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Mom Hilariously Shames Parents Who Do Not Leave Their Sick Kids At Home And Her Post Goes Viral (Interview With Professional)
We all know how important it is to keep our children healthy. But no matter how much you protect them, they will catch a cold or get the flu sooner or later. And when that happens, it’s vital that parents remember that their priority is to help their kid recover, not social obligations.
Mom Hilariously Shames Parents Who Do Not Leave Their Sick Kids At Home And Her Post Goes Viral (Interview With Professional)
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We all know how important it is to keep our children healthy and safe. But no matter how much you protect them, they will catch a cold or get the flu sooner or later. And when that happens, it’s vital that parents remember that their priority is to help their kid recover, not social obligations to others.

That involves not going to school and, yes, even avoiding awesome birthday parties (unfortunately, the delicious chocolate cake will have to wait). One mom, Samantha Moriá Reynolds, posted about how important it is that your sick kids stay at home and her message went viral on the net.

While the idea she was trying to put across might sound obvious to some of you, Pandas, there are some parents out there who might need to hear it. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview about dealing with fevers with Dr. Liz Donner who runs the My Friend The Pediatrician page.

According to Dr. Donner, a fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4°F (that’s 38°C) and above. “It is important to keep a child home from school or daycare when they are spiking active fevers in an effort to prevent the spread of infection,” the pediatrician stressed the importance of not letting others catch whatever your child has as well.

“For example, the common cold can cause fevers lasting several days!” she noted. That means lots of staying at home with your kid in your pajamas, watching cartoons, getting plenty of sleep, water, and chicken soup.

“Medications like Tylenol or Motrin can temporarily relieve fever and the associated discomfort, but high temperatures may persist until the underlying infection has cleared,” Dr. Donner told Bored Panda.

But how long should you keep your child at home? According to Dr. Donner, she recommends keeping a child home from school until they are fever-free (without the help of fever-reducing medications) for at least 24 hours.”

