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30 Times People Spotted Total Jerks During The Coronavirus Crisis And Shamed Them Online (Interview With Expert)
Some people are reacting to the coronavirus in a responsible way. While others are panic-buying, hoarding supplies. And a select few are even hoping to scalp others by reselling basic supplies like toilet paper.
30 Times People Spotted Total Jerks During The Coronavirus Crisis And Shamed Them Online (Interview With Expert)
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Some people are reacting to the coronavirus in a mature, responsible way. While others are panic-buying, hoarding supplies, leaving nothing to buy for everyone else, and flaunting how much they don’t care about social distancing. And a select few are even hoping to scalp others by reselling basic supplies like toilet paper.

But the internet isn’t standing for this kind of behavior. People are shaming jerks online who are making the corona-crisis more difficult for us all. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s list about corona-jerks getting outed and let us know in the comments below if this made you lose a bit of faith in humanity. Be sure to read on for our interview with Sam Dogen, founder of the Financial Samurai website, about price gouging.

Most people you talk to will be able to tell you that they’ve already seen small examples of price-gouging. Like selling face masks for exorbitant prices. It looks like some individuals see the crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity to fill their pockets with quick cash in exchange for their moral integrity.

Bored Panda spoke with Sam Dogen, founder of the Financial Samurai website, about price gouging and scalping in the wake of the corona-crisis. We wanted to find out why we're already seeing people pay huge prices for hygiene products.

"Panic makes people do things irrationally," Dogen said. "There is no need to have a year's supply of toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Supply will come back within a couple months as we are currently experiencing a supply shock as well."

"So if you must hoard, then buy for not more than two months of supply. Most people buy one month's supply of personal hygiene products, so two months is not that much more."

Dogen reiterated that it's vital that people don't give in to price gouging. "Price gouging is a pure indication of panic buying. If you do not panic buy, then you will not succumb to paying inflated prices. People who price gouge during a global pandemic should be fined and banned from reselling things online again. Instead of price gouging, they should be doing something to help their fellow brothers and sisters."

He also mentioned that price gouging is nothing new during times of distress. "Price gouging happened during the 2008–2009 financial crisis, after many devastating storms, and other tragedies."

"I understand the desire to profit to take care of your own finances, but when there is a large tragedy, it is incumbent on all of us to step up and help each other out."

CBS4 found out about an underground scalper and gouger network in Denver that resells personal hygiene products at greatly increased prices. One of these men was selling packages of (yup, you guessed it) toilet paper for 4 to 5 dollars per 4-pack on Craigslist. Even though they cost around 1 dollar per pack in stores.

“If you want more, it will be gone by tomorrow,” the man told undercover CBS4 reporters when he met them. According to the scalper, he’s been making good money and sold around 100 rolls already. When the man realized that he was being filmed, he refused to talk to the reporters

The undercover reporters met another man who sold 4 to 5 dollar-worth bottles of hand sanitizer for 20 dollars each. He explained that most of his customers are worried about the coronavirus.

“I just wanted to cash in and make a few bucks,” he said. Fortunately, in this case, the man realized that he was acting wrong, returned the money, and reduced the cost of his products to their usual price.

In the US, over 30 states have laws that make it illegal for people to price gouge during a state of emergency or a disaster. However, other states, like Colorado, don’t have such restrictions.

