40 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers That Are Beyond Fake And Decided To Expose Them Online (New Pics)
No matter how beautiful and ‘perfect’ the photos on your Instagram feed might look, not all of them are real. Some are so heavily photoshopped, edited, and altered, it’s borderline ridiculous.
40 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers That Are Beyond Fake And Decided To Expose Them Online (New Pics)
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No matter how beautiful and ‘perfect’ the photos on your Instagram feed might look, not all of them are real. Some are so heavily photoshopped, edited, and altered, it’s borderline ridiculous. I know, it sounds unbelievable that somebody would lie on the internet like this!

This is where the Instagram Reality subreddit comes in. It’s a community that finds and shames the most heavily photo-edited IG pictures. Check out their newest pics below and upvote the ones that blew your minds the most, dear Pandas. And read on for Bored Panda's interview with one of the moderators at r/InstagramReality, redditor Cluelessnumber7.

After you’re done scrolling down in disbelief, you might want to have a look through Bored Panda’s previous posts about the weird world of Instagram vs. Reality photos here, here, and here.

Moderator Cluelessnumber7 explained to Bored Panda about the two main negative effects of heavily photoshopping photos. "The first? The unrealistic expectations influencers purport to their impressionable followers. The amazingly smooth skin, suddenly common almond shaped eyes, pouty lips, sharp jaw lines, slim hourglass shapes, and so on," they said.

"What’s being lost by just posting that photo for the masses is the time it took to pick the outfit, hunt down the right lighting, pick which hand to take the selfies with (yes, seriously), and that’s all before smoothing, refining, and resizing in Facetune. Without disclosing that, there is now a countless amount of people comparing themselves (and perhaps spending money to look like) a person who doesn’t exist," the redditor pointed out one of the dangers of influencers heavily altering their own appearance.

"The second is one that many people don’t like to address—the insecurities of those who feel the need to edit their photos. They’ve been editing their photos for so long it could mean losing the validation from their followers, losing followers, and maybe losing sponsors if they came clean. So, they would rather enjoy the false fame, than risk losing it over integrity."

We also wanted to find out what steps could be taken to reduce the amount of photo-editing that people do online. "This is a very complicated question, but one step that we should fight for is to get rid of all filters that alter the shape, size, or proportions of anything to do with someone’s body," Cluelessnumber7 told us.

"Filters have become a crutch for so many people on Instagram that they now edit their still photos to look like their filtered Snapchat videos; adjusting their noses, tone of their skin, smoothing all blemishes, adding lashes in post," they said. "These filters, while fun, are surprisingly insidious. You don’t realize that you expect to look like the filtered version of yourself, until you attempt to take a photo without them."

While there’s nothing wrong with putting an artistic filter on a photo to slightly change the colors, it’s easy to go overboard. A handful of changes can become a dozen which then become a hundred and soon enough, you’ve airbrushed yourself so much, you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.

According to Brooke Erin Duffy, an assistant professor at Cornell University studying self-presentation on Instagram, “Nobody wants to be called fake.” So deciding how much to edit your photos is a huge dilemma for influencers.

“Influencers very much feel they need to present themselves authentically while getting the best image possible,” she told The Guardian.

Meanwhile, the Instagram Reality community moderators further shared their own thoughts about photoshopping pictures in a previous interview with Bored Panda.

According to them, Instagram users want to see influencers post natural photos of themselves, not something that’s been “edited to hell” and back. The mods remain optimistic that influencers will eventually realize that, especially with part of the global population still stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The things that make people yearn to photoshop themselves into ‘perfect’ human beings are “insecurity, envy, and money,” as well as avoiding embarrassment because you think you might have hang-ups about some parts of your body or face.

However, natural photos have a lot of charm because they’re authentic, honest, and more people can relate to them.

