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People Are Discovering 'Easter Eggs' Hidden In Jeeps And Here Are Their Findings So Far (Interview With Author)
Some people who own Jeeps aren’t aware that most models have hidden Easter eggs—mysterious imprints and stickers, including lizards, spiders, a Sasquatch, and other symbols.
People Are Discovering 'Easter Eggs' Hidden In Jeeps And Here Are Their Findings So Far (Interview With Author)
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There might be something special hidden in your car right under your nose without you realizing it. Some people who own Jeeps aren’t aware that most models have hidden Easter eggs—mysterious imprints and stickers, including lizards, spiders, a Sasquatch, and other symbols.

A lot of people became aware of this awesome little secret when 20-year-old student Jackie Foster shared his own Jeep Easter egg spider in his TikTok video. Jackie’s video went viral and people are now sharing their own Easter eggs by uploading videos with the sounds from his original TikTok post.

"My little sister told me that she thought Jeeps had hidden animals on them but it was more of an idea than a fact. So, we didn’t think much of it. A few days later, I looked around my car to see if I found anything but still couldn’t find anything. Well, some time went by and one day I was at the gas station pumping gas and that’s when I was freaked out by what I thought was a spider coming at me. Then I realized that it was my hidden Easter egg," Jackie told Bored Panda. Scroll down for the rest of our interview with him.

Jackie told us that he downloaded TikTok around the end of last year and posted a bunch of videos, but none of them ever became too popular. "Since quarantine started, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for different TikTok videos that I knew people would like. I thought people would like the Easter Eggs on the Jeep because I knew that I was not the only person that had a Jeep, but I am also not the only person that didn’t know about the Easter Eggs. So yes, I thought people would like it but, no, I would’ve never thought it would blow up the way it did."

According to Jackie, since his video went viral, he's had family and friends reach out to him and tell him they've watched it. "I’ve even had people that I haven’t talked to in years message me and say, 'My friend showed me your TikTok and I was like I went to high school with him!' It’s just so crazy because you don’t realize how many people are actually seeing the video until you have people contacting you about it!" he said.

Jackie revealed a bit more about himself to Bored Panda: "I am 20 years old and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I come from a very large family with 6 sisters and 4 brothers. Some things that I have always loved to do is run, travel, learn about different cultures, and meet other people. Most recently, I have become more involved in social media, networking, and I hope to become more involved in it in the near future."

Of course, there are plenty of car enthusiasts out there who were aware of Jeep Easter eggs, but we’re glad that more people are finding out about this fun bit of auto-lore.

Joel Feder explains in a piece on Motor Authority when Jeep started putting various awesome Easter eggs into their cars. The person behind the first hidden secrets is Michael Santoro who worked on the 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ.

He had a limited budget of 150 million dollars to redesign the new Jeep and according to him, back in the ‘90s that sort of budget was “like coffee money.” So he wanted to make something iconic and leave his mark with the limited funds that he had.

“Jeep owns that seven grille bar theme. And if you look at the cowl of the Wrangler, I repeated that pattern in the cowl to let air into the interior of the car,” Santoro said. That was the very first Jeep Easter egg and others, including the animal and symbol imprints, have popped up ever since!

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Mechanics love them too
A usable car would be better.
Jean H.
Damn it....I wish I would have known about this when I had mine!!!
elia 84631
I love them.
Ads are getting smarter. Nice promo for Jeep AND tiktok. BP is lowering their standards by the day.
Bill Taylor
I had a gremlin in the transmission when I owned my Wrangler. True story, biggest POS I've ever owned.
Nice Ad, Jeep ;)
The Emerald Triangle
I've seen the same stuff on my kids preschool playgrounds!
Have they always done this and on every car? One of my kids has an old Cherokee. I wonder if she knows about this.
The spider one seems dangerous. I would freak out if I saw that out of the corner of my eye!
Michelle Cowles
Also I have a loch ness on my back window and a lizard on the front under the wipers.
Michelle Cowles
I had a 2009 Jeep liberty for several years, my oldest son had it after that, now my younger son has it. It is still going strong and we all love it. I have had my 2018 since it came out and I like it too, big change from the liberty though. A compass is more like a car.
Steve Cruz
The fun thing about Jeeps is you never know what is going to fall off on the freeway next! I heard a clattering, pulled off on the next ramp, and it was my horn assembly -- most of it gone, but a few pieces hanging on by wire. Then there was the time I took friends skiing, because I had 4WD. Two friends in the back rolled down the windows to take pictures, and the passenger side rear window fell off its tracks and wouldn't roll back up I had that P of S for two years and it was at the mechanic every month. When the headlights and taillights started burning out at an alarming rate, I traded it in while everything was running.
I have been searching mine...still cant find my Easter Egg!!!
Only thing I guess good about jeeps. Worse cars I've ever driven/worked on
Andy Pants
Fuck tiktok though
Ian Koch
huh... TikTok did something good this time! (I'm referencing the time TikTok tried to cover up a suicide on their platform for over a year, people only found out when someone just randomly decided to go digging...)
Nicole Bowman
JEEP-Just Empties Every Pocket OR Just Eats Every Part Loved my Jeep. Miss my Jeep. Can't wait for the next one.
Rick Drew
Now a logo is an easter egg? Really?
Devyn Nagy
My grandma has a jeep on the rim of her wheel. That's a really cool idea, Jeep!
Paul Martin
Had the joy to drive a WW2 Jeep and it is one of the most simple yet fantastic machines ever made.
Daniel (ShadowDrakken)
So instead of putting effort into making a reliable vehicle that doesn't need weekly maintenance, or fixing the death wobble that's plagued the brand for decades, they put cute distractions on the molding. Good job Jeep.
Geoffrey Holland
Now if only they'd spent time building a car that works then these would be cute.
Lou Lopez
I got a Renegade after working for years as a CJD warranty administrator (Fiat/Jeep hybrid) and that has worked pretty well for me. It's still a Jeep though, so the right front strut tower crunches even after being replaced 3+ times. I like the car, but I'm probably going to see about trading it for a hybrid or electric car.
Amy Pontious
My daughter wants one going to have to remember this if she does!
There's a reason Taleban, ISIS etc. ride Toyota not Jeep. That said I would love to own a real WW2 Willy's Jeep.
That's a really fine, cute idea.
Grumble O'Pug
Here's a thought Jeep: just put in a Toyota engine and build a better vehicle? WELL known for craptastic build.
Whose first car is a Jeep? Farken Americans and their debt
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