Which makes it easy for jerks to hoard supplies and then resell them for people who are in panic-mode. The good news is, the majority of folks are fighting back, even if, for now, it mostly means shaming these jerks

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Carol Emory
There's an easy way to solve this issue...criminal prosecution to the hoarders and price gougers. They do it all the time when there are natural disasters like hurricanes. That's what the declaration of the state of emergencies attempt to freeze prices and open prosecutions for hoarding and to release funds to help with such crisis. This is no different. Prosecute the little B**tards.
Just a simple rule of max 2 items of any article per person would have made hoarding almost impossible.The government could have issued a directive to all shops to instate that rule as soon as the idiots started hoarding. But Trump was too busy trying to buy a German firm that is very close to finding a cure for Corona.
Mama Panda
I hope the Karma train runs all of these selfish reverse Robin Hoods over and over and over until there is nothing left but pulp. These photos and people make me sick! Yeah everyone wants world peace until there is a pandemic....fucking assholes!!!!
The bigger the asshole, the more toilet paper they need, right?
Just watch - they'll be standing in line to return all of those once this is over. I hope the stores don't let them return anything. Stupid greedy people. Remember Y2K? I knew someone that hundreds of rice bags. She tried to return them and the store didn't let her. It was funny.
John Dwyer
The problem does not lie with customers panic buying, it lies with the shops and outlets not restricting the number of each product customer may buy. If shops did this, their shelves would not be empty, so perhaps they had already worked this out.
I bought 3 containers of disinfectant wipes, 2 small bottles of hand sanitizer, 1 refill sized bottle of hand soap, 2 cans of lysol and just enough people and pet food for about a month. Every time I put something in my cart I would check the shelves to make sure there was plenty for others (I shopped early). It's important to take care of yourself and be prepared, but it's also important that we think of others, especially the elderly. I have a family member in his 70's who lives with me, which is why I needed to shop early and hole up to keep him safe.
Psychotherapist friend offered some perspective: it's not panic buying so much as trying to control an uncontrollable situation. These maniacs somehow think that if they have 300 rolls of toilet paper, everything will be fine.
I don't get it, why the big demand for toilet paper?
John Louis
This just shows how incredibly ignorant these empty headed, fear mongering, greedy, ridiculous, idiotic, illogical, sheeple are. When all of this blows over they will be left with products and debts trhey can't begin to handle.
It made me so sad and angry to see this in my home town and all over London but yesterday I decided not to get angry about it because there's no point getting angry about something I have no control over.
Petra Schaap
also there are so many different ways to clean your butt :-D Toilet Paper is the least of my worries.
People buying up all this stuff to sell on for a profit are the scum of humanity.
These people are actually contributing to spreading the virus when they are leaving so many others without soap, sanitizer, meds, etc...people are incredibly stupid if they can't deduce that by hoarding items they are actually increasing the chances that they and their loved ones will be exposed to coronavirus.
I'm stocking up on doritos.
April Simnel
Well, I usually buy no ice cream. But when I last went shopping a week and a half ago, I bought TWO PINTS, people! If I'm gonna be holed up for a month, I'm gonna need some Cookies 'n' Cream, OK? But only a four pack of TP because I've not gone mad.
I think we need to chill on posts like this. Yes it's awful, but there are like three of 4 similar posts. Its like marinating in hopelessness.
John L
Glad I own two bidets....
Lindsay Davis
I'm out of toilet paper (I was gonna go shopping last week...but there was nothing) this post literally makes me want to cry. My family has lost 60,000$ over the last few weeks due to the stock market.(which is really hurting us financially idk what to do) and now we are out of gosh darn toilet paper and can't buy any because of these hoarders!! Smh
In Iraq during the invasion we outran our supply lines a couple times and went to rationing. We had to put armed guards around our water and MREs. If it happens in the military imagine what the public will do when supplies get low
Hermione Granger
