People Share What Movies Present As Normal, But It Actually Isn't, And Here Are 40 Of The Best Insights
Life would be much more exciting if things worked just like in our favorite movies. The good guys would always save the day. Adventures of a lifetime could happen at any moment. And your soulmate could be just around the corner.
People Share What Movies Present As Normal, But It Actually Isn't, And Here Are 40 Of The Best Insights
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Life would be much simpler yet more exciting at the same time if things worked just like in our favorite movies. The good guys would always save the day at the last minute. Adventures of a lifetime could happen at any moment. And your soulmate could be just around the corner. Alas! That’s not how the real world works.

OG_Builds created a thread on r/AskReddit and asked people to share what is totally normal in movies but never actually happens in real life. And, wow, did people deliver! The redditor’s post received 28.8k comments in 2 days, as well as more than 64.2k upvotes. Scroll down to have a look, don’t forget to upvote your fave things that are normal in movies, and share your own ideas in the comments! OG_Builds told Bored Panda that they got the idea to make the thread after watching a lot of movies while on vacation, while the comment that they could relate to the most was the one about finding new friends.

“I think the comment I found the most relatable was one pointing out how movie characters find friends the second they move to a new city. I just moved to a new town and I feel like movies underestimate the amount of time it takes to get to know people and build relationships.” Read on for the rest of our interview with the thread’s OP.

“While watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, I thought about how there are so many things that are never questioned in movies, though the same things rarely happen in real life. I wanted to see if my fellow redditors had some examples of such things,” OG_Builds shared what inspired them to make the thread in the first place.

They added that some of the other comments that stuck in their head from the thread were about car explosions and parking spots. “Another user commented that it takes very little impact for a car to blow up. If a car crashes into a tree it explodes, which is rarely the case in real life. Someone also pointed out that finding parking spots is way too easy. I never thought about this, but it’s actually really weird that movie characters are able to find parking spots in the middle of the day in Manhattan.”

In the redditor’s opinion, life wouldn’t be better if everything worked like in the movies. “I think movies fail to acknowledge that humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes we stumble the words and we cough in the middle of conversations. Life isn’t always on our side. Sometimes, we need an hour to find somewhere to park, and some days we wake up with the worst bed hair.”

They continued: “Some might say it would be easier if life was a movie, but these flaws and imperfections are what make life so beautiful. I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

Whether things would be better if life were more like movies is debatable; but making movies more like real life would be a pretty bad idea, don’t you think? Let’s have a think and see what would change.

Imagine for a moment how boring Star Wars and movies with battles in outer space would be if we didn’t willingly suspend our disbelief and wanted everything to be super-realistic.

Ion cannons and explosions wouldn’t make any sounds (“In space no one can hear you scream” is very accurate, too). Meanwhile, you couldn’t even see those spectacular laser weapons. Darn you, vacuum of space, why do you have to make things so dull?!

However, lightsabers could kinda sorta maybe work according to some scientists and some very dedicated and talented crafters.

Action scenes would also be horrific if everything worked on IRL logic and not film logic. Protagonists wouldn’t disarm the bomb at the last second before the timer counted down to zero. There’d be no timer in the first place!

In case our heroes couldn’t disarm the bomb in time, they wouldn’t walk away from the explosion without getting hurt at all. The powerful shockwave would mean that the villains would win and that we’d have to get new heroes in the middle of the film. (Come to think of it, it would be interesting to see more movies where the bad guys win.)

Let’s also not forget how dangerous jumping through shattered glass windows is in real life. The sharp edges would hurt you very, very badly. Meanwhile, action heroes shrug shattered windows off like it’s no big deal.

Our verdict? Movies might have a bunch of things in them that never happen in real life but that’s why we love them so much! We wouldn’t have it any other way because movies that are too realistic wouldn’t have much structure and would end before things really got started. Now if only movie logic would spread to real life...

