30 Times People Uncovered How Fake Some Pics On Instagram Are And Just Had To Share (New Pics)
It’s very easy to feel insecure in the information age.
30 Times People Uncovered How Fake Some Pics On Instagram Are And Just Had To Share (New Pics)
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Sometimes, it’s easy for us to forget that social media isn’t the same as reality. But it’s incredibly important to remember that what we see on our screens can often be an altered, upgraded, and airbrushed version of what’s really out there. If we realize it’s partly an illusion, we won’t feel so bad when we compare our lives to those of seemingly ‘perfect’ Instagram models. However, some people take photo-editing several steps too far.

The “Instagram Reality” subreddit is dedicated to showing how heavily some people photoshop their pictures before putting them up on social media. Whether it’s inspired by people’s insecurity or narcissism is difficult to tell. But we collected some of the best examples of over-shopped pics from the subreddit for you to enjoy.

So scroll down, upvote your fave pics, and leave a comment below to let us know which images you thought were the most shocking, and why you think these people tend to use too much Photoshop. Also, check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about Instagram vs. Reality right here, here, here, as well as here. Scroll down for our interview with the "Instagram Reality" moderators about their community and about the culture of excessive photoshop, and be sure to visit their subreddit as well.

Bored Panda talked to the "Instagram Reality" moderators about why some people go overboard with photoshopping their pictures. Here's what they had to say: "Insecurity, envy, money. Take the girl sitting next to you in Statistics who's scrolling through her latest selfie shoot and disappointingly thinks to herself, "[Damn], is that a pimple? I can't let people see that, it's embarrassing." She casually opens up FaceTune, smooths out the pimple, and boom—now there's an image she feels comfortable sharing online. Unbeknownst to her, there's a seed that's been planted in her mind now that it's as easy as using this app to change anything she finds unattractive about herself at any time, then it snowballs; from taking in just a bit of your tummy for a more slender silhouette until eventually she's landed on a waist the size of her neck."

"The light improvements are so gradual over time, she stops noticing that the waist she's creating is 1.) of course, not hers 2.) (as we often see on Instagram Reality), anatomically impossible, and 3.) that she's now set an expectation subconsciously for herself (and outwardly for anyone following her) that she needs to keep up this flawless appearance; which means sticking to the edits she's made for every photo she posts in the future. What she doesn't realize is in this process, she's simultaneously creating and constantly reinforcing her own insecurities."

We were also interested to know the subreddit mods' opinion about why some people are scared of presenting themselves as they truly are. "Everyone wants to be loved and desired, everyone wants to feel that they belong. The harsh, scary truth of the matter for anyone is that the more you resemble what people around you consider universally attractive, the more likely you are to have access to those things in your life. So, you begin to think, "Well, what do I need to change about myself to fit in? How do I become more attractive?" Based on what magazine covers and many an Instagram Explore page shows you, that image is a tall, long-haired, fair skinned woman with smooth skin, a slim yet hourglass figure—oh, and don't forget, the perfect butt. In comes photo editing apps, offering you the chance to finally be her. Even if it's only online."

"Instagram Reality" moderators told us that the community greatly supports inclusivity: "The Instagram Reality team is a huge supporter of inclusivity. All races, body types and genders need to be fairly represented in the media. Sanity Sunday was created as a day for our subscribers to share an ad (or influencer) they've seen which support that idea as well. In the long run, the only way to reduce our obsession with self-image is to normalize those we see in the media; not just celebrating how they look, but who they are as a person."

The "Instagram Reality" subreddit was created just under two years ago. "u/Zaza9000 began to notice IG models who looked insanely different in real life. She wanted to create a platform that exposed the fakeness to people who were being fooled."

It’s very easy to feel insecure in the information age. Every day, we’re bombarded by images of beautiful, successful, healthy, wealthy individuals. While this inspires some of us to aim for greatness, others can feel insecure because they realize the huge gap between their dream lives, and where they currently are.

Melody Lyons explains that having grown up in the United States, she was raised to be dissatisfied with the way she looked, which meant she felt ashamed of herself. However, she still advocates not using photo-editing apps or keeping the editing to a minimum: say, for removing a big red spot that would simply ruin the pic.

But according to her, if you start radically changing who you are in photos, you start believing that there’s something wrong with you. And that just increases any feelings of insecurity you already had. In other words—the less photoshopping you do, the more comfortable you feel being yourself. After all, nobody is perfect and never will be. Even models think they eyelashes/jawline/pinkies could look better.

Also, the more people there are out there who photoshop their pictures, the stronger the culture of ‘perfect’ Instagram pics. This means that there are even more individuals who feel insecure because they have to compare themselves to endless masses of photo-edited pictures.

Meanwhile, Michelle Linker told The Guardian that the pressures of social media are very real. “People are publicizing usually something really cool or fun that they’re doing, or at least they make it appear that way. I absolutely feel insecure.”

She continued: “I do feel a pressure to look particularly good. I would never post a photo that wasn’t flattering of me. I feel anxiety over how many likes I get after I post a picture. If I get two likes, I feel like, what’s wrong with me? Some people judge Instagram by deleting photos that don’t get enough likes. I wouldn’t do that, but I would definitely second-guess my intentions with posting them.”

