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30 Historically Accurate Miniature Rooms That This Artist Builds On A 1:12 Scale (Interview With Artist)
“When creating my miniature pieces, the process can take from one month to almost two years to create a single piece.”
30 Historically Accurate Miniature Rooms That This Artist Builds On A 1:12 Scale (Interview With Artist)
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“When creating my miniature pieces, the process can take from one month to almost two years to create a single piece,” this is what professional miniature artist Chris Toledo of Toledo Miniatures told Bored Panda about his finely-detailed, expertly-crafted 1:12 scale historic building interiors.

Chris has the patience of a saint and the focus of a Jedi. His childhood love for art and architecture eventually grew into what it is now: a resounding success that fascinates tens of thousands of people.

“Each model I create starts with extensive research of the era and time period I'm trying to recreate,” Chris said. “Over the years I've collected home plans and building guides from the early 20th century to make sure my pieces are 100% accurate representations of the past.”

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“The process for building my pieces is much like building an actual house or room. I start with simple layout drawings to make sure everything flows cohesively and harmoniously,” Chris explained how involved his creative process is.

“From there, I create a more detailed blueprint which I eventually construct on a 3D computer modeling program. This helps me visualize each project and allows me to make any changes before I begin construction of the actual piece.”

According to the artist, building his miniatures is a lot like building an actual house: “After I have a solidified design, the construction process begins. When building my pieces, I use many tools similar to those of building something full-sized, except they have been scaled down to accommodate the pieces I make such as a table saw the size of a show box or a hand saw made specifically to cut tiny hair sized details into wood.”

Chris fell in love with constructing miniatures just over 20 years ago. He revealed that he's “always” been fascinated by them.

“I remember going to Disneyland as a child and being totally fascinated with the miniature buildings along the Storybook Canal Ride. About that same time, I discovered the world of dollhouse miniatures and I loved the idea of being able to build these tiny creations myself.”

“I began with kits that I would find at local hobby stores and eventually moved onto creating my own designs,” he said.

However, he kept his miniature work a secret for a long, long time, telling only his closest friends and family members about it.

“Although I had always pursued the arts as a career option, I never imagined it would be my miniatures that would take me there. Over time, miniatures became my favorite art form because it encompassed every medium I loved to work with. From woodworking, painting, interior design to art history...making miniatures had it all.”

But what about the people who’d like to follow in his footsteps? What friendly tips does Chris have for prospective miniature enthusiasts?

“I think anyone can find something they love within the world of miniature making. It’s a form of art that allows you to have something in your hands that maybe you wouldn't be able to have in real life,” he stated.

“For me, it was my love of historic architecture. Creating miniature replicas of historic rooms gave me a chance to hold a piece of history in my hands and see it with my own eyes. “

“When people ask me how they can get into this hobby, I always tell them to follow the path that I did. Beginning with hobby store kits. This allowed me to first experiment with working on a small scale and to become familiar with building small and develop that ‘Miniature Eye’ that allows you to visualize in your mind how you would transform a full-sized object or room into miniature.”

Chris said that the biggest piece of advice he can give anyone is “to just have fun.”

“With miniatures, the possibilities are truly endless and you're only limited by your own imagination.”

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Vicki Kloske
I want to shrink myself and live there!
I didn't know this level of precision was even possible! My jaw is on the floor.
Mama Panda
I absolutely love his attention to detail. Two thumbs up!
Kristy P
If he does not already, I hope he has kids someday who love it as much as he does. What an AWESOME doll house he could make!
Jessica Black
I love miniatures to the moon and back. This post gave me so much life this morning. I can't wait until I can devote my time to this art form.
And now, release the hamsters for pure joy and entertainment :) Amazing work!
Night Owl
Beautiful homes for mice and giant hands
Night Owl
Amazing attention to detail! I love it
This is really cute, I like the flooring, looks so real and beautiful.
Kenny Kulbiski
I've just about got myself convinced that the artist made a giant hand, sharpie, paint brush, etc. Otherwise it's just to hard to believe.
Kimberly Puchniarz
Extremely talented!!
Cheryl Wilcox
When I was in Victoria on Vancouver Island I went to "Miniature World" and it was really cool just like this, only with war scenes and fairy tales, and castles. I love these, I wonder if you can see them somewhere or they go to private collectors. Have you seen Coleen Moore's fairy castle in Chicago Museum? It's so amazing people do this.
I love this, he's absolutely amazing! So skilled and patient!
Donna Leske
Don't forget to click the link to see the 20 that didn't make the cut. There is an awesome bedroom there.
Colleen Coughlin
SO talented!
Zoe's Mom
Jo Choto
I admire the heck out of this artist. Not only is his work brilliant and immaculate, but he must be SO patient. I have no patience at all, and can't finish easy things. I am in awe.
Veni Ch
Amazing work!!!! You should work in the film industry!?!!!?
Could be easy be a movie set. So super accurate!
Dorothy Parker
The most beautiful workmanship. I would like to see where he lives. The details are beyond any I have seen. Like most others, I can dream of living in these homes. They do resemble homes in my neighborhood., or in Hancock Park.
Maria Jurkovičová
I admire the artist's talent!
Monty Glue
Besides the awesome attention to minute detail, this artist has an incredible gift for beautiful home design. I don't know if an interior decorator is a lucrative career, but if it is, this gentleman could make a fortune. I have zero skills in that field, but I sure do know beauty when I see it. Well done sir!
This guy is my hero as I just recently started this hobby.
The precise color palette and lighting on these sets is phenomenal.
Man this is so freakin cool
The execution is breathtaking, the details, everything, hat down.
Liz Karsa
Amazing work!
Avital Pilpel
These looks like stills from a horror movie, "THE HAND RETURNS".
Martha Hubbs
These are AMAZING! I have been obsessed with miniature everything, since my first dollhouse, when I was five. I'm an artist, and most of my paintings are miniature. Anytime I find anything miniature, I buy it! These pictures brought me so much joy this morning! I would love to visit your studio!
Kinda looks like Victor shank the room with his shrink ray. These are beautiful!
Lara Verne
Luxurious dollhouse. Sometimes I'm jealous of dolls.
Jessica Morin
Phoebe Bean
It is truly an art!
Heather Montano
Chris Toledo is an incredible artist, craftsman and miniaturist. Very inspiring. Love his work!
Incredible talent! Reminds me very much of the Thorne miniature rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago -
I've saw similar work at a model railroad show that I wandered into once.
These are gorgeous, yes. However if they are "historic", I would like some detail. How does the room shown become important (for style, period of time). Historic means important, so how is the room important, like is it showing us the wonderful art nouveau style of Casa Batllo, in Barcelona, etc.
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