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Martha Meyer
Women giving birth in about 2 minutes and screaming their heads off the entire time. Then the “newborn“ looks about 6 months old.
Paul K. Johnson
My personal favorite is movies acting like bad guy minions never know each other. A good guy goes down, the music changes and there is a moment of sadness and another good guy saying, "Rest easy, my brother. For I will avenge you." But when a bad guy goes down the other bad guys couldn't care less. To add insult to injury they step all over the downed dude to continue chasing the good guy. Even bad guys have friends.
Daria Z
Also, when a character looks something up in a book, they always open it in the middle and voila! - here is the inormaiton they were looking for. Sometimes it's several books lying around, all opened in the middle.
In movies a day lasts about 78 hours. How else do they find the time to exercise, shower, get ready, commute to work, work for at least 10 -12 hrs, go out for dinner, then for drinks, meet someone and go for a long walk, then go home and get a snack and talk with your friend about the person you just met, watch a movie (and still look fresh and well-rested). Totally relatable! :'D
Nevits Yibble
Hitting someone on the head to “knock them out”, with no ill effects (they eventually “wake up”, and it’s always later). In real life, it takes a pretty severe blow to the brain and a massive concussion to cause unconsciousness. And if the person isn’t waking up after a few seconds it typically means permanent brain damage or death.
David K
My favorite is the egoism and narcissism of the bad guys...especially when it comes to the main villain. He could kill the good guy in a single quick shot or throw him off the rock or whatever, but no...the bad guy needs to reveal every damn secret, tell his family and work history, give a presentation on how superb he is and what looser is the good guy and all of that just gives the good guy enough time to summon his powers and beat the bad guy before the end credits start :-)
deanna woods
One of my favorites is when lawyers walk into a police interrogation room and say "This interview is over." First of all, when did anyone call this lawyer? Secondly, that's not how police interviews end. Another of my favorites is people pulling the IV out of their arm and leaving the hospital like that's normal.
when a soldier announce he's gotta be a dad or getting married… we all know he'll die
Kenny Kulbiski
Trapped in a dark dungeon, mine, etc. Lights a candle, match, or lighter and the place lights up like Vegas.
Kel Gal
When a person is hanging off a cliff, building, ledge, whatever, and another person is holding them by fingertips, sleeve, hand, whatever and manages to pull them up. Only on a rare occasion does the person fall.
Never locking or unlocking car doors unless there is a bomb that is activated upon using the keys. When having a headwound with blood that has dropped down, it is not wiped away. (Maybe a day later). Fighting makes you be covered in dust or dirt smears and in many cases the action hero doesn't seem to wash it off. I guess it's the same kind of stuff make up is made from. Also, on survival movies, women are never on their period. Imagine having to flee and being on your period. Sure, you can use fabric cloths and wash them, but there isn't really any time while fleeing.
Luisa Vasconcelos
He: Run, save yourself. She: No, i'm not leaving without you. Then they kiss, no matter what they are running away from.
Chris Jones
Character rings a doorbell and the door is opened within seconds... does everyone hang around behind the front door?
A bit crude but noone cleaning up after sex. They lay there in post-coital bliss, when in reality it's all about the cup and run!
When characters need to research something, the go to the library and find books with pictures (like Dante's Divine comedy) and those pictures solve everything! Especially if the pictures are by Gustave Dore.
If a character coughs, you can be sure they have become ill with an incurable disease and will die soon.
Daria B
Car chasing with no traffic jam
Astrid Nineor
Humans , especially western ones, are always smarter than the people they meet. Even in Avatar, where they tried to do the opposite. I mean 'Mikesully' learned very fast (A few years? months?) what the members of the tribe would need all their childhood and teenage years to master..
Also murderer gets victim after a long hunt. Instead of killing victim immediately he brags about how he got him, how he tricked everyone and whatnot, so that victim has enough time to escape or be rescued.
People taking sips from obviously empty cups.
bulletproof couches always seemed odd to me, my cat can destroy one but multiple bullets cant? lol
The one where a pregnant woman feels the baby kicking for the first time and is like "oh my god!", puts partner's hand on bump and he can feel it too. You can feel it on the inside for a significant amount of time before it's detectable on the outside!!
Leo Domitrix
Military personnel so lax that civs walk in unnoticed, get the critical whatevers, and leave with a hasty, "Oh, we got lost, we're just looking for Walmart" excuse. Right up there with women running in tight skirts and high heels at Olympic-medal-worthy speed.
Steve Barnett
Brushing teeth without using toothpaste: Think I only saw this once by Alexander Kaidanovsky in 'Stalker' by Andrei Tarkovsky. Oh and when phoning someone the phone is answered immediately.
I would actually watch a movie where the detectives have to search for parking. Think of all the funny puns the writers would make :D
Jo Choto
