interview with professional
As Devastating Fires Are Raging In Australia, Here Are 24 Pics Of Animals Being Saved (Interview With Professional)
We can say with some certainty that Australia is full of heroes who don’t hesitate to rescue animals in distress. It’s time to meet some of them.
As Devastating Fires Are Raging In Australia, Here Are 24 Pics Of Animals Being Saved (Interview With Professional)
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We’ve done our best to cover the Australian bushfires and to raise awareness about this unprecedented disaster. And the thing that struck us most was just how much this horrible situation brought out the very best in some people. We can say with some certainty that Australia is full of heroes who don’t hesitate to rescue animals in distress. It’s time to meet some of them.

Scroll down, upvote the stories that inspired you, and remember to share this post with your friends. When you’ve finished this article, have a read through Bored Panda’s previous posts about teens who drive around saving koalas, a dog that rescues koalas, and a dog that saved a flock of sheep from fire.

In case you want to support the Australian people, here are some recovery efforts and disaster relief organizations that you can donate to: the Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society, and the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund. If you know of any other similar charities, please share some info about them in the comments.

Bored Panda reached out to Demi, who goes by the pseudonym CarbonChic online, about the wraps she made for the baby orphan bats of the Aussie bushfires. "There are a lot of confused, injured and scared animals in Australia right now. Even more dead ones. And fire is one of those things that is really hard to control when it escalates to this level."

"I’m not someone who can be on the front line fighting fires but I felt like I still needed to do something. Not just donate money, but put my back into it, make something that would directly affect an animal, and not have anything skimmed off the top or have some kind of uncertainty as to where it’s going," Demi said. "The things I make are going directly toward helping the more helpless victims of the bushfire."

Demi said that she livestreams on Twitch and it took her an entire stream to get the bat wraps done. "About 6 hours for 18. I made 21 joey pouches in today’s stream. In total, I’ve also raised about $300 during these streams, too for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild, which feels like a pittance compared to celebrities like Celeste Barber but every little bit counts."

"I’m lucky to be living in the heart of Brisbane, so we are safe. The worst I’ve gotten is a few asthmatic symptoms from the smoke in the air, which comes and goes depending on where the fires are," Demi said. "Everyone is pretty nervous still about the continued destruction, it just looks like it’s never-ending! I am really sad about the loss of life and will continue making pouches and wraps until my supplies run out."

We’re seeing people helping their neighbors and the local wildlife left and right in Australia. It’s a true testament to bravery that they’re putting the safety of animals above their own.

For example, the staff working at the Mogo Zoo in New South Wales protected all of their 200 animals from danger. The team set a very precise plan into motion. First of all, they removed everything flammable from the area. Secondly, they’d prepared hundreds of thousands of liters of water in advance. Thirdly, they relocated the larger animals to night enclosures. Zoo director Chad Staples, who called the situation “apocalyptic” and compared it to “Armageddon,” opened up his home to some of the smaller animals.

"Right now in my house there's animals of all descriptions in all the different rooms,” Staples told the media. Meanwhile one of the zookeepers even took a tiger home with them (temporarily, of course).

There’s also a place for laughter in the darkest of times (maybe even especially during them). Firefighters with the Urunga Rural Fire Service in New South Wales saved Paul Sekfy’s home from the blaze and left him a wholesome note: “It was our pleasure to save your house... P.S.— we owe you some milk.”

That’s right. The people who risked their lives to battle the elements apologized for drinking the man’s milk. Kale Hardie-Porter, who left the note, later had this to say to Sekfy: “I'm happy to know my note got to you in one piece! We took refuge in your house and that's when we discovered the fridge. It was our pleasure to do a little good in such horrendous conditions.”

Dear Pandas, if you’re currently in Australia, stay safe. And let us know in the comments how you, your friends, family, and neighbors are helping each other and the local wildlife out.

