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Kittens Roam Freely In This Bookstore In Canada And Customers Can Even Adopt Them (Interview With Professional)
If you ever wanted to adopt a cute little kitty-cat, your first thought would probably be to go to an animal shelter. However, have you thought of going to… a bookstore?
Kittens Roam Freely In This Bookstore In Canada And Customers Can Even Adopt Them (Interview With Professional)
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If you ever wanted to adopt a cute little kitty-cat, your first thought would probably be to go to an animal shelter. However, have you thought of going to… a bookstore?

Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee is a bookstore just outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, that took an innovative approach to convince people to rescue kittens. When you come in to browse for a good read or have a cup of Joe, you’ll spot something unusual. Unusually adorable, that is.

Kittens! And lots of them! Playing around and napping among the books. And probably reading Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat when no one’s looking. The best part is, you can adopt any of the cats in the bookstore and give them the forever home they deserve. Cats, coffee, and books. Can it get any better than that?

The bookstore owner Ellen Helmke told Narcity that there are several kittens and “usually a mama cat as well” in the shop at any time. But the bookstore kittens aren’t just passersby taken in from the cold. They’re provided by the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia rescue group.

If you happen to be in Upper Tantallon and visit Otis & Clementine’s and see a feline friend whom you absolutely adore, then you’d better act fast. “All the kittens are in and out fairly quickly, as they are adopted,” Helmke explained.

However, adopting these cattos isn’t as easy as picking them up and going out the door. South Paw Conservation manages everything and it costs 255 Canadian dollars (or 194 US dollars) to adopt a kitten. The adoption fee covers everything, including any medical expenses. What’s more, future pet owners also need to provide references before bringing their gamboling tabby home.

Helmke started the kitten adoption program last year when she realized that there’s plenty of space in her shop for cute cattos. So far, over 30 cats from the bookstore were adopted. And we’re sure that this number will rise.

“People come here specifically to see the cats, and then some people just wander in to look at books and discover there are kittens,” she told Global News. “Either way, the response has been really great—I mean, who doesn’t love kittens, right?”

She added: “We have a hundred percent adoption rate, which is fantastic.”

“I’m so happy to make my customers happy when they come in and they’re just thrilled to see a kitten they weren’t expecting… It’s amazing and makes me happy to come to work.”

Bored Panda reached out to South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia to hear about their friendship with the bookstore, as well as to learn more about what they do. This month alone, the rescue group rescued 3 kittens, 4 cats, 6 puppies and 2 dogs.

“Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee is one of many loving foster homes that provide an enriching environment for our kittens and cats. It's amazing to have this unique platform to help home our kitties,” a representative of South Paw Conservation told Bored Panda.

“South Paw Conservation rescued 30 puppies in 2019 from the Bahamas and Antigua and well over 50 kittens and cats locally. Really hoping the platform of attention we receive from Otis & Clementine’s will help us to find loving homes, provide proper medical care, food and litter through donations and spay/neuter even more kitties within the province in 2020.”

According to the rescue group’s rep, all of their cats and kittens are “vet checked, vaccinated, feline leukemia tested, treated with revolution, and dewormed within the first few days of arrival or when healthy/old enough.”

“We have a spay and neuter program set up with local vets (Hammonds Plains Veterinary Hospital/Tantallon Veterinary Hospital) to keep the cost down for the potential family. Homing kittens or cats is not first come first serve. We try to home our babies with the best possible fit. Some require a more quiet space free from other animals, but still maybe enjoy the snuggles at night and some are more playful and outgoing.”

They continued: “Some of our kittens require to be bottle-fed or even just be in a space where they can be monitored 24 hours a day. We have an amazing foster network that helps us to meet all their needs. All of this is made possible through donations and adoption fees.”

The people working with South Paw Conservation help animals and people outside of Nova Scotia as well.

