New Zealanders Share Pics Of What A 'Hellhole' Their Country Is As A Response To Trump And His Supporters (Interview)
Kiwis started posting tweets about how ‘horrible’ life in their country is and got the #NZHellhole hashtag trending.
New Zealanders Share Pics Of What A 'Hellhole' Their Country Is As A Response To Trump And His Supporters (Interview)
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New Zealand is paradise on Earth but some think that it’s hell. By all accounts, New Zealand has done a great job in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. However, after 102 days of being Covid-19 free, the country has had a minor second outbreak.

There are some critics, including US President Donald Trump and some of his supporters, who believe that things are now ‘over’ for New Zealand. Meanwhile, a Twitter account called No Lockdown called the country an authoritarian ‘hellhole’ in a post.

However, the citizens of the Shire--errr, I mean, New Zealand--didn’t let this get them down and responded with a wave of over-the-top sarcasm. Kiwis started posting tweets about how ‘horrible’ life in their country is and got the #NZHellhole hashtag trending. Scroll down, have a read, and upvote your fave comeback posts.

Bored Panda reached out to photographer Paul Le Comte, one of the locals who posted under the #NZHellhole hashtag. He had some great sociological insights for us about the current situation. According to Paul, some people are quick to believe posts that New Zealand is supposedly a 'hellhole' because of confirmation bias and are "willing to believe anything they need to believe in."

He also referenced one of his favorite quotes that he read in his Sociology 101 class: "Even very intelligent people, when faced with doubt about their roles in society, will involve themselves even more in the doubted activity rather than withdraw into reflection."

Paul said that New Zealand has been successful in dealing with the pandemic because of its leadership and science. "They worked hand in hand. Also because of clear communication of science a goals, the Prime Minister was able to get NZ believing in a #teamOfFiveMillion."

The Kiwi added that the pandemic didn't much affect his day to day life because he works for himself from home. "Not a lot actually changed."

According to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, there have been 9 new cases of Covid-19 reported in the country on Monday, August 24. Eight of these cases are confirmed and one of them is probable. There are currently a total of 1,332 cases of coronavirus infections in the country that has over 4.88 million citizens.

Most of New Zealand is under a Level 2 lockdown which means limited restrictions. Meanwhile, Auckland is under a Level 3 lockdown, meaning that masks are recommended, social distancing is a must, and only essential workers are going to work.

Trump told his supporters in Pennsylvania that the 11 new cases of Covid-19 (2 of which were from international arrivals) in New Zealand on August 21 were a ‘big surge’ and a ‘massive breakout.’

"New Zealand, New Zealand it's over for New Zealand! Everything's gone. It's all over. They're beautiful,” Trump said.

The Kiwi Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, hit back in a subtle, diplomatic way—by comparing New Zealand’s cases to the American response.

“New Zealand is among a small number of countries that still has a low rate of Covid-19 cases and one of the lowest death rates in the world. For example, the United States has 16,563 cases per million people. We have 269 cases per million people,” Ardern said.

“Today in New Zealand we're talking 11 cases whereas the United States is dealing with over 40,000 cases. Our approach has been different to other countries’ but it's an approach I think we can all feel very proud of,” the politician exclaimed.