In my opinion, the more people hoard, the worse the actual situation becomes because people will then panic and do the same.
Petra Schaap
bad thing is that most of the panic bought stuff will be thrown away. I saw a woman with 4 boxes of tomatoes and I cant even eat fast enough to finish one before they all go bad. But maybe she just wanted to make a whole lot of pasta sauce..... people with 25 loafs of bread... serious.... theres a whole differnce between people who buy more of the usual so they dont have to go out the next three weeks, and panic buying. And as i see here, asshole buying >:-(
May I know why so much toilet paper? I mean, here in ARG people buy sanitizer, but the markets are not that full and there's toilet paper in every shelve...
no wonder if the world is destroying itself. the parasite human is unbearable :/
Kenny Kulbiski
Certainly not downplaying the virus but the damage being done by the panic and greed will probably be longer lasting. Stores could easily limit items to a reasonable amount but apparently as long as they get paid its okay.
Celeste Grant
Human nature at its absolute worst. There is a time and a place for entrepreneurial spirt and a pandemic isn't one of them. We all need to be working together (figuratively of course) by following the regulations about social isolating in order to flatten the curve. Anyone who thinks the regulations don't apply to them should be prosecuted.
I find this type of behavior to be short sighted. A run on TP and hand sanitizer will lead to a restock effort by stores that should be fulfilled in a week or so. Honestly, they should be buying coffee because it is harder to restock in a supply chain disruption.
you should have seen the lines in front of the Coffeeshops here in the Netherland. They anounced at around 5 that all shops would be closed at 6 until april 6th. It was hillarious to see people stocking up.
It is criminal in Florida to price gouging in a State of Emergency. I have reported a couple of instances to the State Attorneys Office
Bernadett Nagy
we are out of flour, bread starter and vegetable oil and toilet paper and hand-sanitizer. i live in a VILLAGE IN SERBIA. yesterday the president gave a very dramatic speech saying the elderly should stay home (they were panic buying today) and for people not to gather in bars/cafes.
I live in eastern France, one of the hot spots of Corona Virus. I went buying groceries on saturday, the choice of pasta and rice wass very limited, but tons of toilet paper available.
Foxxy (The Original)
I am astounded at the selfishness and greed of people during this time. I am absolutely disgusted with the attitude of the people who don’t give any thought to others like the elderly, sick and disabled etc. I fortunately haven’t had to buy toilet paper yet coz I bought a 36 pack a week before the stupid assholes stripped the shelves bare. Even after numerous reports telling people it is unnecessary and shops bringing in a limit, it is still a struggle to find anywhere that has toilet paper. People are even selling it on the internet for ridiculous prices taking advantage of the people who NEED it. And it isn’t just toilet paper but flour, soap, hand sanitiser, wipes, tissues, tinned foods etc. I did my usual shop and had to forgo many items coz the shelves were empty. The people doing this should be ashamed of themselves.
Tyler Duffy
Screw anyone selling toilet paper, also screw anyone buying it from someone selling it.
Sky Loveridge
I just want freaking toilet paper for a good reason, my mum is in line for a operation that if goes ahead means she’s gonna be bleeding for 6 weeks, not to mention my house is running out.
Robert A.Atkins
The stores have to put limits on no. of items. se extra police, if necessary. These are the kind of people that give humans a bad name.
Himanshu Raj
"When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other." -Joker, 2008
Jillian Mercer
Er Companies refuse to process such vast quantities...? No? ...
Pittsburgh rare
I feel sorry for those stockpiling out of panic, but I really hope that those hoarding to resell suffer something way worse and more painful than coronavirus.
What I find extremely amusing is that I live in Seoul. We've been asked to self-quarantine since before March. My daughter's daycare has only accepted children whose parents both work and have no other child care option for 3 weeks. We have had an ongoing outbreak that seems to have finally peaked this last week because of a super spreader in a cult. There was just a few days of panic buying of ramen and bottled water. We experienced about 1 week of online fresh and frozen food delivery overload. No one stock piled toilet paper. The worst we had was hand sanitizer and face masks, still almost impossible to buy. Since we live so crowded together, face masks make a lot of sense for us. Granted, we did/do have idiots lining up to buy face masks at the pharmacy. I won't and make do with cloth face masks because I'm pregnant and not taking the risk. Especially since at least one positive patient decided to line up while waiting for his test results...
