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40 Times Book Lovers Got So Triggered By The Things They Saw, They Had To Post Them Online (Interview With Other_secondary)
There are dozens of pet peeves that get on book readers’ nerves. Like Amazon shipping you every single book in its own separate box when order loads of them. Then there are the big no-no’s that will make any book lover mad.
40 Times Book Lovers Got So Triggered By The Things They Saw, They Had To Post Them Online (Interview With Other_secondary)
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There are dozens of pet peeves that get on book readers’ nerves. Like Amazon shipping you every single book in its own separate box when order loads of them or when the bottom parts of 2 pages are still connected. Then there are the big no-no’s that will make any book lover mad. Like people burning books or tearing off the pages of the books that they’re reading. One. [Rip.] By. [Tear.] One. [Rip.]

We know that you enjoy books, dear readers, so we here at Bored Panda have collected a list of pictures that will infuriate any book lover and literature enthusiast. Scroll down, upvote your fave pics, and let us know in the comments what other book-related things get your blood boiling.

Bored Panda reached out to The Willoughby Book Club, the UK's leading personalized book subscription service, and spoke with Director Marianne Chala about the pet peeves that book-lovers have and the things that infuriate them the most. “Our staff are comprised of book obsessives, booksellers, and library assistants—I was a bookseller myself for 20 years before joining The Willoughby Book Club, so we have seen a lot of abominations towards books in our careers!” she said. Scroll down for our full interview with Marianne, as well as our chat with the founders of the Book Box Club.

Marianne said that some of the pet peeves that she and The Willoughby Book Club have include artsy houses where people arrange their books with the spines facing inwards. “This is a crime against literature,” she told us.

Cracked spines also anger Marianne and her staff, especially when it’s done on purpose and in front of patient, long-suffering book lovers. The book club also hates film tie-in covers (“We’re all snobs, and loathe these!” Marianne exclaimed), as well as books bought just for show without any intention of reading them.“

Bored Panda also spoke to Marianne about the worst things that she’s ever seen somebody do to books. Among these was a beloved book lent to a family member that was mauled by a dog, a burst pipe that destroyed a whole collection of books and ‘might have’ made Marianne cry, and a large hardback that was sawn in half with a breadknife because it was “too big to read in bed.”

“From working in bookshops, I have had books returned for a refund that have been dropped in the pool on holiday and are crunchy with sand… or when 50 Shades of Grey was the thing, we’d get copies returned with the spine cracked on the saucy bits. I have seen sandwiches, burgers and on one memorable day, a whole burrito tucked into the shelves with the books… and a large coffee upended on the Christmas display tables of bestsellers— ugh, it’s giving me hives to have to re-live it,” Marianne told us about all the horrible things she’s seen done to books. Poor books. They deserve better.

Marianne went into detail about book borrowing etiquette and how long it’s polite to hold onto them. “I’m cringing a little at this because I am a notorious book magpie and have ‘accumulated’ quite a few books that were lent to me in good faith. This is Not Okay and was the most frowned upon behavior from the Willoughby team,” she said.

“We’ve all fallen victim to it (but I’m the only one owning up to doing it myself!). It also raises the issue of hurt in the poor lender. As Alisha says, the lender can feel very let down that the book they love is not being cherished to the correct degree… ‘It’s like seeing a friend mistreated.’ None of us set deadlines, that’s just not how it goes, but I think if you don’t see it back in a few months, you can wave goodbye to it forever.”

Marianne added: “Despite the risk of books not being returned, we all love books and will take that risk to pass the love on. It’s so great when someone loves a book you’ve recommended, and we’re really lucky to be able to do that for a job!”

The Willoughby Book Club offers personalized book subscriptions: they’ll provide you with a bespoke selection of books they think you’ll love and all you have to do is answer a few questions about your reading tastes and genre.

“Subscriptions are available for 3, 6, or 12 months in a variety of genres from Contemporary Fiction to Wellness and each month, one title arrives beautifully gift wrapped to your door,” Marianne explained what services the book club provides. “This makes the perfect gift for voracious readers, difficult to buy for relatives, and children building a lifelong relationship with reading alike. We also make the perfect gift for lockdown: let us take the stress out of choosing reading matter for yourself or your gift recipient, and as each subscription is selected with the reader in mind, no two subscriptions are ever the same.”

The Willoughby Book Club also donates a book to Book Aid International for every subscription purchased. They do this to “work toward their vision of a world where everybody has access to books that educate, inspire, and change lives.”

Bored Panda also spoke with Kate Morris-Double who founded the Book Box Club together with Libby Harris. “We're both a bit laid back when it comes to books,” Kate told us. “Of course, we love beautiful books and we've got lovely editions and signed copies of things that we like to keep pristine, but generally if someone is enjoying a book (even if that means folding down the pages, eating their lunch and crumbling over it!) we don't like to criticize! The worst thing someone could do to a book in my opinion is buy it, put it on the shelf and never read it!”

Neither Kate nor Libby are worried about people who borrow books keeping them for a long time. “If I've lent someone a book it's because I want them to read it, and I know that everyone is busy and that might take time. I wouldn't loan a book that I was worried about getting back,” Kate said.