“We just did a conservation trip to Antigua earlier this month. We took 5 people. We spent time in a psychiatric hospital doing crafts with residents, worked in a soup kitchen, rescued 7 puppies and dogs which we will provide shelter and medical care for until they are able to return to Canada with us. We took 5 bags of humanitarian supplies and brought 3 puppies home with us.”

“We are headed back to Antigua on March 4th to bring home 6 of the puppies we rescued and one 10-month-old we have had in foster since August. We are fundraising like crazy to pay all the medical and travel costs.

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i love books and what's better than cat napping on you while you are reading good book?
Biljana Malesevic
I would like more stores like this one. I would go there every day.
Cuteness overload!
Just a Purpler
What the... this is 20 minutes away from where I live! Haha! Thanks for the weekend plans boredpanda! <3
Luna Lovegood
Ok, I'm moving to Canada now.
Neither my wife nor I are allowed in this shop. We have enough books and we have enough cats. Who am I kidding you can never have enough books nor cats.
Kate Schools
I would never get anything done. Sit. Read books. Okay with cats Actually that doesn't sound too bad. Hmmmm
Water Bottle
Free kittens, free books (to borrow), what more do you need in life?
Phantom Captain
Books and Kittens? now that is my cup of tea. I would be there everyday and adopt a little one. SO cute!
"I'd like to buy this book and adopt all of the kittens, please!" I would be there so often, I'd have to pay rent!
Colleen Coughlin
This is actually an awesome idea. Rather than going to the pound or humane society, you can bond with a kitty in a peaceful environment and visit them regularly. This should be done everywhere!!!
Night Owl
My idea of heaven
Brandy Grote
A bookstore my husband can't enter.
Eva Vertesi
omg I'd be in that book store every day!!!
Bonnie Crawford
I love cats and I collect books to read.This is a great program also.we.own 9 kitties 5 rescued and 1. Med small dog rescued.Love what all of you are doing.Bonnie,Jacksonville,Florida.
Erika Leon
What a beautiful idea. If I visited I'd never want to leave!
Cenk Karaferya
I'll take them all pls :)
Shinomi Chan
Seriously if they WEREN'T adopted I'd think something's wrong with peoples heads.
Kim Lee
I love bookstores, and these kitties are cute, but my allergies would sadly prevent me from going in :(
Books and cats! Heaven!!!!
What a wonderful way of being able to see and adopt a pet! :-)
Kelly Williams-Lewis
I have an antique store and we have tons of forever cats but I may do this too!
Debbie Archimedes
Boo hoo! I want a kitty!
Perfection do exist!
Danielle Arnold
We should have more stores like this! Its just scary though cuz what if someone steals a kitten and is a bad person....theres many abusers out there :( hope they keep track and have cameras.
Not really a cat person, and I don't even read much but I wouldn't want to leave!!! We have a cat cafe here and it's so fun to go have a coffee and just hang out with them
Dorothy Parker
Every city needs this. I would be in everyday, I'm afraid. Nothing better than kittens except the wonderful companions they grow into.
Wish there was one in southwest wa
sharron lynn parsons
This is fantastic, there has been a similar idea of coffee and kittens, now the book store business, a wonderful idea for adopting and sure will be a huge success, good people thinking of the many cats and kittens, and pups, Bless you all !!!
Katie Schaffer
Give me all the kittens!! ???
Raine Soo
What a great concept! I'd go in everyday to visit the kitties, and buy a book.
Karen Dyer
Great idea, I would be there everyday all day long.
I'd never leave!
Aurelia Grey
If we had store like this in my town? I'd be there at least 8 hours a day.
Leo Domitrix
Books & kittens? I"m moving in!
Could it be any better?
Jo Browne
Jacey Lynn
I’m going to Canada now
Too cute!
Agnes Jekyll
Mark Twain used to "rent" cats along with the house he was staying in when he was away from home, so he would always have a cat nearby
Anja Mühlendorph
I’m glad I don’t live near that bookstore.. otherwise I would have 16 cats and visit the store daily...
I wish there was one of these in the USA!
Berndog McEwen
