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Woman's Hack For Removing The White Bits From Chicken Breasts Is A Game-Changer (Interview With Author)
Mandy Klentz, aka Raising Krazies, showed us how to easily remove the yucky white bits (the tendons, for you Smart Pandas out there) from a piece of chicken breast in a viral TikTok video.
Woman's Hack For Removing The White Bits From Chicken Breasts Is A Game-Changer (Interview With Author)
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Prepping your chicken before you start cooking it has never been easier. Mandy Klentz, aka Raising Krazies, showed us how to easily remove the yucky white bits (the tendons, for you Smart Pandas out there) from a piece of chicken breast in a viral TikTok video.

According to Mandy, all you have to do is stick the tendon through the middle of the fork, grab the end of the white bit with a paper towel with your other hand and then pull. The nasty white stuff pulls out off the chicken breast in one fell swoop. No mess, no fuss. And your chicken’s ready for cooking!

While I’m pretty sure that some people were aware of this neat trick, I was genuinely blown away. I always had a hard time getting rid of the tendons—I’d spend ten minutes trying to cut the tendons out with a knife. Then, I’d give up and cook the chickens with the tendons like a barbarian. Well, thanks to Mandy, more of us are going to be eating chicken this week—the right way. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview with Mandy!

Mandy told us that she absolutely didn't expect that her video would become so popular. "I actually film recipes on my Instagram @raising_krazies quite often so for me it was just another dinner. I only shared it on TikTok because I pretty much didn’t understand TikTok at the time and was kind of just posting random things figuring out what works and what doesn’t," she said.

"I Googled how to remove the chicken tendon because I hate the chewy parts of the chicken in recipes and there was a really old video of someone doing this from years ago! I tried it and it worked. I thought it was really cool but I certainly didn’t imagine 4 million other people thinking it was also," Mandy told Bored Panda how she found out about the cooking hack. She said that she doesn't know any other chicken hacks but that she'll share them online if she finds any other awesome ones.

"I’m a long time stay at home to three little kids and a law enforcement officer's wife," Mandy told us more about herself. "In the past couple of years, I ventured into the world of social media because I started a health and wellness business online. I’m super grateful for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook because they have allowed me to make a salary-sized income while staying home and raising my babies!"

Mandy thinks the fact that her chicken video "exploded so quickly" is what makes social media so amazing. "You truly can reach audiences of people you never even knew existed and I’m one of those people that truly believe social media is a way to form friendships with people all over the world! I have met some of the sweetest people online all because of my one minute raw chicken video, like how cool is that?"

Mandy’s video became so popular that she now calls herself the ‘TikTok chicken lady’ in her Instagram bio.

More than 4 million people saw her video, 9.6k left a comment, and 670.3k showed their love by giving it a like. Mandy now has over 20.8k followers on TikTok and 5.6k fans on Instagram.

It’s awesome that a simple cooking hack can become so popular and it goes to show that sometimes the best content is something that we can all relate to.

The chicken video was Mandy’s most popular TikTok by far. But be sure to check out her other videos from her daily life.

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You can also just leave it in there :) Never had a problem with it after it's cooked.
F. H.
Sometimes I wonder how some people don't starve to death because they are such picky eaters. This is the first time in my life I see someone treat chicken that way.
Hmmm........ I am doing it this way for years, didn' t know that it was a thing...
KT Trondsen
It bugs people? I never notice it after chicken is cooked. So many picky eaters :)
George-Florin Constantin
A great solution to a non-problem...
Up All Night
So she just googled it, and people are totally amazed by this fantastic ability...
Nevits Yibble
Yeah she's late to the game. I learned that from Jacques Pepin back in the 90s.
Steve Cruz
I thought the "I don't eat chicken off the bone" princesses were annoying.
Dr Teddy
Have been doing this since I can remember. I didn't know it would be a viral thing....
Cristina S.
For those who talk about picky eaters, it’s not necessarily being picky... some people just can’t tolerate overly chewy meat. It makes their gag reflex go into overdrive. It’s a sensory thing. Also that floppy tendon thing is gross.
Ruth Beaty
Well, all my years of trying to get it out with a knife, and many finger cuts, and now I learn this. I'm now beating my head on my desk...
THAT'S A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE HACK! JUST NOOOOO! This was an advertisement from the GBDC Good Boys Dog Club Seriously my dog must think i'm terrible at cutting meat or fish. "oh no i've cut half of the salmon fillet to remove the skin! Again! What shall i do with this really accidental and totally involuntary waste?" Here comes my good boy i shall nourish him
Till Arnold
No meat no problem
“Fortunately, I say, fortunately, I keep my tendons numbered... for just such an occasion.”
I watched this video last week then tried it when I had to cook chicken. Lets just say I couldn't manage it . Not sure what I was doing wrong but I got fed up and pissed off before I actually removed that part.
Holy shit that's awesome. I've been cutting all the white stuff off with scissors...I thought it was just fat. Maybe I'm thinking of something different
manon M
Avec 1 ciseau sinon hein ça perd pas plus de temps
Jennifer Hoeting
Now I want chicken for dinner just so I can try this!
Amanda Sherland
I wish I would've never watched this. I had no idea that thing went all the way through like that!
Leo Domitrix
Not news to many of us, but then, I'm "old".
This is genius! Life changer for me, I HATE that gross tendon, and I make chicken a lot!
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