened up a small hairdressers’ for her to practice cutting her neighbors’ hair in. Afterward, she got her first real job and she now has over 24 years of experience in hairstyling or what she calls “creating feelings”.

The hairstylist told us in detail about her work process that starts by determining her clients’ type by taking into account their eye, skin, and natural hair color, as well as hair texture. She uses the names of the seasons to distinguish between her clients’ types: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

For example, somebody whose type is Winter will have light eyes and darker hair. While Summer people would have light eyes and grayish hair, light skin. According to the stylist, eye color is especially important because it can have many different hues and variations.

“It’s like creating a painting. You first analyze what colors you’ll ‘paint’ with. And only after you have all of your colors ready, after you know your client’s type and look at the shape of their face and hair texture, only then do you start ‘painting,’” Jurgita said.

“Every person has a type,” the stylist said. Jurgita says that it’s also important to determine what the form of the client’s face and body are like and to find out what the client looks like when they’re completely natural.

“I think that every single hairdresser has to understand these things,” she pointed out and added that this is an exact science and not guesswork. She revealed to Bored Panda that she sometimes feels like an architect: except for building skyscrapers, she creates hairstyles that bring out each person’s inner potential and character.

Jurgita said that creating a hairstyle that suits a woman is the main part of her calling. However, another part is showing women that they have nothing to be afraid of by experimenting with some light makeup and lipstick until they find the look that they love best.

According to Jurgita, she also helps women analyze what makes them look prettier and more womanly and how to open themselves up to comments from their social circles about what changes in how they look could work for them, instead of ignoring useful criticism.

Jurgita admitted that she tends to be more blunt than diplomatic when she communicates with her clients because she values the truth and not beating around the bush.

“Hair is energy. For some people, you have to tame their hair. For others, you have to convince them that they look beautiful and that their hair will be healthier next time. You help them understand that they have to love and take care of themselves, that hair isn’t separate from their bodies.”

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Yes, it's quite incredible what changing your hairstyle, a professional beautician, a better pose and lighting and a bigger smile can do for you. I bet a lot of these women would look just as fantastic with their old hairstyle and the same make over.
Goli Soda
Why do so many pics have a "photoshopped" effect?
Some of these look horrid, I feel bad for those women
Whats with all these mushroom cuts?
miss miss
Might be my age, but you need a new profession.
Bob everyone's hair and dye it an inhuman shade of pink? All of these after photos look like ventriloquist dummies.
Ирина Шипилова
You're a bad photographer
This stylist only know short, white, dark and swooped upwards (plus photoshop). They seriously need some new moves
Bazza bazaar
All I’ve taken from this is - lighting, filter and pose makes a difference. That’s all.
Well, these are slightly better than the usual “throw a shit-ton of makeup on the woman” bullshit of “makeovers”... though that’s happening with ridiculous lipstick on a few. Some of the styles are nicer, but there’s nothing wrong with these woman in the “before” photos. There never really is.
Nia Loves Art
Why are there multiple bowl cuts?
Most of these are terrible
Oh goody, another "transformed their look completely just because they got a haircut and style" post, when actually in most cases the hair is the least of the changes - the "after" photo is with makeup, different clothing, perfect lighting, and photoshopping.
Barbara Baldwin
Adding cosmetics is cheating
Several of these looked like they'd gotten the before and after pics mixed up.
We're going to see so many of these as people come out of quarantine with long untreated hair.
Actually this thread has made me extremely glad that I've cut my own hair for the last 32 years ???
I didn't like a lot of these. Please put the bowl down and go for a different look
Celtic Pirate Queen
So he basically has either the bowl cut or "Pink's" hair? Talk about a lack of style or imagination.
Wim Cossement
Long hair sometimes can be boring as fuck...
Todd Hollfelder
As a licensed stylist with 30 years in the biz I notice one constant. She only knows one haircut, short, and changing the part to the opposite side of the original. Some of those styles look good but you can't do it all with one haircut. It doesn't say, did she ever really go to school? Did she apprentice with other professionals?
I have never seen such negative comments on a post on BP, and I agree with all the ones I've read so far.
Mark CM
The fact that men get haircuts much more often than women and there are no examples of men with hair makeovers here proves beyond doubt that women are far more self-centered and vain than men. The number of thumbs down I get for this comment will also determine the average woman's sense of humour level.
I hate that these pictures are photoshopped! I find it unrespectful! And why only women? Why do "we" always feel the need to fix women!?
This comment has been deleted.
When she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid. These are very hit-or-miss, the worst are when they slap a trend cut on without taking into account whether it suits the personality of the woman.
Some of these are truly horrendous! All those terrible pudding bowl cuts, wth is That all about!! The younger women with grey, silver, lilac tones is spot on with the fashion for their age no matter how strange it seems to us older viewers with our preconceptions of hair colour. But many of the cuts were much better before ?
Pay me $100K and I would NOT go to this "stylist".. OMG I'd cry if I were at least 3/4 of these girls.
Ok now do one of guys.
Chris DiFonso
Wonderful transformations
Jerry Mathers
Some do look nice. However I'd think it's a better showcase of talent to make something that looks nice to start with, look different but still still nice without taking off 40-50% of the hair length.
Modern feminism: 'Don't judge women based on their appearance!!!' Also modern feminism: 'Look at our new hip and sassy makeovers!!!'
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