The Book Box Club is a subscription box and online book group for fans of young adult fiction. “Every month, we send our members a brand new, beautifully wrapped YA book and an invitation to an online book group, where they can meet (virtually) the author of our featured read, ask their questions and chat to our other members,” Kate explained. “We choose books of all different genres, the only criteria is that they have to be completely brilliant! Books are often signed or accompanied by signed bookplates and we have an option that also includes lots of themed exclusive goodies made by small businesses (Book Box Club) and an option for just the book and book group membership (Purely Books).”

As it turns out, there are lots and lots of things that get on people’s nerves if they’re big fans of books. Like “borrowers” who fold up or even rip your books. Not to mention folks who borrow a book and hold on to it for months or even years without finishing it (most of us are guilty of having done this at least once in our lives, so let’s cut each other some slack).

Some literature fans are also merciless when they see somebody folding the book to make it easier to hold while reading. While books should be shown the proper respect that they deserve, we should also ask ourselves if the point of a book is to look pretty or to show that it’s been read. Time and time again. Passionately. Enthusiastically. In our opinion, a bit of wear and tear gives a book character. (You should see our Harry Potter sets!) Not too much wear, though. There’s always a limit!

Another thing that annoys us is when the publisher decides to completely change the book format for sequels in a series. There you were, putting those books nicely on your shelf and out comes the long-awaited sequel. But there’s something wrong: it’s way bigger/smaller than the other books. And the cover art! Ugh! They completely changed the art style. It’s not like you’re not gonna read the sequel, right? (It’s still a book after all.) But the fact that the set isn’t uniform anymore is going to be like a thorn in your mind for a long, long time.

Dust jackets also really infuriate us. They’re supposed to protect hardcover books from dust, damage, and sunlight, but what they really do is annoy the heck out of us! They get in the way, they rip easily, and they end up cluttering our homes when we take them off to read without distractions. When you look at all the things that we book lovers get mad about, it’s surprising we manage to get any reading done at all!

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Paul Martin
As a book lover, I find this cruelty unnecessary. My eyes are bleeding.
Jo Choto
I love books but I want them to be loved and read and used. There is no intrinsic value in keeping them pristine. But it's not ok to deface and abuse public library books.
Carrot dude
The person who cuts books in half is an insult to this planet. This article was incredibly painful.
Now, I feel middly annoyed. Shouldn't have reed that. Must go back to my wonderfully spoiled books to forget.
Bored Birgit
Just one word: shudder.
When I started college I was against marking in books, by the time I was in graduate school I was writing all over them and bending pages left and right. I even breaking in the binding before I even start reading. I only do this to my own books, not any library books, but when you constantly need to refer back to certain books and you build your own library that you use when writing research papers, it is just far faster to bang that book up and put tons of notes in it. Sorry not sorry. My personal library has some rough looking reference books.
I have a habit of smelling new books, and I recently bought a new comic book and forgot you aren't supposed to smell that kind of book. Do not recommend
Jef Bateman
I used to go to a library in Texas that had numerous galley proofs in their collection, including some with JACK KEROUAC's own notes in them. They were checking them out to people! I asked to talk with the library director to tell him what they had, and he said, "We know that they are very valuable, but this is a circulating library and we don't collect antiques but check out books." Point taken, but it seems that they should have sold them or donated them before somebody ruined them. PS - I checked online and believe that these have now been donated to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.
Jane S.
"We know that you enjoy books, dear readers, so we here at Bored Panda have collected a list of pictures that will infuriate any book lover and literature enthusiast." WHYYYYYYYY?
Rose the Cook
What infuriates me is people who lick their fingers to turn pages.
elia 84631
I'm not a bookworm but i found it offensive to ruin the books and the public property generally.
Little Wonder
"Triggering" is the wrong word. "Upsetting" would be better. Triggering is more about PTSD
Sorry, that was the noise I was making as I ran away in terror of the MONSTER who CUTS BOOKS IN HALF. I bet he does it in the middle of chapters too!!!!
Ann Abdelzaher
I have literally yelled at my father when he borrows my books.. he has a habit of bending the covers back... drives me nuts... it's like do it with your books not mine! I've even made him replace ones he's broken too badly.
Katie Axon
My grandma frequently gets food on stuff. I lent her my copy of A Little Princess on the condition that she DIDN'T get food on it. She got food on it anyway. I'm never lending her a book again. Also, I ordered a book on Amazon and she opened the package thinking it was hers even though it had MY name on it, then kept it in her room for a while and spilled something on it.
SciFi Vortex
This is just further proof (it turns up daily) of my theory that 80% of the world's population are not the sharpest pencils in the box.
Yeah, for those who don't know, but want a strong dose of nerd-rage, Google what happened to the Ancient Egyptian Library of Alexandria. Of the serious book abuse out there (like the folks destroying them so they can be used for decoration), its a reminder of a basic fact that's always been true in every time and place of human history: many, people are really, really, really f***ing stupid. The stupidity is forgivable until it combines w/ hostility.
deanna woods
I had some books in my bathroom and I had to get rid of them because my little brother and his friend peed on them. One of the books was a first edition.
Mild Anxiety! At The Disco
I’ve surprisingly never found anything horrible in a library book, however the most memorable thing was a miniature string of Navajo prayer flags in a book of poetry. Quite mysterious and whimsical.
Faith Livengood
Ultimate cringe * infinity
I'm for sure not a book lover. I didn't see any issues with any of these pictures.
Lilyian Cutsforth
Face hot eyeshadow wet what do you do CALL A VET
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