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These poor people! We have to organize a rescue effort to help them. I volunteer to go do an on-site inspection to see exactly what relief efforts are required!
Can BoredPanda include a report feature already and allow us to report and block obvious trolls using pornographic images as icons and extremely offensive and racist language? Seriously. Give us the option to put an end to their crap already :/
Julie C Rose
Jacinda also said “It’s not just about how many cases you have; it’s about what you’re doing about them as a nation”. I hope Trump has some ice for that burn.
Elizabeth Huérfano
How awful! I'll personally volunteer to go there and help!
My O My
O gosh! Seeing my kiwi homeland has been transformed into such an hellhole brakes my heart! Dear kiwis, I'm on my way! Let's make NZ beautiful again
Andraya Begley
Any Kiwi need a pleasant, tidy roommate, who loves cats and wine ? Let's get through this nachtmare together!
This makes me want to be in New Zealand so much right now!
Cause the US is doing so well at the moment, California on fire, more corona cases than anyone else and back to shooting unarmed black men in the back. Mmmm, sounds like paradise compared to New Zealand!
Caryn Zent
How did Trump insult them? I see one person who made a stupid comment.
Jokes aside (and I do love a sarcastic roasting!) The lockdowns have been hard- people are loosing their jobs, and its taking a mental toll. There has been an increase in domestic violence :( But the government are trying, and listening to the science so we'll get there.
Night Owl
A very beautiful hellhole. I'd love to live there
Eunice Probert
Funny how he hasn't poked fun at the UK (yet) but some places here have spiked and are in lockdown again. Hmmm.
I hope when he’s finally out of the office Trump is forbidden from visiting all these countries he has insulted. Only place he’d be allowed is Russia
This is stupid and I live in New Zealand. Trump mentioned we had another outbreak. So what? We did.
Karen Gladden
Does NZ welcome US refuges?
Moo Moo Futch
I really truly feel for all those poor Kiwis. And what about all those poor sods stuck in Wellington where the unofficial mayor and key to the city holder is a beautiful orange Turkish Angora called Mittens who strolls the city from his loving home every day to allow people to give him scritches and belly rubs before returning to his home? I honestly could not survive in such an appalling hell hole of a country. Low crime? Free healthcare? Excellent leadership and all round happiness? No thanks. Thoughts and prayers to all those suffering at this trying time.
I'm planning to move away from my country and planned to move to Sweden but now I'm considering New Zeland hmmm...
Cordi Schmidt
I was expecting a photo of NZ Hobbiton with a quote 'You shall not pass!' :D
Monica Michelle
We started Immagration paperwork back in January
Nicholas Yu
I mean, sure we have a racist, xenophobic, fear mongering, corrupt, global warming, misogynist, fake Christian, absolute shit of a rapist as a President with followers that are equally stupid. And yes, while he turned America as an absolute laughing stock of the world, you gotta admit...
Jovy Jergens
Can I move to your hellhole? Please don't judge all Americans due to the ravings of our narcissistic, delusional, immoral, unethical, deranged soon-to-be ex-President. Sanity looms in our immediate future if there is a God in Heaven!
Grace Smith
New Zealand is wonderful
Tae's Buttcheeks
The tyranny, the pain, the suffering, oh goodness my eyes are bleeding, my heart is deeply burdened. My thoughts and prayers with everyone in New Zealand. How I wish I could just be there with you to lend you my help. :'(((((((((((
I'd be willing to leave the U.S. immediately on a mission of mercy to help these poor people. Oh, wait. No one is letting Americans in...
Anna Repp
This breaks my heart!!! NZ is my most favourite country in the world and I'm no stuck in the uS and don;t know when they will let me visit again! Should have just moved there years ago!
I am so jealous of NZers. What is it like to have a sane, competent leader? It's hard to remember with so much that has happened here in the last 4 yrs.
Such a hellhole that I am willing to sacrifice myself by moving there!
Cherie Danielle
As a New Zealander living in Auckland, I'm can't agree more with these posts. We're at the highest lockdown level in the country and it's so rough for us... with our lives pretty much normal except the traffic isn't as bad and people are calmer and friendlier. The pain, the pain.
one of my biggest dreams was to visit NZL which i did in 2017. I spent two months there and I wish it were two lifetimes. the country is mesmerizing, kiwis are incredibly welcoming, their attitude towards nature should be followed by all countries in the world. punish me and banish me to NZLhellhole; PLEASE!