Do you photoshop your pictures, dear readers? Have you ever been in a situation where you post a photo and constantly check to see how many likes it got? Share your experience with everyone in the comments.

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I find these very, very sad for too many reasons to explain
Hocus Pocus
I refuse to believe any of these people would willingly photoshop their posts this much. They must be aliens trying to take over the world. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE NOSES.
Rose the Cook
Why do people want others to think that they actually look like some of these? Are there truly "followers" who believe it is real?
When will people learn that YOU. CANNOT. HAVE. THESE. PROPORTIONS. (talking about the extremely tiny waists and the big oppai and butts.)
I salute everyone that has the energy to photoshop all their photos.
Human #1,232,867
It's scary in no many levels, But in China, when yo pay with your face, the payment app add a filter to" please you" as well. Fake world, even in these little camera..
John Louis
I have a question. Don't people know the flaws in these pictures exist before posting them? It seems so obvious that these pictures don't look real. So why post them?
Mama Panda
I just can't understand how these people look at the finished photo and think "oh hey I look good! No one will ever guess that I photoshopped this! Imma post it now!!" Wtf are they thinking???
This is so prevalent in our society that there are now missing people posters with these stupid fake pictures. Some people don't even have actual pictures of their loved ones to put on a missing person poster.
Thanks for the nightmares.
Matthew Smith
It's really sad that people have gone the same way as the Kardashians and real celebrities by photoshopping their photo's. In many cases it's clear they are fake and displays what they wished they looked like. They are very sad and disturbed people.
it's me again
Photoshop Art School Dropouts.
Allyson Goddard
These are ridiculously funny, but very uncalled for.
On belhalf of everyone
Robyn Denton
I think we should start up a fund to buy these people some mirrors - then they could look at themselves before heading out the door.
Holly Luther
Just Imagine Seeing These People Walking Around At Wal-Mart. ?
Palo Aalto
Instagram Atmosphere mostly: the Clueless and the Joker in the Oompa Loompa Chocolate Factory.
Blueberry Woofle
Trash Panda
All I saw here was a bunch of folks who have zero pride in themselves and instead of striving toward an actual quality of life, they seem to think as long as it "looks" "real", it will fool everyone into thinking they have it all. Again, "influencers" suck. At everything.
If you got it, flaunt it. Even if you DON'T "got it", still flaunt it! Don't photoshop. Half the time it looks dumb AF like these photos.
Nicholas Yu
These jackasses better never leave the house since their "avatars" do not match themselves in real life. Ever notice influencers with a million followers or more always have roughly 50,000 likes in every photo? I miss the days when adoration was given for something running a 4 minute mile.
As a professional graphics and photo editor in the bodybuilding industry, this is sadly, practically normal to me. And most of them will fight you to the death before admitting it
Vanity and stupidity are more destructive than global warming.
Vanity is more destructive than global warming
Duska Radmanovic
Not only that they don't look like themselves, but they don't look like humans at all. And why on Earth this stupidity of huge woman with waist of a toddler become a thing?
Mewton’s Third Paw
These girls grew up with Bratz dolls. We grew up with Barbie. Now look at it and tell me you can’t see it all over this stuff. Disney and Bratz have convinced girls the only acceptable look is tiny noses, huge almond eyes and small waists.
Viv Hart
Pure narcissism!
i hate instagram and all the shallow people who use it
Jo Choto
It's so sad that these people can't be happy with themselves.
bill marsano
One of these days these people are going to wake up. Don't want to be there when that happens. On the other hand, this qualifies as a great public service by BP.
Florence Hastings
What is wrong with those people? It’s so sad.
the jokes write themselves, folks ... the jokes write themselves
It is so sad people have such a distorted view they go so overboard!
Lita Sewer
When Oprah Winfrey was obviously photoshopped for a magazine cover people were outraged. Now, we just say "meh" and get on with our lives.
Lara Verne
Photoshop disasters.
Max L.
I think this somewhat helps not recurring to cheap aestetic surgery, that's not all bad.
patethic. Poor people
Jenny Blair
Body dysmorphia
Some pictures look as if they were intended to be fake. So maybe put some text screenshots with it which shows that they are actually serious and not trying to have fun. Plus, some people confuse makeup and stuff for photoshopping. Of course you are going to look better styled for a photoshoot than just going around in your free time and sometimes people are bloated or their body looks just weird. Not everything is photoshopped.
April Simnel
What an awful thing to believe that you have to look fuckable at all times, or else you're not worthy.
Charlese Bonca
It's so sad to see this. Social media has made people think that in order to be accepted, they need to look a certain way. These people were BEAUTIFUL just the way they are and yet they still feel the need to photoshop and edit to fit what society believes is beautiful. :(
Bernardita Valdés
And this ppl must be influencers... if u dont have ridiculously inaccurate proportions u are not eligible to be an influencer i guess....
Marta Kozińska
On this pic even husband has mascara on his lashes .
Nami Tantrum
idk.. i think some of these are ust a weird amount of makeup and different ankles
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