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I’m Foxxy and I know it ?
People who knowingly send their sick kids to school infuriate me so much. It’s just bloody inconsiderate and unfair to the sick child and to the people he is around.
Random Panda
What if the parents can't afford to miss work to stay at home and take care of their child? Where I live it's put in law that parents can get about 60 days sick leave per year specifically to take care of ill children, so sending your sick kid to school would be very irresponsible. But as far as I know USA barely has any PTO, so as selfish as it is, I could understand why some parents would rather send a sick kid to school, than risk not being able to feed them or pay bills. The same doesn't apply for birthday parties though, that's hella inconsiderate.
Dawn Baik
YES!!!!! As a school nurse, nothing frustrates me more than kids coming to school sick. Perfect attendance doesn't mean shit after you graduate!!!
That was so rotten annoying. My son was 1 and had his bday party. They come with a totally sick kid. Grrrr. Then he was sick the whole week when we went to a holiday home. Thanks very much. You were not supposed to say anything about it, cause then you were the jerk.
Steven Cook
I love how people just pretend that everyone has limitless sick days and great jobs that don't fire you for not coming in when you're scheduled to work. Maybe if we lived in a more civilized society, where people prioritized living your life over selling your labor, we could have this fantastic world where people can stay home when they and their kids are sick, without risking losing a job, or a home.
What about the truly poor families? Those kids who don't eat, possibly at all that day, unless they go to school? Not condoning ignoring sickness, just TOO aware that not everyone has a great homelife. For those with the means, absolutely keep your sick kids home. Just don't shame people without knowing the complete picture.
John Louis
I am amazed at how people ignore these precautions. I am a professional magician. On several occasions, I have informed clients that I am getting over a cold and asked if they would like to reschedule or I could get another magician to perform. 100% of the time people say that they want me to appear. While I am there I have told people not to get to close I could be contagious. Again, this advice is routinely ignored.
Nia Loves Art
I am a childcare worker, and parents sending in their sick children makes me furious. I’ve seen children sent in after vomiting the night before, and the parents act all innocent when the child inevitably vomits at the center! Then the whole class gets sick (including me).
Monica Michelle
So happy for those with enough economic stability and jobs with sick leave who do not have to make a choice between doing what is right and paying rent
Now, to get bosses to listen too. I have my sick days (IE: Sam brought home an illness that knocks him out for 3 days, but mom and dad get floored for a week) but I also have days where I am not sick, I can still work, but my child needs me. Either accommodate for that, or give separate "sick days for me, and "being a parent" days for my kids. And I am salaried, what about hourly? What if mom needed those hours to pay for the fever reducer, but now cannot meet even the rent b/c she is gone? I get that life isn't fair, but employers not considering that their employees are real people, with real families who have real needs is also a problem.
It's employers that really need this lesson though. Everyone I know that's worked the food industry has done so sick. I was threatened that I'd lose my job if I didn't come in, so there I was, puking between making spaghetti and pizza.
Your Daily Dose Of Lesbian
Right now a TON of kids are out (absent and not in class at my school. We live in Azerbijan as ex-pats, and with China's epidemic, we don't know if that has affected anyone.) Yeah, they may be missing school, but I don't want strip throat as one kid has, and I sure don't want fever and a cough. Come on. Be smart like Sam.
I works in a special needs field covering kids with Autism, Hyperactivity, General Developmental delay and etc in Malaysia. Over here, parents does not have privilege to take care of their sick kids during working days. Working parents could only sacrifices their unpaid leave at most urgent case and most would still send their kids come to the centre anyway because no one at home to look after them. And we doesn't have sufficient manpower to look after the sick kids. We had to stop the whole teaching session for whole class because of 1 sick kid. They are hindering It is truly not ethical to send kids that not feeling well as with high fever, yellow-green type of phlegm, continuous coughing. Younger kids with intellectual disabilities does not know that they have to cover their mouth while coughing or sneezing, which ended up getting others infected as well, especially the teachers. Apart from providing education, our health is being at risk when parents choose to ignore our appeal.
Anna Repp
Yeah, it would be great of all parents would be like Sam. But if you live in the US and you only get like 10 work days a year for EVERYTHING, including sick days and vacation, you'd think twice using the paid day off every time your kid is not so well :( And a lot of places you can get fired if you do not show up, and a lot of people cannot afford a babysitter if their kid is sick. The parents who send their children to school sick are not unconsidered - they are desperate! Let's not judge and hope things will change for the better in the US.
I worked as a Family Day Educator for 25 years. It was unbelievable the number of parents who would bring a sick child in,expecting me to look after them so they could still go to work or go shopping etc. I would refuse, pointing out that a) children need their parents when they're sick b) I didn't have time to look after one individual child when I had others in care c) the child's illness could be passed on to other children of myself d) If I came down sick, I would have to take time off meaning that I'd lose income for those days, and they wouldn't have care available for their child on those days. Did I ever feel guilty? Yes, I most certainly did, but I had others to think of.
Lorie Scarlett
My 16 yr old son had a fever off and on for 3 weeks I kept him home my kids know they need to be fever free for 24 hrs before going back to school so they don’t share sicknesses
Hollie Newton
It's nice she's thinking of other children as well :) This is the thing some parents think that they pick and choose what to do with their sick child (go shopping ect) no if he's sick then you wait it out idc if it's boring if you are not sending him to school then don't say he can go see his friends
Kathleen Barlow
I don't get it. Why would you send sick kids to school? I've never heard of people doing that. Is this an American thing?
Dawn Baik
Country Nana - many schools in the US put a huge emphasis on students having perfect attendance, they give out certificates, awards etc. To me, having perfect attendance just means you went to school at least 1 or 2 times sick and probably infected many other students. Nobody cares that you had perfect attendance in grade school after you graduate...
I missed a lot school time from fevers, just me, not any other kids. My mom knew that.
Lou Lopez
Well fan-fucking-tastic for Sam who can afford to stay home. Not everyone can do that, and if you knowingly vote against paid sick leave, higher wages, and subsidized child care you deserve to reap what you sow. People don't send their kids to school sick because they have a choice.
Amanda Cole
I guess I am torn. On one hand, I never went to school sick as a kid. My own kid doesn't go to school sick. But I am a stay-at-home-mom but most Americans need to be working parents. A lot of service industry jobs punish workers for taking too much sick time. They are between a rock and a hard place. I just empathize.
Nightmare Scar Paladin
I completely agree, however personally I try to go to school even if I'm sick (and am encouraged to) because my parents cannot often call off (less of an issue now that I'm older) and if I miss school the school will actually get after my parents for letting me stay home so much, it's easier to just go home early, I wish it wasn't so
Colds can cause fevers?!!! I have never had a fever with a cold. (I'm 52.) When I've gotten a fever and it wasn't something obviously different, I am 99% sure that it was a flu of some sort.
Leopoldo Pisanello
This comment has been deleted.
Dorothy Parker
Adults who go to work ill are just as bad. They know better too.
Aunt Messy
You don't send a kid to school with a fever because they'll feel like crap and they'll be miserable. ...///... The problem with this stupid bitch is that she has no idea how viruses spread and how they work. ....///... It takes ten days to two weeks to incubate a cold. This means that you HAVE THE DISEASE for ten days to two weeks when you ARE NOT FEELING SICK. During that time, you are spreading is to every person around you every time you breathe BEFORE YOU GET SICK. ...///... By the time the kid is feeling sick (or you are) They have ALREADY INFECTED EVERYONE. ...///... So stay home or keep your kid in if you or they feel lousy. If your kid gets sick around the same time as another or a couple of days later, THEY ALREADY HAD THE DISEASE.
Sending them to school sick teaches them "Mind over matter" if you don't mind it doesn't matter. We need to teach a little toughness
As a middle school student who goes to a stem school, if I miss one day of school I'm basically missing the whole week. I wish that when I get sick, I could just stay home, but then I have to sacrifice a whole day of learning, and I might as well just get through it
panda to nobody
It's good for kids to get sick. It builds up their immune system. It is bad for adults to get sick, because it sucks. So stay home from work if you're sick, and fight for a government that pays sick benefits when you stay home (looking at you, USA!!).
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