Michelle Muirhead
I will happily save them!
Les Hulver
Really enjoyed reading these posts!! LOL
Christine Holl
The funny thing is that the pictures are actually accurate, rather than an "expectation vs. reality" thing. I live in NZ's largest city and even then I'm about a 5min drive from at least 3 beaches. About 90% of the country lives within 20 metres of a beach but we are a long, skinny country so that's not difficult.
Ola Polowczyk
Sarcasm is so strong in these people <3
New Zealand, man ... Kiwis are the best, and this is the most beautiful, amazing country in the world. I would live there if it were remotely possible. In my USA state hellhole I can't even absentee (mail-in) vote because I'm not over 65, disabled or living away from my home district. I have to vote in-person and risk catching the virus (polling places are exempt from the mask mandate, and you KNOW people here will take advantage of this -- even if I staunchly mask up). Got to visit NZ a few years ago. Wish I could have found a way to stay forever.
Tiffany Marie
Stay in New Zealand.. Your winning!! And take me with you ?
Angelynn Pierce
So much sarcasm! My wilted heart is at peace. <3 But seriously, someone please help them. Hahahaha
If anybody needs to be rescued, is Americans. Thanks to trump, we are now an official hellhole country.
Stannous Flouride
The Twitter posts are only slightly more amusing than the Pandas comments. Good on ya both.
Such a dreadful place. I think Trumpy might be right this time......
Sheik Yerbouti
I volunteer to move to New Zealand, because I live in the United States and it sucks. It sucks HARD, in too many ways to mention. :(
Sheik Yerbouti
This comment has been deleted.
This is awesome lmaoooooo what a disgusting place NZ is yuck
Paul Mitchell
Just agree with him or else the bastard will want to either visit or nuke you!
Kenny Kulbiski
My heart goes out to New Zealand. Maybe they could get some tips from Trump buddy Kim on how to revitalize their country.
Nate Horn
I'm sure all the people who had their expensive and cherished gun collections confiscated by their "wonderful" government are laughing too. Where are THEIR voices, by the way? Are they tickled and laughing? When the government starts TAKING from the people, it does not stop. It's all fun and games in paradise for sure, but history has shown us that people can be oppressed anywhere, at any time and there is only one sure-fire (Heh) guarantee against it. (see, I'm funny too :) The government of New Zealand is already a nanny state. What will it be for their grandchildren? The trend is clear and a loss of humor may be on their naive and complacent horizon.
Nate Horn
I'm sure all the people who had their expensive and cherished gun collections confiscated by their "wonderful" government are laughing too. Where are THEIR voices, by the way? It's all fun and games in paradise for sure, but people can be oppressed anywhere at any time and there is only one sure fire (Heh) guarantee against it. The government is already a nanny state. What will it be for their grandchildren? The trend is clear and a loss of humour may be on their naive and complacent horizon.
Peter Bear
The simple fact is that everything Trump and his cultists say is just deflection. Literally everything they accuse anyone else of, or attack anyone else for, is something they themselves are guilty of. The only 'hellhole' is what Trump has turned the US into in only four short years.
Sheik Yerbouti
I volunteer to move there, because I live in the United States and it sucks donkey dick.
Karan Pheh
Board panda, it was because of pages like yours that made me hate Trump for no reason...not anymore .my eyes opened with abit of more research.. Don't put this toxicity.we came for laugh ..not politics or your personal hatred..
Chris Watson
Move along! Who cares ?
Allen Darby
Way to spread fake news in a headline
Trump didn't put us on lock down ... THE GOVERNORS DID
Tiny Dynamine
Yeah, but Auckland, right? :D (I just remember some Kiwis years ago telling me that that city is a shithole. Maybe it's got better now.)
The comments everyone are referring to, to me, seem to be taken out of context. Yes, Trump mentioned NZ and said they HAD a big outbreak. His comment was made in answering a question and was also followed with "... They're having a lot of outbreaks but they've been able to put them out and we'll put them out." The use of they is referring to countries others than the U.S. If you rationally read the comments, they seem rather positive.
Hannah M
OK sure we have nice scenery and low covid but Jacinda sure is trying to turn this place into a hellhole and it's working. Funny how all these people who've likely never been to New Zealand and probably get their info from extremely biased sources are offended by what I, a New Zealander, have to say about my own country...
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