Tammy Ralph
How many arseholes do these arseholes have?
The shops around my area have run out of pads and other sanitary products. I can understand buying a an extra packet or so, but buying 10+packets? That's just selfish and inconsiderate towards other people
There should be a limit on how much one can buy, so there would be enough for everyone. Selfish idiots ! ??
Jo Choto
I am so glad in my village, people haven't gone nuts. on the other hand, my niece and her roommates, who are all medical students, are having a hard finding food in their local shops. I get the herd mentality of many sheeple, but for goodness sake, think about everyone, not just yourself.
Vivek Mhatre
Couldn't the government just limit sales per person?
Christine Clark
Make them go down and unblock the sewers, because of their greed other people will have to use newspaper,rags and kitchen roll that will block the sewers.
Sky Loveridge
People have to calm down about this
John Smith
Hey I really believe that every American should record the names of those retailers that take advantage and gouge during a crisis so we can consumer-spank them when this is over and put them out of business.
juji chop
The shops and government are as bad for allowing these selfish pricks to hoard. Welcome to capitalism central. Hopefully the virus will expose capitalism for what it is - greed.
Animal lover❤
Thus reminds me of what people did before the year 2000 came around. Minus the hand sanitizer
So far since all this virus thing broke out, I only bought 20 rolls of toilet paper. Just coz' I'm about to run out from my previous purchase.. Have to say we are lucky that our supermarkets had put restrictions on the quantity you can purchase.
No more logical brain function to mankind
It’s always the trashy unhygienic people who are responsible for hoarding and trying to resell this shit. Parents failed you for sure
Cristina S.
Our local grocery stores were CLEANED OUT last week. No canned goods of any kind (except sardines??), no rice, eggs, beans, potatoes, milk, soups or meat. No paper goods either. A lot of the stores now have 2 item limits on pretty much everything.
Lyone Fein
Hoarders and scammers are actively contributing to the spread of the virus and to the deaths of the most vulnerable. Retail stores have the right to limit purchases per customer and should have done so right from the start. But it is up to all of us to report any of these vultures that we know about to the FBI. Because of their selfishness, those who are sick cannot get the supplies they need to control the spread of this disease. Thus making it necessary for sick people to go outside in search of items that they could have gotten days or weeks before falling ill. Hoarders are criminals, and they endanger us all.
Jane Alexander
Call the neighbors, arrange for one or two guys to distract the gouger with haggling over the price while the rest of the neighborhood just helps themselves to the TP. He can't chase everybody. I'm not in favor of mob rule, but these people need an education.
These aren't jerks but retards!
Carol Roeder
I am so ashamed of all these people. There is no reason for any of this and I really blame the stores for letting them get by with it! All they have to do is put a limit on what they buy and that would end this bullc**p. They can do the same thing online too!
Nicole Lui
NO RETURNS will also help control people from buying too many
I went shopping and laughed. No one was hoarding scented candles! My house is going to smell AWESOME!!!
Maya Baggins
Went to the apothecary to get some cold medicine for bf. Guy next to me tried to buy A WHOLE BOX of masks (he got just one, girl refused to give him more than one). And the previous day a woman tried to get all of the hand sanitazer available at the damn apothecary (got one bottle). People are going crazy.
Am I really a member of this species? Can I be divorced from them....please.
One way to stimulate the economy...induce panic-buying.
I am happy to live not in the USA
Mario Dibble
Absolutely disgusting! Selfish bastard's need running over.... There the scum we could all do with out! What's it teaching the younger generation when adults can't act in a sensible manner when there's an epidemic of this magnitude.... Thankfully we're not all scum like these!!
Barbara Baldwin
Never did find out the reason for the tp hoarding...
Blazing Embers
