Man Secretly 'Hacks' His Girlfriend's Favorite Disney Movie To Include A Proposal In A "Crowded" Movie Theater (Interview)
“It’s not every day you get to propose to your high school sweetheart.”
Man Secretly 'Hacks' His Girlfriend's Favorite Disney Movie To Include A Proposal In A "Crowded" Movie Theater (Interview)
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Even when they grow up, some girls still sometimes daydream about being princesses and having perfect fairytale weddings. Well, one lucky gal, Sthuthi David, is on her way to the wedding of her dreams after an incredibly romantic and creative (and slightly geeky) proposal from her boyfriend, Lee Loechler. Hold on to your seats because this is amazing.

Lee proposed to his GF Sthuthi in a movie theater after spending the last half-a-year animating them both into her favorite movie ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ The scene is about Prince Lee proposing to Princess Sthuthi.

“It’s not every day you get to propose to your high school sweetheart,” that’s what Lee said when he got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. She said yes! And the video of the proposal went viral on the net with over 1.1 million views and counting. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview with Lee.

Bored Panda reached out to Lee and here's what he had to say. "A few years back, a friend of mine told me he was planning to propose to his then-girlfriend, and I suggested he should "Forrest Gump" himself into her favorite movie, and then have his on-screen character "toss" the ring to his real-life self. I don't know where that idea came from, but it felt fun and magical, and it played into my skill set as a filmmaker. He didn't think it was right for him, so I filed it away for later use."

"When things started getting serious with Sthuthi, I started thinking about how I might propose. I still thought that idea had potential, but her favorite movie was animated. And my experience was all in live-action. I know some After Effects, but I am by no means an animator, let alone capable of generating something that would hold up side-by-side with Disney. But, on a whim, I scrubbed through Sleeping Beauty and noted that in the climactic scene there was very little movement. Maybe, if it's mostly static, I can still pull this off. I went on Instagram and started following various Disney art hashtags, hoping to find an illustrator who was up to the task. It wasn't until I stumbled on Kayla's work that the first inkling set in that "this might be possible after all..."

According to Lee, he had all of Sthuthi's friends and family show up early at the movie theater. "Anyone she might recognize was seated in the back few rows. I worked with the projectionist to make sure all ambient lighting would be off when she entered, to help conceal the familiar faces. Unfortunately, the projector was so bright that the light from the screen still illuminated the whole room. To combat this, we decided to show trailers ahead of the film, which we manually darkened so there wouldn't be as much light spill onto the audience. So at 7:30 PM when we walked into the room together, it was nice and dark as we found our seats.

"I'm sure there will be Disney elements to the wedding, but we're still in the nascent stages of planning. That said, if Disney wants to chalk it up as marketing dollars and hook us up with an Aulani honeymoon, we are for sure not above selling out."

The scene that Lee changed with the help of illustrator Kayla Coombs was the one where Prince Phillip kisses Princess Aurora on the lips to awaken her. Only in the changed version, Prince Lee takes out a box with a ring and then tosses to real-life Lee who catches it.

We don’t know how many times Lee practiced doing everything perfectly, but we can say for sure that he pulled it off wonderfully. Cardiologist Sthuthi is one lucky girl!

Last year was the 60th anniversary of ‘Sleeping Beauty’s’ release. But you might find it strange to learn that ‘Sleeping Beauty’ wasn’t successful initially when released back in 1959. However, over time, it was re-released many, many times and became a big hit.

Critics praised ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for its colors, music, and charm, but some said that the animated film is too similar to ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ And there’s a very good reason for that. Some parts of the story were initially ideas from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ that were discarded. Including Maleficent capturing Prince Phillip to the escape from her castle.

Dear Pandas, what did you think of Lee’s proposal? Are you at least a little bit jealous of Sthuthi (but in a totally good way)? Would you love to do something similar or do you have some other romantic ideas for a proposal? Let us know in the comments!

