Woman Sees 'Her Dog' In The Sky A Few Hours After Her Death, Others Share Similar Pics And Stories (Interview)
When Lucy Ledgeway’s 14-year-old family dog Sunny passed away, she asked for a sign that the pet was alright wherever she was now. The 19-year-old from York saw her Parson Russel Terrier’s face in the clouds, just hours after it died.
Woman Sees 'Her Dog' In The Sky A Few Hours After Her Death, Others Share Similar Pics And Stories (Interview)
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When our beloved pets pass away, we look for any signs, however small, that will tell us that they’re in a better place. After all, even small comforts help us when we’re grieving. When Lucy Ledgeway’s 14-year-old family dog Sunny passed away on June 20, she asked for a sign that the pet was alright wherever it was now.

That’s when the 19-year-old from York saw her Parson Russel Terrier’s face in the clouds, just hours after she died. Lucy shared the photo of the clouds on Twitter and her post went viral, getting more than 100.9k likes.

However, Lucy isn’t the only person who saw their former pets in the sky—other owners shared their stories on the internet after seeing Lucy's post. Scroll down to see them, dear Pandas, and let us know in the comments below if you've ever seen a beloved pet's face in nature or elsewhere. Scroll down for Bored Panda's chat with professor Kang Lee from the University of Toronto about pareidolia—the phenomenon when people see faces or familiar shapes in inanimate objects.

When Sunny appeared to Lucy, the woman was sitting in the same car seat where the dog had suffered a seizure and passed away just hours earlier. The clouds formed into the dog’s face just as Lucy and her boyfriend were driving past Clifton Ings where Sunny used to go for walks.

Lucy said that she laughed to herself and thought ‘that’s my girl’ when she saw Sunny’s face. She said she knew her dog was letting the family know that she’s OK.

According to Lucy, her boyfriend couldn’t believe what the two of them saw. She added that it was a special moment that they will always treasure.

Bored Panda wanted to know if emotionally-stressed people were more likely to see their pets's faces in the environment. According to professor Lee from the University of Toronto, he doesn't know of any scientific study about whether traumatic or emotional experiences make people more likely to see faces where there aren't any. However, he added that this could be a future line of study.

Professor Lee said that "being able to ruminate about a dead individual is known to have a positive effect." He added that owners seeing their pets' faces everywhere is most likely an indicator "of some sort of mental state such as grieving or anxiety."

In an earlier interview with Bored Panda, professor Lee explained that pareidolia suggests that our brains are very sensitive and expect to encounter objects in our environments that are biologically or socially important to us.

He added: “For some people, their frontal cortex’s expectation for certain objects (e.g., faces) become so high that they see faces in many situations where no faces exist. Even in this kind of situation, it is normal. There is nothing wrong with these individuals.”

Professor Lee continued: “Pareidolia is different from paranoia or delusion or abnormal vision of individuals with psychosis. In fact, a recent study shows that those people with pareidolia tend to be more creative. Also, people who are religious may be able to see religious icons in non face objects as well."