Here in Texas there is a limit of 2 items per visit but greedy a$$holes buy 2 then come right back and buy two more which clears the shelves just as effectivly
Glynis Lailann
Surely there is a law from the Dept of Trade & Industry stating that one needs a trader's licence when on-selling goods in quantity? Not only are these people idiots, but they are depriving those (who need medicines, thermometers, etc) in need!
And I thought it was bad in Germany 10 days ago. That was nothing compared to this.
Gwen Davis-Feldman
Small-scale capitalism ---
nala simba
Hang 'em high! Why do shops allow this? There should be a limit. Elsewhere, for example, where goods are on special offer, they are limited to 2 per customer.
Alex Harris
LOL if you learn to use the bidet there is no need of tooilet paper.
Lara Verne
A**holes are everywhere. Here some jerks bought all the masks and selling it for unreasonable prices. So now, people are sewing masks at home and sell it for low price or giving it for free.
People... not a huge fan. However, for an introvert like me, avoid prolong contact with people you say? YAY!
Erika O
My hope for these hoarders is that all those paper goods and excessive food get damaged and spoil. Giving them all uncontrollable shits. I'd feel vindicated for their idiocy.
SAF saf
Costco should have been restricting some of these things to maybe one "pallet" of Clorox wipes per person. Joking aside, the Corona virus is concerning but so are these poor excuses for human beings. If you're genuinely concerned why wipe out the water and soda isles? what does this virus have to do with your preference of water?
Misty Suarez-Forehand
I work retail and we dont let anyone buy more then 4 to 6 of any item ever on a normal day. Now they are limited to 1. I don't understand how these places allow these jerks to buy up thing like that.
Zelda Blue
There is a special circle of hell for these people, it will not have any toilet paper either. I hope if they get sick that no one helps them, they need to suffer.
The average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. That means 399 sheets per week or about 4 rolls. So this might not actually be that extreme. Especially for big families.
John Baker
And yet again, when faced with a crisis, people the world over prove themselves to be selfish, greedy assholes.
I absolutely don't condone hording (and especially selling it later), but I have a doubt it all being "panic buying". What we don't realize is how often they stock the stores. If everyone makes one extra trip in a week to stock up a bit, you're going to end up with shortages. Also, they are asking people to stay home. So, maybe people normally only have a week or two worth of food at home, but ideally all of us go to a public place not at all for the next 3-4 weeks. I never have more than a week's worth of food at home. That doesn't mean I hoarded. I did buy food when I usually would not have (3 small bags), but across a lot of people, it all adds up. We are about 3 days away from the grocery store being empty. We always see it full, so we think there isn't a lot being purchased every day. A little extra purchase, and things go empty.
Naomi Wayker
they're acting like the corona is so bad but flu is even worse more ppl have from that then corona
SciFi Vortex
Just start a rumour that Coronvirus is attracted to tree bark ... and paper. These dumb, self-centered bastards will probably believe it and start hoarding Cling Wrap to wipe their fat arses.
SciFi Vortex
Prudish Americans are terrified of the word "toilet" and use the word "bathroom" instead. So why do they say "toilet paper" and not "bathroom paper"? One of life's little mysteries.
Sean Reynolds
Diarrhea is not a sympton of corona virus as far as I am aware
elia 84631
For me this behavior is just problematic why not only buy huge amount of sanitizers and toilet papers but they benefit from the virus panic to spread the stupidity across the world. I wish there is a limitation for items in supermarkets and some information about virus
Vanessa H.
Once again: This is just crazy.
fiel borja
Bradley Oiler
What if the two ladies buying all the toilet paper are doing it for a daycare or a retirement home? We really don't know and that's why people should stop getting mad about it.
Some of these pics are situational and dangerous to project on people as being bad. An aftercare may always buy that much milk, or a team of some kind, nursing homes sometimes do shopping like others, the stores know. Many scenarios were someone may buy that way all the time, should not be labeled bad.
Zelda Blue
There is a special circle of hell for these people. When they get sick I hope that not one person helps them. I say let them suffer.
