“And Then I Got Fired”: 30 People Share How They Got Fired (Interview)
Getting fired is hardly an enjoyable moment. And unemployment is no joke. But some of the reasons that people got fired are completely dumb and unfair!
“And Then I Got Fired”: 30 People Share How They Got Fired (Interview)
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Getting fired is hardly an enjoyable moment. And unemployment is no joke. But some of the reasons that people got fired are completely dumb and unfair!

When Hashtag Roundup asked people to share the weirdest ‘and then I got fired moments,’ they delivered. We invite you to scroll down, upvote the #andthenIwasfired stories that left you speechless, and share if you’ve been through something similar in the comments, dear Pandas. If you do find yourself getting fired for throwing out your boss’ coat like some of these people, it’s essential to realize that even though losing your job is stressful, you will be able to find work again. But there are steps that you need to take in the meantime.

Bored Panda reached out to Dr. Eddy Ng, the James and Elizabeth Freeman Professor of Management at Bucknell University, and spoke with him about what to do if you finally find yourself without a job. Scroll down for our interview with him, as well as for our chat with Jeff Dwoskin who runs the Hashtag Roundup community together with his wife, Robyn.

Dr. Ng said that more and more people are tweeting about being let go involuntarily because of the hardships created by the pandemic. "If you are fired, ask for the reason why you are let go. If it's wrongful dismissal, you may have recourse based on employment law. Tweeting about this in public may win you some public sympathy but it may not be helpful," he gave some advice on what (not) to do if you do lose your job.

"If you were involuntarily let go through no fault of your own, ask your employer about other possible opportunities. Build a community to help you find work—professional and social networks, family, former colleagues and headhunters or placement services," the professor said.

He added that word about people losing their jobs gets out, so you might want to think about controlling the narrative on why you got fired. That way, you can steer clear of any inaccuracies or rumors. "Depending on where you are, your former employer may disclose this fact, and the reasons why you have been let go. You may wish to discuss this with your former employer. Hence, maintaining a cordial relationship may be advantageous to you," he said.

Meanwhile, Jeff, who has been running the Hashtag Roundup community for 5 years, told us that Hashtag Roundup constantly run tags throughout the day, hoping to bring a bit of joy to people's lives. "We strive to make Twitter a fun place to be. That entails coming up with ideas for hashtags that resonate with people either currently or at some point in their lives."

Jeff added that it's not uncommon for their hashtags to have thousands or even tens of thousands of responses and reach millions of people. You can check out the Hashtag Roundup app right here.

The Balance Careers expert blog that focuses on career advice explains how you should do your best to not beat yourself up after losing your job. You should also avoid making the situation worse by getting into heated arguments with your superiors. Feeling angry is natural; spreading that anger to everyone around you is not. Instead—try to focus on the future.

That includes finding out from your (former) employer about severance pay, benefits, unemployment, and references. Even if it’s unpleasant dealing with someone who just dropped a bomb on your life, it’s vital that you get that information so that you can move forward. You need to know when you’ll receive your final paycheck. And you want to make sure whether the references you might get will be neutral. Knowledge is power, after all.

Meanwhile, the Ladders website has some further career advice. It’s best to make something good of a bad situation, so look at losing your job as an opportunity to move on to bigger and better things. Since you’ll have some downtime, try out a bunch of different activities while you’re sending out resumes: give volunteering and freelancing a try and consider signing up for some classes to improve yourself.

While losing your job can seem like the end of the world, it doesn’t have to be when you face the challenge head-on and have a plan of action.