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Carol Emory
Thanks to all the volunteers, first responders and brave citizens that are trying to save as much of Australia as they can. Prayers to all!
Elaine Dodge
Can't stop crying.
Liz Karsa
Their entire habitats are gone meaning that once the fires are out these animals will have nowhere to live. So fucking tragic.
Louis Holler
Bot and troll accounts are involved in a “disinformation campaign” exaggerating the role of arson in Australia’s bushfire disaster, social media analysis suggests. The false claims are, in some cases, used to undermine the link between the current bushfires and the longer, more intense fire seasons brought about by climate change.
Louis Holler
Victoria police say there is no evidence any of the devastating bushfires in the state were caused by arson, contrary to the spread of global disinformation exaggerating arsonist arrests during the current crisis.
This is so nice. While I'm sad for all the people dying as well, animals are a little more helpless than we are so I naturally sympathize with them more because they dont have the tools we have
BP is indeed raising awareness, however, so far (I may just be blind) I've not seen anything mentioning where we can donate if we wish to. Here is a link that mentions various charities you can donate to to help with the crisis:
the whole situation in australia is just heartbreaking!!!!
Ola Polowczyk
I read today about over 180 people arrested for arson. My mind cannot process it. WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER you have to be to do something like that????!!!!! Those people should be fined with all their money. They should pay so much that they would have to become homeless and beggars. And they should be put first to help the firefighters. Or simply left there in the burning bush. Just to know how much the animals and people suffer. So far I was sad and devastated. And now I'm also angry.
I am so angry right now. This beautiful planet is going to pot due to Man's greed and selfishness, and nothing else. People should wake up and realise this is our only home. This is the only planet in the universe with Koalas, rhinos and toucans. Our planet is special and unique and deserves better than Mankind. If everybody just practiced "kindness" towards nature and others, the world would not have problems like hunger, pollution, and general suffering. We CAN do better. We SHOULD DO BETTER. ???
Martie Anspach
I know that these are wild animals and not all fuzz and cuddles, but they are amazingly docile and grateful to their rescuers.
Lola DM
BP, could we now please have the pics of people rescuing non-mammal species? All species are important for biodiversity, not only the cute ones.
Little One
My heart literally hurts looking at these pics
Louis Holler
Jovy Jergens
These courageous and compassionate people are all heroes and saints in my book! Incredibly heartwarming photos.
Oksana Sobishchanska
Denise Broadhead
To all those talking about the umber of arrests. Read this. Excerpt from link below - The figure included statistics from some states covering the entirety of 2019, rather than just the current bushfire season, which began in September. In Victoria, 43 alleged arsonists were counted among the 183 arrested “in the past few months” and “since the start of the bushfire season”. That Victorian figure was, in fact, the figure for the year ending September 2019, meaning it had no relation to the current bushfire season.
Victoria Golding Please help the groups listed by state who are helping the animals suffering
Irene Walton
this is the saddest part, the God for all the firefighters, volunteers and people helping them
Kari Martinez
My heart goes out to everyone, human and animal, and I pray that God will forever bless this country. A HUGE thank you to all the people who have, and are still, helped/helping. I have a bit more faith in humanity now.
I did that once and then set it free after the fire
angel love
I wish I could help, but I'm living in Belgium and I've chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and spasmofilia. If I could I really would
angel love
Can't stop crying too
angel love
You're all wonderful lovely people who try to save the creatures
Karen Morana
The people that started the fires are they the same abusive people that wanted to kill enormous amounts of animals last year. (Cull)they said. Just asking. What was their reason for starting fires according to News.
Globe Reps
Those fires are not natural. Investigate and death penalty who has caused them
Kim Kermes
Everyone who helped animals should get a Steve Irwin medal, which can be added to the firefighters medal, which should have a V for the volunteers. A medal for the truckies bringing feed and supplies, they should design it. A medal for everyone who helped their friends, neighbors, and complete strangers, perhaps A True Aussie award. Survivors citations for everyone who had to go through all this and only stand and wait.
What about snakes and spiders
Shirley Armatis
I am going to pass this post around on twitter with the hope that more people will come and help you .I never see something so terrible I am happy that these caring people are helping these poor animals from the US we are all praying for you.
Anne Direct donation link to Macquarie Koala hospital!
Biljana Malesevic
Can this ever be repaired? At least partially? Is there a way to save this continent?
This is so horrible! My heart is breaking every time I see posts and news about this! I hope we humans can fight it, because in moments like this we see how helpless we are against nature. I live in the other side of the world, in South East Europe, an here such fires are very rare. But our Aussie friends have our support - its not much, but me and my friends donated small amounts to NSW Rural Fire Service. It's the least we can do.
Thank you everybody who is saving animals. If I were there I would help. Thank you for doing this. ??
You share a piece of awesome information…
Crochet lady
So many heroes. So much heartache.
Jessica Aisquith
It's amazing how these animals are allowing humans to help them.
Debbie Knight
Massive respect to ALL of the volunteer firefighters and for helping the poor innocent animals... THANK YOU ❤️
Melissa Spencer
This is all so brutal. So much life lost. Also, think of the animals that aren't making the news. All those snakes and spiders. I am terrified of spiders, but want to cry that even they are burning alive in their homes. So many species, whether mammal, reptile, or insect, that may never come back from this.
Aussies does anyone know if there is a drop off centre for medical supplies for animals?
India Frost
I read yesterday that an average 10,000 camels will be culled because they are drinking too much water and Australia is low on water resources. It's all just terrible
Felicia Dale
"There have been 24 people charged with deliberately setting fires among 183 facing legal action in the state, according to the New South Wales Police Force. In addition to those facing the most serious charges of starting fires intentionally, authorities said another 53 people are facing legal action for not complying with the state's fire ban and 47 people have faced legal action for discarding a lit cigarette or match on land."
Brett Connor
This is heart breaking and sad. But when this has settled down and the regrowth process begins a new generation of life will unfold. A complete new Eco system will evolve from this. And may we hope that the Ausies will also garner a deeper appreciation for the landscape they inhabit and are responsible to protect. As for the Arsonist's who started all these fires. Karma has a special place for these deranged life forms.
Tyler Duffy
Please acknowledge that this is Terrorism. Over 180 people have been arrested for arson. Why is everyone including the media ignoring this fact. It is the story.
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