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Janine B.
Best proposal ever! Her face during the first scenes is priceless. ? Best wishes to them!
I mean......honestly......I cannot even reconcile this level of over the top commitment to a proposal. Wow, you Sir, I mean......just wow. Congratulations to the happy couple, this dude went level 10 A+ on this one. This is simply incredible.
This is amazing!!!
Ivana Bogdan
That's probably cutest thing I have ever seen :D
How Terribly Unfortunate
This is just insanely cool.
Carolina Marshall
He ticked all the boxes: Include family and making the the whole thing PG☑️ Include cardiology lingo☑️ Keep it a secret☑️ Being creative and funny☑️ And thinking of the worst case scenario ☑️
Surely it must have been nice, but I will never understand the need to make such an intimate moment spectacular.
He is love
WOW that's incredibly imaginative but more than anything I admire his effort to bring this awesome idea into reality. Most people, even if they had such a great idea, wouldn't actually try to make it real. But he was determined no matter how much work and time was required. And he really did try to think of everything to make it memorable for her and her family. Just awesome!
Zach Tan
B R I L L I A N T !
Wow. That is seriously impressive.
Ana J
This is superbly awesome and amazing! Such wonderful creative effort!????
"Cardiologist Sthuthi is one lucky girl!" Um, she is a grown woman, and she sounds like a catch herself. So, yes, it's cool that her boyfriend went all out to propose to her, but maybe it wasn't luck - maybe she deserved it.
An Opinion
Wow...let's hope that's not the pinnacle of threat relationship......I remember when I used to put in effort like that.
Steve Cruz
I watched that ring toss a dozen times. BRILLIANT!!!
Carson Lujan
The little girl was like “Let me watch my movie!”
Roald Andresen
Proposing in public is fine and romantic when you are more or less certain that this is what your partner wants too - as seems to be the case in this case. But sadly too many use public proposing as a creepy surprise attack to pressure a person who, under normal circumstances, doesn't want to marry the person he/she happens to be a date with. A "tradition" that in general should be avoided, I think. Keep it private, and you'll be more likely to get a sincere answer - either a NO or a heartfelt YES - or maybe a not-right-now-but-later answer.
Was there anyone watching the movie, who was like - dammit, how does it end? :-)
This is so cute.
6two nerd
He looks like Tom hiddleston
Carol Roeder
That was so sweet!
Romy Singh
This is great
Glynis Lailann
Goes to show that there are chivalrous and romantic people out there.
I have no words as to explain how ridiculous this seems to me. Shouldn't the couple discuss privately their plans to marry or not, with all the seriousness, attentiveness, and respect such a life-long decision requires? I could only bring myself to scan this, but if there were stranges in the front of the theater, did they receive this with as much joy as the couple did? Because for them, the night was interrupted and annoyed. (Maybe some of the people attending were planning to propose after the movie, and those plans were undermined by this guy's selfishness, egotism, and grandiosity?) This is just ludicrous, and the fact that I see at least 6-7 comments below saying how awesome it is just goes to show what a messed-up, out-of-touch, world we live in, wherein the grave decision of getting married somehow hinges on the most shallow and badly-thought-out plans of an inconsiderate guy.
Dear TammyOnly, you are disgusting. Love, me.
i remember mine. my gf and i were big fan of that 70's show. and i propose my girlfriend with a chocolate candy bar, like Eric Forman propose Donna in the show.
Kala Subramaniam
What a wholesome thing :) no, i'm not crying :))))
Little Queenie
well she snagged the right kind of guy!
Jelena Obradović
I'm speechless...
Picture Queen
OMG! That was the cutest proposal I've ever seen! Love it!
Karen Dyer
Great way to ask her for her hand in marriage. Best wishes
I FEEL GOOD app - Listen to your heart and body
Awww...what a lucky young woman, and hat off for this long proposal preparation !!
Isidien Gudmundsdottir
I just informed my wife of 32+ years that she no longer is married to the "best man" in the world. (she disagreed though)
Max L.
Check out the video of the whole thing too :
Donna Reynolds
This guy is good.
Night Owl
Damn, I'm so jealous! This was amazing! Simply perfect
Wow, just wow
Bruno Cunha
More sweet than that it's impossible
devi L.
This is old
C. Peirce Terry
That's funny but I wonder how the other people in the movie theater reacted.
This is so cute! Assuming that he has permission from the theater, of course
Phenomenal and heartwarming. Wish them a lifetime of happiness. Small correction: Dr. David is a future cardiologist. She’s in her 3rd year of internal medicine residency. She will be a cardiologist after she completes at least 3 1/2 additional years of training.
This comment has been deleted.
Bruno Cunha
More sweet than that it's impossible.
Don Golosso
Who keeps bringing these unions to work?
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