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Rose the Cook
I have only been fired once when I refused to lie for the company about an accident in which a staff member was injured. All staff were ussued written instructions of what to say to investigators, even in their native language if their English was poor.
Tory Knotts
I'm bothered by the poor soul who was fired because she needed to leave early to see a therapist for her mental health. Anyone who has documented ADHD, Autism,bipolar disorder and others is protected by the ADA ( American's with disabilities act). So they fired her illegally.
This is hardly a series about layoffs but rather about the lack of labour laws in the US, and about unhealthy labour ethics. In most of these cases, in a European country you would go to labour could and be reinstated or get 2-3 months of salary as indemnity.
I got fired for not coming in to work when the person covering my shift called out sick. I was 3 states away on my honeymoon and the person who fired me had been at my wedding.
Pretty much every single one of these is totally illegal where I live, and if an employer even attempted it they would be in deep shit.
jknbt jknbt
I hired in as a contractor to service industrial analyzers in a major refinery. The crew boss did not like me and got rid of me after only 10 days. I found out that I was number 32 of the men he had gotten rid of in the last six years (long term turnover problem). The Company president & HR did not have the management expertise or wisdom to recognize that this man was practicing the worst form of Compensation. He could not feel like a big man unless he was firing someone, ruining their reputation, and spoiling their career. He had been punishing the world for his shortcomings all his life, especially since he took on the job managing that crew at the refinery. And yes, he was short in the pants.... I complained in writing & in person defending my work based on the close notes I took of dozens of assignments. The client let him stay in the plant, but all supervisory responsibilities were taken away. The president, v.p., and HR manager were fired eventually, good riddance, jerks
Monika Soffronow
The Komodo dragon had me laughing, but as I realized that at least some people took it as face value it had me alarmed. Critical Thinking is a total MUST.
K Witmer
I was fired bc old women steal apparently he was only 10 yrs younger than me. All the older women were fired bc he thought this. He only hired teen boys. We sued he was a pedophile
Tammie Braggs
My new director's husband worked at my previous school district. Apparently he was having an affair with a colleague who was also a Naomi Campbell look-a-like. My director knew who the woman was, but gave me hell because, wait for it, I reminded her of her husband's mistress (I'm more Vivica Fox than Naomi Campbell). It took five years but Ms. "PinEVIL" was consistent in her devil's work #theniwasfired
I got fired once because I refused to do my colleagues work as well as my own
I drew a picture of our crew leader on a chalkboard in an office that was turned into a storage room. It was not too flattering as I am a lousy artist. He was a not-too-bright boss's son. I got a call later at home saying my services were no longer needed at the company. I was not worried. It was the mid-1980s and the job market in San Francisco was flourishing.
Meyer Weinstock
As the dean, I went beyond anyone's expectations at the college, negotiating contracts across the state, revising the entire structure in my half of the school, and bringing top-notch faculty from big-name universities for our little technical community college. After 7 months, on the day after I had inked the contracts to create our first sports teams...the president fired me. No cause was given (and none was required by law in that state). After 34 years in the classroom, library, and office, I have yet to return to education. {Advice accepted below.} -Rev Dr M, retired professor
Sue Prewitt
Worked at Denny's. Saw a busboy pocket my tip off a table. When I asked him what he did with it, he threw a fit and I was fired for my attitude. - It was discovered later that that busboy was the manager's drug dealer.
Gipsy Kings fan
I worked for 3 1/2 years for a nonprofit mental health peer support organization. We were all mental health clients, so the organization was supposed to be compassionate and understanding. In 2006, I won their highest award for dedication and advocacy. Later that year, they moved to an office so far from my home that I had to commute 4 hours a day on buses. I came down with a rare form of pneumonia and had to be out on sick leave longer than the 16-week Family and Medical Leave Act (U.S.) period of time. Promptly after the 16 weeks was up, I got a form letter informing me that I was terminated. This would not have happened if my former boss was still in charge – he had passed away by that time. I was not the only casualty of this organization. After I left, one of my former colleagues, a vigorous and cheerful man in his 50s, suffered five strokes because of intolerable pressure inflicted on him by the new boss.
John Laurens/Gay Turtle
After having rotator cuff surgery, I had a form for my doctor to fill out saying I could take time off work to recover. Doctor didn't fill it out. Then I got fired.
