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Drag Queen From Manchester Is So Good At Makeup, He Can Turn Into Literally Any Celebrity (30 Pics) (Interview With Artist)
This beautiful British drag queen transforms himself into any celebrity he wishes to. Using makeup and a lot of skill, he can easily look like Angelina Jolie, for example, or Britney Spears.
Drag Queen From Manchester Is So Good At Makeup, He Can Turn Into Literally Any Celebrity (30 Pics) (Interview With Artist)
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Have you ever wanted to look like someone else? Well, Alexis Stone, an incredible makeup artist with almost 840k followers on Instagram, can look like anyone he wants. This beautiful British drag queen transforms himself into any celebrity he wishes to. Using makeup and a lot of skill, he can easily look like Angelina Jolie, for example, or Britney Spears. He even turns himself into characters from movies.

"I love the ability to transform myself into others. The ability to play dress-up every day whilst becoming someone else for a moment keeps me sane and inspires me and those around me. Studying someone’s face is what I do best and using makeup to alter mine to resemble them is part of the process," the artist told Bored Panda.

Alexis Stone also has a YouTube channel where he posts videos often and has over 175k subscribers. His content focuses on, of course, makeup and drag. You can also find some reactions to the drama going on in the YouTube community. If you're interested in checking out the makeup transformation behind the scenes, go check out Alexis' channel.

Turning into celebrities is just a small part of Alexis' makeup journey. He also does amazing glam makeup and even turns himself into scary creatures and characters from horror movies, like Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

There are many posts on Bored Panda where people make themselves look like something or someone else, like this artist who transforms herself into mind-bending illusions, these sisters that do amazing makeup looks, or this cosplayer that can turn into any character. If you're interested in these kinds of things, Bored Panda is full of them!

We asked Alexis what inspired him to unleash his creativity with makeup: "Transforming and playing dress-up has always been an interest of mine even as a kid growing up watching Mrs. Doubtfire. Love studying the human face and the spaces between each other’s features."

Alexis mentioned that sometimes celebrities reach out to him when he does a recreation of them. He then feels rewarded and excited to do the next look. "I’ve had celebrities think it’s a drawing of them and occasionally get asked to appear in public as the celebrities."

He said that it rarely takes him over 80 minutes to finish a look. When asked who is his favorite celebrity he's recreated, he mentioned that Angelina Jolie is at the top of the list.

Alexis mentioned that he is creative every day, from drag to visual arts to performances. His life is full of art. For now, he has done over 200 looks of the most famous celebrities and it doesn't seem like he is going to stop any time soon, which is great news for us. 

What do you think of these transformations? Tell us in the comments and vote for your favorite ones! And if you want to see more of Alexis, click here for the previous post.