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Lucille Varner
I miss my doggo...
Meg Curry
My favorite song is "Some Nights" by fun. That song got me through some tough times in my life. When our first cat passed away at 20, I went to pick up his ashes and asked the universe for a sign he was okay. I turned on the radio and it played "Some Nights". This was four years after the song came out so it wasn't as popular. Then when my second cat died, it DESTROYED me. She was my confidante and closest friend. I wanted her ashes to come home right away so I set my alarm for when the vet office opened. I slept through the alarm and woke up a few hours later. I rushed over, picked up her ashes and had a full on sobbing fest in my car. As I turned on my car, "Some Nights" came on and I clutched her urn, crying more, but I knew she was okay. I know that sounds pathetic but I loved those cats.
I am so sorry for your loss. It's like losing a close family member. Our dogs are family.
Felicia Dale
I didn't ask for a sign when my family and I were transporting our little parrot's body for burial on a friend's organic farm, but when I looked at the sky I saw his face, in full color and a thousand times life size, superimposed over the blue and the clouds. He was smiling (yes, birds smile) and calm and contented, free of pain and illness. Much, much later, he sent us feathers when we needed them and in the most ridiculously unlikely places: in the fuse box of our van (under the steering wheel and never before opened), in a much washed plastic container, and in my freaking wallet. All these feathers were fresh and beautiful as though he'd just shed them. We will never have another bird as the one was The One. To all of you mourning your beloved companions, all my sympathies and wishes for any comfort that helps you. <3
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
The onion ninjas are out in full force this morning. Pets are constant companions through good times and bad.
fro_st puppy
i lost my cat pikachu not long ago actually. but sometimes i think i hear her meowing upstairs. she used to be such a loud cat with the biggest voice even though she was small.
Sue Knerl
When I had to have my pony Chester put down, after he was buried I was standing over his grave and heard wild neighing coming from the sky. Ronan his buddy, was welcoming him home.
It's hard to losing your family member, but see it your pet is in the sky heaven/rainbow bridge that is gonna be a happy cry. So every time when you look up to the sky and you know that they are happy wherever they are. And I like to believes that!
Cecilia Cheung
Our golden retriever quite literally was my only way out of hell every single day for almost 14 years, what with dealing with cancer, bullying, etc. When she passed away it felt like my heart was torn to pieces. That same night when I was trying to sleep, I felt someone give me a bear hug...then I knew she was ok. It's been 12 years, I still miss her like heck
Linda Bell
When my Mickey passed I was sitting outside in my tiny yard and I whispered, "Please give me a sign that you are all right." Suddenly a gust of wind blew all around me...and it wasn't a windy day.
Sara Diogo
When my first cat died me and my mom heard her meowing in my parents' house. From that day I believe in these signs.
Your Mother
I have a rabbit and she had babies. She did not want them, and abandoned them, luckily we found them and saved 4, which then turned into one. We put all the love we could into the last one but it passed away, it was 8 days old ? RIP x
John L
They are our Four Legged Children, and love goes both ways with us. My Charlie is going on 11, and I worry about his well-being constantly.
chrissy goodman
i lost my dog brandy 3 years ago he was my best friend and always did wat he could to make sure i was never alone or upset. he got cancer in his nose and had it for 2 two before he died. i did see any sign after he died i think he knew the cancer would kill him when he got it so he took me for a walk that changed my life forever. that walk is how i met my fiance and to make things crazier he has a dog named brandy and his birthday is the same as my dog. my best friend knew somehow and made sure id never b alone again before he died. i think he let go after 2 years of me and my fiance together cuz he knew he did good a year later my fiance proposed he was 17 wen he died
Samir Sultan
my dog died two or three years ago, he was a labrador, good to know he is in a better place
Tory Knotts
For a few weeks after losing both my 9 year old German Shepard and my 16 year old maincoon cat to cancers within a week of each other we would see them around the house briefly. They still visit 2 years later, and without fail we see them a week apart. RIP Storm August 21 2009- August 21 2018 and Alexander January 3 2002- August 28 2018
Mark CM
This is why religions are still alive. Overactive and self deluding imaginations. The average human has always been and always will be "Not the sharpest pencil in the box".
Eulalie Grace
Seen signs many times myself. Clouds. Feathers. Songs. From our cats, and from family members. We never really die, and we'll see each other again ?
Barbara Baldwin
"Her" death...thought this was proof of life after death..
Liza San
The strangest thing happened after my dog died from necrotizing encephalitis. Her last night w/me, she was breathing hard. I put her on my pillows, w a blanket- she was content. I talked to her and said how I wished she could talk to me just once, that I knew she was tired and if it was time to go, she could go. The next day, I had to put her to sleep -> her seizures wouldn't stop. I brought her to the vet and I signed the papers for euthanasia in absolute tears. I told her I was sorry for her illness, that I had to do this & hoped she understood. I held her in tears when she passed. I signed to donate her tissues, blood, brain for research as no cure for her disease. That night, a dream interrupted my dream. All white, the most vivid colors in a field. I heard a man say, "go ahead.." and she popped up in front of me, smiling, biggest wings, beautiful, no longer sick. I could hear her as she spoke to me w her heart. The heavens grants wishes..miracles. I believe. I miss her.
Lance d'Boyle
"Woman Sees ‘Her Dog’ In The Sky A Few Hours After Her Death". 'Her dog' refers to the woman's dog so 'Her Death' refers to the woman's death. I think you buried the lead here. It should be 'Dead Woman Comes Back to Life Hours Later and Sees Her Dog in the Sky'
Lianna Valdez
My baby Pibble passed away last Saturday she was 12. My sign was a picture flew off the wall out of nowhere. The screw still in the wall and picture hanger intact. The picture belonged to my mom and my baby loved her So. I think they found each other.
... actually, all the clouds looking like him, like her ... need a lot of imagination. It isn't actually healthy or mature or something to "know" they're in "a better place", based on a cloud's shape - and if it was a better place at all, there wouldn't be anything sad about them being there. Love them while they live. Love them more than any humans, because they deserve being loved, but ... man, can I have a break of the supernatural nonsense, offensively crawling everywhere and anywhere? Why is there a need to spoil a perfectly loving relationship with interpreting more and more into something that reminds one of the lost loved pet, can't it just remind their humans of them and ... and that's it?
I honestly to this day believe that on 9/11 last year when we came home and found Sasha our calico dead that as me and my younger sister were walking our three dogs that I saw a cat shaped cloud. I knew the moment we left home that would have departed from this world and onto the next one. I knew the moment we set foot into the house and not one dog bark or meow from our other cats she was gone. They all sat on the bed beside her. Maybe they knew what was going to happen and wanted to be with her for her last moments
Emily Barnes
When my two cats passed, I would find pennies in the most random places
Sue Knerl
My mom also sends me rabbit clouds as she loved rabbits and had had several as pets.
Pam Olson
These are all so beautiful.
Vicky Stardust
I'm not crying, you're crying. ?
a dose of reality
This comment has been deleted.
Bettye McKee
Two of my cats came back after they died. Each time I felt the cat jump up on the bed, and I knew immediately what it was. One of them walked down to the foot, circled around my feet and came back up the other side, just like he always did. He would not walk across you. So I got to tell them goodbye.
Jenna Bois
That lady's dog looks exactly like my dog Molly who passed in 2011 at the age of 15. I miss my girl.
Leo H
I have a better story.. my dog titus died after 14 yr. But came back to me one last time in a dream. I opened the front door and there he stood( young,healthy,vibrant). How i wondered? I tend to be self aware in my dreams. But i didnt care....some how i had my dog back I reached down and hugged titus so hard. I could feel his warmth. It was him. The dream abruptly ended when Titus jumped out of my arms and headed to the back door.( he's buried in the backyatd) I felt like titus crossed some barriers and actually came home one last time.i felt it was his way of saying dont cry. He is well and has no pain. It gave me a great reassurance of an afterlife. A place where i am well and have no pain. Someday we will meet friend the might titus pullo..super westie
Rissy cake
I believe in signs myself. I lost my cat melody almost 2 years ago cause of cancer. I feel like I got a sign she met my cat stormy I lost in 2007. I was wondering if she met her and I looked up new outfits on this game and the name is called stormy melody!! And I was browsing on my cell without looking while watching a show I looked down saw a rainbow blur tutorial and artist name has melody and a bonus her real name has cat. It has to be a sign. Saw blue orbs twice it was fascinating what I saw
T Simmons
What a load of cods wallop.
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