Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor's Pit Bull, Until He Saved Her When She Was In Trouble
Pit bulls don’t get a lot of love from people because of their ferocious reputation. However, not all pit bulls are bad; some of them are true heroes.
Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor's Pit Bull, Until He Saved Her When She Was In Trouble
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Pit bulls don’t get a lot of love from people because of their ferocious reputation. However, not all pit bulls are bad; some of them are true heroes.

Arjanit Mehana from Sweden owns a warm and friendly pit bull named Simba. However, Simba frightens some people, including Arjanit’s elderly neighbor who really doesn’t like the pit bull. Or rather, she didn’t like the dog, but has now completely changed her attitude after the hero dog saved her life.

Bored Panda spoke to Arjanit to learn more about Simba, how people have reacted to the dog’s heroic deed, and what people’s perceptions of pit bulls are.

“I have had Simba since he was 8 weeks old. Now he is 4 years old and is a happy little guy,” Simba’s owner explained and went into detail about what the dog loves to do. “He loves to eat Dentastix and of course what's on my plate. In the summer, swimming is one of the biggest favorites. Like running in the woods and playing with his dog buddies.”

The neighbor lives one floor below Arjanit and one day, when he and his dog were coming back home, Simba started barking and ran to the neighbor’s door. From inside the apartment, the pair heard the neighbor’s calls for help: she had collapsed on the floor and broken her hip. So Arjanit called the ambulance which took her to the hospital. If it wasn’t for Simba, the neighbor most likely wouldn’t have been found for a long time.

Arjanit told Bored Panda that he had no idea that the story about his doggo saving his neighbor would go viral. He said he only wanted to share some positive feedback about pit bulls with the world.

“People from different parts of the world have written and shared positive feedback,” he said.

According to Arjanit, he talked to one of his neighbor’s relatives and they said that she has been operated on and is now in recovery. He also confirmed to Bored Panda that his neighbor’s views about pit bulls have completely changed.

What’s more, Arjanit shared his views that it’s usually the owner, not the dog, who is at fault if the canine acts aggressively. “A labrador or a shepherd can be aggressive or kind and friendly as family dogs as any dog.”

“It is not the dog breed that is the problem, but usually the one holding the leash. Give pit bulls a fair chance,” Arjanit suggested.