So amazing thank you so much for doing this. What a courageous idea. We need more cats and dogs everywhere. Their effect on human mental health is completely underestimated and undervalued. No wonder homeless people often have a pet. In these days of loneliness ness and homelessness this is needed more that ever and is the cheapest medication on the planet. Thank you Berndog
The Random Merp
Oh gosh, I need this. Tiny balls of fluff everywhere!
AreYouReallySureThatAFloor Can'tAlsoBeACeiling
I live in Canada and I'm still too far away (MB)! I'll have any of the tuxedo or black kittens pretty please
Debrina Blackmoon
i don't read books anymore but i would do this for the kitties
Helen Haley
Best use of cross-promoting since putting the chocolate next to the tampons.
I would visit on a daily basis. I'd have so many (more) books.
Awww I love this so much! I wish we had this kind of store in Delaware, I’d be there every day just to pet the babies. ❤️
Wanda Glenn
We had a used book store in Cambridge, ON and we always had rescue cats. Many people came in just to visit them. Unfortunately due to health issues we had to close the store, but our bookstore cats all went to great homes. We still get our cat fix at home as we have 3 of them. (PS anyone want to buy a "bookstore in a box?)
Rae Carson
100% adoption rate. OF COURSE!!! Oh, that little gray and white one....Squee!!! **heart eyes**
Christie Caradonio
Cats are the best reading companions.
I would love to go to this bookstore! Do they have a site online? Or the rescue group that supplies the kittens? What a wonderful idea! I'd go there every week for coffee and books if I lived near by.
Andrei Moruzi
Alene M
well guess who's going to canada now
Abinico Arts
I hope they also help adult cats find a forever home.
Tracy Moorhead
My "New" favorite bookstore!!!
Carol Roeder
That is wonderful. Nothing goes better with a good book than snuggling with a kitty! Love the concept and it would be wonderful if more book stores took this approach.
Aw cute! I especially love how one cat was in the mysterious section XD
Brett Connor
I think it's a conspiracy to take over Nova Scotia! "What" no more Book Worms? Book Cats instead. I see Pawndemonium for sure.
Dawn Welton
OMG, I'm freaking out - this is where I live!! We love this bookstore!!
I would never leave.
Cold Contagious
Such a fantastic idea and wonderful environment to socialize with the cats before bringing them home. They will be well socialized and have their personality traits being developed in a positive environment and with loving people. What could be better for them, but to be nurtured so well until they get their forever home. It's so much better than kittens in cages not getting attention all day. Need so many more models of this for adoptable animals. These people are such a blessing.
I I lived in Eastern Canada I would go there and adopt the whitish one and one of the Tuxedo kitties shown, or possibly one of the black ones along with the white kitty.
Omg i would die of cuteness ?
natasha P.
I'd want to take them all home.
deanna woods
All of these little babies are just so adorable and I would definitely love to visit this store. Books and kittens are always a winning combination.
Lara Verne
Best bookstore ever.
Adele Maestranzi
Books? Kittens? Add cocktails, and I'm all set!
Dawn Baik
OMG my 2 favorite things in the world together??? I would never leave!!!
I’d donate coffee to keep it going.
This is a good idea for Cat Cafe's too.
Lady Olay-o
These are two of my favorite things! Puppikats and Books!!!
Don't they get lonely if you take one home? I mean, they have so many friends there.
All they need is to add in wine and it's the perfect place.
Super Hero Fan Girl my throat closes in the travel section.
Love the idea, especially as an avid reader. Problem is I'm highly allergic to cats.
Hendra Lim
Books and cats, if we can bring some coke in then it's gonna be my best combination for relaxing
I’m Foxxy and I know it ?
So adorable and glad the kitty’s get their furever home, wouldn’t ever be able to go in there though.
This comment has been deleted.
Do people really need more places to impulse buy animals from? Unfortunately, those are the ones most likely to end up as homeless when they become adults.
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