These make me sick! Don't you have unfair dismissal laws in the US? An employer could be fined up to $70,000 or 6 months pay here!
deanna woods
I got fired over the phone and the reason the boss gave me was because he wanted someone more qualified. Mind you, this is a convenience store and I had only been working for two months. One day, I was the only one doing any work.
Anagram margana
Including all but ONE of the entries on this topic (30 out of 31), then not-so-subtly indicating the 31st came in dead last among “user votes,” is — if not a fireable offense, worth at least a stern talking-to, followed by a course on “How to Make Non-Stupid Decisions.”
Michelle Clark
I refused to work seven days a week then it was, "Sorry, I don't have work for you for a while". Left anyway because it was a crappy place to work.
Ojberretta Berretta
boss:you know this virus and the shutdown...... me:aw man i knew it...its ok found a new job after 4 months unemployment tho
Martha Riche
Many commenters on the posts and here are talking about employee's rights in the U.S. compared to other countries. Employee rights are extremely variable in the U.S. depending on the state. Some states are "Right to Work", meaning one doesn't have to be a union member to do certain jobs, as in building construction, auto manufacturing, etc. Other states have specific laws regarding firing an employee that clearly make the company have to prove a legitimate reason for the firing, while some have an "at will" law in place that gives all power to the company. And there are a bunch of laws that protect small businesses & family owned businesses, so those can get away with all kinds of nasty actions! One family business I worked for hired me as an administrative assistant on a 90 day probationary period, promised a raise & 100% benefit package, then one week before the 90 days was up, told me I was just 'not a good fit' & fired me.
I was fired under suspicion of theft as a dog walker. Absolutely no proof on the video.
Pauline Bennett
When I was a a teenager I worked in a cafeteria in a factory back then it was only men working there. Back then the pop was kept in one of those cold water refrigeration system and you needed to open the con with a church key opener. I was at cash with my back to the cooler, this guy proceeded to shake an open the can an aimed it at my back. You can imagine the results. I promptly turned from the cash register opened a can of grape pop walked to where the funny man was sitting and said you did not get a full can and i dumped the one I had over his head. I knew I'd be fired he was head of the union so I took my uniform off and walked never to return again.
Do Americans actually have ANY workplace rights??? Why do people there keep voting for governments that won't force employers to offer them even basic employee rights? Most of these reasons for firing someone would be illegal in pretty much any European country. I find it really strange people tolerate such dreadful treatment in America!
I worked for a company that cared for people with disabilities. There were various different houses and employees consistently worked in specific ones. If they needed you in a different house, lead staff was supposed to tell you about it in advance. A new schedule came out and I checked the houses where I typically worked and wrote down my shifts. Later in the week I get a phone call from a very pissed off lead staff who I don't even know for a house I've never worked. 'It's a quarter after. Where the hell are you?' Um... at home watching TV? Got wrote up for that one, which was nice. This same company put me in a behavior house, alone, with potentially violent people when I was pregnant. I spent most of a shift locked in a bathroom with one of the residents banging on the door screaming that he was 'going to f*cking kill me.' I was 2 weeks from my due date. No joke. It felt SO good to quit that one. So good.
I've been fired once. I was at a job for years (motel desk clerk) and after new management took over they took over the overnight shift (so I lost my apartment onsite first) then one morning I get a call from my mom who got a call from another motel manager who had an irate guest in the middle of the night. And then a call from the morning desk clerk who had the same irate man back wanting the owners info. Googled and gave her owners info. Annoyed because the managers didn't respond when she called them but they were able to watch on the security cameras what she was dealing with. Owner was scheduled to show up that evening. I get to work and get fired because of bull shit reasons. I was fired because I was a threat to the managers.
Olivia Agave
I didn't magically make the scanner that had been broken for six months scan flawless pictures in less than a week. I was an admin assistant, not a techie.
Juliet Dillon
Unfortunately, correlation ≠ causation. If you read between the lines, a lot of these people were actually fired for being disrespectful, unprofessional, or lazy at work, not for one little irrelevant thing they did.
Beh Pnkt
And that kids, is why you better not live in a shitshow country like the US, where you can get fired for no reason... Long live socialism!
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