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What This Artist Does To Her Face Seriously Messes With People's Minds (30 New Pics)
"People perceive everything in their own subjective way. My illusions distort reality and perception that are generally shared by most people.”
What This Artist Does To Her Face Seriously Messes With People's Minds (30 New Pics)
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The line between illusion and reality can be blurry. Make-up artist Dain Yoon plays around with that very line and uses her face as a canvas for impressive optical illusions that can bend your mind.

“The reason I started to paint illusions is that I believe people live in illusions. People perceive everything in their own subjective way,” Dain said in an interview with Bored Panda. “My illusions distort reality and perception that are generally shared by most people.”

“A lot of people seem to think illusion means tricking people into something but I don't think of it that way. I don't think of illusion necessarily as trickery but a wider concept. I think that anything that seems slightly different from its original form could be an illusion or take you out of the illusion you're living in,” the artist explained.

Scroll down for the rest of the interview, upvote your fave illusions, and drop us a comment somewhere below with your thoughts about Dain's art. You can read Bored Panda's previous article about Dain's art right here.

Bored Panda was curious to learn whether Dain was always artistic ever since she was a child and what inspired her to become a make-up artist.

“I have always enjoyed painting since I was very young, and, frankly speaking, it was what I was best at. I attended Yewon Arts Secondary and Seoul Arts High School, graduating at the top of my class. These art schools are the most prestigious in Korea. After I got into art college, I studied scenography. I had a chance to design theatrical makeup and to draw on the body of actors of plays,” the artist revealed some details about her education.

“However, after participating in theatrical makeup and costume, I felt a strong need to do my own creative work, not being part of a play,” she said. “So, for my personal artwork, I began painting on the bodies of several models. A little later, I decided to draw on my own face because the face is the most strong and sensitive part of the body where I can deliver the delicate emotions I so seek to convey.”

According to Dain, it can take her anywhere from 3 to 12 hours to finish a single piece of art.

“The first step is conceptualizing ideas. This takes the longest. The last step always depends. If I paint myself and want to record this as a digital photo, this recording would be the last step. If it is a performance, then doing the actual performance would be the final step in the creation of the work,” she elaborated.

In Dain's opinion, all new make-up artists shouldn't be afraid of failing and getting back up again: “Make sure to go through many trials and errors. Because you will never know until you've tried it.”

The artist told us that she tried out many different part-time jobs until she combined the parts she liked best into one united whole.

“Since I was a freshman, I've done many part-time jobs that I was interested in: stylist, teacher, graphic designer, film assistant, movie makeup, theater makeup, musical costume, model, etc. After I did many part-time jobs, I mixed all those together that I enjoyed doing. It really helped me to find my own art style.” So never be afraid of taking on a new challenge and experimenting, dear Pandas!

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I’m Foxxy and I know it ?
Wow, so trippy. She certainly has skill.
Ed Souza
Amazing. These must take hours to make. Very talented.
She is phenomenal! I have to stare at some of them for a minute just to be sure what I'm looking at.
Krazy Kanuck
I'm sure that these pictures are pretty neet, BUT as someone who has vision problems. I made it to the 3rd picture before I had to close this out, otherwise I was going to throw up, it was physically making me nauseous. EDIT: This is the second time making this because the Haters think I'm not entitled to post.. I never said anything bad about the art.. I just can't look at it.. So to the HATERS: F U
Colleen Coughlin
These got me tripping impressive
I would up vote this mad, crazy talent a million times if I could
Roman DeJesus
A negative of this is that paint is not meant to be put on skin because it can cause irritation
it's me again
So much time & dedication to create. How does she feel when she has to wipe it all off at the end of the day?
Jacey Lynn
These were amazing! Some made my eyes and brain hurt...but they were so talented! Love them!
Naomi Wayker
Damn she is creative i have never seen anything like it
Carol Roeder
Very talented young woman, to say the least but she needs to put it on a canvas and not herself. That way she could at least make money off her art and someone can enjoy it in their home or business!
Night Owl
My head hurts. Great work; very trippy
Full Name
I uh,....this is really.....hell I'm not even sure what I just saw but fuck me this woman has some skills.
Erika Leon
I really enjoyed every single one of these art pieces.
Amazing! Thank you!
Dorothy Parker
These are truly stunning, made even more special by the beauty of the Artist and models.
How Terribly Unfortunate
I admire the dedication.
Blade the gallade
Jo Choto
It's not just the talent, it's the also the ability to imagine these incredible visions. Just wow.
Sarah Brinsfield
You have amazing talent! Keep it up!
Robert Bri
totally amazing so unique
Ayasophya Alturas
welp, there goes my last 2 braincells. cool tho.
? Bakugou, Katsuki ?
This is amazing ❤️
Christina Uhlir
To me, art should have a meaning: either be a work of aesthetic value, or convey a message, provoke a thought.
Sera the Dragon
She has harnessed her artistic talent and summoned the ability to warp and glitch reality itself
Irene Walton
cool, but, way too many
Ronald D'Mello
The artist is extremely talented and I love her interpretation of "illusion". Each of her face painting is amazing!
Lauren Caswell
So so amazing, she really found her talent she is awesome. She should do an exhibition! (And then lol we can figure out which image is actually here pretending to be an image XD)
Wow, this is just... I have no words. It's so beautiful, mesmerizing, trippy, time-consuming, and just yeah...
Tomn Gatees
visually mind altering
mummy pig
What a great artist
Tor Rolf Strøm
We Were On A Break!
Such a wonderfully original talent. I'd like to see her work in a museum, and in the movies.
Dang.... and she does it on skin too. Skin is hard to work with because it moves and stretches with different expressions and stuff. Amazing.
Angelina Fields
Cra-Z cat lady
How is she not pimple-ridden?!
Her talent is beyond belief. A master of illusion.
Zoe's Mom
Hollywood should be calling
Carol Emory
Girl's got talent!
KT Trondsen
Absolutely incredible! But needed smaller stories with less pictures. It really starts to hurt the eyes
Kirsten Kerkhof
They're gorgeous, but, boy, do they make my brain hurt! ;)
I've seen things I cannot believe. Just... wow.
She's so good but now I have a headache lol
Super Hero Fan Girl
Ok, I can't. This is fcuking with my reality.
Woa, she's good.
Demi Zwaan
I'm sure this is awesome in real life, but now all I can think is 'yeah, cool photoshop'.
Krazy Kanuck
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