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Monty Is Fiennes
Well I could guess most without looking at the name, so pretty good. Super talent. Some were mind blowingly spot on, some looked like the South Park equivalent of the celeb, but still impressed.
Dorothy Parker
Literally painting other's faces onto his. Very talented artist. He has very handsome face to begin with.
WOW! Why be you when you can be... anyone really. Very impressive make-up skills.
Jo Choto
Some of these are so good, I just don't know how he does it.
Dianna Siever
Are you a spy? Shape shifter? Chameleon? For sure you're super talented!
beja flor
This artist has impressive make up skills! Actually never seen anybody able to transform in so many different people.
Blue of the yams (They/He)
This artist is very talented and special! Manchester queens can really turn a look! And, of course, I love everything drag, my profile is literally RuPaul, that being said, we've seen a lot of posts like these.
mad skills. A couple looked a tad 2D...but damn. You'll never run out of Halloween costumes or disguises.
Kathleen van der Gryp
A message for the two people who left negative comments on all the pictures: You do realize that these are not paintings/drawings, right?! It's an actual person with the incredible ability to transform himself using makeup? Of course it's not going to be an exact match, if there's any resemblance at all, at least in my mind, he succeeded.
Holy cow he's so good it's almost creepy!!
Unreal!! So talented!
Kristine Phillips
pretty cool
Pacifico Fernandez
pretty amazing skills!
Laura Zaini
some are absolutely unbelievable
Randy van Veen
And the winner of the Snatch Game is... Seriously, Drag Race UK 2, we better see this queen there!
Lauren Reder
Great work, very impressive.
He also threw tantrum over the small face challenge Jamie French did....when Chrisspy was the originator, not him. He then imitated Jamie French's makeup...while wearing a fat suit.
Lara Verne
His makeup skills are insane. I can't even make my eyeliner straight.
AP Harrington
This would be more impressive if we saw video. It's a little more convincing if we saw this with actual motion.
Jordan Westall
He the hottest guy ive ever seen
These are great but many look photoshopped. I guess I'll check out his YouTube to see how he does it
Linda Mills
This person has many personalities, he's one of the best make-up artist I have ever seen somebody hire him.
Ara Noguera
Besides being an amazing make up artist, he is a great model. He has to change his expressions in every photo. Very talented.
Impressive, he's really good at noticing details.
He’s really talented. Wow. He could play a stunt double for anyone it seems
Michele Killian
Amazing makeup artist with super talent, majority of them are beautiful mirror images, some more of a funhouse mirror. Totally flattered Kris Jenner, artist is much prettier.
I guess I would use this skill to get free entrance and free stuff all over the world...
Mandy Delaforce (PC Girl)
Very good talent. Some are so good, that it needs a double take to realise that it's makeup. Others looked like early work. The shadowing to shape the face was distracting to me, I would have tried to blend a bit more, so that it's not so stark - otherwise, awesome job!
Michele Clarke
James DeBorde
Very good work for the most part some not so much
Katie Allen
I don't know who some of those people are.
Oskar vanZandt
I upvoted all the people, real and fictional, I knew and recognised. This young man has some serious talent! A couple were off, but at a quick glance you wouldn't know. The eyes I find most mesmerising...
oh my gosh these are all so spot on
Kenya Rai
I'm having trouble figuring out if there's photoshop added onto some, if not most, of these. Some shading and blending looks almost too realistic. Either way, he's done a fantastic job with all.
Some are more on point than others but the guy is gifted, this is a whole different level of artistry!
Gina Babe
Holy cow these are great
Christine Witt
They really look like photo-shopped pictures to me. Id rather see a video so it looks like a real person. Some just look like painted pictures not a person at all. Hard to see the realism in them.
These are so amazing and unique. It inspires me to work on my own art more often. I’m truly amazed at how well he does this. To use your own face as canvas and to turn into all these different people. I bet the trolls on here couldn’t draw anything better than a stick person.
He is so skilled! <3 (and super nice too! )
Laura Gastelum
I love drag queens!
Casey McAlister
Some of them are really good, but others look just like paintings.
Steven Essex
You have real talent. Most of those are so spot-on, that I wouldn't know the difference. Your Carrie Fisher, for instance, made my heart skip a beat. I am a massive fan of hers, and her death was saddening. Some of your makeup jobs, however, look very cartoonish, and I couldn't tell if you were doing that on purpose in most instances. Your Donald Trump looked purposely caricatured, but some of them were flat, two dimensional, in a way that made it look like the celebrity you were impersonating was somebody you did not have a lot of practice impersonating. Overall, you did an amazing job, but I would make one recommendation for this type of work: include a side by side of your pictures, with the pictures of the celebrities they are meant to mimic, celebrity first, then your interpretation. Keep up the fine work.
Aimee P.
Such amazing work.
If only he wasn't a complete jerk
Donald Holder
He's not good a just make-up, he's a frickin impersonator. Hair, dress, clothes are all spot on.
Jessica Cole
There's gotta be some photo shopping here.
Aunt Messy
Some are less successful than others, but one thing I do know is that the entire Kardashian clan are extremely homely. You'd think people with that much plastic surgery would come out of it looking good, but they all failed . I think their surgeon hates them.
any "celebrity"? I never heard about 2/3 of these people... can just anyone call themselves celebrity these days?
Michael J.
some of scary ugly! maybe he can turn himself into a normal human...
Conceição Pereira
most look awful and not like the real people at all.
Wow... could you come over and do my makeup for halloween please? I'll give you a shout-out I have over a 100 followers in Instagram.
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