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I just find these all incredibly sad. I'm not sure how I feel about this feed as it seems that many of these people are suffering extreme body dysmorpia and actually need psychological help.
Shame on these people, as they willingly accept or even target teenagers and people who are insecure about their body and appearance. Pity on them as well, as they obviously suffer from insecurity or possibly even narcissistic disorders.
Sophie Henkelüdeke
It's like a circle. They have problems with their body image and therefore ruin the body image of teenagers who then grow up ruining the body image of our next generation. This has to stop.
Ashasaurus rex
Sick of liars and fakers. Be real or crawl back under your rock. I am talking to you Kartrashians!!! You made this acceptable to these fools.
deanna woods
These photos are actually quite disturbing. These photos are what lead people to have eating disorders and body dysmorphia. To everyone who reads this:You look beautiful just the way you are and don't need a bunch of stupid filters.
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
Hey BoredPanda, instead of posts like this, can we have some posts celebrating healthy bodies? What happened to all of the neat artwork and silly articles about animals this website used to show?
mph seti
It's like getting an insight into how people with eating disorders and body dysmorphia see themselves. Scary and sad...
Hey bored panda why do you allow users to create names involving hate speech?
Martha Meyer
“Exposing“ people who are clearly suffering from some sort of body dismorphia and need psychiatric help really doesn't make the “exposer“ the hero here...
These are ridiculous and hilarious at the same time! Many delusional people out there!
Варела Несабака
Ginny Weasley
How do people even think this is okay/attractive? I'm genuinely concerned
JD Lee
How can anyone be surprised when we feed our kids images of distorted and inhuman figures and faces? Disney, video games, toys, etc. This body dysmorphia starts at a very young age, so by the time they are adults (with real adult bodies) they've learned to be ashamed of their bodies and looks. When looking like the Red Queen in Tim Burton's Wonderland becomes the standard of perfection it's time to pause and question our priorities as a society.
Animal lover❤
These arent as funny as they used to be, these people are making others starve themselves to reach impossible standards. It's really sad to me
let them be ... just ignore ... I personally find the "hunters od fake instagrammers" more disturbing - with so much time and energy they could reach for stars yet they elect to search for fake boooobs ... ?
Kelly Murray
These poor people. Sad.
Radek Suski
This is getting so boring
Elizabeth Molloy
It's baffling to me; some of them are attractive people and don't need to lie - imperfections are what make us human. Others look nothing like the image they've posted online and I don't see the point! Pretending you look like your version of "perfect" will not make you so in the real world. It's all very sad, really.
Juliette Dauterive
What is it with these HUGE asses? Do people really think that’s attractive?
Варела Несабака
Варела Несабака
Ojberretta Berretta
ppl pay others for their looks....while other ppl die from starvation...what a world huh
instagram needs to be banned but at the same time it is the main social of many artists who use it to help keep their businesses afloat
Why on earth do people do this? Be happy with who you are and stop trying to be something you're not, because you just end up look ridiculous and sad.
Barbara Stewart
I could use a good laugh now a days.
Catherine Spencer-Mills
Not sure whether to up vote or down vote. Very sad.
This comment has been deleted.
Jay Loren
This is pure mental illness. These people need to be held just as accountable as the fashion industry in regard to promoting an unhealthy body image. We also need to stop glorifying the obese.
Yes go ahead and live in your 'shallow realistic' dreams.
Csaba Horvath
Most of them are bad edits by idiots, don't worth any attention. In the other hand, when i say that a real photographer does not change the picture content (i'm personally, avoiding this), everyone shuts me down. Why...
this post highlights the importance of raising our daughters with utmost CONFIDENCE.
♠️ Clowny ♠️
Dang these people need help
This is why I follow comic artists and pets on Instagram.
Mehmet Sayılır
she has always been so repulsive. Now pretending like a young makes her even far beyond!
Go to YouTube and do a search for the Dove: Evolution clip. Or Google it. It shows how those beautiful models were created from normal women. A stupid look to aspire to when it's fake, too
Very sad.
Vanta Black
??????_?????? ?
Some are sad, some are funny!
Rainclouds Radio
When photo editing- less is more!
Gabi Aze
The only thing I'd copy here is the sense of humour in some of these comments
So many of these ppl look just fine w/o photoshop.
Leo Domitrix
When I was young, which was a while ago ---- we called such images "CARICATURES" and did not take them seriously. Now... tragedy.
Maybe if they actually learned how to use photoshop properly it wouldn't be so bad..but then again narcissism doesn't just run rampant here, it races through like someone with their butt on fire..Anyone else wish this kind of shit was illegal? These poor people need some serious therapy :(
Daria B
Enough with these shaming posts of random people/celebrities on Instagram too. Yeah, I know, someone is going to tell me not to click if I don't like it, but I can only consume the contents given. And this is getting old. And it starts to feel very, VERY wrong too.
Mshauri Mazuri
Best title should be "the parade of deformation." Except for the real illusion photography.
fake ass buggas
It's a shame that people are made to feel as though their authentic selves aren't good enough. On some level I think we all understand the pressure to look nice and want to be seen as attractive. This is a good reminder of how extreme those pressures can become and this is what it can result in. I wonder if the posters know that they look abnormal in these images or what impact it's having on others. I hope they all feel better soon
Mehmet Sayılır
She has always been so repulsive. Now pretending like a young makes her situation even worse.
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