I hate this so much. Humans immediately become selfish when something threatening comes along. Instead of thinking for the community, they only think of themselves. This isn't even the worst virus that could have broken out. There are worse viruses out there, which are downright deadly and lethal and could bring humanity down so fast we wouldn't even see it. There are certain virus mutations and could-be viruses that if spread, would be instant killers. Humanity is lucky it's nothing worse. We are so Goddamn lucky it's nothing on a more serious level. And yet, people are panic shopping as if it is. Stupid. Basic rule of survival, to benefit everyone, is to not be overcome with panic
David Wong
When I thought it was crazy in Hong Kong..... the outside is doing better.
What a peace of shit
Steven Cook
Folks, I hate to break it to you and I know some folks will howl with rage at me for saying this but; This is how capitalism is designed to work. Supply and Demand. Peak Pricing. This. Is. By. Design.
Tex Houston
You do realize that one of your sponsors on this page showing what jerks people are being during this emergency, Sanirise, is jacking prices as well.
Veera Viippola
Whats wrong with people? So glad I live in north part of nordic country And WHAT is it with the hoarding of toilet paper??
Tara Stevens
I feel really bad for anyone working in these places, Christmas sized queues but with out extra seasonal staff! That’s tough! As for horribly selfish people using such a situation to make money (and I include the stores, who could have implemented maximum items per customer much earlier!) you and your loved ones are in danger, that bog roll ain’t gonna save you! Well done douchebags!
Daniel da Silva
Whats the deal with ppl buying a shitload of toilet paper? Is that gonna be their food or something like that?
Mark Fuller
Totally on board with most thoughts. What happened to the "all for one and one for all mentality" that won world wars? Instead, we're surrounded by the most vile, selfish, inconsiderate pricks that you can imagine. What in the name of god do people think they're going to do with 400 toilet rolls??? They have no nutritional value FYI!! This is a bloody serious virus that requires attention and forethought.... not Armageddon where you plan to isolate and live underground for the next five years. We are shopping as normal but now can’t get some basics or essentials because utter dickheads have snatched them all up. If this virus is nature’s way of population control, I hope it takes out the stupid folks first!!
Monika Rhodes
I don't understand why shops don't put limits on purchase. X amount per person. That would solve it!
Daria Z
But... why toilet paper?! I would understand canned food and pasta supplies but why stock on the toilet paper? It's not like it's vital for survival or am I missing something? :0
Michelle Chevalier
Down here in Florida we also get those kind of idiots during hurricane season and a CAT 3 or higher is going to hit...What pisses me off even more is that once it's all over they['ll be the first ones trying to return the stuff they over bought. All of these items like water, sanitizers, and paper goods can't be resold legally so it's sent back to the manufacturer and destroyed.
Blood Queen?❤️?
screw those rude people...
Jennifer Evans
I'm a coupon shopper so I already had all of these things on hand and had a lot of them. I have a friend who asked if I would get her a specific brand from the store I work at. I got her a 6pk and told her she'd have to switch back and forth from that and some of what I had stored up. A lady saw me buying it and just rolled her eyes and called me greedy. IT WAS A SIX PACK. The only things I bought then was that 6pk of tp, one box of cereal and a pack of clearance socks...
I hope all those assholes survive this so we can shame them for the rest of their lives. I just got back for grocery store. No bread/rolls, no eggs, no Raman noodles (save for Soy flavor ugh), of course no paper towels or t paper, no aspirin, cough medicine, and a thousand other things. But they had plenty of beer and wine!
Michelle Lanham
I think it's really scary to see how easily people can be manipulated. They are being played by the media. Doesn't anyone ever actually educate themselves? The common flu kills more people in a day than Corona virus has in total
Roger Orton
Since most toilets are in or adjacent to bathrooms what is wrong with cleaning your bum with soap and water and a flannel which can then be washed, cheaper and cleaner?
Lorna Moyle
I would actually be kinda happy if this virus wipes out humanity
Daniel Lewis
People want to live in a capitalist society and make money. Then they get mad when they see other people making money.
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