There are LOTS missing from this list. How about when the people decide to go into a dangerous part of the house, like the basement or the attic, but they never put the freaking lights on.
Emi A.
Romantic relationship (as opposed to playing around or one night stand) starts with kissing and having sex when they just met. I used to believe this is how all romantic relation starts.
Isabella R.W.
Well, I mean, a movie or tv show would be pretty boring if it was accurate to the real world.
Tommy Collins
I enjoyed the comments from the pandas more than the past itself, hilarious
The best is when they have these characters who know exactly what the other person’s motive or move is, or will be. They connect the dots so quickly and I’m always left wondering if I’m just stupid because I didn’t get it.
Arild Settli
Badguys running up to hero with gun, waiting for his turn to be beaten.. If u have a gun as a badguy fighting a hero, i would imagine hiding and empty that clip (wich has unlimited bullets oc)
Woman who's been kidnapped gets her chance to escape, knocks the guy over the head once and runs. Giving him enough time to shake off what would normally be a debilitating head wound and catch her just before she makes her get away. In real life, if some psycho had you trapped and you get a chance to slap him one, you are going to go to town until you know he's down for good.
James Bond movies: instead of putting a bullet into him, the vilain quits the scene and lets 007 to be cut by the laser beam / eaten by crocodiles / etc.
Anton Kider
What about a huge wall fan spinning slowly in the background of a dark room...?
Astrid Nineor
CPR: A: Done for three seconds and the victim is not only alive, but wakes up and talks B: A cop declares person dead, even if they saw him/her fall to the ground seconds earlier
Bea Albe
Chloroform knocks people out in about 4 seconds
Bryan Hu
Harish Bhardwaj
Problems and issues are resolved in 120-150 mins FOR SURE.
I would like to add Not Stirring Coffee or Tea to this list. You see them pour a coffee or be handed one and they add sugar or milk and then start drinking it. WHY AREN'T THEY STIRRING?
I've always marvelled at how in TV shows, the main characters can just walk into their hangout, and their table is always empty and waiting for them.
Nicky OldfieldDesciple
How about how the light from a tiny candle can light up another wise pitch dark warehouse the size of 3 football fields.? Or the stereotypes: If you are fat and or ugly , you're either bad, the brainy socially awkward one or the comic relief and if you're slim and pretty, you're good socially affluent and will definately end up getting off with the dream boy or girl of the movie.
Military types like Arnie and the Rock. All bulging muscles. I was sent to jump school (paratrooper) and all the big muscle bound guys were the first to drop/fail out. No stamina.
Lady Beluga
People having memorized the phone number of even the most random people.
Pretty Pangolin
These are great, I would definitely watch a movie that addressed some of these in a clever way.
I always enjoy how they help mumbling actors (always in movies with bad sound) by giving them food so that their mouths are full while they talk.
Wolff Garritano
In a shootout, the good guy armed with a pistol will always out shoot three or four bad guys armed with fully automatic machine guns.
Grumble O'Pug
Let's talk about movie horses: never need water, never need untacking or tacking up, never spook at anything, rear up like a pro (w/o slipping back over and crushing someones pelvis), and never eat anything.
Haunting Spirit
That you get blown away when you get shot. Most of the time when you get shot you won't realise it for a couple of minutes.
man fights with 10 people but it does not hurt. but whenwoman starts to clean his wounds it hurts so much. ouch!
people dies silently if they shot by a silenced weapon. if they shot by a normal weapon they scream.
people dies silently, If they were shot by a silenced gun, just say "mmmh". if they shot by a normal gun, they always scream.
Would be nice if someone would make a movie based on these descriptions not happening in real life. Would be insanely boring movie. Especially no music. Like space odyssey. Just listening a guy breathing heavily for a long period of time
Alan Street
#38, I just wish somebody would make a movie with ONLY normal background sounds, and NOso called 'background music', just to see how it was received by the public. I am getting old, but I can't be the only one who can't hear a bloody word of some conversations in movies because their is an orchestra playing inthe backround , drowning out the voices.
Charlie Kelly
How about the race-car performance Jason Bourne gets out of a stolen 25 year old taxicab?
Lily Mae Kitty
that women faint easily. we don't.
Ben Smith
Weird how many people here don’t understand movies are not real - nor are most intended to be. If you watched a movie in real time without the little things to move the story along and save time YOU’D BE BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND.
The detectives use only flashlights to examine a crime scene in the dark. Did someone forget to pay the electric bill?
Tim Douglass
Well, sure, but movies are about suspension of disbelief. If you want to watch real life just go down to your local downtown and watch the homeless people argue over who gets to work the intersection today. We know it's fantasy, but it it wasn't it wouldn't be half as much fun to watch.
Marcus Heslop
Yawn. Nothing original here. Roger Ebert lists most of these in his The Little Book of Hollywood Cliches. That was published well over twenty years ago.
Geoffrey Holland
These are just lazy cliches.
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