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All these people that say pitbulls aren't dangerous have never been subjected to the 200 mph pitty tail wag against a shin or the you-will-pet-me-and-will-not-stop-until-I-say-so head bumps into your thigh. Or, and this is the worst and the most dangerous...the non-stop cuddles and licks. OMG! SO MANY KISSES! SO DANGEROUS!!!!!!
Laugh Fan
Wonderful, good boy! Lots of dentastix for you Simba!
I miss my little girl, Maybellene. She was sweet and happy and never met a stranger, only long lost friends she'd never met before. She had a heart of gold and a head of concrete.
Janine B.
"However, not all pit bulls are bad.." Please BP, no dog is bad. It's us that make dogs become dangerous.
"The pit bull’s owner believes that dog’s are a reflection of their owner" That's it. A dog reacts on the energy of it's owner. Either if it's good energy or bad energy. If you give good, strong and positive energy to your dog, and know how to lead, every dog will be a good dog. Dogs have a very good sense for that and they will react on what you give to them. If you give them only bad and negative energy, you can't expect it to be a good boy (or girl). And that goes for literally any dog, no matter which breed they are.
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
Simba truly has the heart of a lion. It is sad that many of us are taught to fear dogs like pitbulls as we hear stories about their less than stellar reputations. For many people, pitbulls are intrinsically linked to fighting and aggression, which is sadly something that they are taught by some very cruel people who want to exploit the dog’s natural inclination to protect. These behaviours are taught- any sock person who exploits an animal (dog fighting, training them as attack animals, etc.) should be the one to be feared and reviled. However, I’m happy to hear that there are more and more ambassadors for these dogs that make the effort to educate people about how these dogs can make truly loving, kind, loyal and often goofy pets! Do they require training and patience- of course. I really hope to see more education from vets, rescue groups, and dog owners regarding pitbulls in order to help break the stigma surrounding them.
All the cuddles and treats for goob doggo Simba!
Carol Emory
I worked at a groomers for a year. Pitts were well liked there. And people that say they're vicious and dangerous never had one cower away from you because they didn't want their nails trimmed. I had one that licked my face constantly while I trimmed his nails. I think he thought if he was nice to me, I'd cut him a break. He still got his nails trimmed and a treat from his mom. I love pitts and would love to have one myself. Our most vicious dogs in grooming were actually poodles and aussies.
I had an acquaintance who had an 8 month old pit bull she kept locked in a crate all the time. I lived in an apartment and couldn't have a dog, so I asked her if I could walk the puppy every day. She agreed and we went for our first walk. The puppy, Gizmo, was so excited and bouncy but very sweet. We walked through a nearby park and a bunch of kids saw her and yelled, "puppy!" They came running at her and I prepared for what I thought was about to be a bad situation. I didn't need to worry though, because Gizmo stood perfectly still except her wagging tail and let those kids straight up maul her. I have never met a more considerate puppy. Then there was the old farmer's dog at the vet clinic where I worked. He came in and asked if we would go out to the truck and vaccinate his lab, because he didn't want to bring him inside. He was elderly and labs can be rambunctious so we said sure. That dog slammed into the window barking and snarling with his hackles up. ANY breed can be 'viscous.'
Sergio Bicerra Descalzi
I would have loved a photo of Simba and his new bf
While they have tendencies, all dogs are in the end product of upbringing, or at least I'm a firm believer of that.
I only know one pitbull and he's very sweet. It's funny; in my entire life I've only been bit by one dog and he was a small white dog. I used to work at a pet supplies store so I've had a lot of experience with dogs. I guess it's just like people, appearances can be deceiving! But I also think that you can't accuse certain breeds of being aggressive as a whole. In my opinion it all has to do with how they've been raised and loved.
Please tell me that's a stock photo and not one of his actual neighbor on the floor...
Liz Greer
I have raised many different types of breeds and I've owned two pit bulls they are the loves of my life of the dogs I've raised and I can tell you for certain that they are the most loving caring wonderful dogs ever and I would never ever get any other dog other than a moving forward they are truly a lovable gracious dog hats off to you and your dog Simba what a beautiful story.
Amber Cook
My sister has a pit-mastiff bread and even though he looks like a pittie on steroids, he's a big lope of a dog who's a goofball. He lives to give my fat little pig kisses. We also had another smaller pit join the family when my son adopted one. She's now almost 3, and has adhd like crazy, and because her previous owner didn't pay enough attention to her my son is working through her issues when left alone for a little bit. It slowly and surely she's getting much better and is just a complete love bug. It's not ever the bread of the dog, it's how the owner raises and teaches them.
Tammy Ralph
It's such a true saying, that dog’s are a reflection of their owner.
Valerica Rosca
Simba is so so so adorable
Panda Panda
Not all pits are like Simba. A great many have been mistreated and ruined by awful people. That's important to know, because these magnificent animals can (like many things) be warped and twisted into tools of destruction as well. Know both sides - .
Scott M
I think PBs mostly get a bad rap because a lot of folks get them from shelters, and the shelters just don't know anything about their past and make mistakes homing them with folks who aren't very good at identifying problematic situations. Dogs definitely are affected by something similar to PTSD and it doesn't matter if they're in a loving home if they still have a latent trigger that can set them into a panic. I'm not saying they are unadoptable, but a lot of shelters don't have the time or resources to properly screen their dogs, regardless of breed, for any but the most obvious behavioral challenges. A lot of dogs with unknown histories just aren't a good fit for families with younger children or for novice dog owners, and unfortunately, many dogs have been treated horrifically and then are abandoned.
John Jobson
Way to go Simba, good boy. Dogs are awesome, unfortunately some owners are not. Don't blame the breed. This puppy clearly has a good friend and now a new friend.
That is a beautiful dog. They are they sweetest breed. So lovable and great around children. It's all on how you raise them. That's with ANY type of dog.
Kate Kyffin
Lovely story, Simba must be such a happy dog to have done this. Good one you Arjanit and Simba is great reflection on you.
My dog walker doesn't take A-class dogs, otherwise I'd have a pibble too :)
Christy Smith
Look at that face, I bet his a goofball, I want to kiss his 'little' head. That is one good looking pupper!
Baby Clanger
Just like people we should never pre judge by appearances. Pit bulls have a bad rap, and the media is always ready to print the bad stuff about dogs no matter there breed.
Santino Marazzo
I had a pitbull and he was so wonderful. He loved people and other dogs. Bo was 125lbs of love. Never, never did he show signs of aggression. It is not the dog people. It is the owners/owner..
I LOOOOOVE Pitties. They are very adorable and sweet, and funny.
Every time I see a pitbull I always go over and ask for a pat. Some owners are surprised a little, especially the tougher looking types but I tell them it’s not only because I love pibbles, but to show others they’re not dangerous at all :)
Dorothy Parker
I wish there was something from the neighbor about her changed feelings about the pup.
Zoe McMahon
I agree it's the owners what makes the dog I've had bull terriers for 30yrs they are best dogs and makes best friends loyal and faithful I can go on????♥️
The sweetest dog I've ever met was a huge pittie named Petunia.
Vex Boxx
They're good dogs, Brent!
Tina Hugh
Great story. Very panda:-)
Cindy Snow
You really shouldn't try to shame people for being scared of dogs or p it bulls. Would you shame them for being scared of clowns? Also the dog didn't really save her he just heard her when humans couldnt. Look I don't hate all put bulls and I'm glad the dog helped in this case but there are plenty of people who are nervous/ not a fan of dogs and that's ok. Downside of you like, I'm still scared of big dogs and probably always will be. It doesn't make me a bad person.
Ojberretta Berretta
ofc people gonna say its the owner not the dog if a dog the end we all know pitbulls are more likely to go crazy the most docile best trained pitvull with awards all what he needs its to make it click inside hes head and he becomes a vicious murderous beast within seconds i seen itmyself my neighbour is a dog trainer and won awards with hes pit till 4yrs ago when literally without any reason the pitbull bit half a leg off a an jogger
Sadly, I have a deep mistrust for this breed due to experience. While I can't vouch for the owner's demeanor/personality, I can attest to the dangers of a pitbull when they are not good. I had one that hunted me, chased me, and even tried to attack once every day on my way to work. I had to walk to the bus stop (only one way to go) past it's house at 4 am (pre-dawn). More than once, I missed work because of that dog. To add to that, the neighbors often had fences so very little space with which to avoid the dog. Not all pitbulls are bad, I know. But my trust levels for this breed are low.
Crapulus Maximus
The caption should read "Most of them are true heroes".
Daniel Lewis
Elderly woman killed by pit bull:
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