Girl Glues This Horse To Her Phone Case Expecting It To Be Easier To Grab, It Ends Up Photobombing Every Pic
It turns out that Kai glued the horse to her phone in such a way that its face was just below the camera. This meant that every time she took a picture, the horse was in it!
Girl Glues This Horse To Her Phone Case Expecting It To Be Easier To Grab, It Ends Up Photobombing Every Pic
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Phones are awesome because you can decorate them to show off your personality and show the world what you like and who you are as a person. One person who did so was Kai Tipton who glued a horse to her phone as a gripper. Little did she know that this small action would make her go viral on the internet.

It turns out that Kai glued the horse to her phone in such a way that its face was just below the camera. This meant that every time she took a picture, the horse was in it!

Bored Panda reached out to Kai and talked to her about her horse-phone and her sudden launch to internet fame. “I usually have my phone case off, because the charger I have is too big to connect to my phone when the case is on. Like, it won't fit into my phone while the case is being used.”

“Being in recovery, I have to find things to do and be constantly busy, and my roomie had superglue, and I had just gotten this toy horse from the store. I needed a gripper for when I'm laying down looking at my phone, or just holding my phone, so I glued the horse to my phone. The idea was spontaneous and poorly planned out because, in the picture, you'll see the front leg sticking out, so I thought that gave me some kind of distance from the camera? Nope. Haha. Definitely not.” Scroll down for our full interview with Kai.

Kai told Bored Panda that she doesn’t feel any regret over what happened at all: “I don't regret my decision, I find it kind of funny, and heartwarming. Fred the [Effing] Focus Horse has become sort of a help with anxiety for me, honestly.”

“The internet obviously blew up and took a liking to my toy horse, which is awesome! I've received some negative comments, which aren't anything I can't handle or ignore. The rude comments aren't something to dwell on, especially when there's been so much positive coming from this!”

She continued: “I have people asking to write articles, I have individuals messaging me and commenting how they were having a bad day and Fred made it better, and that's all I can really ask for. I'm so beyond ecstatic to see that Fred has made people laugh [and made them] happy. All I wanna do in life is create that positivity. I've always wanted to make a mass impact on people and I never expected it to actually happen. It's amazing.”

Kai said that she used to be “a horse kid” and would even pretend to be a horse back in elementary school with her friends. “Haha, our imaginations were crazy!”
“I still love horses to this day! Sometimes when I'm feeling ‘not so me,’ I say, ‘I need some animal therapy.’ Which translates to, ‘I need to see or ride a horse.’ It normally never happens, though. I had a friend who had a few horses and we used to ride together, but not often.”

“It was pure bliss and I think that's my favorite thing about them: that they calm me down and when I ride I feel like nothing can touch me, and the free, airy feeling I get from being on horseback is a feeling that's unlike any other. And those animals are so in tune with their rider, regardless of if you've been riding for long or not. They'll know if it's a person they can easily buck off or one they'll get scolded from. I used to try to offer my labor for cleaning stalls/barns, in exchange for trail rides, but I couldn't find anyone to accept my offer,” she laughed.

“Since Fred the [Effing] Focus Horse became such an internet sensation, I'm hoping I could use him as perhaps a way to raise awareness for certain things I feel as though the public should be more mindful of, such as addiction and homelessness. Those are things I've struggled with myself, and it wasn't until October, that after a few years, I finally became sober, as well as entered a Sober Living House,” Kai revealed the truth about her struggles.

“Life was hard for years and not many people bat an eye to those issues because they tend to think less of people struggling with addiction or homelessness, for whatever reason. I just want people to know that most of the time there is a person with a very broken story underneath everything that they see. The public loves Fred. Maybe he can help bring some light to the topics I wish people could understand better.”

“I received my 90-day key-tag on the first of this month. (My clean date is 09/01/2019) and I couldn't be the more proud,” Kai said.

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Why would you glue a toy horse to your phone case in the first place?
Sassy Angel
Grumble O'Pug
This wasn't funny.
This is adorable and Fred made me smile!
This is nice but the idea it happened by accident is ridiculous
Now this is really practical in daily life!
Linda Matheny
Completely boring!
Sue Prewitt
So, rip it off and re-do it!
neighhhhhhhhhhhhhh ill haunt every one of your photos now!!! :3
"The eternal photobomb horse"
At least you didn't glue it on the opposite way. Then you'd have a horse's a$$ in every picture. BTW, just buy a new case.
How **does** she put it in her pocket??????? I am confusion
Full Name
This brings me an unusual amount of joy.
Satirical Duchess
And this kids is why we don't use troom troom.
Way to go Kia! Keep coming back. It works if you work it and you are worth it!
Fred isn't going anywhere.
Ola Polowczyk
This is hilarious!!! :D Thank you, I didn't know I needed it :D
this is fucking hilarious
Piotr Mikołajczyk
well... why no change the case in the firts place..? or... GODFATHER STYLE! yup. cut the head off.
Dwayne Dixon
Ugh another candidate for "here's yer sign"
Wow! What a dumb bitch. Thanks for sharing?
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